Glee Season 5 Spoilers: Kurt Joins A Band, No Love For Klaine Proposal (VIDEO)

When Chris Colfer was in Paris last week, promoting his movie Struck By Lightning, he told a French media site, Allocine, a rather vague but interesting spoiler:

I don’t know what’s going to happen in series 5. I know Kurt might join a band and I know that I’ve thrown some ideas at them so we’ll see if any of my ideas get selected.

Hm. A band? Maybe Kurt can front a fabulous 70’s era glam band. I could see that. Or a group that covers Broadway songs. Or maybe a cool indie outfit that needs a quirky lead singer? I’m all out of ideas.

Glee season 4 ended with a slew of cliffhangers. One in particular had Blaine (Darren Criss) hiding a ring behind his back, ready to propose to his ex-boyfriend Kurt (Criss Colfer).

Darren told Entertainment Tonight Canada, in a recent interview, that he and Chris didn’t care for this particular storyline, at all:

Chris and I have not been down with it from day one. There’s a difference between shooting for marriage equality and having teenagers get married.

Not a spoiler per se, but if both make their annoyance loud enough, hopefully Ryan Murphy will think twice before marrying the teens off right away.

There is so much wrong with this plot development. Forget that Teens shouldn’t be marrying. Proposing to an ex not a way to get them back. And I really hate when Ryan attempts to advance causes, no matter what stupid way he decides to go about it.

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  • Holden17C

    Kurt was sending Blaine’s calls to voice mail long before he learned that Blaine had cheated. Blaine then told Tina he had a crush on Sam. The characters are not together anymore — and that’s fine. Most people outgrow their high school romances once they graduate. Rachel should have outgrown Finn a long time ago.

  • jennyl2

    I much as I’m a Klaine fan, I too think the proposal storyline sucks. And Blaine pinning for Kurt while crushing on Sam is too much for my head to decipher. And Klaine hooking up with Blaine when he’s still dating Adam and saying he desperately want to be over Blaine is like a great soap opera storyline that’s gone off the rail. Now the train is off the track, it’s wandering about aimlessly. Lost without a direction.

  • jennyl2

    I can’t see Kurt in a rock band. I thought he was more a Sound of Music type although I can see Chris Colfer in a Sister Scissors one.

  • mjsbigblog

    It really does. And yes, the whole Klaine coupling is a storyline gone very very wrong.

    I love hearing that both Chris and Darren hate it as much as we do. lol

  • Kariann Hart

    They are right, no need to focus on teen marriages, especially with the high divorce rate. Rachel needs and wants don’t matc Finn’s. Time for both of them to move on.

  • Miz

    I’m really glad to hear that Chris and Darren are both against that horrid idea of marrying them off.

  • jms

    I suppose Kurt could be in a rock band…. I’ve sometimes pictured him singing a falsetto version of Bring Me To Life, lol.

    And props to Chris/Darren. I stopped watching Glee because of what you just said, mj. Even if I do agree with the causes, Ryan Murphy is overly preaching them and portraying them in unrealistic ways.

  • Patch

    So glad too that the actors hate that storyline of teen marriage and Blaine pining for Kurt. Glee has already been there done that with Rachel and Finn. It was a loser of a story for them too. Glee needs new writers desperately. Not a fan of Glee season 4. Watched only a hand full of episodes. Couldn’t stand the propaganda that Ryan Murphy feels compelled to promote. Glee isn’t about underdogs or the desire to sing or the need to be a part of something. It is all about what is the issue of the day. Bulimia. Catfishing. Transgender. Teen marriage. Male prostitutes. Pregnancy scares. It pretty much sucked. Unknown as of now if Glee will be a TV watching necessity.

  • Mackeznie

    I am probably going to sound like the obsessive fan girl that I am but not all relationships end in high-school. I know many people that are still together to this day that met in their Freshman year. Is it right that Blaine cheated? Is it right that connection and contact was lost between them? No, yet something’s do work out in the end. Say if Blaine does propose to Kurt, no one said they have to get married now it just means they want to some day, some people get engaged and don’t get married for three, five, even ten years, it just happens. there are a lot of ways people can argue with what I am saying but this is my opinion and I don’t hate anyone else’s points. I am going to agree with how they haven’t been together for a while and all and they do need to just have closer or become a couple again. Klaine forever in my opinion and in my dream set but hey, sometimes things just don’t work out. Yet sometimes they do. (Wow sorry this was long didn’t mean for it to be)