Glee Season 4 – McKinley Guys Get “Naked” (PHOTOS)

GLEE: The glee club puts together a calendar photo shoot to raise money for Regionals in the "Naked" episode of GLEE airing Thursday, Jan. 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  Pictured L-R: Jenna Ushkowitz, Chord Overstreet, Heather Morris and Jacob Artist. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Eddy Chen/FOX

GLEE: The glee club puts together a calendar photo shoot to raise money for Regionals in the "Naked" episode of GLEE airing Thursday, Jan. 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Pictured L-R: Darren Criss, Samuel Larsen, Kevin McHale, Jacob Artist, Heather Morris and Chord Overstreet. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Eddy Chen/FOX

The guys go shirtless in the upcoming  Glee episode “Naked,” set to air on January 31.

Back in the Regionals game (Sectionals winners, The Warblers, are revealed as cheating in next week’s “Sadie Hawkins episode) the McKinley high kids need to come up with a way to make some quick bus and costume money.

The devise a very creative scheme–a beefcake calendar featuring the hunky guys of New Directions.

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Britney is in charge of photography, and we’ve got Christmas, Easter (check out Joe celebrating the birth of his savior in a pair of bunny ears) and the fourth of July.

I couldn’t decide which photo you guys would enjoy most, so I’ve featured two above. The rest you can peruse below. Just click through the gallery.

Also getting “Naked” maybe? Rachel who has been cast in a student film. The catch? She’ll be required to go topless! Lucky, two fellow McKinley pals will be dropping by to help her make the decision of whether to bare all–Santana and Quinn!

Kurt will keep his clothes on. But when he meets the cute NYADA choir director, Adam, he may wish he hadn’t. Ha.

Glee Naked Gallery

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  • Axxxel

    How many seasons of Glee do we need before Kurt or Artie will go shirtless ?

  • Axxxel

    Yeah for Samuel Larsen shirtless… let’s check out all his tattoos…

    Of course my favorite shirtless guy will be the one and only Chord Overstreet. Darren is ok and Jacob looks hilarious in his … pumpkin ? If the latter supposed to be a cinde-fella ? Pity that Harry Schum is not “in Glee highschool” anymore.

  • Landon Cox

    Blake could get it

  • Kariann Hart

    I am anxious to see each and every month!  LOL!

  • Katie’s Uvula

    BLAKE IS DELICIOUS. And Chord looks like an older Blake so he’s delicious too. If only Damian/Rory was here even though he’s scrawny. Oh and Samuel Larsen looks disgusting and I can already smell moldy mustard whenever I see his shirtless picture.

  • jeffreyd95821

    I still think this is Sam’s idea. White Chocolate and Kentucky-fried Stripper doing what he does best. But Sue will find out and put a stop to it. Still, glee club will prevail and Sue will be like, “curses, foiled again!” just like the cartoon villain she’s become. That picture of Sam and Blaine is interesting though. We know Blaine has a secret crush. Is he about to reveal it? 

    P.S. If Chris Colfer did a shirtless scene Axxxel would be like, *sigh*, then *thud!* May not be able to revive her. 

  • Axxxel

    LOL…. yeah, so fangirling over Chris, but eventually my guilty conscience and my motherly feelings will take over and will feel protective about him.. Sorry if my fangirling over the character Kurt is so obvious… it’s just the way Chris  portrayed his character and how the character was written…it strikes a chord with me… (jennyI2 don’t hit me :-)  )…
    Yeah, the Sam-Blaine bromance is also interesting to me… Maybe Sam will be shocked at first and take some distance from Blaine… but in the end he will relax and maintain the friendship… I saw a spoiler at the Sadie Hawkins dance and the way they briefly looked at each other was great, full of friendship.

  • Axxxel

    Hi, before I faint, let me share with you this link with the wonderful photoshoot of Chris Colfer…

    Cover picture plus 8 pictures inside…