Glee Season 4: Diva 4×13 – Photos, Song Spoilers and More


Check out these brand new photo and song spoilers from the upcoming Glee episode “Diva” 4×13, airing on Thursday, February 7.

The Adam Lambert-like  photo above is from the opening number performed by New Directions–“Diva” by Beyonce. Blaine (Darren Criss) will also be performing “Don’t Stop Me Know” by Queen.

In this episode, Finn challenges the glee club to find their inner powerhouses for “Diva Week.” Meanwhile, in New York, Kurt can no longer take Rachel’s arrogant attitude and calls her out, causing tension between the two friends. Also, Emma is in a whirlwind preparing for her upcoming wedding.

Also, Sam and Santana will face off over Brittany.  The result? Santana will make a HUGE decision about her future. (Maybe deciding to join Rachel and Kurt in New York City?)

Here’s the episode description from Glee Zone:

Concerned that New Directions doesn’t have the killer instinct it will take to win at Regionals, Finn gives the gleeks an assignment meant to bring out their competitive spirit and harness their inner divas. In New York, Rachel basks in the glow of her recent triumph at the NYADA Winter Showcase, but her increasingly narcissistic behavior soon becomes too much for Kurt to suffer in silence. Fed up, Kurt decides to try and take Rachel down a few pegs; he challenges her to a sing-off, the results of which could have dire social consequences for the loser. Meanwhile, Tina’s infatuation with Blaine reaches a tipping point, forcing each of them to make realizations; Santana’s return to Lima creates problems for Sam and Brittany, and prompts a job offer.

And here’s the fantabulous list of Diva songs to be sung by the gang…

Diva Song Spoilers

  • Diva by Beyonce – Unique, Blaine, Brittany, Tina
  • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen – Blaine
  • Nutbush City Limits by Ike and Tina Turner – Santana
  • Make No Mistake, She’s Mine by by Barbara Streisand – Santana and Sam
  • Dancing On My Own by Robyn – Brittany – CUT
  • Bring Him Home from Les Misérables – Rachel and Kurt (It’s a SING OFF between the two besties!)
  • Hung Up by Madonna – Tina
  • Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys – Santana
Check out the DIVA Photo Gallery!
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  • DD

    I saw that picture on tumblr, it is FABULOUS! I can not wait!

  • Pretty Horsey

    I’m glad Santana is finally going to NYC. Hopefully with more people in NY that side will get more focus.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Have never watched Glee – in honor of Glambert may have to turn on the TV for this one.

  • DD

    I just noticed there are 8 songs for this episode. That is an awful lot. 

  • Axxxel

    Nutbush City Limits  ! Old song but it was usually played during student’s parties I attended as a “climax” of the party.. *walking down memory lane*

    Looking forward to Kurt-Rachel drama.. honeymoon is over for them.. at last… drama is not only amongst lovers… and to throw some “Les Miz” in the equation… *grabbing popcorn*…

    Pity Blaine will not sing “Don’t stop me now” in that red furry coat.. also looking forward to that song though…

  • Axxxel

    Even if the storylines may be confusing to you , I think you will enjoy the music and fashion…

  • lovetheusa1776

    Only there for one thing, Axxxel.  ELMO!  Then gone.

    No interest in TV except Idol and that may be going the way of all flesh, too.

  • jennyl2

    Oooo! Almost all the songs are by my favs. Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Tina. <3. Blaine looks so diva. Looks like this is going to be good. 

  • Axxxel

    You are lucky that elmo will appear in the beginning of the episode… or should I say baby-elmo…or elmo after a plunge in the sea…