Glee planning Britney Spears Tribute for the Fall

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Glee is planning a second Britney Spears tribute for the fall! It’s set to be the second episode of the series’ fourth season.

The hour homage to Britney will feature eight of her songs. Britney is not set to make a cameo like she did in the Season 2 tribute, but the producers are hoping to eventually work out a deal.

Of course, this announcement should come as no surprise, with Britney set to be a member of the X Factor judges’ panel, as announced yesterday at the FOX Upfronts.  Not to mention Glee moving to a slot on Thursday’s right after X Factor.  Plus, the first Britney episode is one of the show’s highest rated ever. And with the ratings down this season, Glee  needs all the help it can get.

It’s perfect synergy isn’t it? Glee promoting X Factor, X Factor promoting Glee. I’m just wondering how the tribute will be managed within Glee’s split narrative for Season 4. Will the kids in Lima and the students in New York City just happen to bust out in Britney tunes simultaneously?

It was also announced yesterday that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson would guest star to play mentor to New York college students, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) respectively.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    Before all the complaints start to stroll in, we must admit that this IS one of the  effective strategic moves to bring the ratings back to the show. I have no complaint, i grow up with Britney’s music and I enjoyed “Toxic” cover  throughout.  

  • Jenna

    I love Britney but really? It is just painful to see how downhill this show is going =(

  • Frank

    ANOTHER Britney tribute? What, did Glee have trouble clearing other songs that they have to recycle episode ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Remember last season when the mantra was “Back to Basics”? No guest stars, no tributes in order to focus on the core characters.

    Since that didn’t work, I expect a season full of gimmicks in an effort to save Glee. It could get ugly.

  • Anonymous

    If they had to do this, I wish they would focus on late 90’s, early 00’s music as a theme. Britney, Christina, N Sync, BSB, and more. Sam, Artie, Rory, Joe, and Mike did a great job with One Direction – they should rock some more boy band tunes.

  • Kariann Hart

    I can appreciate more current music, but two tributes to Britney?  No way.  I like the idea of Boy Band Tunes.  They harmonize so well.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda of brilliant considering it’s right after X-Factor now.

  • Anonymous

    The plot of the first Britney episode was so stupid. lol. I hope they do a better job this time. *notholdingmybreath*

    I also doubt that this tribute was Ryan Murphy’s idea. FOX brass probably called and said “Do it”.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this sounds like something that FOX had a big hand in. It’s whatever. I stopped trying to judge tribute episodes before they happened a while ago. Honestly, some of my favorite episodes have been tribute ones, such as Rumours and the Whitney tribute. The MJ one was pretty good this season too. Hopefully they’ll do Britney better this time. 

    Glee’s not going down the drain…it has gotten back on track this season. It has not been a downward slope..after the off-track season 2, it’s back on its feet in terms of quality. Yes the ratings have been going down but I’m talking in terms of quality. To get the ratings back up they’re going to have to do something, and yes, that might mean sacrificing some of the basics. They just have to find a common medium. Don’t go all Season 2 crazy, but do enough to slowly bring people back.
    I’m not going to make assumptions about the 4th season, because no one knows how its going to happen yet. I think people need to wait and see at least 3 or 4 episodes of it before deciding that their new idea is a boom or bust. 

  • sf3456
    Kinda of brilliant considering it’s right after X-Factor now.

    That’s the reason why they’re doing this.  Plus, the first Britney tribute is still the highest rated episode of Glee.  This show needs all the help it can get.  Ratings are down and people are already saying they’re willing to give up the show for The Office/Parks & Rec, Grey’s Anatomy and Person of Interest (if Person of Interest stays in its timeslot).

  • Axxxel

    Maybe Glee can sing song from X-factor alumni’s… or even play with dogs.. Oh sorry, that is Britain’s got talent…

    Was looking forward to have more music from American Idol alumi’s  on Glee… I only remember Kelly Clarkson (My life would suck without you, Stronger…), Carrie Underwood (Last name), Jordin Sparks (No air), Jennifer Hudson…sort of…(scene from Dreamgirls)… Who else ? Would love to hear some Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Scotty Mc Creery…. Is that still ok now that Glee is scheduled after X-factor ? 

  • Axxxel

    I can already see Blaine, Tina and Unique signing Britney .

    Eta: and Chris Colfer singing “Skyscraper” (Demi Lovato)… wasn’t that one of his favorite songs , at least when he was once interviewed at the New Yorker Festival last year…