Glee: Kurt and Blaine “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” Box Scene Revealed!

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss, R) gives Kurt (Chris Colfer, L) a gift in the "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Dec. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

Remember the Glee Christmas special? In Extraordinary Merry Christmas, official FOX episode stills promised a gift-giving scene between Kurt and Blaine.  In the end, the entire scene was cut, reportedly for time.   Glee producers have promised to include the scene on the Season 3 DVD due out in the fall. But, now you won’t have to wait to find out exactly what happened in the missing scene, thanks to some charity minded Glee fans!

A group of Glee fans got together to bid on the Extraordinary Merry Christmas script, which was an item offered for auction to benefit Project Angel Food, an organization that provides daily meals for people homebound or disabled by HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses. Fans won the auction with a $4,200 bid and then raised more. The total is up to $13,606!  If you’d like to contribute to the cause click this link.

If you were dying to know WHAT WAS IN THE DAMN BOX.  Read on. The most adorable Klaine scene ever, arguably, was  left on the cutting room floor.  You had a semi-proposal, a recital of what could be Blaine’s wedding vows, cute meta on how Kurt affords his trendy ensembles, a reference to the couple “taking it to another level”, Blaine pledging to kiss Kurt whenever and wherever he wants.  It’s a real love scene between these two boys, and to be honest, it makes me wonder if it was FOX’s Big Red Pen that was responsible for the scene being cut.

There seemed to be a conscious effort, after the controversial virginity episode “The First Time” aired, to cut back on public (and private!) displays of affection between the queer couples. My theory is that after some groups complained about “The First Time” coupled with Glee’s declining ratings, the network went all “No Homo” on Glee producers.   I’m not a conspiracy theorist generally, but you’ve got to wonder what’s going on when the hetero couple, Finn and Rachel are constantly sucking face on screen, while Kurt and Blaine and Brittany and Santana rarely kiss, except in a couple of “very special” episodes.  Hm.

There were a couple of other PDA type exchanges cut from the episode apart from the box scene.  The writers are penning scenes for the gay couples that don’t make it to the final cut.  This is the show that has a reputation for being pro-queer and groundbreaking…yet it appears to be censoring their writers? Something is seriously wrong right here.

Check out the box scene below and at the bottom of the page, a few more exchanges that never saw the light of day.

More from the script:

Mike and Tina were supposed to skate around Rachel as she sang “River”.

Scene between Finn and Santana that was cut altogether. She helps him pick out some jewelry for Rachel.  Santana’s performance of Santa Baby was posted to You Tube after the show aired:


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  • Niko Batallones

    I have to say, I agree with your conspiracy theory (of sorts) here, MJ. Which is a shame because, really, Glee hasn’t always gone the face-sucking route for the gay couples, and this isn’t one (although it’s gonna go there)…

  • Axxxel

    I think the cut out scene of Finn is warranted ( except for the Santana singing part of course)… people might get suspicious about Finchel breaking up…

  • Axxxel

    Interesting way to raise money… Hype -up those cut scenes…

    Can’t blame Glee… Season 2 was mostly about (my favorite) character Kurt… so it might be a bit too gay for some people… so they had to cut on the gay PDA.. Still, even if they cut those scenes, I am still ok with it because the fact that a gay teen couple is up front and centre and popular on a TV network, is to me already a great thing…

    I guess Glee moving to a later time slot, 9 pm will change some things about Public/private Display of Affection… I cannot imagine a “chaste” show with all those graduates from highschool…

    The day may come that we can see a shirtless Kurt in an embrace with his love-interest… whoever that is… because we never know with those love triangles… sigh…

  • Anonymous

    When is the DVD coming out? lol! This is the sweetest ever love scene. Its such a shame it was cut. I wonder how many more were cut. They should have an uncut version of all episodes in DVD. Die hard fans will pay cold hard cash for those. Are you hearing this Glee honchos? I agree with you on the conspiracy theory MJ.

  • Axxxel

    Must be a lot of them…those cut PDA scenes and add to that the many shots taken for one scene… What did Chris Colfer say again in the “behind the scenes of “Orignal Songs” ? Chris and Darren had to kiss around 16 times just to create that “perfect first Klaine kiss” ?

    Funny thing is that in “Props”, there was much more PDA from the “Klaine version 2.0″… but then again, that was Tina’s alternate universe… hehehe

  • Pretty Horsey

    You could take the conspiracy theory a bit further and add the interracial couple (Sam and Mercedes) and also Tina and Mike. Really it’s mainly the white heterosexual couples/pairings mostly Finchel and Will/Emma that get to kiss on the show.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is that in “Props”, there was much more PDA from the “Klaine
    version 2.0″… but then again, that was Tina’s alternate universe…
    hehehe I made a note of that in my recap. I guess it’s OK for guys to kiss each other on Glee when it’s for yucks/snarking on the gay couple.

  • Jolene

    Now I know why I’ve been losing interest in Glee recently… They’ve been cutting out everything I used to love about the show!

    That scene reads like the most precious, romantic and adorable exchange ever, I would trade the entire episode we did get for that one scene we didn’t.

    All I know, is they better include it in the DVD like they promised.

  • Axxxel

    @MJ yeah, true… sigh sigh… still a long way to go when it comes to gay  PDA on primetime in US network TV… Then again all that discussions about PDA , gay and straight, made me think of my own country’s network TV where all kisses are censored. But they still do slapstick humor with artists whose gender is not that clear. Then again, I think any gay love activity in my country is illegal…

    But we do can see Glee on an “international paid TV channel”… but I heard that the paid TV censored among others:
    – the slow- mo Dalton hallway run of Blaine holding one hand of Kurt (Never been kissed)
    – the conversation in which Blaine wanted to marry the Gap guy in order to get discount or so…(Silly Love songs)

    I don’t know whether the Klaine kiss was censored. Oh well, at least I have bought in a local mall the legal DVD’s of the second half of Season 2 and they are not censored.

    So still a long way to go for the gay rights… work-in-progress…

  • Axxxel

    Not even sure if it will be in the DVD… I mean, what’s the point then of auctioning the script if it was to be on DVD anyway ?

  • Kariann Hart

    We don’t know how much public communication or fan mail  Glee received on this topic.  That might control the red pens.

  • Mars87

    In this case the conspiracy theories are absolutely correct.
    Fox is cutting all the good scenes between the gay couples, the characters that most of the glee audience relates with and roots for.
    And they are giving us story arcs that are pissing people off.

  • Axxxel

    Sounds like passive -aggressive behavior to me… You don’t let me do something I would love to do with the gay story arcs to so I will give you a hard time with yucky heterosexual story arcs.

    Yeah… that Shelby-Puck-Quinn triangle was weird. And I wish Quinn was a pink punk for a longer time… Puck coming to her rescue and Shelby interacting more with Rachel and Mercedes-Trouble Tones.

    ETA: would this overdose of Finchel PDA be a silent protest for the limitation of male gay PDA ?

  • starfishy2000

    I know that this wasn’t originally an auction to get the script out to the masses. EMC was donated to be auctioned off for charity, and fans who realized it would contain the missing box scene decided to pool resources. It then turned into something much larger then even themselves. It was promised way back after the episode aired that it would be on the DVD. Glee would be stupid to cut it from the DVD now. 

  • Anonymous

    Pardon me, what is EMC? I hope that they keep their promise or there will be many very pissed off fans. This scene is so precious to many Kurt and Blaine fans. 

    I believed that there are also other filmed scenes/ performance that they did not put on DVD. One of them was One of Us with Kurt singing the second verse. I was so disappointed that it wasn’t on the DVD. I would have loved to own a legal copy. Now there is also Santana’s Santa Baby. I hope that they put that one on the DVD too.

  • Ala Nerwen

    If you read the whole script you would see that more things were cut than just this. Klaine dancing together, Klaine hugging, Blaine going in for a kiss during LIS. Everything that would have shown them as a couple. Or shown up Finchel too. This is the episode when the big Finchel push began. I guess the straight white couple was deemed as what fans want and the gays got pushed into background. No conspiracy theory, the facts are what they are. This couple last kissed in The First Time by the way, so in the fifth episode of the season. Obvious censorship of male gay PDA.

  • starfishy2000

    EMC stands for “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

  • Platonic Tech

    My recollection is that he scene in question had to be cut in order to give us that horrible, leaden black and white TV show from the 50’s scene that seemed to last 20 minutes.  I am not sure that the missing treacly scene in question would have improved things.  The bigger question is why such horridly sappy writing, equally bad for gays and straights, whites and non-whites.  It’s like my grandma has invaded the writing staff and is turning out romance novels for television.

  • Anonymous

    Plam face! Thanks! 

  • Anonymous

    I really do hope they keep their promise of deleted scenes being on the DVD…including the Warblers’ “I Want You Back” performance at Dalton that was cut out of the Michael Jackson episode. They even released that song on iTunes!

  • Marlislash Gabs

    They cut that of course but didn’t cut Finchel, this stupid storyline about a pig, Finn offered a pig who was destined to be eaten at a vegan girl, oh glee. 
    Klaine gives hope at a lot of kids around the world who are affraid, ashame and confused, it’s not just a show anymore, when they were introducing Blaine and this beautiful lovestory they took a responsability in front of the people. Those step back are dangerous and stupid, censorship is never a good thing in any country, censoring television is not nothing. 

  • Axxxel

    I loved that grandma black and white TV… it reminds me of my childhood years and reruns of oldies on TV during the holiday season that I watched religiously when I was a kid… ooops am I showing my age ?

    Just a wish… Chris Colfer has already written and starred in his own movie (Struck by lightning)… Maybe Chris Colfer (Kurt) can (co-) write the Season 4 Glee Christmas episode…. to ensure the presence of gay PDA . Remember that the Valentine episode in Season 3 was written by a lesbian. so more lesbian PDA in that episode !!

  • Axxxel

    Yeah… there is at least one hope, even if it is long term (or not)… people like you may one day be the head of a TV network station… and you won’t mind that your 8 year old child will see some teenage gay PDA at 8 pm on network TV…

  • Anonymous

    This is not going to be a popular post. I’m on team kisses for the gays but I kinda liked that that in scenes where they are in the public school hall or in classroom, not kissing is a reality of the real world. When Kurt gave Blaine roses at the stairs, they glance at their surroundings. In Goodbye in the classroom when Kurt has his hands on Blaine’s, he kinda glance up and let go when students entered the room.  
    This made it more real for me that sadly their relationship is not one where everyone is ready to accept. But they are accepted by the Glee Club and their friends. That’s where I would have loved more PDA cause they are among people who accept them as they are and they are as any normal straight couple young teens in love. Hopefully, now Kurt is out of the high school system, he is able to display his affections more openly as a legal adult. (I realized Santana and Brittney kissed in the school hallway and if this was real life, they probably would have gotten a lot of backlash).  

    ETA: I’m getting really tired too of Finchel kissing in almost every scene.

  • Roses for Darren

    Tina ships klaine as everybody does..But, oh yeah Fox doesnt ship klaine

  • Roses for Darren

     hahaa thats funny chris writing to get some PDA

  • Roses for Darren

    it bugs me totally that klaine cant show PDA in the choir room. Even Brittana shows PDA and fake Klaine too. It goes to show that Klaine is scared of theri friends too which I find hard to believe

  • Axxxel

    Besides censorship…. that prevents even ” private display of gay affection”…

    I read on another blog a theory of the lack of PUBLIC display of affection between Kurt and Blaine… Maybe it is because they both had  post-traumatic syndrome… Both of them were victims of “violence against gays” in public places… Blaine was even gaybashed while waiting to to home outside a place that held a dance event …

    I was hoping that they would address this gay bashing thing in Blaine’s past not only in the Prom Queen episode… oh well, I can just keep on hoping. It would be fun though to see a more liberated Kurt (because he has already graduated)  interacting with a reluctant Blaine.

  • Axxxel

    About PDA in the choir room… Would you show PDA with your boy/girl friend in front of your brother or sister ? Finn is Kurt’s step brother and they live together.  Blaine is the self conscious new kid on the block …

    Eta: Finn does not have a problem though to show off PDA near Kurt.

  • Axxxel

    As I am living in an Asian environment where even heterosexual PDA is not common, I do understand why you like the lack of PDA in more public places as the hallways etc.  As for the choir room… People tend to forget that Kurt’s stepbrother Finn is usually also in the choir room. Then again, Finn has no problem to show lots of PDA in front of Kurt.

  • Axxxel

    Eh what is  LIS ? during which episode ?

  • Anonymous

    This is not going to be a popular post. I’m on team kisses for the gays
    but I kinda liked that that in scenes where they are in the public
    school hall or in classroom, not kissing is a reality of the real world.
    When Kurt gave Blaine roses at the stairs, they glance at their
    surroundings. In Goodbye in the classroom when Kurt has his hands on
    Blaine’s, he kinda glance up and let go when students entered the room.

      I actually agree with you. That scene with the flowers was especially poignant, they look at each other with a kiss in their eyes, but realize they can’t as students begin to fill the stairwell. So there are scenes where a kiss would not be realistic, for sure

    HOWEVER, They could have realistically kissed:

    1. In Emma’s office during the counseling scene
    2. In the choir room where they are surrounded by sympathetic friends.
    3. At Sugar’s Breadstix party in “Heart”–again, surrounded by sympathetic friends.
    4. Alone in a classroom–ie their scene in “Goodbye”
    5. The scene in Blaine’s bedroom during “Michael”. Realistically, Kurt should have been reading to him, sitting on the bed right next to him.

  • Marlislash Gabs

    In fact my son is gay and was raised with torchwood so we don’t give a damned, where we live he saw and see gays and lesbians kissing and holding hand, it’s natural and perfect like that.  My kids watch tv and don’t raise an eyebrow when there is a gay or a straight kiss. 

  • Marlislash Gabs

    Bless you ! I totally agree with you, specially for the scene 4, god they are two teens in a room with the door closed and Kurt wasn’t sitting near him, that was stupid.
    Glee has a double and triple standart it’s painfull

  • Axxxel

    I still think that Kurt is living in a fantasy world where every obstacle will go away as long as you ignore it and Blaine has more realism in his mind. Kurt tried to avoid “the talk” so he did not sit close to Blaine… Then again, after Kurt agreed that their relation is going well, Blaine could have kissed Kurt at least on the cheek.

  • Axxxel

    Good for your kid that he can see loving behavior. I live in an environment where all kisses are censored on local network TV and parents are reluctant/embarrassed to show even light PDA in front of their own children. (I think the middle-upperclass can see Torchwood if they want to pay for the moderately expensive fees of paid cable TV.)  Hopefully this will change in future but it will take time.

  • Axxxel

    I vote for number 5… the scene in Blaine’s bedroom… Shorten the Ben song…or during the Ben song…Finn and Rachel leave the room….

    Then there is the Klaine kiss…. On one hand Kurt passionately trying kiss Blaine to comfort him while Blaine saying… “careful for my eye”… while swaying his arms… and an annoyed but understanding Kurt ends up giving a small kiss on both cheeks and lips..  must be hilarious but at least there is some display of affection.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand Kurt and Blaine not kissing at school, after all of the violent bullying they’ve both received at schools. Even if they started out alone in a classroom or hallway, they could be interrupted at any time, or just forget where they are for a minute. It would be much easier to avoid trouble by not kissing there at all. Also, Emma’s office has a glass wall that it shares with a hallway, so it’s not actually private. At least they had Kurt pointedly look down at Blaine’s lips just before they hugged.

    OTOH, I was very annoyed that they didn’t even hug at the end of Love Shack, and that there was almost no touch at all in Blaine’s bedroom in Michael, or when Blaine was so upset in Big Brother. We did at least get the “scheduled makeout” comment in Dance with Somebody, meaning they make sure to get physical with each other regularly in private, even when they’re feeling a little distant from each other. It’s too bad that those references have to be subtle, with Kurt referring to makeout sessions, even though they’ve been sexually active for months. In my head, “scheduled makeouts” are code for sexy times, LOL.

    Back to the content of the scene: How adorable is Kurt, saying “YES!” to marriage before Blaine’s even opened the ring box? He was definitely thinking back to that during the sleepover with Rachel and Mercedes, when Rachel asked him what he would say if Blaine proposed.

  • Ala Nerwen

    That’s the problem isn’t it? Not only are they not writing scenes for them where they are in private so PDA would not be an issue but when the possibility for it exists, they do not take it. That Michael scene is a prime example of the problem – they are so far away while Kurt is reading that Darren has to lean forward to even reach Chris, who is extending his arm fully. Of course, we have the Finchel escort by that time so Kurt and Blaine can hold hands. While singing the rat song. There’s an agenda here all right, by FOX is my bet.

  • Axxxel

    Still remember my favorite sentence in that episode: Rachel in the school hallways with Kurt , saying to Kurt with a big surprised look on her face and a tone of disbelief in her voice… ” You schedule your make out sessions ?” hehehe

  • Axxxel

    About that so called stupid storyline about giving Finn giving a pig to his jewish vegan girlfriend….Remember the latest reality show of “the Bachelor” , the bachelor who gave a bottle of wine to the father of a contestant who does not drink alcohol ?

    I also had a similar experience in my direct environment… So there are still a lot of Finn’s out there in the world… and therefore the character is unfortunately relatable.

  • Anonymous

    I did some checking and didn’t the same thing happen on a CBS soap opera? One Life to Live? As the World Turns? It’s not on anymore. But there was a gay teen couple, I believe Noah and Luke. Fans called them Nuke, hehe! GLAAD was all happy for the inclusion and representation. Just one problem. They never touched each other. Never held hands, much less a kiss. The rumour going around was that conservative religious organizations were pressuring sponsors Proctor & Gamble to demand that CBS have the characters removed from the show. One such organization denied it. CBS would only say no comment. Obviously they were enjoying the controversy and were milking it for everything it’s worth. But eventually the storyline went away. I expect the network was worried about scaring off sponsors and viewers. Same situation here. If this was pay cable like HBO or Showtime it would be no problem. Unfortunately network TV lives and dies on focus groups and advertising dollars.

  • Axxxel

    There is only one reason why I did not mind about Kurt not hugging Blaine at the end of Love Shack… or vice versa.

    I think Kurt is still kind of bothered with Karofsky’s confession of love at his visit to Breadsticks earlier that evening …

    I mean, Karofsky is his  ex-bully who used to harrass and assault him for months. Kurt even changed schools because of his bullying. And now the ex-bully is professing his love to him… ouch…
    If I were Kurt, I would still feel somewhat confused and those feelings don’t just fly away just because his  boyfriend is back.

    Blaine is “the performer, the star”.. so put on a show first for the crowd, the romance can come later. I can relate to that… coz I am also a bit that kind of person :-(

  • Marlislash Gabs

    I’m a frenchie so i don’t watch the bachelor and really offering a bottle of wine to a guy who does not drink alcohol is pretty similar. 
    One of my friend was saying that it’s recurrent for Finn (remember the meat in the finchel scene on the 3×05) You can said that i’ve a too much boner for Blaine but he will never do a thing like that/

  • Marlislash Gabs

    I would love to see the show on HBO, showtime or Starz ! I wish. 

  • Axxxel

    True, Blaine is the opposite…in that area. Thank goodness…

  • deborah

    well, I remember seeing Blaine completely turning in his chair towards Kurt as if kissing him in the choir room but then the camera cut to someone else…when Rachel was singing “Without You”….they were shown sitting behind Finn…it was the “Yes/No” episode.