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GLEE: The glee club gets ready for rehearsal in the super-sized 90-minute "Born This Way" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday; April 26 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Pictured from L-R: Jenna Ushkowitz; Ashley Fink; Amber Riley; Kevin MChale; Mark Saling; Heather Morris; Harry Shum Jr.; Chord Overstreet; Lea Michele; Cory Monteith; Dianna Agron) ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOXLea Michele; Cory Monteith; Dianna Agron) ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

UPDATE:  Real busy with other stuff right now, so not much time to re-cap.  So, Quickly:  Last night’s show was one of the best this season. The theme of self-acceptance touched all the kids and moved ahead the plot line in unexpected ways.

It was satisfying to see Kurt gain the upper hand over Karovsky, even though the means to that end were kinda shady (Santana blackmail!).  I’m also glad Karovsky’s struggle with his sexuality hasn’t been tied up in a neat little bow.  Karovsky and Santana could help each other come out and be better people in the process.  It was sad seeing the two of them sitting out in the auditorium while the kids celebrated themselves on stage singing “Born This Way”.   Santana’s “Lebanese” t-shirt cracked me up.

Barbara Streisand!  The mall flash mob was all kinds of fun.  The musical numbers were great–from Finn (not) showing off his dance skills with Mike singing “I’ve Got to Be Me” to Quinn and Rachel’s poignant “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” mashup, Blaine’s sweet goodbye via “Somewhere Only We Know”, it was all good stuff.

I teared up:  Kurt saying goodbye to Blaine and the Warblers,  When Emma revealed her “OCD” shirt, Kurt singing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” on his return to McKinley (CHILLS CHILLS CHILLS).

There are 4 episodes left, including the prom ep, a funeral (hearing the death is a woman, and someone we might not expect), next week’s Fleetwood Mac episode, and the final episode–the kids at Nationals.  The cast is in New York right now filming the last show.

After the jump. TONS OF VIDEO. Watch!

Tonight, Glee expands to 90 minutes as New Directions gets a lesson in self-acceptance by singing Lady Gaga’s self-love anthem “Born This Way”. Plus…Kurt Hummel comes back to McKinley high and faces his nemesis Karovsky. Reportedly, there is a very pivotal face off between Kurt and & his Dad and Karovsky and his Dad in the principal’s office.And Santana blackmails somebody, changing the dynamic of the club. Hm. I’ll be back with a recap and videos later.

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Videos and Photos after the jump.

Kurt Wants to Come Back to McKinley

I Feel Pretty/UnPretty – Quinn & Rachel

Santana Blackmails Karovsky

Finn & Mike Chang – I Gotta Be Me

Kurt confronts Karovsky

Somewhere Only We Know – FULL CLIP (“I will never say goodbye…”

Kurt sings “As If We Never Said Goobye”

Barbara Streisand! (Or, Rachel learns to love her nose)

Born This Way

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  • sr4mjc

    Lady Gaga’s self-love anthem

    Sorry, I lulz. I am 12. :)

  • CarieB

    Somewhere Only We Know is fantastic. Can’t wait to see it on my big screen in a couple/few hours.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “As If We Never Said Goodbye (From “Sunset Boulevard”) ”

    Kurt was just amazing singing this song. A real showstopper.

  • soamused

    Gaaa. I’m sorry, this show is unwatchable for me when there’s so little Blaine. I’m going to have to just ff through clips afterward.

  • JJ123

    I think it was a half hour longer just based on commercials….seriously it was maybe an extra 5 minutes of actual show. It was an okay episode, don’t know why it needed to be so long there were tons of parts they could’ve cut down. It kills me to say this but I’m totally losing interest….things don’t even annoy me like they used to because I just don’t care anymore.

  • St.Lucia

    Don’t know if this was really worth 90 minutes. It felt a little dragged out. It had some glorious singing though! I just adored the Warblers “Somewhere Only We Know”. I fully see myself buying this one. I also quite liked the “I feel Pretty/Unpretty” duet with Quinn(or should I say Lucy.heh) and Rachel. Kurt’s song was fabulous, but it was almost a little long for me. Could have been cut down.

    I did find Emma’s plight of her OCD acceptance to be one of the most poignant moments of the night.

    The Gaga number for me was my least favorite and mostly because I hate the original song as well.

  • TwigLA

    I watched it online (yay) so I can watch The Voice here on the west coast.

    I actually liked the story line this week. Quinn and Rachel’s duet was beautiful. Actually the only song I didn’t like was ‘Born This Way’.

    Highlight was the ‘Barbra Streisand’ flash mob at the mall. Loved it. Brittany and Puck’s almost matching ‘I’m With Stupid’ t-shirts were a riot.

  • wjmtv

    My t-shirt says “Unrepentant Gleek” because that was the best ep this show has produced in a while. It was almost coherent, made me tear up once or twice, and preached without being preachy. If anyone under 20 actually watches this show, it might do some good in the universe.

    I don’t know which I liked more: Santana’s sit-down with Kurt, or Emma’s therapist and her diabetes scenario. Either way, there were some major points made to anyone who bothered to listen.

    Musical highlights: Rachel & Quinn’s “Pretty” duet, and Kurt’s solo. I don’t know where they found that boy, but once again I’m glad they did.

    (Loved Artie’s tee.)

  • cwm

    I’m not particularly a fan of Born This Way, but I liked this visual interpretation of the song with their various T-shirts WAY better than Gaga’s interpretation of it in her music video. They actually seemed to get the point of the song, which Gaga’s video totally missed. For that, I give Glee a thumbs up. I loved the shirts.

  • CathyMK

    I’m so glad Kurt is back at McKinley, and with New Directions. Now we just need Blaine to follow him ASAP.

  • Axxxel
    Cute interview with Chris Colfer and Darren Criss… Darren commenting on Klaine in New York.
    Seems that Darren Criss was the date of Chris Colfer… because this was at the gala of Time Magazine where Chris is featured on the cover.

  • hypertwink

    KAROFSKY! I kinda love how different the scripted Santana apology is to the panicky hesitancy in the face-to-face with Kurt. Keep up the good work, Max Adler.

    ETA: With all the angst and tears, you’d think that either Blaine or Kurt had a fatal disease. Is Dalton that frakking far from McKinley? Seriously.

  • Sq

    Best Glee episode in a long time – with 90 minutes they were actually able to fit in some story in between the songs :)

    Now we just need Blaine to switch schools because I need more DC!

  • hooch

    I really like Glee because of the harmonies of their good group numbers and the wit and cleverness of the characters.
    Last night- no wit, no Sue, too much preachiness and surprise!surprise! crap ratings after 9:00 PM.
    I hope they don’t lose their way.

  • gleekfreek


    Holly is the one who dies in the show.

    ***End Spoilers***

  • cookbunny

    ^Actually (as long as we’re talking spoilers and speculation), word is the death is Sue’s sister Jean, esp. since we already know Gwyneth Paltrow may be reappearing next season.

  • CarieB

    I don’t know who it will be but probably not Jean, since the Glee kids go to the funeral and none of them know her.

    I hope it is not Burt.

  • canadiandcfan

    fantastic episode!! i really enjoyed it, and the 90 minutes seemed to have alllowed some time for a cohesive flow to the episode. The music was great, loved Kurt back, Blaine was super touching.. i want to see their dates!, Santana, Brit… everything. great episode!!

    Barbara Streisand Flash Mob = <3

  • Hakunamatata

    Its actually 56 mins. Only 14 – 15 mins longer than the other episodes. I checked!