Glee “Big Brother” Behind-The-Scenes Preview! (VIDEO)

GLEE: Blaine's (Criss Darren, R) older  brother Cooper (guest star Matt Bomer, L) visits in "Big Brother," the Spring Premiere episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

Check out this behind the scenes look at the upcoming Spring Premiere episode of Glee called “Big Brother”, set to air on April 10.

The Cooper Anderson storyline looks to be hilarious!  Blaine’s big brother is the “Free Credit Rating” commercials. He’s a struggling actor, but in the world of Lima OH, he’s a big star.  Kurt sure seems smitten with him!

Cooper comes back to visit the family and winds up at McKinley teaching an “acting master class” to Glee. Can you say worst drama teacher ever?

Blaine and Cooper duet on “Somebody That I Used to Know” (there’s a snip in the video!) as well as a Duran Duran mashup that will kick off the episode.

Matt Bomer, who plays Cooper has been interviewing with the big news sites. Here’s his interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Entertainment Weekly and TV Line.

Cooper is kind of a D-bag, but he does care about his little brother Blaine and wants what’s best for him.   The big brother/little brother dynamic is a complicated one

“Like any relationship with brothers, it’s complicated and complex. It’s a competitive relationship, a loving relationship. He feels a sense of responsibility as an older brother to look out for his younger brother. He also knows that his brother is incredibly talented, maybe more so than he is and he wants to make sure that that talent gets seen in more than just a free credit rating commercial, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he wants more for his brother and he knows he’s going to have a lot of success. He wants to help usher him in to that success in the best way he knows how.”

Big Brother Behind The Scenes


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  • starfishy2000

    This is looking like it will be a great episode!

  • glennethph

    Somebody That I Used to Know is a duet between 2 exes, right?  I find it odd that 2 brothers are singing it.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe Blaine’s brother was so busy in Hollywood that he did not really keep contact with his little brother. There seems to be quite an age difference between the two and maybe theyhave just grown apart and become strangers to each other… just like 2 ex-es

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, but I think they are only showing the fun parts… I think there will be a lot of drama in this episode: the aftermath of Quinn’s car accident, Blaine’s collision with his brother… and maybe Kurt who can’t seem to understand that such a handsome brother may be not as nice as he seems…

  • Axxxel

    Matt gorgeous ….my head is in the sky right now. I hope he will play a jerk of a brother so that I can have my feet back on the ground.

  • Axxxel

    So funny to see Sue Sylvester in the background about to scream … and be starstruck as Kurt.

  • sdmama

    I will watch anything with Matt Bomer in it. Utterly thrilled to see him on the network TV again.  Swoon! 

  • sf3456

    Glee and their stunt casting.  Ryan Murphy and his crushes.

  • Axxxel

    If you were Ryan Murphy, who would you have casted as Blaine’s brother/sister ? Because whether we like it or not, Blaine needs a storyline away from Kurt if he wants to continue to exist in Season 4.