Fox Executive Panel: SYTYCD Stays Once A Week, Britney Welcome to Come Back (UPDATED)

The FOX Executive session followed right after The American Idol hour. Here are a few tidbits from the honchos at FOX. News on X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance.

So You Think You Can Dance:

SYTYCD will remain a once a week show. No. I don’t think it worked, Kevin…

@thefutoncritic: FOX at #TCA: Mike Darnell says #SYTYCD will remain once a week this summer, have other things to fill schedule real estate.

@RealityBlurred: #SYTYCD’s once-a-week format, Fox’s Kevin Reilly says, “it worked, right?” “We liked the momentum” of eliminations in one episode.

X Factor:

No decisions have been made on which X Factor judges will return (LA Reid resigned a few weeks ago), But FOX exec, Kevin Reilly says Britney Spears did a good job and is welcome to come back. Hm. Also, the score will be settled with NBC for programming The Voice directly against X Factor. Maybe with Idol scheduling?

@BastardMachine: “It went in the file…the score will be settled at a later date….” Reilly on NBC putting Voice against X-Factor premiere. Oh, it’s ON now.

JarettSays: Britney Spears “did a really good job,” per Kevin Reilly.”Pound for pound, I thought #TheXFactor was excellent this year.”

TVGuideMagazine: Kevin Reilly says he would be on board for bringing Britney Spears back to #XFactor but no decisions have been made #TCA13

realityblurred: Fox president Kevin Reilly says #XFactor was “a better show this year” and says Britney Spears “did a really good job.” Uh, okay.

UPDATE:  FOX Reality Cheif, Mike Darnell is a little more forthcoming with the reporters post-executive session. Via Entertainment Weekly:

“I thought the talent was amazing,” Darnell said. “Carly Rose was one of the best singers we had on any of these shows. I thought the judges worked. What didn’t work was the schedule. I know no one wants to believe that. It was the worst schedule that one of theses shows has had. We had baseball [preemption], which is normal. We had a had a rain delay [one week] where we only aired half an episode. We had Halloween. We had The Voice air against us on our premiere. It was one thing after another. It’s hard for any show to survive that.”

I guess you could argue some of the performances and visuals were over the top,” he admitted. “But that’s what X Factor is. I like that it separates it from the other [singing] shows.”

And what about the new hosts, Mario Lopez and Khole Kardashian?

I think the hosts were okay,” Darnell said. “I think Mario knows how to be a host. I think Khole was new. And I thought for someone new she did okay. She never hosted before.”


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  • anonoymous

    “JarettSays: Britney Spears “did a really good job,” per Kevin Reilly.”Pound for pound, I thought #TheXFactor was excellent this year.”
    In the audition rounds, Britney was good.
    In the Live shows, umm, not so much. 

  • HermeticallySealed

    The decision to keep SYTYCD to once a week is insipid.  It completely threw off the balance.  Would have been better to just give a 30min results show. In fact, if they need to find a slot, I would suggest Ben and Kate’s.  

  • fantoo1

    Aren’t these the same people who loved Ellen?

  • Dennis

     I don’t think Britney was good in the auditions rounds either. lol

  • Dennis

     So he thinks having SYTYCD on once a week and having Britney on X Factor were good ideas? Is he forreal? lol

  • b_james

    Well, Fox apparently has no handle on the overall fan opinion.  Britney was a terrible judge without editing.  The once-a-week format for SYTYCD was a huge fail.  That’s all.

  • pj

    I bet Britney is welcome back at a much smaller salary.  ;-)

  • Benjamin Morris

    Yeah, “Britney Spears did a good job and is welcome to come back” is clearly code for, “We’ll be offering her less money and we’re pretty ambivalent about whether she takes it.”

  • Garrett Clayman

    So tired of this “Khloe is new, so its okay” bs. Khloe has had a radio show on Y100 Miami since 2009, she is the star of a tv show and was a host on “Fashion Police” she is quite seasoned, so there was no excuse for her horrific performance this season

  • blackberryharvest

    Carly Rose was one of the best singers we had on any of these shows.

    Meh, she is obviously very talented, but I can name a lot of singers from these shows that are better singers. I think its her age that makes people overrate her. 

  • Jake Williams

    Britney was not good. Send her and Kardashian packing. Demi was the best judge, so I would keep her.

  • Leandro

    What went wrong was what he said plus what he said “was ok”. lol

  • elliegrll

    The schedule was bad, but I don’t think that was the biggest problem.  Darnell is right in that the X Factor has to set itself apart from AI and The Voice, and the main way that it can do that is by being over the top.  But, that over the top quality also makes the show look more like a reality show than a talent or competition show, which will keep the ratings lower than American Idol and The Voice’s.

    I think the biggest show is that they’ve never found the right tone.  Sometimes it was too loud, and other times it wasn’t loud enough.  They have to figure out how to be funny, but not mean.  And they need to figure out a way to showcase their talent in the best light.

  • Kariann Hart

    Good points, elliegrll.

    I wonder if these guys know how to say, “We failed, but will try to do better next season.”  I don’t like Simon and that keeps me from enjoying the show.  Just my personal opinion.

    SYTYCD needs two days, even if the second day is 30 minutes.  However, at least it didn’t get cancelled.

  • Tyson

    SYTYCD fans are not in the position to demand more air time.  They should be happy the show wasn’t canceled.

  • HermeticallySealed

     Whether one is in a position to demand more air time isn’t relevant to pointing out that what he stated was wrong.  The one show format didn’t work.  It wasn’t a good feature. Regardless of the ratings, regardless of being lucky the show wasn’t cancelled, we can still call them out on a laughable statement.

  • chillj

    Ach!  PR blitz!

  • Jaejae1

    I am sure these execs are a lot more direct in private then at these press things. But I agree with what they said about scheduling.  I would change that if I could change anything. Being premempted by baseball is bad news.  It ruins the shows momentum.  I always think that is one reason XF has some issues. These shows work best when you attach to a contestant and have a horse in the race.  No attachement, no interest in tuning in.  And baseball happens just as you are getting to know these contestants. That show has way to many scheduling conflicts and moves. 

    I also think they should reconsider what they want in the judges panel.  They need judges who are enjoying themselves and having fun.  And who like one another.  Sometimes the XF panel looked like they were in the midst of dealing with constipation.  I love watching the judges on the Voice.   The talent might be mediocre and not compeling but the judges and their easy comeraderie ( or even when they are hating on each other like Xtina and Adam a year ago) keep me tuned in.  And I am so wanting to see what Usher will be like with Adam and  Blake.  

    As for host, just keep Mario.  I liked him. And the host is a big part of the identity of the host.  Who can imagine Idol with Ryan???  

  • Kesia Monteith

    Fox hasn’t cared for fan opinion since it’s inception. There is a reason Fox was called “cancelled crazy” before NBC started to touch that term once in awhile. Remember Family Guy? Futurerama? Hell, anyone remembers Firefly? There is a reason their ratings are in the toilet, because they make shit decisions almost regularly. The reason why they are not as much in trouble as CW, or were as mocked as NBC use to be, is because of some of their reality programming, especially Idol.  

    Fox still behaves like a “new” network, even though it has been on for more than 25 years now. I find it still a relatively disorganized station, hence their crummy schedule changes. It doesn’t help that the channel likes to meddle, like it is trying to meddle with Idol. Can’t even have Idol go back to a half hour results show. 

    Collectively, Fox and Simon has sunk X-Factor to the ground. Fox needs Idol. Idol could have gone on CBS and even be bigger in my opinion. That’s how little I think of a poorly run network like Fox. :/

  • hcpoirot

    The only reason why Fox hired Britney and Khloe were (hoping) to attract more younger audiences and rating. (Britney still very succesful singer and Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a hit reality show)

    But the exec forget that Britney had ZERO personality and Khloe cannot host any LIVE show. If they are still fool enough to hired them back for season 3, season 3 will be the last for X Factor cause the rating will be worse than season 2.

  • Miz

    Disappointed that SYTYCD is going to only be one night again. That show is a refreshing change.

    If they’re thinking of fighting THe Voice with American Idol, they may be in for a rude awakening. The biggest criticism I hear about Idol is it’s become all about the judges and it appears that they are amping that up more than ever this year. 

    In the ‘war of the judges’ I think Shakira and Usher will beat out Mariah and Minaj.

  • Nedsdag

    I never understood the concept of SYTYCD, but it has a fan base so I cannot complain.

    As for X Factor, I think a change of network may help them because as long as AI is there, it will always be a barrier to XF making any progress. ABC, perhaps?

  • durbesque

    A little dancing mixed in with all the singing shows is welcome.  The silliest thing was to have 2 winners, instead of 1, which means there was NO winner.  In either case, they are forgotten the next day.

  • ohreli

    “… Britney Spears ‘did a really good job.’ ”

    TRANSLATION: Britney did not have a total nervous breakdown or meltdown even once. Good job!

    “I think Khloe was new. And I thought for someone new she did okay.”

    “I think Khloe was incredibly unprofessional. And even by non-professional standards, she was at best ‘okay’.”

  • cretan

    I disagree with the fox executives that the once a week format worked.  My girlfriend and I didn’t like it at all.