Fellow American Idols Send Well Wishes to Kris Allen and His Family (TWEETS)

It was good and bad news from Kris Allen yesterday. The bad news: Kris, his wife Katy and dog Zorro were in a car crash–a nasty head  on collision.

Kris broke his arm, but thankfully, Katy and the pup were fine.  Now for the good news–Katy was not only fine, but so was the precious cargo she was carrying. Afterward, with his arm in a sling, Kris announced from his hospital bed that Katy is pregnant!

Kris Allen Breaks Arm in Head On Collision (But He’s OK!)
Katy and Kris Allen are Expecting a Baby!

In the wake of the big news, fellow Idols sent out their congratulations and well wishes to Kris and his family.  Check out messages from Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver  and Alex Trugman (they all competed with Kris on Season 8) and Melinda Doolittle from Season 6.

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  • brenoga

    mj, melinda was from season 6, not season 3 ;) hope kris and his family get well soon.

  • http://twitter.com/lucy__luz Luz Mae Salvador

    maybe lil rounds and not melinda? lol

  • Axxxel

    Allison’s tweet is so cute… I remember her singing “the scientist” together with Kris Allen (I think in an outdoors part of an Oprah show).

  • http://twitter.com/krisjonin Jonins

    Heard that Adam is in Vietnam now so maybe he received the news late. Waiting for Matt G. and Anoop though. Also Danny Gokey who will have Kris on his cruise charity show.

  • http://twitter.com/Miztig Miz

    Danny tweeted for people to sign up for his cruise with Kris and Jamar in Feb. No sympathy tweets :)

    Allison’s tweet was so sweet. I like that girl. Alex Trugman’s was one of the first tweets I saw about it.

  • waitingforthe1

    Danny continues to prove what a self-centered A-hole he is

    Glad Kris, Katy and the baby are okay! 

  • steph6449

    Personally I don’t think the AI alums have to prove anything to their respective fanbases by publicly tweeting each other on events about which friends / colleagues may wish to express sentiments to other friends / colleagues.

    If someone chooses to do that on twitter, fine. But if they don’t, I don’t get why there is sometimes a feeling that social media followers are entitled to see these sorts of things expressed in public, and some grievous wrong has occurred if not.

    Absence of public twitter messages doesn’t mean that a person isn’t thinking good thoughts or sending good wishes to another person. We have no clue what anyone may express to someone else by phone, text, twitter DM, etc. and really no reason I can think of why we should feel entitled to know.

    As best I recall, Kris did not publicly congratulate Danny, with whom he is known to be friendly as evidenced by Kris participating in the upcoming cruise for Danny’s foundation, on all (any?) of the major personal events in Danny’s life the past year — engagement, wedding, and baby on the way. That doesn’t remotely mean Kris is graceless, wishes Danny ill, or hasn’t found any private opportunities to express his good wishes. It just means it’s not on the public record, and may not be any of our business lol.

    The message on Danny’s twitter is a repeat of previous notices about the cruise, on which Kris is a participant along with Jamar Rogers. While the timing is a bit quirky given Kris’s accident, I’m not sure why it should be offensive to Kris or his fans, especially when Kris’s team appears to be communicating his intent to continue on with upcoming tour dates which are far earlier than the Sophia’s Heart cruise in late February.

  • Eileen99

    I agree. I think it’s ridiculous when fans keep score on these things.  

  • mtlfan2

    i agree too. I’m sure Kris got a lot of support not publicly

  • http://twitter.com/Miztig Miz

    Steph, I agree on everything you said. However, that promotional tweet stuck out like a sore thumb. He could have modified it to acknowledge that despite the accident Kris would still participate (if he will) and a little ‘get well’.

    I don’t keep track of all Kris’ tweets, but I did think he congratulated him when Danny got married. I could be wrong. But like you say, it doesn’t matter if it was public or not. Good friends or even good acquaintances don’t do everything publicly in social media, nor should they.

  • http://twitter.com/Miztig Miz

    Felicia Barton tweeted this AM:

    @feliciabartonAhhh! @KrisAllen I can’t take car accident and baby news all in one tweet how do I respond! Ok YAY Congrats!!!! And feel better soon friend!

  • girlygirltoo

    Exactly. No one should be required or pressured to respond publicly to any event (wedding, baby, accident, new single/album, etc). What is the point of keeping score on who tweeted what to/about who? It doesn’t prove anything.

  • http://twitter.com/raya4 raya

    Exactly.  Plus you would imagine that most of the idol folks that are legitimately close actually have each others phone numbers and such and likely contact each other privately.  Not everything needs to be put out there for public consumption.  Not saying there is anything wrong with those that have tweeted Kris their support publicly, but for all we know he’s gotten like messages from 20 other idol friends privately.  Who the heck knows? 

  • steph6449

    Could be he did on one of them. I don’t recall too many that came in public but then as I mentioned so verbosely below lol, I don’t really watch for that or keep track because to me the absence of it doesn’t equate to anything. I assume most people are happy for others who get married, have babies, etc.

    I’m pretty sure that as in this week’s instance with Kris, the number of public twitter congratulations/etc that were sent to Danny was pretty small compared to the possible universe of well-wishing AI friends/colleagues or others met along the way of the post-AI career.

    With baby Gokey due anytime now, maybe I will make a checklist to be more scientific ha.

    To the degree I remember, usually when Danny has mentioned ongoing contacts with his AI chums, he refers to phone or texting them. And he rarely mentions those contacts in public unless directly asked.

  • http://twitter.com/krisjonin Jonins

    I would like to give my side on other AI alums tweeting their support or whatever to one. It seems my post of waiting for Matt, Anoop and Danny to tweet their support had started a discussion. I don’t really keep score. I know in reality these AI alums, no matter how much they say they’ve become close during the competition, will drift apart one way or another. But I have to admit I am just curious if they will tweet their support. That’s all. If they don’t tweet, well, they don’t. Just curious.

    On the other hand, these AI alums know that tweeting is a way to make their presence known. And if they have drifted apart, tweeting is one way of communicating with each other. I believe Adam and Kris do not text or call each other much as others would like to believe. But Adam did tweet Kris though, seems an afterthought since most fans are asking if he knows about Kris’s accident and pregnancy. I believe Adam tweeted because he knows his fans (or Kradam fans) expects him to do so. It’s publicity. That’s it. Same with Allison, though her tweets are more touching and sweet. More personal.

    Regarding Danny, well, I don’t know about Danny but the cruise tweet is kind of insensitive due to its timing.