Erika Van Pelt and John Stevens – “Home For The Holidays” (VIDEO)

Those of you who watched American Idol 3 in 2004 surely remember the red-headed crooner, John Stevens? After releasing an album on Maverick Records, the young singer headed to Berklee School of Music in Boston. After graduation, John settled in the area and is now singing standards with the Beantwon Swing Orchestra.

Season 11 alum, Erika Van Pelt, who resides in Providence Rhode Island, joined forces with John and the orchestra to perform “Home for The Holidays” at Mechanics Hall in Worcester MA Wednesday night (Nov. 28).

If you like what you hear, you can check the duo out at The VETS in Providence on December 9. Season 11 Semi-finalist, Jen Hirsh (also a Berklee alum) will also perform with the orchestra. More information can be found HERE.

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  • chillj

    I never saw John Stevens. He is s-m-o-o-t-h.  I miss you Ericka!

  • Landon Cox

    Wow, John has gotten so much better! He looks like he hasn’t aged. Erika sounds amazing as usual, I love her tone. She was robbed. Has she lost weight or does she just look better when not being dressed by Soyon?

  • Li Wright

    Wow!  Going to college really helped JOHN.  I remember him in S3 and he was a joke.  Not a joke now! Go John and Erika!

  • suenigma

    Fantastic! They are both such classic throwbacks and should join forces stat.

    I thought John was very good in the beginning –  just very young and a very niche artist. Once they forced him into singing poppy songs that were not in his wheelhouse he imploded.

  • CanadianLady

    Hope Erika is able to do what she enjoys and succeed at it. She has a great voice. And yes, she looks a lot better.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Erika is looking and sounding great! She was my favorite this past season, and it’s a shame that she left the show so early. John is better than I remember him from Idol.

  • nyc57

    I  had a soft spot for John Stevens.He’s matured so much and sounds great .Both of them sound really good.I agree, he was very much a niche artist and gave some truly awful performances outside of his wheelhouse.I do remember him and I rarely remember anyone outside the top two,so he did make an impression on me.

  • Kathleen Moore

    So proud of Johnny Red.  :D  In his element, he’s golden.  Out of his element, he’s…well do a google search on his version of Crocodile Rock. 

    Love his work with the Beantown Swing Band.  MJ, will you be at the VETS next weekend?

  • tomr

    I remember John well that season.  Even threw a few votes his way at times.  Considered him the “local” boy since I grew up in the Buffalo area.  (Think he was from Amherst or Williamsville if I recall correctly).  Actually one of the few that bought his cd “Red.”  He sounds good.  Now that my son lives in Boston, I’ll have to get to one of his concerts.

  • Incipit

    I wasn’t watching Idol in John Steven’s season – but he is Very Good – and Erika was one of my favorite contestants from Season 11. I’m also fond of Swing music, Old School or modern versions – Together, they sounded great on that classic.

    Those two can both sing!!

  • James M.

    John Stevens hasn’t aged a bit. It’s weird. 

  • julesb2183

    Like it – Nice! :)

  • RustySax

    Great rendition of this Christmas classic by John & Erika.  Both have that “smooth crooner” sound to their voices here. No “AutoTune,” either!

    But watch it again and really listen to the BAND!  There is NOTHING that matches the sound of a good, classic, live “Big Band.”  No wailing guitars, no synthesizers, no 45,000-watt speakers blowing out your eardrums, none of that stuff.  Just five saxes, four trombones, four trumpets, piano, bass and drums, all gathered round, playing their hearts out.  Love it!

  • steph6449

    Very good from both of them. Erika really does have an excellent vocal quality about her, was nice to see her again after she left the show so early this past season.  Had never heard of John before, but he seems a good fit for this type of music. 

  • Kariann Hart

    When John was backing into Erika, I was hoping he’d grab her hand.  LOL!  Nice version but wished there was some kind of chemistry. (Not romance.)  Erika has such a great voice.  I wish she could get with Tony Bennett.  John did grow up!

  • steph6449

    True. The only thing I didn’t totally love in this performance is that they weren’t really interacting, just standing side by side and doing solos except at the very end. But maybe just as simple that they didn’t get enough practice time together to do more than that.

  • Allison

    I always liked John Stevens – his voice and his demeanor. I highly enjoyed listening to  him and a small band when he swung thru NY *7* !!! years ago Talked to him and his mom and got some nice photos. I am impressed with Erika too, on this kind of music.

  • durbesque

    They sound just like the singers from the ’40s? or whenever swing was in.  What a difference from the screaming and blasting of today!!!