Emblem 3 Debuts “Chloe (You’re The One That I Want) Music Video

X Factor 2 alums, Emblem3, have released their new “Chloe (You’re The One That I Want) music video.

In the video, the guys stage a live show where NO MEAN GIRLS ARE ALLOWED! If only! The song is basically One Direction’s “You Don’t Know We’re Beautiful” part 2. We’ll see if Simon Cowell can hit boyband gold twice.

Emblem3’s debut album is due out later this year.

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  • lotrisneat

    I’m probably much older than their target audience, but I happen to really enjoy the song and the video. The boys look really good here, and their energy explodes off the screen. I really do think they have the X-Factor. I hope they find success.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Well, that’s very much engineered to do what it’s supposed to do.

    Having seen some inept launches lately (Melanie who?), I’m not gonna knock engineering. It may not be great art for the ages, but at least somebody cared enough to make the right moves for the image the band is trying to project and the market it’s trying to reach.

  • MargieIdol

    That “I”m a Chloe” button thing is clever marketing if it catches on. But can Simon make lightening strike twice? I’m not sure.

  • No Thanks

    Maybe not worldwide, but they have a shot in the US.

  • No Thanks

    I quite like the song. Sounds perfect for the summer. They’ve got that “rambunctious basket of puppies” vibe down part – essential for every successful boyband.

  • girlygirl

    This song is definitely radio friendly and catchy. I don’t see them becoming another 1D (look at The Wanted, for example; they had a huge hit single but they aren’t anywhere near as popular as 1D) but it wouldn’t surprise me if they have a decent amount of success. I do find it funny that they are being marketed as a boy band when they claim they aren’t one, though.

  • Kitwana

    The marketing of Emblem 3 started at the auditions of X Factor USA. They were presented as the anti-boyband and as true musicians. Thing is, the more they market themselves, the less credible it is for them to try to present themselves as the anti-boyband. When they start appearing shirtless on BOP or other teen mag and start dating a Disney princess and tattooing themselves like Bieber and 1D, then you know they have given up the anti-boyband gimmick.

  • Kitwana

    I don’t think the major labels know how to market good looking teen guys who sing pop other than as teen idols or as part of a boyband. Really sad.

  • LindaR

    I love, love this Emblem3 video. This group is sooo much fun to watch. I bought this song before the video is out and can’t wait for the album to also come out. I’m also waiting for 5th Harmony single video to debut. Them and Wings are my favorite pop stars. Wings video are also fun to watch. Now, if only Jessica cd sales takes off I’ll be one happy camper. Go kids!

  • spycig

    I love these guys! I have Sunset Blvd, Curious and Chloe and will keep buying their music as they are soooo much more talented that Simon let them show on x-Factor!

  • http://twitter.com/doubleDHI Dan

    It’s definitely different…not as bad as I expected. But “Chloe–you’re not as hot as your sister but I’m still interested…” Not sure what to make of that.

  • Amy Beth

    I’m sure it will do well with the target market (not me). But if anyone thinks these guys don’t date the hot girl IRL, I’ve got some swampland for you.

  • http://www.randrambles.com Rand

    I thought I was gonna hate it, but didn’t. Fun song and video. It could happen for these guys I’m thinking. I can see the song becoming a decent summer hit.

  • Singtoast

    This is a good catchy tune. I’m kind of fed up of these songs where they tell the girl that they need a guy to give them self esteem, but it is a proven formula. I also find the whole “your sister is the hot one but I like you” line a bit creepy.

  • http://twitter.com/jasongorny92 Jason Gorny

    Decent video and song but it should be a moderate hit. The market is too saturated with boybands. FH and Little Mix should have more success I think since there is a big gap in the market.

  • ali_359921

    I don’t like it .

  • http://twitter.com/HighTensions Jake W.

    True. They were total asshats on the show.

  • Face

    I see them as just like a NKOTB… but 20ish years on… so totally marketable and relatable for the international market…

  • Face

    video is well made… but as if they would ever pick ‘Chloe’ over the hot mean girls in the video… I mean come on… they just wouldn’t…

    btw… saw or read something last about the song… where Chloe was Lady Edith from Downton Abbey… with the sister obviously being Lady Mary… hilarious… and I know that’s all I think everytime I hear the song…

  • Face

    define saturated…

  • Chris

    It’s defiantly my guilty pleasure. But I’m curious why digital sales arnt better? I mean, I expected better than little mix. Just because these guys are from from USA xfactor.,., but They arnt even on pops top 100 in iTunes. What gives?

  • Bazzle

    Ha this song is radio friendly and it actually does have a pretty good message for young girls who don’t have confidence in themselves.
    Plus, simply stating the sister is hotter what is wrong with that? Who are we to say they would most definitely ‘date’ the hot girl in real life? Do we know them?

  • lotrisneat

    Just saw where they are opening for Selena Gomez this fall. Someone is doing something right.

  • maymay

    Now Emblem3 become a boyband which they used to hate. Just like Cassadee suddenly becomes a country singer.

  • Dianne

    Same here, definitely not a member of the target audience, but thought it was fun, catchy, super cute. If the teeny boppers don’t make this a big hit, I’ll eat my hat.

  • Dianne

    Why are groups like this, ID, NKOTB, etc called boy bands? None of them play instruments. Never made sense to me :)

  • Reflects On Life

    “Not sure what to make of that.”

    They’re attempting to cash in on the same brand of “insecure-girl” teen-pop that 1D have made their living off of. Check out the lyrics to “What Makes You Beautiful” or especially “Little Things” to see what I mean.