Elliott Yamin - Listen to 30s Clips From 'Gather Round'

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Elliott Yamin tweeted a link to a Japanese site that is featuring 30 second clips to his new album, Gather Round, set to be released in Japan soon.

  • You can list to the clips HERE.

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  • hazuki

    Good stuff Elliott.

    Proud tobe from Virginia, “Virginia” sounding really good!

  • koshka

    Nice Photo!

  • Joyed

    It’s so funny how Elliot wasn’t on my radar at all when I watched S5 (I remember being vaguely surprised he made top 3) – but I’ve been impressed at how often he has been putting out music. He truly has a lovely recording voice.

  • weese

    Four of these songs have me intrigued. Hope to hear them all the way through soon.

  • jpfan

    A little overproduced with the music drowning out the vocals on some tracks but actually I like what I’m hearing alot. And not just because I was a huge Elliott stan S5. ;) I just hope the album gets released in the States eventually.

  • Kitwana

    On the CD cover he looks so much like David Cook it’s scary. For a second there I thought David had released his new CD cover.

  • wjmtv

    Still likin’ that photo. A lot. :)

  • Karen

    It sounds really good. So far, I think I like the secocnd half better (plus Stay Away). There’s a short clip of the video also:


  • Indigobunting

    Elliot was my fave (and strangely enough my 12 yr. old daughter’s , after Chris left S5. Love him.

  • jpfan

    Thanks for the video clip. I just hope this gets released in the US.
    I don’t there’s anyway I can buy this via Japan.

  • sammy

    Not lovin it. “Self Control” is good. The rest…feel like I’ve heard it before. Album cover would be good for a Tony Bennett type.

  • gmn

    Wow. I like Elliott’s new music and I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. The video looks good too, especially since my SYTYCD favorite, Kyla Rodomski(sp) is in it.
    Elliott’s Japan CD can be ordered at several places including;



  • stargazed

    I’m glad that I found a site where I could hear Elliott. Love, love Self Control. Simon once said that Elliott was the best voice to ever come out of AI. We all have our favorites, but Elliott is way up on the list for me as far as great voices go.