Ellen Degeneres On Her Relationship with Simon Cowell.

On her talk show today, Ellen Degeneres blames her rocky relationship with Simon Cowell on…sexual tension. Lulzy! Check it out after the jump…

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mj santilli

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  • oceana

    ha ha ha, that’s cute. Ellen can diffuse any situation with humor. That’s her gift.

  • Laury

    Lol I love her !

  • soccerboi

    Love her! I think she really is going to make Idol better. She is just freakin funny….period.

  • glamertitis

    Rofl…. that is great fun!

  • IdolThoughts

    That is really, really funny. I love it!

  • sonyab

    I decided to wait and watch it live. I just got done watching it LIVE! It was great hahahhaaha! Love it! :)

  • TwigLA

    Very cute.

  • will

    He is staring at her longingly though, isn’t he?

  • tierbee

    Ha! I fricking love her. That was hilarious.

  • PattyH

    She is so funny! I love her!

  • martha

    Ellen makes it look easy, she is strong, smart, nice, witty, and a lot smarter than most people realize. I hope she is happy w her AI work.

  • Sherena

    She’s hilarious.

  • Valentin432

    What a great promotion tool for idol lol.

  • justjude

    Leave it to ellen to make the most of a little fun by Simon. She is so
    good at what she does best…rather dittzy comedy.
    ITA martha with what you said about Ellen! She is all of that and just a
    great Human as well!!!

  • lucy

    I’m so impressed with her on the panel and so happy she’s there. What a difference when somebody smart, sincere, and not nutso comments on the performances.

    We haven’t had that combination of traits ever on this panel before, except in a comment or two from guest judges over the years, as far as I remember.

    Paula was occasionally sincere and there’s a brain in their somewhere, but her nuttiness always got in the way. And Kara has managed the smart from time to time, as has Simon. But honestly Ellen is the only judge I’ve heard who consistently talks like a normal. thoughtful human being and not some kind of deranged robot or other spouting the half-remembered agenda of a record label they work for or something.

  • Yaara

    I love Ellen. That was freakin’ hilarious. Can’t wait for a whole season of that.