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You might not know that the rapper drake began life in showbusiness as an actor in his native Canada, starring in the teen drama, Degrassi High. So, it was a no-brainer to have him both host and serve as the musical guest.

It was also the first week for new featured player, Sasheer Zameeta, who is the first African American female cast member since 2008. She did pretty well, considering she didn’t get many speaking lines, and starred in mostly lame skits. Hopefully, she’ll be showcased more prominently in future shows.

Check out a few skits from tonight, below.

Cold Open – Piers Morgan Live.

Mocked both New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, A-Rod and Justin Bieber. Pretty funny.

Cold Open – Piers Morgan Live (Drake) – SNL 1… by IdolxMuzic

Opening Monologue

After Drake explains that he’s half-Jewish, we go back to relive his Bar Mitzvah, and the awkward coming together of both sides of his family. Good stuff.

Drake Monologue – SNL 1-18-14 by IdolxMuzic

Resolution Revolution

Nobody can keep their New Years Resolutions. The vices become increasingly bizarre. Cosplay was my favorite!

Resolution Revolution – Drake – SNL 1-18-14 by IdolxMuzic

Before they were Stars

What if more Rap singers starred in 90’s sitcoms?

Slumber Party

Drake as a dorky dad hit on by one of his daughter’s friends at a slumber party. Worst skit of the night, to be honest.

Poetry in Detention.

Drake has a thing for older women. Vanessa Bayer is hilarious as the kooky poetry teacher.

Drake – Poetry In Detention – SNL 1-18-14 by IdolxMuzic

Good Mornin Miami!

Nancy Grace


Disney World Show

It goes horribly wrong.

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  • macfae

    I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth Drake was in all of the skits. I’m not that familiar with him and wasn’t aware he had done acting before tonight. There were a few lame bits but he put himself out there and i respect that….he didn’t play the too cool card,
    Kate McKinnon continues to kill it at least once every week. Her Beiber impression during the Cold Open was ridiculously spot on.
    During Weekend Update, Vanessa Bayer did a take on Jaqueline Bissett at the Golden Globes. She,was hilarious.without saying a word. .

  • Incipit

    “You might not know that the rapper drake…”

    Heh. That whole sentence was chock full of things I didn’t know – starting with “Who is Drake?” – So many thanks for the instant ID in the very first words – saved me a trip to Google. *snerk @ Myself*

    I’m sure he’s been talked about here before in some context that I am also not reading, or threads I don’t go into – but the double play was a puzzlement until I read that first line.

    So – congrats to him for getting a SNL gig – cause those are surely not the easiest things to land, or to do well at – and hey, I wish him well in his career – just not my cuppa.

  • Amy Beth

    Just call him Aubrey.

    At least Drake is his middle name and not some ridiculous attempt at street cred!

  • Incipit

    “Just call him Aubrey.”

    Okay. Heh. I wouldn’t know him under any name – smh