Demi Lovato Is Barely Making 7 Figures for X Factor (Report)

Demi Lovato will earn significantly less money as an X Factor judge than her 15 million dollar pal, Britney Spears, according to TMZ:

Demi Lovato is exactly 1/15th the celebrity Britney Spears is … at least in the salary department.

Sources tell TMZ, the 19-year-old singer’s raking in just north of a million to join the gang on “X Factor” — still damn impressive, but face it … she’s no Britney.

Simon Cowell raved about Demi, praising her accomplishments at such a young age … insisting she will connect with younger viewers.

As we reported, Britney signed a record $15 million deal to work as a judge on the show — so Demi’s getting table scraps … but in the TV biz, scraps can make you a millionaire.

And just to show how desperately Demi wanted to appease her new “X Factor” overlords — we’re told the former Disney star even structured her upcoming tour around the “X Factor” tapings.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess the exposure she will get will make up for the difference in salary for her as she tries to transition from just a Disney star to an adult recording artist.

  • Ryan

    IF this is true, that’s really cheap compared to britney. demi is much more prominent in teenagers mind right now and is actually a current star. i know britney is super famous but with how popular demi is with teens, she deserved more. ok, rant over :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “And just to show how desperately Demi wanted to appease her new “X
    Factor” overlords — we’re told the former Disney star even structured
    her upcoming tour around the “X Factor” tapings.”

    This, plus Demi’s overly fawning comments on the video of the announcement of the new X-Factor judges makes me think that she will be the one who Simon and LA will treat like dirt. I hope not, but I have a bad feeling that this may happen (in which case I will boycott the show).

  • Anonymous

    OK, so the salary is the first time Simon screws her over. The clock has already started……

  • HaleysShindig

    A million bucks is a million bucks. If you were to give me a million at 19, I wouldn’t complain. Though she is worth more, thats still not a bad chunk of change for a teenager. 

  • Anonymous

    This will most likely be a smart move for Demi.   Sometimes the amount of money is not the priority, as this will give Demi a national name and attention to her talent (? I don’t know).

    And for Brit, I just hope she comes across as mature and sincere.  This could be a make or break moment for her.

  • Wex

    Paula was reportedly making 2mil so Demi is lucky. If Jlo returns to Idol, shes going to have a clause stating she has to be the highest paid reality judge (at least at Fox). When I was a company manager, certain talent would demand this in their contracts. Dont xf auditions start soon? Still no hosts? Still cant imagine Demi mentoring anyone but a teen

  • tinawina

    Well this makes sense, given the fact that Demi is not well known outside the teen & early 20s set, she’s never had a mainstream hit record (Skyscraper sold on iTunes for a while but never got much radio play) and hasn’t even been on Disney in over a year. Just landing the gig is a big leg up for her. If she can be a good judge and come off like and adult then it will do wonders for her. Of course, if Simon and L.A. treat her like a bobble head then she has an uphill battle ahead.

  • Raftrap

    The fact that Demi Lovato barely gets a mention in any of the reports has me worried that they Cole her out, after one or two test auditions and replace her with Raven Simone or another Mouseketeer. 

  • Jordan Seltzer

    This is the same salary Nicole was making last season. Its not a shocking amount. I read an article that stated the DWTS judges are making under 1 million and that show gets big ratings.

    A million dollars is a ton of money. She isnt Britney. To compare the two is ridiculous.

  • too-cool-for-school

    That wouldn’t shock me, TBH. They seemed to feel under pressure/rush to announce the new judges. By whom, I’m not sure. I don’t know that many were that anxious to know about the new panel, ha-ha.

    Simon could be stalling and have Demi on the short list while he tries to find someone else. I never got the sense that Cheryl would last long either.

    In hindsight she would have been better than Nicole so I hope Simon is thinking clearly this time.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not like she’s making minimum wage or anything.  And the exposure/success that will happen as a result will more than make up for it.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Agreed. It’s good money for someone her age and it could help her career, if the season isn’t a disaster. I wouldn’t feel ripped off if I was her. Seems like a pretty sweet deal if it all works out.

  • Anonymous

    The “barely” part cracks me up. Am I supposed to feel sorry for someone making more than 1 million dollars to sit there and judge a reality show? At my current salary it would take me nearly 20 years to make $1 million. So sorry, but I can’t feel bad for her. What is she — 20 years old (if that)?

  • Gwen

    Makes sense.  Wonder how much Ryan Seacrest was making when he first started hosting Idol?  Could work in her favor if this all pans out.

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt Demi will get endorsement deals out of this job.

  • Frank

     It’s true. The female judge who always sits away from Simon (Nicole Scherzinger, Dannii Minogue in X Factor UK, Kara Dioguardi when Paula was still on) is always the target of bullying by Simon. I’m pretty sure Brit-Brit will get the seat to the right of Simon.

    Isn’t Demi already emotionally fragile? Bullying her won’t help.

  • Frank

     Yes but the fact that the X Factor winner will get paid more is kinda ridiculous. But out of the Disney triad (Miley, Selena, Demi) I’m glad it was Demi he picked. Miley is a skank and Selena kinda reminds me of a mouse.

  • callmecrazy

    “Just north of a million…”….*ha*.  Better than my paycheck barely being north of minimum wage.

  • LJR

    as someone who makes barely 5 figures, it’s hard to rustle up the sympathy. esp for a not much work involved ‘job’

  • No Thanks

    Personally, I think Demi is going to get the most out of this exposure.  She’ll advance her career for sure.

  • David Facenfield

    i’m with you on this No Thanks – reminds me of what happened in UK when Tulisa came on last season – she wasn’t known by the vast majority of the UK public, but is now more well known outside of her fan base and her recent single debuted at No 1.  I know UK X Factor is a bigger deal in UK than US X Factor is in the US, but you get my point.

    Obviously, she has to come across as likeable and honest as a judge, and supportive and hard working as a mentor to her acts – but I imagine the show will present both her and Britney in a very positive way.  The rest, in terms of promoting her own career, is up to her…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always liked Demi, and I hope she does well on the show.  She’s a hard worker and has been through a lot.  I just hope she holds up under the pressure.