Demi Lovato Calls a Sober Living House Home (REPORT)

TMZ reports that Demi Lovato lived in a sober living house in LA during her entire X Factor run. Even more surprising is the positive spin the gossip rag uses to report the situation:

Demi Lovato is rich and famous, and can afford to live just about anywhere she wants … but we’ve learned she’s been living in a fairly spartan sober living facility for more than a year.

It’s actually pretty awesome … Demi does not want to fall back into the grip of addiction, where she found herself back in 2010, when she admitted she had problems with anorexia, bulimia and cutting.

After going to rehab, the 20-year-old seemed better, but ultimately felt she needed the support and guidance from counselors and other addicts who understood her situation.

Sources tell us … shortly after her inpatient rehab, she moved into a facility in the L.A. area.  It’s interesting … considering she also owns a very nice home in L.A..

We’re told during the entire season of “X Factor” Demi felt it was best to come home to the facility, where she wouldn’t lose her way.

As for how long she’ll stay there … it’s undetermined.

In a town with a lot of stars who never figure it out, it’s pretty amazing when you see someone as young as her make such good decisions.

Good for Demin, being committed to staying healthy…


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  • Bug Menot

    I can respect that.

    I just read a NYT article about Lindsay Lohan shooting a micro-budget movie. At one point she’s on the phone while on the set and says:

    “I’ve got one assistant passed out at my house and the other one in the Palisades saying he wants to hang himself. Life’s great.”

    Imagine how disruptive those outside influences can be.

  • quickjessie

    Good for her.  I hate XF and won’t watch it, but if my watching it will show support for this gal I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and turn it on.

    She’s got her priorities in order and I hope she makes it.

  • Niall

    I’m not a fan of hers or her music, but her level headed follow through with recovery is admirable. I would speculate that she is a great example of the difference a solid support system makes. Lindsay is out there on her own, and has never had a functional, healthy family. My guess is Demi comes from a less chaotic, less enmeshed home life.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Good for Demi. 

  • James M.

    Good for her. 

  • Leandro

    Good for her. You need to be extra careful with your mental health when you’re working with Simon. lol

  • Robert

    Good for Demi.

    She is someone who realizes that in order to get help you have to help yourself.

  • zaclona77

    Well, I’m all for applauding this kind of level-headed decision but as I really don’t know anything about Demi’s background and family, I do have to wonder how she got in that kind of situation in the first place? Struggling with anorexia, bulimia and cutting at the age of 18, where were her parents or other nearest of kind to support and guide her? Or is she an orphan or from a broken home? I’m in no way judging her, just wondering.

  • ptslittlecomment

    Good for Demi, especially, I agree, at a time she is working with Simon. She is a strong woman.

  • chillj

      She should be plenty proud of herself.  It takes a lot of strength to know your weaknesses.

  • emlz

    I know her father left her family (Her song, “For the Love of a Daughter,” is about him), but she’s still close to her sisters and mother. I think her main problem was really bullying at a young age. She said she eventually had to be home-schooled because of it, and you just could tell that when she was becoming popular from Disney, she didn’t have the best people around her as “friends.” So it seems to me that self-esteem issues + bullying + bad influences led her to a dark place.

  • Eileen99

    This is pretty awesome.

  • kmd23

    Good for Demi. 

  • Kitwana

    Call me cynical but I’m really curious as to what motivated Demi and her team (the “sources”) to leak this story at this time. Does she have new music coming out?

  • briguyx

     Very insightful (if cynical). I’d say the answer is they want Demi to continue on “X Factor” and are making sure Simon and Fox would look bad if they drop her when she was so committed to doing well on the show.

  • Crotty Kid

    Blind Gossip suggested that Demi has fallen off the wagon and is back in rehab.  The timing of this story is *very* convenient.

  • Crotty Kid

    This story is BS. She’s back in rehab, y’all!
    I hope she gets the help she needs this time :(

  • Tinawina

    Yeah, I saw that earlier, but I was hesitant to post it here since it IS Blind Gossip, there is no guarantee what they say is true, even though it is fun to guess the blinds. Still, they have been ON FIRE lately… :(

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Hmmm … well, if it’s true that Demi is having trouble staying clean and sober, then I hope that she gets help. It does sound a little odd that she’s been living at this Sober Living Facility if she hasn’t had any relapses.

  • jennyl2

    Geez, reading gossips like Blind Gossip (it is called gossip) is enough to drive a person back to drinking and what not. It is what it is non constructive gossips for the purpose of quick bucks. I hope whatever state Demi is in she recovers and is healthy.

  • thetruth

    Wow! Blindgossip is really desperate right now. They knew it is a battle they are going to loose sooner or later. They become very sloppy. It is not BLIND gossip anymore…it is a real accusation! I really hope that Demi legal team would notice it as a loophole for action.
    Anyway, Simon was not stupid when hiring Demi in the first place. Indeed, he is really a smart guy. He wanted his investment works for him (although we can argue that in Britney case). So, I believe that he knew all of Demi circumstances prior and after hiring her. He knew that she would be able to handle him during X Factor because she has her full team (mental health) accompanying her all the time.
    So the news about her in sober house would not affect him in anyway in asking her back for season 3 if he really want it to.

  • breakdown

    Is this blind gossip site reliable? Pretty nasty reporting. I’m not a fan of Demi but I hope she is doing well.

  • hillstreetblooz

     She’s been long ‘rumored’ to be a major coke user and booze hound. I’ve read lots of stories on lots of sites around the net for a couple years where she’s been the subject in lots of ‘blinds’, some rumored, some revealed. One story reported was that she had sex w/a man in front of dozens of partygoers while coked out of her mind… Cutting and the reported anorexia may be just the smokescreens and the end result of the two huge monkeys she’s got on her back. This girl needs some major help, not major enabling from her handlers, and folks like Simon who seems to be looking for the lowest common denominator in selecting both judges and talent for his shitty show. Britney and Demi appear to have some serious issues. Unfortunately they appear to have gotten caught up in the machine, and they are going to let the machine keep chewing them up and spitting them out until they’re all used up, or dead. I hope she’s strong enough to seek and commit to getting the help she needs.

  • Bug Menot

    “We pretty much know every time she gets trashed…We know every…enabler. So, every time we tell the truth..they put her in and pull her out of rehab for a photo op, call us liars, and then they ask other media outlets to call us liars.”

    How sad Demi’s life revolves around a website I’ve never heard of. <– sarcasm

  • Kitwana

    I first heard about Demi Lovato when she toured with David Archuleta in the summer and fall of 2009. It was a national tour with 45-50 dates that she headlined with David as her “special guest”. There was tons of pressure on her and she handled it very well. She seemed pretty normal but there were some weird incidents during the tour including the unexplained postponement of 3 sold out dates at the end of the tour, twitter battles with fans who questioned scars on her wrist and her immediately unfollowing David the day after the tour ended. Wonder if she had problems even back then?

  • thetruth

    Yes, she problem back then and long before. As I could recall based on her online chat (found on Youtube), she postponed (then cancelled?) the last 3 dates because it was conflict with the Camp Rock 2 shooting.

  • WestiesRule

    All I know is that I wouldn’t want to live in the limelight. Issues like cutting and eating disorders are deep rooted and using exacerbates them. I hope she works it out no matter what the truth of the “stories” are.

  • Kitwana

    Reading all this stuff about young stars like Bieber and Demi make me sad. Where are the parents? The teen stars who achieved success as adults, Timberlake, Beyonce, Usher and Jessica Simpson had strong parents behind them. The parents must step up.

  • mjsbigblog

    It does sound a little odd that she’s been living at this Sober Living Facility if she hasn’t had any relapses.

    Addicts move into sober living facilities typically after treatment in order to stay in a safe environment while they recover.

    Actually, I don’t find it odd that Demi would move into sober living as a preventative measure as she embarks on a new and risky phase of her life.

    As far as Blind Gossip? It may or may not be true. I’m not sure why she’d stay mum about alcohol and drug addiction while admitting to bulimia and cutting. Doesn’t really make any sense to me. 

    But who knows. In either case, I hope Demi is healthy and happy. If not, I hope she’s getting the help that she needs.

  • hellomusicgirl

    LOL I remember there was much drama in the Archie fanbase over those postponed dates (the 3 in question were postponed, not cancelled). They were scheduled for Aug 22, 23 & 24 and filming didn’t begin for the “stars” of Camp Rock until the first week of September. It was rumored that Demi postponed because she wanted a longer break between tour and starting the movie. Who knows. The shows eventually took place on Oct 29, 30 & Nov 1 — clearly much later than scheduled. There were at least 2 other shows on that tour that were just outright cancelled with no explanation. David set up solo shows during those dates when he could in an attempt to accomodate his fans. Stories were that it was a pretty frustrating situation for him.
    I hope that the blind gossip item is wrong. Demi had alot on her at a young age and it ended as you might expect, at least in the business she’s in. I really hope that she has and continues to keep her life back where she’s truly happy and healthy. She seems to have such a fun, spunky spirit. I hope it can overcome all the crap.

  • thetruth

    Actually she mentioned her using drugs/alcohol in few interviews she has done. I’ll show it later. In my opinion, anorexia/bulimia and cutting is her main demons as well as bipolar disorder which she diagnosed later on. Her drugs/alcohol was her attempt to fight her demons her way. That’s why I think she was admitted to rehab with the above issues and not with drugs/alcohol. It doesn’t mean she didn’t treated with drugs/alcohol during rehab but it was not her main problems.
    Anyway, here is her interview on Ellen not denying using drugs/alcohol:
    And here is about her using drugs:
    And the magazine interview about self-harm and using drugs:
    And lastly, for everyone who never saw her first interview after rehab:

  • anonoymous

    I have a lot of respect for Demi. Unlike a lot of celebrities, she acknowledges the temptations and her faults, and tries to avoid them and overcome them. Unlike a lot of celebrities, she knows when to admit when they need help.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “But who knows. In either case, I hope Demi is healthy and happy. If not, I hope she’s getting the help that she needs.”

    I hope so too, in either case. It would be very sad if the blind gossip item were true.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks for posting that info and those videos. I don’t/haven’t followed Demi, in her formal appearances or any of the rumors about her, so I wasn’t fully aware of the extent of her problems. It sounds like she’s had a lot of problems to overcome and I wish her the best in her efforts to stay clean and sober.

  • standtotheright

    Zero interest in the bottom-feeder gossip site takes. I do hope that her living situation is helping her.

  • tibitibis

    I think Demi is a very honest young woman, she has been a very open book about her problems without to disguise or taking out importance to the magnitude of each problem; from the Justin T era to Justin B one the entertaining world is getting hard and hard , the temptations  are worst each time, the pressure and the gossip bully media is more and more cruel so is not easy to handled it . About the families …well this can happen in the best ones , often the families are the last ones to know at what point the problem is taking their child lives and many try to help without positive results , maybe because is not always easy to figure out the right help to get or the real issue that create the troubling behavior ….. So Demi is a very smart and adorable girl who deserve the opportunity to get better and get help to control her self esteem issues , her addictions and emotional problems , she still having a Big Dignity to handle the all situation and show to the world the honest person she is. So if we pray then pray for her and her family , if we believe in the good energies or luck the send to her and her family Good luck and good energies …NOBODY is exempt to have this kind of problems …even with the best entourage around you. ;)

  • Tera2

    I know she’s had issues, but I’m surprised Demi Lovato was staying at a treatment place during the X-factor taping the way she came across obnoxious and rude to Simon and LA Reid sometimes — I guess she would have had even less self control if she wasn’t staying at that sober house.

  • thetruth

    I think is the way she is. She is a Texan girl. Staying at a Sober house was irrelevant, in my opinion. And don’t you think Simon was rude to Demi as well? Simon, Demi, LA & Britney are all judges. There were no JUNIOR judges in the panel. Therefore, age is again irrelevant. If Simon was being rude to Demi, why can’t she defend herself? And based on the video evidence, Simon initiated the “fight”. For her being rude to LA? I didn’t see it at all, maybe she was just being spontaneous and competitive at the heat of the moment. However, overall both LA and Demi are very respectful to each other. 
    Here are some video evidence for the above comments:

    Simon intiated the “fight”:

    Demi’s “reason” to “fight” Simon: FF to 6.05 minutes:

    Demis is a Southern girl: FF to 6.25 minutes:

    Both LA and Demi respect each other:

    LA being rude to Demi? FF to 2.25
    LA wants Demi to be a chair person of EPIC record? FF to 4.00 minutes