Demi Lovato at War With X Factor Choreographer, Britney Won’t Be Back Next Year (Reports)

Here’s some X Factor gossip for you this fine Saturday morning. Demi Lovato reportedly threw a fit when choreographer Brian Friedman made changes to Ce Ce Frey and Willie Jones’ dance routines. Who knew Demi was such a task master? According to Radar Online, she had a freakout.

“Demi was pissed and told the producers this wasn’t what she’s planned and she was not putting her name to it,” a source familiar with the situation told Radar exclusively. “The acts and dancers were all rushed out of the studio to make the changes 10 minutes before the show started.

“Demi had worked hard and spent all week planning performances and styling for her contestants, so to say she was unimpressed that Brian had changed things is an understatement. She knows how important styling and creative is, she wants her acts to look cool and that includes their staging and dancers too.”

Heated words were exchanged and Demi eventually won the battle.

And according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry (Geez), with the recent X Factor ratings less than stellar, Britney won’t be asked back to judge next year–not for the bump in pay she’s expecting.

Britney Spears may have held up very well during the very first live X Factor show of the season, but it probably won’t be enough to save the pop star’s job come next season. She was originally signed to a one year contract that was worth a cool fifteen million bucks and of course in order to re-sign on that dotted line for next season, Britney would be expecting a nice raise. The problem is that the X Factor’s ratings are nowhere near what producers were hoping to see, on a weekly basis. The exec’s were hoping for between 15 and 20 million viewers per show and on one particularly dismal evening the X Factor only pulled in 5.7 million households.

The Fox production team is most definitely going to need to cut some costs if the show gets picked up for a third season and according to a source at Radar Online, Britney will be the first judge on the chopping block.

“The problem is, when Britney signed that contract she expected to make more if an extension for a third season was agreed. That won’t be the case now, and it is highly unlikely Britney will accept a pay decrease.”

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  • Stavros

    I love Demi.
    I like Britney, but as far as a judge I don’t think she’s being constructive enough. I will admit she did a nice job with her teens this week though, hope that continues!

  • OffLeash

    Zzzzzzzz…. And yeah, we already guessed Britney wouldn’t be back next year. Turns out Simon’s investment didn’t pay off. Besides, I’m afraid this type of show and situation isn’t good for her mental health.

  • mileyfan123

    I believe the Demi story 100%. Demi looked PISSED both nights, it wasn’t the same bubbly sweet person I saw live at auditions.

  • wutwut

    “Britney Won’t Be Back Next Year” – duh. (lol)

  • elliegrll

    Demi didn’t know that she’s just a figure head, and the producers (Simon) makes all of the decisions.  

    I’m glad that she’s taking a stand, but she’s going to learn some more secrets about how these shows really work, especially when Simon starts to do things that will ensure that some contestants fall, so others can advance.

  • Philip Dudley

    The show should just be canceled. It is a total train wreck. The giant KarTrashian is like a bull in a china shop. The over-screaming crowd is so annoying and what’s up with having 10 girls stand right behind the judges? Britney has to wear an in ear monitor because she is too dense to speak for herself? And even then her comments are always the same. Oh, and “everyone” is a star, according to this judging panel. The show is just delusional. 

  • tripp_ncwy

    Hasn’t it already been announced that Xfactor has already been picked up for season 3?

  • EvenMoreron

    Demi looked pissed, but not as pissed as Willie looked at her when he got cut, that was awkward.  

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Demi ROCKS! Wow. Strong woman that girl…we need a judge like her on the panel, now if she could only stand up to Simon….

    Not surprised about Britney, although i must say i was looking forward to seeing her in this season, but she just comes across as BLANK and BLAH. And i thought the live shows she would be better, but she just seems to have the attention span and vocabulary of a child. I don’t doubt her sincerity to mentor the kids…but it’s not going to get more viewers as they can’t connect with her.

    And when will Simon and the producers EVER LEARN!??! It’s coming third season and they are going to have to do some changes AGAIN – from a new judge to the concept.
    In order to get Ratings to go up for this show, they don’t need JUST an international icon like Britney, they need to:-

    – tune down the major production values! A little goes a long way!!
    – Shut the fake audience cheering sounds up!
    – Put in MORE GOOD TALENT!! I don’t think this season has lousy talent, but so many of them are being eliminated before their time e.g Jeffrey Gutt and Panda from the earlier shows, Jillian, Diamond and David!
    – Less about the judges (and when i mean judges, i mean Simon and LA. Their fake arguing annoys me as we all know they are never really angry with each other. They hug and make up after and LA is Simon’s bitch.)
    – Make it more wholesome and equal-standing, if they say they are about finding a star, then give everyone a chance from EACH category. Otherwise just call this the Pop-star talent show. They should think about how to make it an American show, as right now it is just the Simon show.

  • Kristie

    Not surprised about either. I’m glad Demi took a stand, though…the choreography was a bit crazy.

  • Listening

    I believe X-Factor has already been picked up for a third  Season, i’m pretty sure I read that somewhere. And yep doesn’t look like Britney added any more viewers just more media/press when she was picked as a judge. And umm she’s boring as a judge. Most of the time I watch her and i’m all tense b/c i’m concerned if she can handle it all she comes off as so fragile and innocent on the show totally different than her stage persona which is fierce and confident. She comes off as simply as sweet w/ a bunch of facial expressions. When she first was hired I thought her fan base would tune in but it doesn’t look like that happened I was wrong and so was the show.

    I knew after about 3 shows Britney wasn’t coming back. I actually felt bad for X-Factor spending all that money for Britney. She added nothing the chemistry was between Demi and Simon. I felt that Demi was a steal what a wonderful surprise she must of been. Do whatever it takes to get her back, she’s gold. I love  Demi and Simon together they just work off one another. Demi’s ziggers/ playful digs at Simon and Simon teasing her is great. Then their actual critiques of contestants seem more valid and credible than the other judges, especially Britney.

  • Timm McIntosh

    I already assumed Britney was a one-season-and-done type thing, personally. 

    As for Demi, good for her. Don’t play up that the mentors are the ones making all the calls, then undercut them at the last minute. I do wonder what the choreographers wanted, though: more or less? I can only assume less…

  • Timm McIntosh

    Yes. Gossip rags don’t need to concern themselves with fact-checking though!

  • sweetmm

    Kudos to Demi for taking a stand and for being invested in her talents; her work ethics is great and that is wonderful coming from a young lady.  

  • anibundel

    We can only hope Britney not coming back next year is true. Simon’s right–judging is easy, mentoring is not. it requires intelligence and savvy, something it is quite apparently Britney lacks. (Seriously, the fact that she gave CarlyRose a “Hit Me Baby” school girl routine when the child is 13 shows a disturbing lack of understanding of many things, including her own career.)
    Last year’s VeryStupidMentor HerNameIsNicole at least has the older contestants who all had years under their belt to understand what they can and can’t do. When faced with horrendous choices by their mentor, they had the self possession to power through. 
    Britney’s contestants are children, and only Arin has even the beginnings of such self possession. I pity them.

  • mileyfan123

     I think Fox should have waited a couple weeks to renew the show. Ratings are in absolute free fall. This week it goes up against the voice wednesday and thursday. I think it could finish 4th in ratings and demo both nights….has a show ever been canceled after a network said they were going to renew it?

  • b_james

    I don’t think Britney is the reason for the lower ratings!  People just like the Voice a little better.  The World Series mess-ups also slowed its momentum. If Britney can’t get more people to tune in, I’m not sure who could.

  • Wally.

    Bring Back Cheryl Cole!

  • irockhard

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Idol or The Voice tries to steal Demi away from XF for at least one of their seasons. She’s arguably the best female judge/mentor to date on any of these shows.

  • irockhard

    ITA, she would’ve been way better than Britney.

  • OffLeash

    I’m gonna guess when FOX renewed it for a third season, they were expecting ratings to pick up for the live shows, except it doesn’t look like that happened. 

  • Leandro

    The new stupid look she gave to her team and the stupid song choices. She might be fearless, but I don’t think her original choreography would have been much beter. She maybe is better as a judge than as a mentor.

  • Larc

    Relying on celebrity judges to perform miracles for the ratings is a foolish expectation.  Idol will likely get the same lesson with S12.  But if the past is any indication, they won’t learn anything from it.

  • Klaine

    Demi has impressed me as the best judge & most committed mentor. And I admit that as someone who was against her hiring. Brit has been a total disaster & hasn’t generated any extra viewers. Access Hollywood even did a story @ how many times she said ‘amazing’ to every contestant. She’s really bombed & Simon was again trying to make excuses and said she’d do better next week now that she got the first live show under her belt cuz she was nervous…and she’s been in front of cameras her entire life. The final nail in the coffin would be if she would attempt to sing a live song ..she hasn’t done that 4ever..even on tour. I remember a long time ago hearing her sing live on Today and it was worse than all the out of tune XF contestants
    And Brit didn’t even give her great faces this week…its gonna be a long long season & seems even worse than last season because most of the talent is so awful

  • Klaine

    Not gonna happen any time soon..but yes she was the best hire

  • Klaine

    She’s a terrified little child with mental health issues who’s very scared & insecure in this environment. Bet they didn’t even test her to see if she could do it. They way overpaid her since she was untested but Simon felt desperate. He couldn’t sign Mariah at the time due to her pregnancy /kids. Its really been a train wreck show. Hopefully khloe will get more comfortable going forward. Brit is way over her head & think shes also afraid if getting booed by the audience, esp since she’s still very fragile.

  • Taylor

    Heated words were exchanged and Demi eventually won the battle.

    I love Demi as a judge/mentor, but maybe she should have listened to Brian. Her song choices and the presentations for her team members were bad, and Cece’s and Willie’s were completely out of character for them. Demi managed to make all four of her contantants unlikable for me.

  • OffLeash

    I stopped watching XFUS a while back, but watched it long enough to be very favorably impressed with Demi. I had the same thought she should’ve signed up with The Voice instead. Now I’m not sure her contract would allow her to do so, even if it doesn’t get renewed. Too bad.

  • wkstrack

    I believe the Demi story. But she isn’t doing the best job mentoring her contestants. She turned her contestants into clones of other singers when the point of the show is finding someone with that “X Factor”. Someone original. Kinda at least. Not turning them into Rhianna 2.0, Kesha 2.0 and Demi 2.0.  And I wouldn’t be sad to see Britney go. She has not done a good job judging or mentoring her contestants. Half the time it seems like she would rather be anywhere else than judging/mentoring on the XF. IMO the ratings will probably continue to dip or stay around 6-8 mil a week.

  • irockhard

    Idol might be less of a problem as it’s also on FOX, otherwise maybe an assistant mentor on The Voice during the battle rounds? Nick Jonas (whom Idol was considering for S12) was also pretty good at JH, Idol should reconsider him for S13.

  • OffLeash

    True. She probably can’t do The Voice but might be allowed to do Idol, assuming Simon doesn’t have first pick. As for Nick Jonas, I even wanted him for Idol ~unlike most posters here lol. 

  • OffLeash

    Anybody else having problems with this blog since yesterday? 

  • irockhard

    Me, me!

  • Incipit

    Depends what you mean by problems, OffLeash.  The connection drops from time to time since the storm outage. I’m assuming that’s the host encountering problems with their back-up plan. The format jumps to another layout in the last few days – especially today, but a refresh brings it back. IDK what causes that. It’s all weird right now…if I can’t get it to reset, I’ll click out and come back later. Is that what you mean?

  • irockhard

    Admittedly she’s better at judging than mentoring so she’s actually a better fit for Idol which doesn’t require their judges to mentor. Though as a mentor I can’t tell how much of it is her or the contestants (Paige has come off as a Rihanna wannabe to me from the get go) or the choreographer.

  • OffLeash

    Yes, that’s what I meant. The layout is screwed up, even after a refresh, and yesterday the site was down for me from the afternoon on.

  • OffLeash

    I’m relieved. I was afraid it might be a virus on my computer or something.

  • Incipit

    OK, Then, yes – I am also encountering the same problems. The host is doing the best they can, which has been pretty damn good, I think, considering the conditions in Lower Manhattan….the simpler layout may conserve assets…IDK – it’s the only thing I can think of to explain the jump. But I hope the blog can return to normal operations soonest.

  • OffLeash

    If the host is in NYC, then that explains the current situation. I’m relieved it’s not just on my end.

  • journey1

    I like that Demi doesn’t just say the same thing every time, but it amuses me that she critiqued someones dancing and told David he was screaming.  I have been to a Demi concert and have seen her many times on TV and my complaint with her is that she often screamed and oversang.  Also, when I saw her live her dancing consisted of prancing around the stage and falling down twice.  She at least does give some constructive criticism.

  • Listening

    I feel like the issue is Brian Friedman she shouldn’t have had to go to war. All she should of had to of done is give her suggestion for a concept look at what he game up w/ if she didn’t like something he changes it, End of story. Because her name is on the entire  image of a contestant. The other judges turn to  the contestant’s mentor when the routine is stupid or the look is stupid, not the choreographer or the stylist b/c they’ll like you should of stopped that from happening.

  • Larc

    Hasn’t it already been announced that Xfactor has already been picked up for season 3?

    I doubt that announcement is carved in stone.  Not much the TV industry says is.

  • merkureye

    Love Demi – What a bargain she is as a judge! 

    It’s a crime that Britney is making 15 times what Demi makes.  Britney is a payroll bandit . . . pure and simple.  She isn’t even trying to earn her money and she knows it, which makes it even worse.  She is so bad I would try and cut her mid-season and bring in someone else (Will.I.Am are you listening?)  I’m convinced nobody would care.  

  • emlz

    I read somewhere that the choreographer wanted to add angel wings onto the dancers for Willie’s routine. So I don’t blame Demi; I would never put my name on a dance that included angel winged-dancers, let alone one for “Here For the Party.”

  • Claude Dee

    Hot off the presses… @ddlovato & I did not have an argument lol! Gotta love the press xox @TheXFactorUSA”

  • elliegrll

    Fox has been having trouble with all of their shows this fall.  I think the ratings are down over 25%, so the X Factor will be back, because unlike those other shows, producing it is cheap.

  • OffLeash

    I agree Simon got Demi for a ridiculous price, and if her contracts is renewed, I have no doubt she’ll ask for much more if she can. As for Britney, I can’t blame her if Simon was foolish enough to offer her such an exorbitant salary to get her. JLo and Steven were quite useless themselves, and it didn’t help the ratings either, with S11 being the lowest rated season since forever. Simon should’ve seen it coming.

  • Jazz_11

    “Demi didn’t know that she’s just a figure head, and the producers (Simon) makes all of the decisions.  ”

    LOL.. It’s funny that you mentioned producers (plural) and then you only mentioned one name, Simon. Didn’t know that they’ve cloned Simon… LOL. If Demi who’s working with Fox/XFactor didn’t know that Simon makes all the decisions, how do you know for the fact that he does? Are you an undercover Simon’s PA? LOL

    Btw, Brian Friedman was the choreographer for XFactor UK and they bring him back here to US. I guess they give him so much freedom to change stuffs without checking back with the judges. Or maybe he got approval from producers (Simon & Simons) LOL.

  • Jazz_11

    Yes.. I agree the chemistry between Demi & Simon are great. I love it.  

  • mileyfan123

    The show was third in total viewers and demo on Thursday. When it airs against the voice this week it will be in last place. Fox would be moronic to waste three of their primetime hours on a show that is in last place…They need those hours to try and find new shows that might actually win the demo in the timeslot.

  • shell29

    The show has already been renewed-it’s not getting cancelled this season.

  • elliegrll

    Nothing is going to be shown on the air without the approval of the executive producers, and that includes Simon.  I don’t have to be his assistant to know that the producers of any show have the control.  In the AI contract it doesn’t say that the judges’ decisions are final, it says that the producers’ decisions are final. Not only is Simon a control freak, but if something goes wrong, he’s the main person who has to answer to the network.

  • Taylor

    Britney had earned her bargaining power coming into the show. However, it doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish. Britney will end up without a contract. Demi will end up with another offer for the next season and she will be asking for a raise. Demi has made herself someone who has some bargaining power.

    Add in a number one song, increased visibility and the fact that she is now the judge who everyone likes- you have a career that is getting a huge boost. Demi was smart to agree to such a low amount compared to the other singing show judges. It’s what you make of the opportunity that matters in the long run and Demi is working it!

  • irockhard

    She sure is and she will get offers from XF’s competitors, which will only increase her bargaining power.

  • fantoo1

    No surprise about Britney-she seems like another Ellen Degeneres judging wise.

  • Leandro

    I didn’t watch too much of Ellen’s judging but I don’t remember her being so dull and robotic like Britney. Like Kara, Ellen wasn’t very clever about her judgement, but she at least she looked like a human being.

    Britney is way behind any judge ever.

  • Jaejae1

    Yes, i was just going to say that.  They will have a season three. Simon tweeted it. 

  • Jordana33

    The choreography for Willie’s performance was tacky and CeCe just looked uncomfortable throughout her performance.  Maybe Demi should have stuck with the original choreography instead of fighting to change it at the last minute. 

    I liked Demi Lovato a lot during the auditions, but something was off on the live rounds. The banter with Simon didn’t seem as fun lighthearted as actually seemed a little tense. I’m also not convinced that she’s as good at coaching as she is at judging. Time will tell.

  • md

     “Demi eventually won the battle.”
    (that was her original choreography)

  • Enough already!

    Unfortunately, this entire S Factor year is turning into a train wreck.   Not sure what Simon expected Britney to do, may be go ape s$$t and dance on the table? Apparently, her judging ability is not very favorable.   She appears in a fog or perhaps  there is a medical reasons for her lackluster persona.  She looks likes shes calling it in.  Mario knows what he is doing, but Khole doesn’t so far, so maybe that will change.   Between the OTT production numbers and the so so talent, this show is really not cutting it.  Maybe Demi needs to bail.

  • mikaylaislove


    Hot off the presses… @ddlovato & I did not have an argument lol! Gotta love the press xox @TheXFactorUSA””
    I noticed that he only said that they didn’t argue, lol. But he can’t deny that he had to make changes after Demi made demands at the last minute. He hinted about the last minute interaction he had with Demi in his interview with Jim Cantiello in the pre-show. Did anyone catch it? He said something about him not being use to a mentor being so involved, i can tell there was more to the story since he seemed to be biting his tongue a bit…

  • Taylor

    Ellen is a funny person with all her mental capacities. The AI judging format just didn’t work with her type of humor and personality.

    Britney has serious mental health problems and is on mood stabilizers to keep those under control. The lights are on, but no one is at home.

  • TackyZacky

    I just don’t understand why producer(s) are directing some girls to do “background” screaming WHILE the contestant is performing. The result is simply beyond aggravating.

    I’ve had the hardest time actually making out the contestant’s voice above the extremely annoying screaming din!

    And those acts are definitely totally overproduced!

    Can’t wait for straight-forward, more contestant-centric American Idol to come around.

  • elliegrll

    Unfortunately for Demi, she can’t carry the show on her own.  Simon seems distracted.  He’s said some constructive things, but for the most part it’s like he doesn’t want to be there.  It would have been better if he’d taken on more of a Jimmy Iovine role, and only appeared on screen during the Thursday shows.  

    LA still thinks that the show is about verbally sparring with Simon, even to the extent of not giving honest critiques to Simon’s contestants.

    Britney is out of it, and the contestants’ talent is hidden under all of the production.

    With all of this going on, the story of Demi being the only person who is truly invested in the show is not going to get a lot of attention or press.

  • Taylor

    Who said Demi was going to carry the show on her on or who was even expecting her to? 
    My comment was a continuation of a discussion of Demi’s perceived “worth” on X Factor compared to what she is actually getting paid this year. It wasn’t a comment about all the other judges, how they are doing or if Demi is going to get a lot of press. 

  • elliegrll

    I understand the original conversation, and my point was that Demi’s value won’t increase, if the ratings look like they did last week, and if the other people around her don’t start doing better.  

  • Taylor

    Demi’s individual performance and general likability will help her in negotiations for the upcoming year. She will not be going back for the second year at the same price she agreed to for the first year.

  • pj

    I’ve only watched snippets of the show here and there, but I do think Demi’s responses have been more honest than Brit’s.  Brit seems so wooden and scripted.  No personality at all.