David Cook – ‘This Loud Morning’ Tracklist Revealed!

Check out the tracklist for David Cook’s sophomore album, This Loud Morning, due out on 6/28! Complete with songwriting credits if known.

Track list after the JUMP!!!

1. Circadian (David Cook, David Hodges, Neal Tiemann)
2. Right Here, with You (David Cook / John Rzeznik / Ryan Star / Gregg Wattenberg)
3. We Believe (David Cook / Julian Emery / James Lawrence Irvin)
4. Fade Into Me (David Cook / Kevin Griffin / Jamie Houston)
5. Hard to Believe (David Cook/Jess Cates / David Hodges / Lindy Robbins)
6. Take Me As I Am – (David Cook / Marti Frederiksen / Scott Stevens)
7. Time Marches On – (David Cook / Marti Frederiksen)
8. The Last Goodbye (David Cook / Ryan Tedder)
9. Paper Heart (David Cook / Julian Emery / James Lawrence Irvin)
10. 4 Letter Word (David Cook / Claude Kelly / Matt Squire)
11. Goodbye to The Girl (David Cook / Neal Tiemann / Andy Skib)
12. Rapid Eye Movement

* David Cook may have added to or rewritten this song.

Bonus Tracks:
13-  This Is Not the Last Time (David Cook / Chris DeStefano / David Hodges)
14-   Sunlight (David Cook / Chris DeStefano / David Hodges)

Via DavidCookOfficial
Writing credits compiled by FoolsApril64.

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  • unidentified

    Yay, 12 songs! I had to look up what a Circadian was. I was thinking it was some bug, but that was a cicada. ha

  • tinawina

    I want to know which one is the one with the kids singing in the background from the teaser.

  • sma11ie

    I’m dying of the David goodness today. I am sooo busy IRL and I literally want to stop everything and just listen and watch and download everything from today. Sooo… I asked this in the headlines… can someone help here?

    Caught a little snippet of video of that and it made *me* cry. Goodness.


    In other news, I’m so jealous of people who won tix to the 94.7 show I wanna claw my face off. LMAO, so dramatic ;)

  • Keel

    Glad to see the tracklisting. Very excited about all I see and bummed about what I don’t see. I hope With Me Empty and Mouth Breathers somehow make it into the bonus/hidden tracks. Interesting about the presence of Hard to Believe.

  • Keel

    Drive Cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l0pMHGKx7M&feature=youtu.be&a

    Unfortunately, just as with Pet-a-Palooza, this also comes with interruption *sob* b/c someone’s phone went off. Are we never going to get a clean version of this?

  • pattycake

    I want to know which one is the one with the kids singing in the background from the teaser.

    Likely one of those with “believe” in the title. Boy likes believe. Two tracks with it and also had Make Believe in concert.
    Take Me Empty not there :( also the One Hundred Dollar track that Zac Maloy said was the best track he has written in the last year, not present. Can the super sluths out there determine who wrote these?

  • Pam

    Thanks for the tracklist Windmills. :) I’m excited to finally see the reveal!

  • Keel

    smallie: The link below has short snippets of the ustream of the Fresh 94.7 acoustic gig. It kept on dropping but the last snippet (2:52pm) shows the tail end of his crying/the silence.


  • Carlinha

    I get so excited with song titles, even though we can’t take away a lot from it.

    I am glad Right Here, With You made It. I remember we got a teaser of it in a vlog and I loved it at the time. I’m also happy about Goodbye to The Gir and 4 letter Word. Because of the people involved and if the bit we hear in one of the vlogs is GTTG then it sounds like a beaitful song.

    I’d rather have Hard To Believe than Make Believe. I like the Hodges song. Make Believe is ok, but I am indiferent to it. Instead there’s another Believe song. lol

    I like the titles Circadian, Fade Into Me and Time Marches On a lot.

  • sma11ie

    I can’t listen to 94.7 right now, but apparently, they’re playing bits of his interview and/or just talking about him a lot in general? I hope someone is recording it…

  • Keel

    Yup, they are going to dole it out at a rate of 1 Cook question/answer per hour. I guess they really wanted to hold on to the Cook diehards.

  • _nyanyanie

    woohoo…. omg!!! right here with you is like my first fave from all teaser!! yes!!!

    then paper heart! (of course)!!!
    goodbye to the girl!!!
    rapid eye movement!!!

    now my only wish it that “song” from the teaser (with paperheart) is in there!!! waah!!!

  • mozart4898

    Interesting that the first track is titled “Circadian” and the last is “Rapid Eye Movement.” Almost suggests something a cycle – like a “day in the life of” sort of thing. I’m not a true Cook-tard (I mean that in the nicest possible way too, lol), but I do have his first album and am interested to see what this one is like. I’m wondering though, has there been any talk of this being something of a concept album…is there a common thread that ties together all the songs?

  • sma11ie

    I’m wondering though, has there been any talk of this being something of a concept album…is there a common thread that ties together all the songs?

    He spoke about this on the ai-now interview that we won’t link here ;) (We’re not fans of that blog here). It’s got a loose theme but it’s not a concept album per se. But you can Google or youtube it if you want to listen.

  • sunchick

    I instanty disliked that Hodges song. Too Creedish or something. But now that I’m over the WtFness of it popping up again I’m not gonna rehash it (although I did just read what I wrote on the Hard To Believe thread linked up yonder, and lulz), and who knows what the finished product will sound like. Plus, super excited about everything else.

    I remember it the way smallie described..no full on elaborate concept, but a loose theme/narrative. Theme was something along the lines of the evolution of a relationship/not all happy endings are happy type thing. So first thought before I get back to work: if you take Circadian and REM out of the tracklist, they kind of seem like a prologue and epiologue as per what David had said previously about them. And then you have the more upbeat honeymoon titles…We Believe, Right Here With You…which morph into the honeymoon is over/Houston, we have a problem titles…Hard To Believe, Take Me As I Am, Time Marches on…and finish with the more buh bye, it’s over sounding titles…Last Goodbye, Paper Heart, 4 Letter Word, Goodbye to the Girl.

  • cheese

    Here’s David’s VLOG (from 15! months ago, I might add) that includes a snippet of “Right Here With You”


    I wonder which one is the Ryan Star co-write?

  • Joyed

    Yay! I was just asking for the tracklist yesterday – it worked! :D

    Mozart, like sma11ie mentioned, it’s not a concept album per se (David said in an interview that would be too limiting a way of thinking about the songs) but that the idea of Circadian was falling asleep to escape the day and R.E.M was about having to wake up and face reality.

    He has also described a lot of writing on the album as being about the “hopeful side of loss.”

  • GwendolynD

    Circadian. :)

  • spanishfan

    I loved the acoustic Paper Heart and Light On but Drive really made me cry. So beautiful. He is one of the very few artists who can make me cry. Such a heartbreaking beautiful voice.

    Circadian – or relating to biological processes occurring at 24-hour intervals; “circadian rhythms” This seems to be a good way to start the album. I read somewhere that Kris Allen had heard the whole album and said it was “sick”. (Meaning unbelievably good). I cannot wait.

  • CindyM


    gettin lots of tweets bout @thedavidcook’s tracklisting for new “This Loud Morning” LP-we cowrote ‘Four Letter Word” -cant wait 4 u to hear! about 1 hour ago via web

  • Joyed

    The interesting thing to me about this tracklist is that we know officially know that several of the songs were written in early 2010.

    On a side note: At a radio gig today, David was asked about how he felt about being in Eminem’s song. At the end of the minute and half podcast (filled with other celeb news) he responds about wanting asking RCA if he could have a “beef track.” Haha.

    I always wondered what his reaction was.

  • GreenHippo

    Hahahaha Dublin’s Tweet:
    @TheDublinCook: The ‘Four-Letter Word’ is D-U-B-S! #thisloudmorning

  • tierbee

    Um, well, I’m always late to the party but – YAY! Now will wait in a sort of twitchy impatience for the album ;)

  • Keel

    A tasty crumb:

    On Thursday 28th April 2011, @Kristen8108 said:
    I don’t know if any of the others already shared this but @tracy143dc asked David if, “Give me one more quiet night, before this loud morning gets it right, and does me in”, were the best lyrics that he tweeted about from Europe last year and he confirmed they are. :)

    So there you go. #NEWSfromthesource

  • Incipit

    Ahh – Great Confirmation on the “Best Lyrics” – and now they are the Album Title. Thank you!

    Been searching through a many pages thread for collected information about some of the songs..since January of 2010.

    Here’s a little bit of it – but I’ll have to get back to it.

    3/17/10 – “I’ve got a song that I worked on with Kevin Griffin and Jamie Houston called “Fade Into Me.” It’s a love song, but those are tough for me, because I hate the whole, “Ooh girl, I love you, baby.” That doesn’t really vibe well with me, so in order to sing a love song, it has to say the same thing in a really different way, and “Fade Into Me” does that, which is really cool.”

    “Right Here With You” VLOG
    From the NYC session with Greg Wattenburg – which dates it – 12/04/09 – a snatch of vocals in the background and a drum line. Sounds like a little piano and a power note as well.

    Claude Kelly & Matt Squire – David worked with CKelly on 12/05/09 – 1/23/10, and 2/21/10 – Four-Letter Word (described by David as an angry love song)


  • Keel

    Aaaand . . . presenting our first cover version of the new single:


    Not bad actually. Very good, in fact.

    ETA: Okay, here’s another one (slightly slowed down emo version) — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwKkii6C258

  • Listening

    Okay Cool So I manage to get to the computer and what do I find a track Listing totally excited. A lot of these track titles sound real good. But i’m most intrigued by Circadian, Fade Into Me, 4 Letter Word, and Rapid Eye Movement. :)

  • Incipit

    Keel, those young men are very good – better than many I’ve heard. Seems Travis, the brother on the right, won American Idol at Disneyworld.

    Love their quote from the youtube

    “david cook is the man!! we’re so PUMPED for his new album!!!”

  • iani

    Wow, those guys have cut my madness in half(about sale number), somebody has appreciated the song!! Nobody, absolutely Nobody in this world can sing the the word “cry” in that song the way DC is singing, the intonation is his signature(I get butterflies in my stomach every time I hear it), the same I feel for “something” in ToML, inimitable inflections. No matter what would happen with sales, media appreciation, gossips, he’s getting better and better, every step forward to good is a good sign for me. Interesting songs titles, especially for #1,4,7 and 12. Isn’t it 28th Today? Well, 2 more months to wait.

  • Incipit

    I have hell’s own time getting on here when the show is on – keep getting dropped on my head by the server – Sheesh! Be glad when it’s over.

    Anyway – Some pictures from the 94.7 Radio show are HERE

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris did say in his skype interview with Jim C. today that what he’s heard of Cook’s album it’s “sick” and well worth the wait”

  • Incipit

    Great interview from AmericanIdol.com – David gives a pretty concise explanation of ‘This Loud Morning’ and the “loose story arc” the tracks comprise.

  • HappyDaisy

    Always neat to watch the Cook Team Race for Hope total go up steadily during the last two days before the race. He’ll reach the goal of $100K soon and exceed it for sure.


  • sunchick

    That’s a fantastic interview. I think I like to hear David talk about his music almost as much I like listening to it. Either way, he’s a gifted storyteller. As mentioned, a “loose story arc” totally leapt out at me just reading the titles, and it jives with his description, so I can’t wait to see how it all comes together with the actual listening experience. Like, with the snippets and the tracklisting starting to come togethr, I’m wondering how the vibe progresses from “when the world stops turning, I’ll be right here with you…” to “and say my goodbye to the girl, I’m leaning on the edge, of jumping off the ledge, and letting the night do what the light never could…”

    June 28th seems so faaaaar away.

    ETA: About that cover of TLG? WERK Mickey Mouse shirt dude. :D

  • Listening

    I was just thinking now that we got the song titles shouldn’t the amazon snippets be coming soon.

    Oh wait so I just looked at the teaser vid that had Hard to Believe and recalled I wasn’t liking it (imagine that being said in Danny Norigia voice) I thought was just kinda raw and not in a good way. But that’s okay b/c hey how often do you like every track on an album and that was a way early teaser maybe it’s changed. Yet regardless if I actually dislike when I hear the final version I loved the teaser vid we got of Right Here w/ You and that was so good it more than makes up for the other snippet.

    How do you guys remember this stuff w/ time and all the other David tidbits we’ve been getting the previous teasers were completely blown from my mind truly impressive.

  • Incipit

    Listening, snippets worry me. David’s music is so tough to define from a few seconds chopped out – but I’ll want to listen, and then I’ll think I know what I heard – and then I’ll have to unknow it when the full track shows up.

    They’re not like movie trailers, where the best part is in the bits, KWIM?

    So stop me, please, if I pontificate on a snippet? Because that’s what a friend would do. *snerk* @Myself.

  • sunchick

    How do you guys remember this stuff

    Oh, my mind is basically a freakish pop culture sponge, Listening. For example, in addition to recalling This Loud Morning album teaser vlogs and lyric snippets, I can also quote Anchorman like a mofo. 60% of the time, I get it right every time.

    (Seriously, though, all there on Youtube.)

  • Incipit

    OOPs didn’t see that question, Listening

    “I wish” I could claim the spongedom – well, maybe a little bit of velcro-brain…;) But fact is – (and I do love facts) it’s what I do in another elsewhere – collect, collate and catalog DC facts. If I can’t find a reference, it’s my own damn fault for not filing it correctly.

    Which has been known to happen. *chuckle*

  • tripp_ncwy


  • Sassycatz

    It’s interesting that we did not know a quarter of the songs until their names were recently revealed or revealed only yesterday. We don’t know who wrote them, beyond David (I hope).

    I wanted, very much, to hear the song he co-wrote with Stevie Van Zandt, but I guess it just didn’t fit the flow of the record and so maybe we’ll never hear it.

    I don’t know what to think about Hard to Believe, except that David has too many bromances and takes them far too seriously.

  • iani

    My dream that I pray for to come true is, someday he goes in his Sanctuary(his studio, or theirs)and comes out with more songs written “in his pajamas”, doesn’t matter in what. I don’t know how good Goodbye to The Girl is=PJ song, but it could be the song written in the most relaxed way from that album. I’ve felt sorry for the guy when he said in that interview he had to be creative for example from 1 to 4 for the paid writing session. Many hits came out naturally, from a sparkle of inspiration and written down immediately, not from 9-5. I remember Brent Smith from Shinedown said once, when he had in his mind the inspiration for Second Chance he was in a hotel room, couldn’t find a piece of paper that moment and started writing on the wall and paid the damage. The album could be full of awesomeness, what I’ve said is again my dream of “PJ songs” and more of “Give me one more quiet night, before this loud morning gets it right, and does me in” moments.

  • sma11ie

    Aww, that cover with the three teen guys made me smile.

    I just upgraded my order. The acoustic goodies from yesterday had me convinced. I pretty much need that acoustic EP in my earholes now, lol. I’m eager to find out what Hard to Believe sounds like in its final version because what I’ve heard was major suckitude… but whatevs, there’s enough awesomeness to anticipate with this record. I can’t imagine not enjoying most of it…

  • Incipit

    I’m eager to find out what Hard to Believe sounds like in its final version

    Heh. Sma11ie, The Invisible Album is slowly materializing, yes?

    IKWYM – Injected’s “Sold and Spun Again” was a good tune – no question – but once that new bridge with the intricate guitar work got in there, the drums stepped up with that 4on the floor opening and the rhythm section started answering the three guitars out front – and especially the lyric tweak that changed the POV, topped off by the quirky title – “Bar ba Sol” was a great bluesy rock song. IMO.

    I actually heard the original “Avalanche” somewhere, not youtube, IIRC – and that song had a sea change entirely.

    So I’m eager to find out too!

  • sma11ie

    I agree with you– Bar-ba-sol actually changed quite a lot. The bones of the melody are largely the same, but I don’t get how people liken it to a vanity credit when it had all those musical changes– I think some people think it was just that little lyric tweak that got David the credit and that’s not true at all!

    I heard Kevin’s Avalanche on youtube eons ago and it bore zero resemblance to the Avalanche on DCTR. It wasn’t even close.

  • 123abc456

    I am so stoked. 14 songs plus and EP and acoustic versions. I could not have asked for more. :)

  • Incipit

    I could not have asked for more.

    123abc456, Oh yeah. C’mon, June 28th! Remember what David answered when he was asked what his fans could expect from the new album?

    “Everything they wanted, and more.”

    And what I Flove? Dude always under promises, and over delivers.

  • tierbee

    I just upgraded my order. The acoustic goodies from yesterday had me convinced. I pretty much need that acoustic EP in my earholes now, lol.

    Me, too! That’s what I get for saying I wanted to spend $$ on this fellow. Ways to spend $$ that I just.gotta.have.

  • sunchick

    Squee! There’s a bonus track called “Sunchick.”

    (Okay, Sunlight. Close enough.)

  • 123abc456
  • Incipit

    So, remember the “My People, my fans” E interview clip?

    Looks like it may have been a sneak peek at “This is Not the Last Time” – one of the bonus tunes. Maybe – The Last Time (David Cook / Chris DeStefano / David Hodges)?