David Cook – “Fade Into Me” – New Music Video!

David Cook released the new music video for his current single, “Fade into You”.  He shot the video at a recent stop on his tour with Gavin DeGraw in St. Louis MO.

The scene cuts between concert footage and David wandering around the town, contemplating….well you know.   The song is basically a romantic ode to doing it. Ha.

Watch below!

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  • http://twitter.com/ManofSteeI Superman.

    He should just scrap ‘THIS LOUD MORNING’ and make a new album. 

  • http://twitter.com/ljrTR LJR

    “This Loud Morning” may never sell a lot of copies, but Dave’s happy with it & so are lots of his fans.

    Anyway, love a video with concert footage, cause that’s where Cookie shines.

    It was too late for me to stay up but apparently Cookie & his band were out last night partying and supporting their friend, musician Phil Marshall, at one of his gigs. I’m hoping another of DC’s fans will pop in with more info.

    And thanks for the thread, MJ!  New David Cook video! Woot!!

  • Leena

    Thank you very very much, MJ! It is great to see him in just about every shot and to see clips from the tour on stage and meet & greets, etc. – although I do follow the tour on line via Twitter etc.  I only wish he didn’t wear sunglasses as he has gorgeous eyes, and would love to see some close-ups of his face as there were on the Light on video.

    I wish so much he’d come to Finland to play – or even somewhere near here!

  • iani

    Ha, ha love it! He hasn’t wanted to fade into one person, he’s wanted to fade into all of us, his fans!  That reminds me of KoL Sex on Fire when many were disappointed “where is the sex” in the video!? Very simple and very honest video as the man himself,  even the tan bus is there, the lifestyle of MO area, the simple life on the road… Very KoL-oeish and Adele-eish,  even artists “with money” have simple videos.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhh, pretty. I like this, whole video with mostly David. Fade Into Me is such a pretty song.

  • HappyDaisy

    Beautiful!  Exciting to see this video released.  Fade Into Me hasn’t been one of my favorites on This Loud Morning but now I like it more with each listen and love the radio edit.  David’s voice is front and center.  Neat how recently the video was made with footage of the current tour.  Go David!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nina-Mann/100001128614926 Nina Mann

    Love TLM-love this new video.

  • GwendolynD

    That voice never gets old.

  • Listening

    WOW Fade INTO ME Video wasn’t expecting this when I woke up.

    Ummm I like it I like it a lot surprisingly. I say that b/c when I heard the video was basically shots of his life on the road and while  I  like that video concept it just appeared incongruous with the lyrics of this particular song which was intimate. The lyrics and the life concept seemed incompatible until I saw the shots of the live crowd and David singing and I was like BAM! you know what he could be singing to us saying to his fans to fade into him. I was like ohhhh I like that thought together this cyclical energy of adoration.  Also it works if you picture him just singing on the road about the girl who’s waiting for him. But i’m really digging my first thought view it as a tip of a hat to the fans. :)

    I saw a lot of shots of Devin at least comparatively to the other guys and Kyle. I believe just one shot of Andy and maybe a shadowy-glimpse of Monty not sure. You know what I never processed that Neal wasn’t going to be in this vid b/c he wasn’t touring with David until I just watched it. I was like oh yeah that’s right a little odd but Devin looked real good in it.

    I gotta say that this is my favorite video yep I just decided it. It felt real, raw, and authentic. Also David looked so cute with his gently curling hair and rugged  beard. I normally don’t dig guys w/ beards but David does it right. :)

    Now gonna watch it again :)

  • http://twitter.com/Sassycatz Sassycatz

    David certainly has a thing for walking on ledges. ;-)

    I love the raw feel of the video. Very indie/artsy looking. I also like the bookend of the bus moving along the highway and the sound of the wind? the engine? fading into and out the song (just like This Loud Morning ends on the same notes as *it* begins). It puts me in mind of constant movement, constant repetition, with an air of poignancy, of needing something solid and stable in the midst of all the motion.

  • Incipit

    David certainly has a thing for walking on ledges. ;-) 

    It’s that challenge thing again, Sassycatz, like entering a marathon because he hates to run. Must be – he mentioned way back in an interview about that overpass picture that he didn’t like heights. And yet – there he is – walking them like a tightrope. Or maybe that’s the point.

    Nice observations about the ‘bookends’ and the cinema verite feel of the video.  Really like that – and the concert clips are great – very good editing on the vocals as they switch from one to the other. I thought that sound  was the hum of the wheels on the road, maybe? 

    This was nice to get up to – and it’s on a loop now, TYVM, youtube. I think it went up around 6AMET – just missed it – that’s what I get for sleeping before sunrise, for a change. *snerk*

  • http://twitter.com/Sassycatz Sassycatz

    Exactly. Very cinema verite feel. Like they should lengthen it and submit it  to Tribeca. ;-) Kidding … but not.

  • Anonymous

    I actually really, really like this. It’s beautifully shot, and feels raw… and I don’t want to see Light On-esque stories, I’d rather see David Cook, thanks.

    This isn’t my favorite song on the album, but I like it a lot. What I like even more is the live acoustic one and hopefully he’ll do that when I get to see him this month at State Theater YAY!

  • iani

    Oh, Superman, I wonder if you have some superpower too and send some positive thoughts to RCA rep. for taking in consideration a third album! For the “scrap” part, hmm, not yet, there are more to discover in those lyrics and even melodies. It’s like a code-album and keeps us “awake” til next one, fingers crossed!

  • Suzanne York

    Can’t wait to get home tonight to watch it over and over and over again…Can’t see it on my phone…keeps freezing… Is it on itunes to purchase yet????

  • Pam

    I see a different approach was taken this time.  I think it’s cool having the tour footage showing throughout the video.  It’s going to take some time getting used to seeing Devin and not Neal for a while since I didn’t realize he had left the band until recently.  The ledge thing is cool but I don’t have that kind of guts to do something like that.  lol

    Thanks mj

  • Incipit


    Is it on itunes to purchase yet????

    Good question, Suzanne York, I haven’t checked yet. If mj has it, I would be happy to use her link – I’m ready to buy this video.

  • Anonymous

    I see the Columbus venue several times in the vid and that was definitely the line of concert goers in front of the Newport that flashed briefly. And that’s defintely Ohio/Indiana/Illnois b-roll cornfield scenery rolling by, lol!

    I love this song and have from the first listen.

  • Anonymous

    The director of the video is Chris Sims, here are some other videos he has directed http://www.simsdirector.com/music_videos

  • Incipit

    Sharp eyes  – others at DCO have identified the Columbus cuts – looks like this is a combo of St Louis and Columbus – Pageant and Newport shots – no wonder David had on the same shirt! Heh.

    Enan, the guy who does the Vocal Range videos for David, has some screen shots from the video up – with his own touch.

    @TheEnanski my screenshots of FIM vid

    http://twitpic.com/79asni | http://twitpic.com/79awmz | http://twitpic.com/79axon | http://twitpic.com/79ay3l

  • Anonymous

    I love this video. He also shot some footage in Tulsa I believe. When we were outside the venue in line we saw the tour bus pull in and then later a guy came out and was filming the road. And then during the concert I saw a guy with a video camera filming so I think some of the concert footage is from Cain’s also. But anyway I think this is an awesome video and I love the song more each time I hear it. 

  • Incipit

    Ach! Can’t edit. I was just wishing to add that David & Company finally woke up and retweeted the RCA message about the FIM video being up. Heh. Before they were.

    Also, thanks for the link to the director’s page, gigglesmo3  he says in his ‘News’ section – 

    10.6.11 Heading to Columbus, Ohio to jump on the road with David Cook. Shooting an intimate music video for his new single, “Fade Into Me”.

    Intimate is a good way to phrase it. IMO.

  • fusion8

    Figure Skating song?

  • Incipit

    Figure Skating song?

    Heh. Good idea – Why not, fusion8? It worked for Gold Medalists Davis&White to use a song that David sang for their Exhibition skate, after all. 

    BTW – Since Vevo has viewing limitations – a clue for the Geographically Disadvantaged – If you have one – try your country specific SONY web page. A fan from Germany just discovered that she could watch the FIM video there!

  • Anonymous

    Fade Into Me is my favorite song on the album and I hope it works better on radio. I’ve certainly heard it more than the last one. I like this video better, too. I always enjoy the almost homemade effect splitting in concert footage in has (I really loved Kris’s AWM video, for ex.)

    Him walking on the train tracks was cute too. Like a little kid!

  • Karen C

    I like the video, I think it really captures the excitement I feel when listening to him live, and also shows the emotion he puts into songs.  And I think it’s terrific, because it shows that he’s on tour to those that are interested.  I am liking the song more and more. 

  • Karen C

    Andy Skib tweeted that some of the scenes were from Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, so it was from different shows. 

  • MetsWin2012

    I like the vid. But scrap the album? Why? Just because TLG didn’t do well to sustain sales doesn’t mean other songs can’t do well. I think Let Me Fall For You is incredibly catchy and radio-friendly. But, heh, it’s a bonus track, so it probably won’t be a single. But Paper Heart is a great choice, too. 

  • Anonymous

    I like it. But the beard, nooooo

  • Incipit

    David said today at radio show Q&Atoday for MIX 1029 that this was his favorite video so far. I can see why – (Other good crumbs on that Q&A)

    Also – I dug a little further into Chris Sims, the Director, and found some cool stuff like this “I love to see a product go from the creative in-the-head thing to an actual image. I don’t like to totally tell a story with plot and all… I love speaking with images.”

    And kudos from artists he’s worked with:

    Eighteen Visions – Somehow,” the drummer told him, “you reached inside my head, pulled the image out, and put it on film.” For a guy who lives images, the compliment was sweet.

    But his work ethic sounds like a perfect fit for David – 

    “ “My work really does come first,” he says firmly. “This company, and my friends, are number one no matter what.” Girlfriend?” He laughs. “That stuff doesn’t count as much right now…..I never did this to be cool or to make money,” he says simply…. I’m just psyched on the whole process. This is what I’d be doing even if I wasn’t getting paid.”Chris Sims

    That FIM video is all about the images, and conveying a sense of the song, and who David is  – and I think it worked perfectly.


  • Anonymous

    I loved David Cook during his season and I always thought that he was the best male idol winner the show has ever had. Then he released his first album and I really didn’t like it and I drifted away.

    I’m not sure if it’s because it has been so long but I really really like this video. You can’t ask for more true to form than this. That’s the David Cook I love. And I think Fade Into Me is a beautiful song. *going to download this right now* 

  • Anonymous

    Lovely song & lovely video.  And now, at the concert tonight we have Cook’s version of Led Zeppelin.  Wait for video – from the sound of the ustream – it’s a killer.

  • Joyed

    I enjoyed the video because I love the live component of being a David Cook fan. :)  I like the recorded version, but I think the song is sooo much better live – hearing it live actually changed the meaning of the song for me.  Recorded, it sounds like your standard love song between a couple.  Live before an audience, it feels like a love song to the audience – the ideal scenario in a live performance where the artist and the audience become one and share an experience together.  It’s kind of fun to hear a song in a new way like that – I wonder if any of the other songs will change meaning for me over time.

  • Anonymous

    Humm, I guess I spoke too soon. The video is not even available right now on I-Tunes (of course it’s not – it’s way too soon – duh!) and I doubt I’ll be able to purchase it anyway. The Canadian I-Tunes version has hardly any selection in its Music videos. Bummer! But I just bought the song. :)

  • Anonymous

    David is one of the few artists who most of his songs I like better live. I’ve seen some artists who don’t sound as good live but David is always better. I like what you said about the artist and audience sharing the experience because part of the fun for me is how much fun David seems to have on stage. And his band too. They get so into the music that it is just a joy a watch and make his shows so addicting.