David Archuleta – National Anthem – Tinto Stadium Salt Lake City – VIDEO

David Archuleta sang the National Anthem before the Real Salt Lake vs Colorado Rapids soccer game at Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake City Saturday night.

Check out his sweet version, after the JUMP..

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mj santilli

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  • frogcooke

    He just sang TMH, Crush, ATM and Zero Gravity. First time singing that to a track :) and promo-ed his pack coming out on itunes on the 9th :)

    heres a quick vid from tv with david singing Crush in the background and near the end they show a clip of him

  • Laurie

    All I can say is that I love this kid! What a voice! Spectacular!

  • SpenserJ

    Hmm, I’ve gotta say it. That was quite good.

  • GeminiDolly

    I just dont like his voice.

  • tomsuzuki

    GeminiDolly said:

    I just dont like his voice.

    thank you for letting us know

  • Barbariba

    Hopefully someone will get them up on YouTube soon.

  • tomsuzuki


    a bunch of clips of the post-game commentary with david singing in the background

  • CindyM

    I agree with MJ, that was a nice, sweet version. He seems like such a great kid.

  • Laurie

    …and I just love his voice!

  • hermy

    I loved it :D. Thanks for posting the video mj!

  • Suzanne

    David sounded great. And he’s really cute looking here.

  • frogcooke

    Ill plop it in this thread:

    Clip of david just before he sings. heh

  • SparklesATL

    Wow. He did a great job.

  • abbysee

    The anthem suits David’s voice. Simple beauty. Good job as always!

  • Sunn

    He has a nice voice with a lot of warmth and a good range. But he really needs to learn better breath control, and the phrasing was a bit off. He’s still young, he’ll improve. One day he’ll really come into his own.

  • unidentified

    David always sounds good, no matter what he sings.

  • carolinacharms

    He sings KA under the table.

  • colette

    we’ll see about that, carolinacharms!

    Way to go, David. Sincere and sweet….

  • praepos

    He can sing most idols under the table.

  • sleeptalker

    Was that a sound fail, or did they censor “bombs”? Lol.

    He has a great voice…it’s just that *GASP* that gets me.

  • gemzone

    :clap_tb: I was there and he was AMAZING!!!! :clap_tb: Yes there was a sound fail during the National Anthem.

  • Ptnyc34

    My favorite from last season! Archie has such a great voice. Of course I also liked Daughtry, Doolittle and Lambert so I haven’t been able to pick an Idol winner since Carrie Underwood. Geez! That’s 4 seasons now. My Idol mojo has totally vanished! LMAO!

  • khomphuong

    Here is another clip of David Archuleta sing National Anthem..I think he sounds way better on this clip .

  • davidlove

    Went to the game tonight! There were 19,500 in attendance. David just killed every song – in verrry good voice tonight. Got a kick out of the 7 year old boys in front of me going nuts to Zero Gravity – punching the air, jumping, yelling! Too cute.

    I must say D looks good in uniform:) with fireworks shooting off around him.

  • http://randomizeme.wordpress.com arca

    Can I just say that for a 17? 18? year old, David has AMAZING flawless skin?

    Oh we’re talking about the NA? he sounded great but the sound was terrible.

    ETA : @khomphuong, thanks for the YT link with the better sound, wow, great rendition!

  • JudyOhio

    Thanks for the video MJ, and thank you khomphuong for sharing the video with the great audio. David was in good voice, flawless. He is so adorable.

  • Chipmunk

    Brilliant rendition.His awesome voice shone through

  • Chipmunk

    He has a great voiceà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s just that *GASP* that gets me.

    It’s always there huh?..they dont call him Gaspy for nothing.

    I thought this was great though

  • http://randomizeme.wordpress.com arca

    He has a great voiceà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s just that *GASP* that gets me.

    Isn’t that something he can’t help? What with the paralyzed vocal cord and all …

  • ggdoorsfan

    all i know is david has consistently sang and knocked the ssb out of the park each time, infusing each version with a different texture and flavor… each artist who sings it will bring his or her own strengths to the song…. his command of the song speaks for itself, with all the you tube versions available for viewing, and comparison, if one wants to do so… to be this consistently excellent in different venues, with different conditions and distractions is no fluke, or luck – david can just flat out s-i-n-g…. bottom line. nothing to defend there, lololol… my fave ssb from him, at this year’s pro bowl.. and good luck to kris today – hope he does a fine job with his rendition.


  • ggdoorsfan

    excerpts from the deseret news – read more at the link…..

    It was a polished, composed, finished performance, drawing a roar of approval from the crowd at Rio Tinto Stadium Saturday night. Pop star David Archuleta was everything the people wanted, both before and after Real Salt Lake’s 1-1 draw with Colorado.

    A crowd of nearly 20,000 showed up. In the midst of its struggles, the club still managed to bring in teen heartthrob and Murray native Archuleta à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’  which accounted for an inordinate number of star-struck teenage girls, who wouldn’t know a header from head lice.

    An hour before the game à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’ and long before Archuleta appeared à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’  you could hear girls squealing and calling “David!” Come for the “Idol” worship, stay for the soccer.

    Archuleta started things off with a nice, clean version of the national anthem, wearing a personalized RSL jersey.


  • Lexus

    David remains my favorite Idol contestant ever. He’s unbelievably talented and too adorable for words. It’s so refreshing to see someone come out and sing LIVE and kill every song. He’s also made amazing strides in his banter with the audience and stage presence. Awesome job!

    It especially gave me chills to see so many people (even older guys!) jump around to Zero Gravity. People just love that song!

  • frogcooke

    Just because i love me some David and Jordin, Jordins vids from the A’s post-game here:


    Post game songs

    Zero Gravity:




  • KathyH

    He’s my all-time favorite too, Lexus. It was the voice that first drew me to him. Everything else I’ve learned about him has only made me a bigger fan.

    Love that video, khomphuong, thanks for adding the link. In that one, I get a better sense of what it must have been like in the stadium.

    Thanks for the new vids, frog, and the one from Jordin! Off to listen and watch!

  • Thea

    Ok, please don’t kill me. I did not like this version much.

  • frogcooke

    Its ok Thea we wont kill you.. yet.. LOL jk jk

  • frogcooke

    Btw Getty images has a bunch of pics from the the game


  • weareallinnocent

    He did do a very nice job. I’m in the camp that the SSB is one of the most difficult songs to sing on the planet. But it did sound like he had some breath control issues — “peri (breath) lous” being the most notable example. (I’m also one who prefers SSB w/o embellishment and alterations, so there’s that.)

    Not to pick him apart, cuz he definitely did better than about 90% of the peeps I’ve heard attempt it live. But, to those who watch him often, did he seem nervous? To me the breathing issues were distracting and I’m chalking them up to nerves.

    Also, I’m not a fan of comparing Idols SSBs, cuz I think it’s silly. But, if I were a betting gal, I’d say Archie will outshine KA on the SSB, for a whole host of reasons. I hope I’m wrong, but I bet I’m not.

    P.S. For context for all the fan bases, I love Kris (Kradison, I believe it’s called lol) and have a great deal of respect for Archie and his undeniable talent. So, please no hating. :-)

  • KathyH

    Ooh. Good pics. Likin’ David’s latest haircut.

  • frogcooke

    ^^ He was probably a bit nervous lol He also has some killer seasonal allergies lol lol

  • ccagain

    That was a beautiful performance of the NA. Can’t wait to hear him sing Prayer of the Children Tuesday in Washington.

  • frogcooke

    ^^ I desperately hope there is video of that…..

  • frogcooke


    they posted the vid lol and

    Those lucky [word for people that live in Utah]! David Archuleta sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a soccer game in Salt Lake City this evening & shut it down as usual. I wish I had a hometown representative as awesome as Archie! Anyway, I thought it was cool to read David’s tweets about the game right before a video of him there popped up.. lol! (He’s @DavidArchie if you didn’t know… he tweets back & forth with Jordin Sparks all the time. Isn’t that the coolest thing?!)

    more at link

  • BubbleGum

    Archie has such a pure beautiful voice.The song suits him.i love him to death.I need to go another archie concert after watching this.

  • http://myspace.com/pm68 Pam

    The link that khomphuong posted above seemed to be a clearer version of the performance. Thank you btw and you too mj. :) Even if there were breath control issues for David, he did a spectacular job. That song is obviously not the easiest song to sing but David has the voice for that song no doubt about it!

    Great job Archie! :thumbup_tb:

  • PattyH

    Nice job, David! Pure and simple with no embellishments.

  • khomphuong

    Here are the links of 4 performances of archie last night…Not so good picture quality.

    Touch my hand (wow, that falsetto) , and Crush
    1000 miles , zero gravity

  • http://mjsbigblog.com/wp-admin/profile.php ercheers

    They are soooooo lucky! SIGH

    :king_tb: :king_tb: :king_tb:

  • frogcooke

    heres a few pics from desert news:

    pic 1, pic2, pic 3

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=587900002&ref=name cruzceleste

    He was great…and so do the press said so…


    Ok, please donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t kill me. I did not like this version much.

    mmmm maybe not the best Anthem performance that he has had… but still kick ass of many others I have seem ;)


    heres a few pics from desert news:

    That close up picture is good… I love how his eyes shine…

  • LK09

    I was there. He did have one phrasing problem (breathed in the middle where he shouldn’t have), but it was awesome. Probably nerves, and I think he was even more expressive than usual in the SSB.

    His set afterwards, especially with no band, was great as well. He has so much energy, which is difficult to have without a band.

    I got meet a meet and greet pass from a friend, but I would hardly call it is meet or greet– maybe a photo op. They herded us in our groups of 4 at a time in a noisy outdoor hallway over to David at wall that had some REAL soccer stuff on it. They quickly took a photo and herded us away. All 4 of us quickly introduced ourselves. I was on the outside, since the two inside ladies were much shorter. I kind of picked up David’s hand to shake it and told him my name, Linda, and he said, “Beth?”. I think he was overwhelmed, and it was so noisy, you couldn’t hear. Oh well, I feel like I still haven’t met him.

    Oh, something else I remembered. . . .David came in through this outdoor hallway and then went somewhere for a while before they brought him out. He was surrounded by a bunch of his girl friends, and they seem fiercely protective of him. I don’t think any girl would have gotten her mitts on him with them around. His guy friends have all gone on church missions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=587900002&ref=name cruzceleste

    ^Yay for you LK09 or should I call you Beth… lol…well you got to meet him and your photo…thats good in my book… I hope you get to post it…

  • LK09

    ^^ LOL

  • frogcooke

    lol you two hahaha

    ETA: your new name shall be Beth.

  • LK09


  • sidewalk

    I don’t think it was quite as good as his performance at the ProBowl, but still an awesome rendition. And he did great at the Post Game concert…nice promo for Zero Gravity.

  • frogcooke

    oh btw here is an awesome quality vid of the NA, better than the one above.


  • Jayd

    Archie’s cuter than a basket full of puppies! He sure brings out the protective nature in the otaf (older than average fan), which I guess I am. I liked his rendition. I like the ssb sung a little less than “perfect” – it makes it more human.

    I love seeing these videos. Thanks for keeping us all updated mj, and all others who have posted vids and pics! It helps keep the AI withdrawal symptoms away. ha.

  • frogcooke

    heres a neat little story from the game last night haha. Somehow i find it funny and cute at the same time…


    He has a group of his friends (all girls this time) that literally surround him with their backs to him—it’s hard to explain, but I do have a few pics—he kinda of just disappears in the middle of them. I was standing right stinking next to him and I didn’t know it until someone pointed it out to me because he was all camouflaged in this pile of “friend” girls. Another person told me they do it for him all of the time—whenever they go out so he can go a little less noticed.

    short little vid from the end of the meet and greet:

  • frogcooke

    lol and heres pics of the girls surrounding him…. can you find him, where’s waldo style… lol


  • LK09

    Ok, I just uploaded my very first video. The sound quality is far superior to the tv version.


  • frogcooke

    ooohh will check it out lk

  • houstonrufus

    Yeah, I don’t think this was David’s best SSB. But his concert performances are awesome. Glad he had fun and the crowd seemed to enjoy it, too.

  • ozarka

    Thank you to everyone who posted links to the videos. David did very well on that national anthem and his concert performances were so lively and energetic.

    I’ve been refraining from watching the videos for the past 36 hours because I’ve been too busy voting like a maniac to help crown David as Mr. Twitter Universe. LOL! The past 24 hours have been grueling and stressful particularly because the Twitter site was behaving so bizarrely. People were continually having problems getting in their votes. Both David and Tom McFly kept taking turns in the 1st and 2nd place positions. When the polls closed this morning, David was ahead by almost 1700 votes, a pretty safe but not exactly a commanding lead. It looks like he won but you never know with these crazy voting polls, especially given the problems that that site has been displaying. Danny Gokey was certainly a big surprise. I think that in just the past couple of days he moved from the 8th place position into the 3rd, thus completely taking Tom Felton fans by surprise who I think finished in 4th place. There is no official word yet on the final tallies, however.