David Archuleta – “Don’t Run Away” – First Listen! (AUDIO)

David Archuleta releases a new single called “Don’t Run Away from his upcoming album No Matter How Far, features a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks.

“Don’t Run Away” is the  the first single off of the album and was co-written by David and produced by British music producers David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein.

Listen below

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  • mcaro05

    I love it!!! So good! I can’t wait for more new music.

  • julesb2183

    Love the song : )

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFHRUD5RUD5Q3YXK32TVBMBF4A Souza

    It’s been what… 4 years since his first album? And his music still sounds the same. I mean this in not a very positive way because now that he’s 4 years older  he should have developed a new and better sound.
    His voice is so great and in a certain way I find it unique, I can always tell it apart from others, but the music is so garage boys band ballads from the 90s. He deserves better.

  • http://twitter.com/mlpb3 MarthaPB

    I love the clarity of David’s voice.  And the song is awesome! Can’t wait till it hits the radio!

  • hellomusicgirl

    You might find that it sounds like the older albums because this particular track was recorded in April/May 2010, so nearly 3 years ago now. This album will be a mix of previously unreleased tracks and new music. This particular song was done in the same era as the songs on his second pop album, The Other Side of Down.

    Having said that, it is really reminiscent of Crush to me. That might be one reason why it was not included on TOSOD — that album sounded quite different from the first album and thus this track didn’t really fit.

    I like it quite a bit. David’s voice sounds great here and I like that it utilized more of his lower register, which we didn’t hear as much of in TOSOD.

  • Heidijoy

    Love it!!

  • girlygirltoo

    I guess Archie’s music just isn’t my thing. This is very generic, although the melody is pretty.

    But different strokes for different folks and all that, right?  I’m sure his fans will love it. I wish him much luck with the upcoming album.

  • cmom

    Souza – have you listened to “Broken” the song he recently co-wrote about the Invisible Children? Haunting and I really love the chorus – I don’t think he sounds the same here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le0Jxq6ra3Y

  • violet4ever

    I love Don’t Run Away.  It’s an AC radio kind of song and that’s where it’s going.  I preordered the album at Amazon and WOWHD has it too so a good-sized list of countries can get the album with free shipping.

    Souza – This song was probably written and recorded in 2010 so that’s only 2 years past Idol.  If you want to hear something newer, check out Broken, the one original on his pre-mission 2012 US album BEGIN.

  • kimak

    Love it! First heard it it felt like Crush.. catchy!! 

  • kayd23

    I honestly really like the song. Cant’ wait to buy the album. I like that David is releasing new music when he is away on a mission for 2 years. Who else can do that? That to me is amazing that he can produce new music when he is not even here to promote it regardless of how well it sells. Great way to keep his name out there while he is away.

  • cmom

    Actually, while we are talking about @davidarchie changing over time, what I really am waiting for David singing/writing things like this that he co-wrote very young basically shouting that he was going to do music called “Don’t Tell Me” and sounding like the soulful David that I want to hear more or! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn3mz8w0qJg

  • Kitwana

    Again I have to give full credit to David’s management and Gina Orr in particular. Don’t Run Away is a song he recorded during the Jive era. It’s great that he is able to take this music and release it on an independent label. His team did the same thing for the Asian Tour Edition of The Other Side of Down but that was still Sony. So many former Idols have music written for earlier CDs but few seem able to release it. Gina must be doing something right. Gina also managed David during his most recent run to the Forbes Top 10 Earning Idols list. The promo for this latest CD already seems greater than that for The Other Side of Down. Yes, he won’t be around to do TV appearances but all he did for TOSOD was Regis and Kelly and Wendy Williams. If I were an Idol who had just left a major label, I’d track down Gina and beg her to sign me. This is a manager who appears 100% committed to David’s success. Finally!

  • tomr

    Anything from David is a treat!

  • GRjourney1

    I much prefer this kind of music to “Call me Maybe” where there are so few lyrics.  I love David’s voice, and I think he has one of the most recognizable voices in the business.  I’m sure he had to pick songs that the co-writers would let him put on his album.  I am sure I will like whatever ends up being there.

  • escape

    It’s been what… 4 years since his first album? And his music still sounds the same. I mean this in not a very positive way because now that he’s 4 years older he should have developed a new and better sound.

    It’s been 5 years.  He was 17 on Idol.  Now he is 22.  He seems to be stuck in a time warp as the dewey eye kid who sang Imagine.  His sound is very dated. I can’t see him being relevant in today’s Pop music scene.

  • Niall

    It’s a well produced song but lyrically and musically it might as well be from his first Jive released cd. His voice has matured but his artistic viewpoint hasn’t.

    As with his entire 2nd cd, it’s another good argument for him to record great songs by great songwriters instead of recording the mediocre, pseudo inspirational stuff he’s prone to writing.

  • sue

    Yes this song seem to be older but I still love it! I will buy anything that David puts out. His voice is pure gold to me.  Hoping for more songs like “Broken” in the future but for right now I will take anything. David and his team has done an incredible job keeping the fans happy and at the same time making some money in the long run.  Can’t wait for some future Spanish songs and new stuff when he returns but for now this is new to me. :) 

    Very curious to hear what the 2 songs he recorded with Lady V sound like.  :)  David is better than all boy bands!  lols   

  • jennyl2

    Great song! Looking forward to the album. 

  • http://twitter.com/RonnieDRocks Ronnie D

    In a way it’s too bad he is somewhat square. I could imagine him doing some r&b and dance pop since he has smooth vocals. This is just middle of the road to me, but I have hear FAR worse lol. 

  • Kitwana

    Escape, Call me cynical but I have to laugh at all the comments about David not having a current sound and that being an obstacle to success. Many Idol and XFactor contestants have attempted successfully to match the “current” sound only to see their songs rejected by radio. Jordin Sparks for example. Or Stefano Lagone. Or Allison Iraheta. Or even Lord Gaga who had good sales of his first CD but hardly Lady Gaga numbers. In pop music, i think what is more important than a “current” sound is youth, good looks and uniqueness combined with a complete commitment by the label to push the artist on radio. David has the first three. The only time he got real support from his label was for his double platinum debut single Crush. The song had a Z100 debut. That was in 2008, with Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Jordin Sparks dominating the charts and Lady Gaga coming up quickly. Dance, dance and more dance music. Among that group, you could hardly call Crush the “current” sound in 2008. David coming off Idol helped Crush’s sales for sure but not many Idol runner ups or winners for that matter have secured double platinum singles. So again, when David gets back, I hope he secures a label that will give him a real push. The potential is there. I just don’t buy the “current sound” theory.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    I can’t see him being relevant in today’s Pop music scene.

    Well, isn’t the add date for this song on AC, not CHR? 

    Honestly, this is constructed like a CCM song, but the sound’s a bit retro for Christian AC radio. I assume the reasoning on Archuleta’s not going with CCM is that his existing fan base doesn’t listen to that format.

  • violet4ever

    I believe this song was recorded over 2 years ago for TOSOD before David decided he didn’t want TOSOD to be mostly love songs.  So I think it is probably a 2010 recording. Edit – just checked – David worked with these writers sometime around April/May 2010.

    If you want to here something new David cowrote listen to Broken from his 2012 cd BEGIN.

  • violet4ever

     CHR = Current Hit Radio (I think).   But the press release stated this song would be released on AC (Adult Contemporary)

  • girlygirltoo

    His label and manager aren’t even marketing him as a pop artist, since they are sending this single straight to AC radio. Seems to me they might try and promote him as a younger Michael Buble or Josh Groban type artist, rather than someone who we would hear on pop radio on a regular basis.

    Archie’s image is very bland. No matter how well he sings, that image doesn’t help him in the pop music world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    Thank God he doesn’t fit into today’s pop music scene.  The same lame songs over and over by the same autotuned so called singers, no thank you.  This will be released to AC, much much better place to be.

    This song was recorded like others have said in 2010 and it has a better beat, the lyrics are smart and the vocals are incredible.  And the backup vocals are just as good all sung by David.What great planning by Team David which includes Gina Orr.  Others not on a hiatus struggle to build a grassroots fan base that David has and some.  This keeps us fed :) I’m anxious to hear the new songs.  Listen to Broken.  I wish they’d do something more with that gem.

  • Menzell

    solid track, I liked the leaked song so nice to hear a more polished version… Archie’s talent will always make him relevant imo… 

  • http://twitter.com/GwenPo Gwen Porea

    David has been gone for over a year on a Mission in Chile. He will not return for another year. These songs on the new album are some he wrote and recorded back in 2010 and there will be some new music too. He recorded everything before he went away. This is his 3rd CD that has been released since he left.FOREVERMORE,BEGIN. and now NO MATTER HOW FAR.He didn’t want to leave his fans with no music while he was away.

  • GRjourney1

    Have you ever met David or been to one of his concerts? He is clean, but there is nothing bland about him.

  • hellomusicgirl

    I could imagine him doing some r&b and dance pop since he has smooth vocals.

    From your fingers to David’s ears! If there is one true wish I have for David’s musical direction, it is for him to explore more of the r&b/soul music side of himself. He actually did quite a bit of that wayyyy back when he was on Star Search (it’s pretty lolzy to watch but the boy could sang) but he’s backed off of singing much soul music since AI. There are just a few instances, like when he covered Donnie Hathaway’s This Christmas on his last Christmas tour (my favorite of the entire tour!) and an impromptu performance of Stevie Wonder’s Ribbon In The Sky. He’ll add r&b vocal licks to live performances but not so much in studio recordings. I’m keeping hope alive that maybe he’ll incorporate more of that sound on his return. To me, that is where the real gold is in his voice. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HWRPW434YQTROZ3J5E4BSLWEYM H.A.

    So many former Idols have music written for earlier CDs but few seem able to release it.

    I wish my Idol can release some of those songs that were recorded and didn’t make the album. Good for Archie fans. His voice is heaven and this is just more goodies for the fans. “Broken” is just a beautiful song. He’s going to grow more and more as a wonderful artist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    You mean these :)  

    This Christmas from concert where he made the mission announcement.

    Impromptu Ribbon In The Sky


    I love David’s albums but they don’t capture his live incredible voice.  Being at one of his concerts with the live performances his dancing, yes he dances, and his interaction with the audience, no way bland in any way, shape or form

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HWRPW434YQTROZ3J5E4BSLWEYM H.A.

    Seems to me they might try and promote him as a younger Michael Buble or
    Josh Groban type artist, rather than someone who we would hear on pop
    radio on a regular basis.

    Which isn’t such a bad thing to be one day on those artists level of success. Those artists get very little radio play but can fill those concert seats. If that’s the direction he’s going than he’ll be around for a long time.

  • girlygirltoo

    I’ve never met him,no. From his videos and interviews, he seems like a nice kid. 

    I’ve been to one of his concerts. It was fine, he sang well, but it was not what I’d call one of the more exciting concerts I’ve ever been to.

    But as I say, his music isn’t really my thing. Doesn’t mean he isn’t talented, because obviously he is.

  • kayd23

    I don’t think many really know what kind of music artist David is going to be at this point as he is away on a mission for 2 years. I like this new song but I still think it will be interesting to see what kind of music David produces when he returns. David is more of a complicated talent then many realize. He really can do all different kinds of music genres, including Spanish music, which is a good thing for him. I am just not so sure what his niche will be musically in the future. I myself like the soulful R&B pop direction for David but not sure what he will do

  • Kitwana


    “His label and manager aren’t even marketing him as a pop artist, since they are sending this single straight to AC radio.”

    Yes, this song is not being pushed to CHR but does this mean that his management has decided that he is an AC artist?  No. I think his management has smartly realized that it is very expensive to push an artist on CHR today and that even with big label support, getting a song played there – regardless of its quality – is difficult.  At this point, with David not even available to promote the song, it would be almost like flushing money down the toilet to spend money to get any of David’s song’s played on CHR.  So the only thing I get out of the decision to release this song to AC is that it is a strategic business decision and has little to do with believing that David is an AC Artist. I think other Idols have been ill-served by their team and label when they have spent big bucks to push a song and to produce a music video for a song, eg “The Truth”, on Hot AC or CHR where it had no chance in hell of making it there.  Again, full credit to Gina Orr.

    As for the unique point, I think it is those very elements that you say make him “uncool” that make him unique.  Also, I think the public backlash against the “faux hip” of Bieber and his clones is coming.  Hopefully David’s management will be able to exploit it when he gets back in 2014. As for him being super-religious, I think that you have to separate his professional and private life.  In their professional life, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Colton Dixon and Scotty McCreery have talked about their religion alot more than David.  Yet with the exception of Kris Allen, we seldom see them being labelled as “super-religious”.  Finally, if David was not unique, I think we’d have 4 David clones since Season 7 rather than 4 WGWG.

  • http://twitter.com/Marylee_NCGirl ??Marylee~#DA2014??

    To say I LOVE this song is an understatement. I think it ROCKS!…and so does David’s VOICE…his lower register is truly something special! Can’t wait to hear this FABULOUS song on the radio! People will be asking “who’s singing that song” and the rest is history :) Go David! 

  • GRjourney1

    I guess it is a good thing that we all don’t like the same thing.  That would make a pretty boring world, wouldn’t it?
    I agree that he isn’t flamboyant and edgy like some, but I much prefer David as he never puts on a persona or has a bunch of bells and whistles going on.  I prefer down to earth performers.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    So the only thing I get out of the decision to release this song to AC is that it is a strategic business decision and has little to do with believing that David is an AC Artist.

    Ummm… for a business decision to actually be “strategic” (rather than “ill-founded”), it would surely involve promoting Archuleta’s music to the radio format that’s the best fit for it. His management could doubtless spend considerably less on promoting the song to Smooth Jazz or AAA, but it’d be money wasted, as he’s neither a jazz artist nor a AAA artist.

    In sound and style, AC is the best radio-format fit for this song. 

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an AC artist. As others have pointed out, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé have built successful careers on strategies that include having AC as their “home” format (with multiple #1 AC songs for each). The “right” format (or overall marketing strategy) is the one that gets the music aimed at the ears of people who are likely to enjoy it.

  • girlygirltoo

    Exactly. There’s nothing wrong with going that route. A lot of AC artists have very long careers, even if they never sell a million copies of any particular song or album. 

  • Pippygirl

    In their professional life, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Colton Dixon and
    Scotty McCreery have talked about their religion alot more than David.
     Yet with the exception of Kris Allen, we seldom see them being labelled
    as “super-religious”.

    Kris almost never talks about his religious beliefs so I’m not sure from where you are getting your information. He also has not been labelled, to my knowledge, as “super-religious”

    As far as Archie’s song, I think his voice sounds really beautiful on it. In my opinion an artist has to make music that means something to them, and should not try to fit into the ever changing whims of what is popular.

  • Kitwana

    With the greatest respect Eilonwy, your comparison to his management trying to get the song played on AC Radio with trying to get it played on the Jazz or AAA formats is ridiculous.  AC is as close to CHR as you can get without the big bucks required to get a song on Hot AC or CHR.  In fact, I think the really successful CHR songs find a life on AC after their run on CHR.  So, that’s where the strategic angle comes from.  It’s not ideal for sure but some radio play on a format that is at least a very distant cousin to CHR is definitely better than no radio play at all.  I agree that there is nothing wrong with AC Radio.  However, while Buble and Groban have found success on AC Radio, how many others really have?  How many 23 year old have? 

  • standtotheright

    Also, I think the public backlash against the “faux hip” of Bieber and
    his clones is coming.  Hopefully David’s management will be able to
    exploit it when he gets back in 2014.

    Based on the continuing sales of Bieber himself as well as One Direction, expecting the tides to have turned in a year is perhaps overly optimistic. And if the trends do eventually shift away from “attempted swagger” teen pop, there is no real cause to believe that bright clean-cut uplifting music will be the next wave for that format of which any artist can take advantage.

    Archuleta seems comfortable releasing music that can fit on the AC format. That takes him much further than having a label that tries to market him elsewhere by force.

    (Also, I have to question any argument that suggests people who have paid the slightest attention to Dixon and Gokey would not label them as strongly religious.)

  • Kitwana


    You’re right, I meant Danny Gokey.  I think that Kris is religious in his personal life rather than professional life much like David.  I think Kris served as a worship leader and may have served overseas as a missionary on more than one occasion. But unlike David, nobody seems to call Kris “super-religious”. 

  • http://twitter.com/RonnieDRocks Ronnie D

    These are the same artists topping the charts and performing on awards shows, not doing a soap opera in the Phillipines lol

  • Heidijoy

    Just had to  listen to “This Christmas” again.  Groovy!!  My favorite from the MKOC tour   :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    That may be.  But I prefer someone who won’t sell out for the fame and money.  Have you read the comments ridiculing these same people.  History shows that this type of fame is fleeting.  What I see is David building a foundation for a lasting career with substance and meaning.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    AC is as close to CHR as you can get without the big bucks required to get a song on Hot AC or CHR.  

    Well, only if “close to CHR” means “having a distinctly different audience than CHR.”

    CHR targets ages 18-24. AC is the “listen at work” station for a target ages 35-44 (might be 35-54, depending whom you ask). Crossover is virtually always into AC from CHR, as pop hits become familiar enough to be deemed middle-of-the-road for the AC audience. Crossover from AC to CHR is extremely rare.

    So if Archuleta’s management is using AC as an inexpensive means of targeting listeners his own age, they’re barking up the wrong tree. But with this particular song, it wouldn’t get CHR play even if Archuleta was available to do in-studio performances at every CHR station in the U.S., backed by a budget that would make Britney Spears blush. It’s stylistically an AC song. That has nothing to do with whether it’s “good” or “bad” — it seems well-constructed enough — but with how it’s constructed and how it sounds.

    One thing that AC does have in common with CHR is a really huge audience — I haven’t spent much time with this year’s Arbitron Radio Today report, but I think AC still has more actual listeners than CHR. Even if I’m totally misremembering and it’s more stations or something — big audience.

    Targeting AC if Archuleta was making CHR-style music would be really stupid; but fortunately, he’s making AC-style music, so there’s a good fit. I hope the song does splendidly there.

  • Anny_nanny

    I can’t listen to it. I have no volume control on the computer and I can’t find it in this player. ((((

  • girlygirltoo

    Huh? of the artists you mention, Kris is actually the one who keeps his religious values the most private. Scotty wears a huge cross around his neck. Colton is being marketed as a Christian music artist, stuck a cross on the cover and titled his album “a messenger”. Danny is very open about his faith — his music has got inspirational messages all through it. And David put his career on the back burner to go off and serve a LDS mission. Of all these guys, Kris is probably the least likely to ever put out an album of Christian music, because he has repeatedly said that isn’t the type of music he is interested in doing.

    David has a great voice. I doubt anyone would disagree with that. Unfortunately, pop music isn’t about great voices. That’s an added bonus if a pop artist has a great or a unique voice. But If the songs don’t stand out, if the image doesn’t appeal to the public, if the sound isn’t current, it doesn’t really matter if you have a great voice. Look at Pia, for example — she has a much better voice than 99% of the female pop artists on the charts. Doesn’t matter, her single was mediocre and she was unable to connect to an audience. On the other hand, Phillip, who even by his own admission, has a limited range as a singer, has this multi-platinum hit single on his hands in large part because it is a well written song that fits perfectly into what is popular right now. So forget David’s vocal prowess — the bigger question is whether his new music is going to fit into what is current and popular in the pop music world? 

    But again, to me he is much better suited as an AC artist. He has never struck me as a pop artist. It’s just my opinion, YMMV. But I also don’t think  there’s anything wrong with being an AC artist — there are lots of very successful, popular artists in that genre who have careers that span 20, 30, 40, even 50 years.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    I agree. So thrilled for his fans. The song sounds dated but damn, his voice… it’s so smooth, so Archie:)

    Kudos to his management for doing something like this even he’s still half way on his mission. Goodluck!

  • cmom

    This is how I like to hear David – at the piano singing “Crazy” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZCpmvMHa_g   I can never get enough of it.

  • MellyPer1692

    I don’t think Archie is bland, but his demeanor and persona appear much younger than his age. Even that single cover looks more like a 12-15 year old rather than the 22 year old man he is.

    I think he’s a perfect AC artist and there’s nothing wrong with that, have you seen their sales??

    I don’t like the putting down of other genres and artists as meaningless and without substance. They may not be your cup of tea, but meaning and substance are present in many artists and genres including pop.

  • http://twitter.com/Marlie7 Marlie

      My all-time favorite – David singing Crazy.

    The “problem” with
    David is he loves all kinds of music and doesn’t seem to seek the kind
    of fame that requires a person to pick a niche. Given his talent and
    ability to squeeze the emotion out of a song when singing live, I think
    the challenge is finding a producer who can help him do the same in the
    studio. When David sings live on stage, he jumps and bounces and struts
    and dances and his voice just fills the whole venue. It is amazing to
    see what used to be shy David as in-control-of-the-room David.

    the next few years, I suspect David will discover his own style – one
    that takes advantage of his enormous talent and allows him to grow. The
    problem with pop music is that is doesn’t require talent like David’s.
    It doesn’t even require much of a voice. So David kind of overpowers pop
    music. And yet, he is young and that is the music he grew up with. Time
    and maturity is all David needs. I think we will see him for a long
    time to come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    It wasn’t meant as a put down, it’s my opinion that most pop music right now doesn’t have meaning and substance.  Repetitive lyrics for the sake of a beat, your right not my cup of tea.

    18 to 25 year olds don’t listen to AC?  I know plenty of young adults and teenagers who avoid CHR like the plague, they listen to AC.  May be there has been a shift in listeners.

  • http://twitter.com/Marlie7 Marlie

    David’s versatility doesn’t make it easy on his team, either. (It’s great for us fans, but that’s a given.)  Here is an example. Compare these two David’s….



    I love them both, but I’m sure it confuses labels.

  • girlygirltoo

    In terms of monitored Mediabase radio stations, there are a few more in the AC genre (94) than in the HAC genre (88). There are 166 monitored CHR (Top 40) stations.

    In terms of AI (audience impression), however, there is a huge difference in favor of the HAC format: the current #1 song on the mediabase HAC chart (The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey”) has a 40.282 AI, while the current #1 song on the AC chart (P2’s “Home”) has a 15.242 AI.  Neither one of these formats can touch the reach of CHR, though — the current #1 song on that chart (Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”) has a 124.662 AI. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HWRPW434YQTROZ3J5E4BSLWEYM H.A.

    Wasn’t Archie’s biggest hit that sold 2million pop? Pop music wasn’t really all that different back than though.

  • girlygirltoo

    that was more than 4 years ago. A lot has changed in terms of what is popular in pop music since 2008

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    18 to 25 year olds don’t listen to AC?

    18- to 25-year-olds are not the target market for AC. That doesn’t mean the number of 18- to 25-year-old listeners is zero. It means they’re a minority and the format isn’t programmed with the specific intent of appealing to them.

    Here’s a link to Arbitron Radio Today 2011, as the 2012 edition is available only to subscribers (so I haven’t seen it at all — but radio audiences change fairly slowly).

    Page 25 gives the age distribution for AC: 12-17 is 4%, 18-25 is 8%, and 59% of listeners are over 45. Page 26 shows that older listeners also listen for more hours.

    Page 30 gives the age distribution for CHR: 12-17 is 19%, 18-25 is 22%, and 82% of listeners are under age 45. Page 31 shows that younger listeners listen for more hours.

    Page 110 shows that for 12-17, CHR is the #1 format with a 25% share and AC is #4 with a 6.6% share. For 18- to 25-year-olds, CHR is the #1 format with a 16.1% share and AC is #4 with a 6.8% share. 

    AC just isn’t a teen-oriented format or the format that responsible management would choose as a means of reaching teens. It is, however, a means of reaching people who will probably like Archuleta’s music because the playlists include similar music (in and around the pop-from-a-few-months ago) — AC playlists are very, very deep and go back into the 1980s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    lol I’m dizzy.  Thank you for the info on this.  I’ll take it in any radio format :)

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel DorkAngel-GBW

    I like the song and hope it does well. I’M itching to hear the rest of the album too.

  • bsms

     Really liking this “new” song, and very happy for this unexpected album from David while he is on his mission.

  • Kathy Hagan

    63 comments on a post I’m just now seeing? Good to know David can still make MJs commenters talk. LOL. Can’t wait for the album. Loving how his gorgeous voice gets the focus on this track.

  • elliegrll

    Successful Pop or Hot AC songs usually will crossover to AC, since AC is trying to reach a younger audience, but the reverse usually doesn’t happen. For the most part it is going to be hard to convince PDs and consumers that an adult contemporary artist or song belong on pop radio.

    David’s sound and personality are a better fit for AC, which isn’t an insult, since the same can be said about success stories Josh Groban and Michael Buble.  That is also the format that is most likely to give David’s music a fighting chance.

  • jpfan2

    I’m a little lost. What label is releasing David’s single and album? Without a major behind him I don’t see much success on radio. But David is a unique artist who can probably have a decent career without radio.

    If AC does play it, I don’t see it doing much because the same big hits that do well on HAC (and sometimes CHR) end up dominating AC as well.

  • Chicagolaw

    Are they really expecting much in terms of radio success? I would guess not.

    Seems to me this is a gift for his fans, first and foremost.

    David’s music is so not my thing, but I am happy for the fans. And if he gets a little AC play, even better.

  • GRjourney1

    Eone Music is putting this record out.  They at least have been tweeting about it.  Better already than Jive did that last go around.

  • hellomusicgirl

    It’s being released on an independent label, Entertainment One or eone.

    I’m with you in that, while they are releasing it to AC radio, I don’t really expect much in the way of airplay without a major label behind it to push. But then David hasn’t really gotten radio play since Crush so I wouldn’t expect it to start while he’s not even here to promote.

  • http://twitter.com/RonnieDRocks Ronnie D

    There is a difference between selling out and broadening your fan base and audience. If he is content with a smaller fan base and doing smaller venues, then that’s fine. Last I checked, most singers want their music HEARD.

  • Kathy Hagan

    Well, yes. I really don’t think that he (or any performer in their right mind) would expect for that broadening to happen while he/they were in the middle of a two-year hiatus, however. This album must surely be meant for the fans. That’s how this fan is taking the news and I’ll be thrilled with the music. (That being said, I’ll be happy with any airplay he gets, but I won’t obsess over the possibility.)

  • GRjourney1

    There isn’t much David can do about any of this at this point. He is paying to go on this mission, has family obligations, and I am sure there are expenses involved in putting the album together. David has taken the risk hoping that his fans will stick around while he is gone. When he gets back he can decide what he wants to do about building a bigger fanbase. I am sure he wants to be “successful and HEARD”, but there are prices to pay for success. He will decide how far he is willing to go when he returns.

  • Incipit

    I concur, Kathy Hagan. I really doubt that anyone can deduce the future plans of the Archuleta Camp from this release. That’s a ‘wait and see’.

    Archie won’t be playing any venues, of any size, for a year and change – he won’t be promoting, doing PR appearances, or Radio Tours – He won’t even be doing interviews or phoners. So, none of that, aimed at broadening a fan base, has relevance.

    It’s entirely possible that his people have more material to release for the fans over the next year…in fact, I would bet on it…Archie built a stockpile for his absence, and whatever these releases may or may not do in the marketplace with absolutely no artist support, it’s pretty clear his intention was to please his fans. They seem rather pleased, to me. So it’s all good.


  • escape

    Crush was 4 yrs ago.  Idol has moved on. The music industry has moved on.   The Other Side of Down was not successful.  David Archuleta faces the challenge of moving from a teenager performer to being taken seriously as an adult performer.  I agree with the comment that his demeanor and persona appear more like a 12-15 year old rather than that of a 22 year old man.

  • Niall

    This album, along with everything else released for purchase since the mission started, is for $. Team Archuleta is emptying out the vault to provide income. Yes, it pleases the fans, but if there wasn’t a financial need the “goodies” would have been significantly reduced. So I hope his fans are buying this stuff in droves. I’d hate for his large family to be left dependant on his barely employed tool of a father.

  • Quaribea

    I Enjoy that.  Yes, I enjoy that a lot.

    I see Archie as a new breed of artist who has broken out of the constraints of the old system and has found how, and who with, to make crap tons of money as well as keep his fans happy.  Kudos to him and to the modern moving and thinking people who are taking care of his business.

  • Kathy Hagan

    Why would I believe that you had your finger on the pulse of what happens in David’s world when I’m surely paying more attention than you are and wouldn’t try to guess? I hope they do make money. 

  • ohreli

    David sounds great, and I like the song….BUT…I hope this is not the lead single. For David to take off again like he did with “Crush,” then he needs a single that sounds both catchy AND unique…which is why “Crush” did as well as it did.  This song is catchy, but not unique. Its completely inoffensive, but,as Simon Cowell might have said on Idol: “I am not sure that I will remember this tomorrow”….

  • Larc

    I think the last thing David ever needed to record is any song that sounds the least bit bubblegum poppish, because that’s not where his voice really shines.  Something tells me it will get sorted out, though.  Maybe a boy went into a two-year Mormon mission, but a man will probably come out of it.  The right musical direction will hopefully be clear to him then.

  • hellomusicgirl

    Meh, I actually think it’s the other way around. The gigs in the Asia at the start of the 2012 (the tv show, the endorsements, private shows in Singapore) were serious bank to fund the two years he’s gone and fund the two albums he had already planned on releasing during that time. I don’t know what the breakeven cost on an independent album is but I think his will HOWEVER they do have to be paid for upfront. As for his father, I have no idea what that guy is up to and really don’t care. (The less I know, the better probably.)

    Yes, the albums are about keeping the existing fanbase satisfied while he’s gone so that he has a starting point when he returns but I don’t think they’re about making money to live on for these 2 years. Given the way David works, I think he had that taken care of before he left.

  • mmb

    The purpose of this album is not to have David “take off again”…he is still on his mission.  He isn’t available for promo, or interviews or anything at all. The single will be sent to AC radio and if they play it, great, if not, no problem.  Non xmas AC only songs rarely get any higher than the top 20 on that chart anyway, which is not a lot of spins.  The album is a gift to his existing fans to keep them interested while he is away. Hopefully they can make a little $$ too (but agree that Archie prolly socked away a lot of $$ before he left for his mission with his endorsements and concerts..thats why he made the Forbes list).  Anyway, I am impressed that his team planned so well for his absence.  They obviously want to keep his recording/performing career going.  Releasing some music here and there will keep him connected to his hardcore fans.  Very smart.

  • kayd23

    I agree that is is nice that the indie label Eone Music is tweeting about David’s new album on twitter. Jive was too busy going out of business as a record label to use twitter when David and other idols were with them. lol.

  • Heidijoy

    Nice to see the David has so many that still support him.  I’ve pre ordered the Album and am more than pleased to be getting a Whole Album while David is on a Mission with his Church.  We were lucky to hear a few songs at Christmas with David singing Spanish songs including  “The Prayer”  He is looking mighty Mature and sounding very good. 
    We have gotten so much more music than I anticipated when I heard his Announcement in SLC.  For that I’m grateful.
    I think for those that think he looks 12-15, I would recommend scanning down and watching  “This Christmas” that was posted down thread.   Sometimes he does look so young and then he gets on Stage to perform and there is a Profound difference.
    I appreciate all interest in David.  Some of you, I’ve seen for Five years now and some though seemingly negative show such dedication, I figure there definitely has been an Impact.
    One thing I admire about David besides his talent and he never puts others down.

  • durbesque

    Runaway runaway runaway over and over.  The don’ts get lost, as negatives usually do.  This song is 2 years old and I assume that David is over that stage, or will be by the time he gets back.  If he still can’t make adult lovesongs believable, there’s always the Inspirational stuff….nobody does it better. 

  • GRjourney1

    All I can say is I can’t get the song out of my head.  It may not be catchy to some, but it certainly is to me.  I don’t think there are many performers out there who can sing in as many languages as David.  He learned NA by listening to it on the flight to the Philippines.  The French on his Christmas album, he learned by calling a friend on the phone who knew French.  He picks it up really fast and those who know the language say his accent is impecible. His Latin Ave Maria is perfection and he sang The Prayer in Italian.  Have no idea how he learned that, but someone said it was a last minute addition.  He is amazingly talent in so many ways that it will be a travesty if he doesn’t make a good living from his music.

  • seldomused

    David’s voice sounds good (as always), but the song is just *okay*. 
    I understand it is a two-year old song, and I think it shows. 
    David has one of the best voices to come off Idol; here’s hoping the other songs on the album are more interesting. 

    “Broken” is a better song IMO.  Did David write Broken?

  • GRjourney1

    David wrote the music of Broken.  Someone else wrote the words.  Can’t remember his name.

  • sweetmusic

    The kid has been called a musical genius–by pros. I buy it. Sure he’s uncool. But he sings with real passion–and that translates into unique performances that thrill audiences. It’s why he has survived and flourished. His fan base is solid and real. It’ll grow old with him because they respond to his fervor. His concerts were packed, often sold out–not in arenas, true, but in fairly big theaters. And he’s huge in Asia–for the same reason.

  • sweetmusic

     David’s got a great voice–but that’s not what makes for his appeal. It’s his ability to interpret that moves people. It’s why, when he’s got great material, he excels. It’s also why his concerts sell out.

  • violet4ever

     Jon Hunt

  • violet4ever

    David was singing The Prayer in Italian and English and he had most of the Italian parts. Such a surprise and he sounded great.  The other songs he sang were in Spanish.

  • Heidijoy

    Yes, You are right Violet.  Hopefully the point I was making was understood.

  • sweetmusic

    David has always had a split appeal–mainly because of his musical sophistication. He’s the real deal–and that’s what makes him so unique. Most teen sensations are like Bieber–low on talent but with tons of charisma to compensate. David was a different kind of phenomenon from the start, huge on talent but with a dorky persona–which is why Jive didn’t know what to do with him. I think David himself was confused and needed time out to take stock and grow up. It’ll be interesting to watch how his career evolves. One thing is certain–he’s not disappearing, he’s here to stay. These latest albums tell us that much.

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel DorkAngel-GBW

     I think Bieber is talented. But yes, David is a bit of an enigma in that he’s phenomenally talented, young, good looks, (all the things Simon pointed out), but he doesn’t have nor wanted the personality to be a teen sensation/heartthrob. And even from T-Pain’s song, “Smoke” one can gather the Jive tried hard to mole him in that direction. Also the lyrics from “Who I Am” about riding around in a cab for 2 hours and not caring if Jeff Fenster was calling. I’m glad he held his grounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT19yb3wrh4

  • K May

    You really need to check out itunes. He has an array of other albums besides his 1st album that maybe you are not aware of. He has done it all. His versatility is evident of that. So check it out on itunes. You will be pleasantly surprised at all he has done and accomplished. He isn’t even in the states right now and won’t be until next year yet he still puts out an album. Leaving Jive Records was a great move on his part he is now with ‘Entertainment One’, an independent record label from Canada.

  • K May

    Here’s the reason.(short version) David left Jive Records, went to Philippines to do a mini series, (AND recorded an album there with Ivory Records not released here at the time entitled “Forevermore), came back recorded another album “Begin” (inspirational album), then left for Chile for a 2 year mission trip. Obviously, and to our delight, he also recorded other songs to have this new album coming out in March. He won’t be back until next year. The guy is phenomenal! Who does this? anyway, that’s where he’s been. So jump on board and buy the album cause we are always surprised by his talent.

  • K May

    Ok a little tired of explaining this SOOOO I will tell you to just go to itunes check out ALL the other albums he’s done since the 1st and also check out “Forevermore” on Amazon produced in the Philippines. This was my favorite album to date (love songs only David could sing). 

  • K May

    I agree with you. David is not and would not be a cookie cutter pop singer. He is too good for that. Auto-tuned…never. Now he is with a great team that gets him and his music. More Idols have dumped (and not the other way around) Jive because they do not do their job with there AI artists. So proud of Cook for leaving there. Kelly Clarkson hated it…now look at her. AI got smart for kicking Jive/RCA to the curb. 

  • K May

    I agree with the R&B baby…think he would agree too.

  • girlygirltoo

    Neither David Cook nor Kelly were with Jive. They were with RCA. And Kelly is still there.