David Archuleta – BEGIN – Track List and Album Cover

Just because David Archuleta is in Chile on a Mormon mission, does not mean he’s completely disappeared. On August 7, Begin, an album of covers David recorded before he left the United States for his two year mission, will be released.

Check out the track list below.

According to press notes, the album was “created to musically portray” David’s “connection to God.” The album ends with “Broken,” as song David wrote.

Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
Bridge Over Trouble Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
Pride (In the Name of Love) (U2)
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)
Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.)
Be Still, My Soul (Sibelius)
Angel (Sarah McLachlan)
Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
Somewhere Only We Can Know (Keane)
Broken (David original)

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  • http://twitter.com/frogcooke frogcooke

    Apparently he’s also done some music vids for it before leaving too? At least thats what it said.

    But… eh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34307244 Shana Collier

    I’m not even a David A fan, but I like alot of these song choices for him.

  • http://twitter.com/erlindita Linda Spivey

    I can hardly wait ,i love all those covers he singing.  Your awesome David Archuleta. There is no way we will forget about you. And the cover Picture OMJ.

  • Anonymous

    I already said this one in the headlines thread but I’m gonna say it again here because I can’t say it enough — I am so surprised and excited by what I’m seeing on the tracklist. I thought there would be much more of a religious theme, which realistically only appeals to a certain portion of people. But there’s some great songs here! Some stuff that people wouldn’t necessarily think of David covering.

    I will be most intrigued to see what he does with Beautiful. Its probably the one that I can least hear him singing in my mind just because it’s so Christina to me. And probably also because I’ve never heard David call himself beautiful in any way lol. So yeah.

    Will also be really interested to hear the original song.

    All in all, a pretty great day for David fans. And I’m much more excited for the album now. Is it August yet??

    P.S. If he was gonna cover R.E.M., I can’t believe he didn’t go with Losing My Religion! *snerk* ;)

  • Anonymous

    Love the cover and the Potential Track List.  also heard there is a song BEGIN.  Two David Archuleta songs Broken, BEGIN. and covers.  Really looking forward to it.  Have heard him sing BOTW and Be Still My Soul.  If you want an easy spot to watch some You tubes for songs that aren’t familiar,  TheDavidChronicles.com  posted some.

  • Anonymous

    Great song choices by David.  I have always loved Everybody Hurts, and I am sure David will have his own amazing rendition of it. Still can’t believe how much he got done in a short amount of time.  Beautiful is the biggest surprise.  I think he will do a great job with it, but like hellomusicgirl, I can’t imagine David singing about being beautiful.  Maybe he will change the pronoun to she or we.  I guess we will know in August.  Broken is a great title for a song.  Sure anxious to hear that one. Great day in Archuletaland.

  • http://twitter.com/therocprince Cory ??

    So he recorded this before he went into hiding? 

  • Anonymous

      I’m surprised by some the songs that David decided to cover as well. There are just some songs that I would never have expected him to cover.   I can’t wait to hear his version of them.

    I too am interested in hearing David’s version of Beautiful.  I don’t think anyone who has covered the song has sung it as well as Christina.  It is hard to imagine how he sounds on this song.  I do think I might not compare his version to hers as much as other covers because he is a guy.

  • http://twitter.com/sweetonda sweetonda

     This is going to be an EPIC album.  I can already hear David singing all these songs.  Wish it was August now!  Thank you David for all you did for your fans before you left!

  • Anonymous

    He recorded the songs during his last 1-2months at home prior to his Mission. He left March 28 so right before that.

    He also recorded an album Forevermore and did a 5 Week Mini Series in the Phillipines in Jan-Feb as well as lots of videos, photo shoots, modeling Bench Clothes and performed concerts.

    I think he is the Energizer Bunny.

    Prior to that he did a US Christmas Tour, so from November thru March, he accomplished a lot and we fans are Happy Campers!!

  • http://twitter.com/frogcooke frogcooke

    I’m only interested in hearing beautiful and angel just to see how they would sound. But nothing will beat the original especially for those 2 songs. The rest I could leave. *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    In the 10 weeks before his mission David was filmed as leading man in Nandito Ako (25 episode miniseries), recorded the Forevermore album and 2 (possibly 3) music videos for that (and the second one will be released soon), plus numerous live appearances, signings, interviews, TV appearances, photoshoots, guested at the Alcasid’s concert (same day as recording the Philippines videos) plus a side trip to Singapore to put on an acoustic concert for the opening of Fox’s office there, and then still in that 10 weeks he returned to the US and worked on BEGIN. (recorded the album, 2 photoshoots, and apparently videos?) up through the day before he entered the mission training center.  It’s just amazing how much he got done to leave for his fans while he is gone.  I am really looking forward to the album :) And BTW if anyone isn’t following David on twitter, his account is DavidArchie (though his manager Kari has to post for him during his mission, including bits from David’s mission emails)

  • Karen C

    That’s good he did an album to be released while he was on his mission, so he won’t be more than two years without releasing anything.  

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, David accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I really appreciate all that he has done for the fans. I would have totally understood if David would have spent the time with his family and friends but instead he worked so hard because he wanted to leave the fans something while he was gone. I admire him a lot for that thoughtfulness. And I truly have enjoyed all that he has done in that short amount of time. I had so so much fun watching Nandito Ako. It was so fun getting up and watching that every day. It was enjoyable seeing David put himself out there and do something new. I just loved it. I really enjoyed Forevermore. I love David’s voice so much so I enjoy it when I get an opportunity to hear him sing something new.  I think David picked interesting song choices for BEGIN. and I can’t wait to hear how he interprets them. And like I said I love his voice so I appreciate any opportunity I get to hear it.

  • Anonymous

    Will the songs measure up to the photo? idk….
    Without his name there, I’m not sure I would know who it is.
    Truth is, David’s covers were always more interesting than his originals.
    This album should be a dream come true.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O7HR6DZVSV7HA4GEI5NJWYS4VA Jason

    He is doing a 2 year mission for LDS you moron.  I think you’ve been in hiding.

  • Anonymous

    I like the variety of songs on the track list. I am pleasantly surprised as I thought it might be just religious songs. I really like his choice of  songs. He just looks great on the album cover. I want to hear David’s version of “Everybody Hurts” and “True Colors” but I like them all.

  • Anonymous

    His Name is there.           ??????????????

  • Anonymous

    Oooo. I love the song choices. I just wish he included Everybody Wants to Rule The World instead of Angel. Didn’t he sang that song on idol. I already have a cover of that on my ipod.   

  • Anonymous

    He did that last summer at a concert!! one of the Carolinas I think.

  • Anonymous

     No, he sang Angels by Robbie Williams on idol.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a gorgeous picture of David.  I’m looking forward to this CD.  David has always done an outstanding job on covers.  And I guess there will be a couple of originals too.  All sounds pretty good to me.   By the way, who is his label?  I didn’t know he was affiliated with one right now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.i.lin David I-Chen Lin

    These look like fantastic choices for David. I might buy this album actually!

  • Anonymous

    I though it was the same song. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • djafan

    That is what he looks like. I saw him in December and David has matured into a handsome young man.  Most people I show recent pictures of David say wow what happened to little Archie, I tell them he’s grown up into young man, it has been 5 years since season 7.  

  • djafan

    Not the same song.

    Angel by Sara McLachlan


  • Anonymous

    He’s not signed with a label that I know of. The information I’ve seen so far says this CD will be distributed under the Shadow Mountain Records imprint (label owned by Deseret Book). I assume the CD was probably some sort of one-off deal but I don’t know much about how these contracts work for unsigned artists. Do they sign on for one album? Or do they remain unsigned and just use the label for distribution purposes? idk.

    I assume its similar to the deal he had with Ivory Music in the Philippines to release his album there, although that was associated with Sony Music.

  • Anonymous

     You probably have heard the song before.  It is used in the SPCA commercials she does. It was also used in the movie City of Angels that starred Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan.

  • Anonymous

    djafan, Thanks for the vid. 

    KrisKD, yeah I’ve heard this song before. Just didn’t pay much attention to it then. lol! It’s still a great song. I think I’ll like David A’s version better. 

  • Kitwana

    Wow, so much to say about David’s 6th CD:

    1. Love the cover. He looks great and definitely not like a “kid”.
    2. I too thought that the CD would be mostly religious music so the tracklist is a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to hear what he does with Beautiful. I loved Amber Riley’s version from Glee. Also looking forward to his cover of True Colors.
    3. I thought there would be more originals on this CD since David definitely recorded more than one original song. Maybe he’s holding those for CD #7 next year.
    4. David is very prolific in his release of music.
    5. When the heck did he have time to record music videos?
    6. The press notes on promotion were very interesting. How will they be able to do “national promotion” without David? Did he record marketing stuff before he left? Where will the extensive national radio play come from? Maybe AC radio? Christian radio has never embraced David in the same way that it has embraced other Idols. Can’t see that changing this time around.
    7. I think David is smart to team up with Shadow Mountain Records to release this CD. A self release might be more profitable but that would require a big initial investment by him and he would not have the distribution and marketing support of the label.
    8. Yet another David CD without 19R. Guess he really did manage to ditch 19R with Jive.
    9. A cover CD for a 21 year old is a bit unorthodox but David has always done the unexpected. More than a few questioned the wisdom of a Christmas CD at 18, a bio at 19 and an Asian tour shortly after the release of his second pop album. But all these things worked out very well for him. These covers should do well in Asia. Unlike in North America, there does not seem to be the stigma attached to covers.
    10. Full credit to David and his team for keeping David active in the industry despite being away for two years. They clearly had a plan and the execution has been pretty impressive so far.

  • http://twitter.com/livsim Ivan

    What’s with the cover tho? Why does he look like an alien? His face looks swollen.

  • http://twitter.com/rhed31 rhed31

    I can’t wait for this! the covers chosen are a surprise. I thought it would be older covers but these will be interesting to hear.

  • Anonymous

    He’s trying to capture that ever-elusive Martian demographic. I think its a good idea — that’s really an untapped market.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with people who have commented that the picture doesn’t look like him. To me, the symbolism of looking into the light resulted in eyes that are so much lighter that he looks like a different person. Maybe he wanted to look different?

    The songs–some interesting choices. I’ll listen to it, maybe buy it. I’ll skip Bridge Over Troubled Water tho–no one sings it like Art Garfunkel did in 1970.

    David isn’t subtle in the messages of his music, eh?

  • Anonymous

    Ace tracklist… stoked to hear his original track the most (thought his songs on TOSOD were way underrated).

  • Larc

    These covers should do well in Asia. Unlike in North America, there does not seem to be the stigma attached to covers.

    That’s something I’ll never understand.  Evidently, most people in the US prefer throwaway songs that will be recorded once and then die when the original recording does.  That kind of thing breeds abysmal quality.  There simply aren’t enough outstanding song writers to keep up with demand created by the gluttony for new songs.  So crap music written by hackers who are better qualified to do brain surgery is drawn in to fill the void.

  • http://twitter.com/Marylee_DA2014 ??Marylee~#DA2014??

    Looking forward to David’s new “BEGIN”/CD & I’m so pleased with all his choices as well as surprised at some. Each of these songs carry a message & that’s what he likes to do with his music. I would imagine that a great deal of thought went into the selection process. There’s no doubt in my mind that David will bring us a rendition that will touch us. It’s just what he does best. 

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy the title BEGIN. Don’t forget the “.”

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel DorkAngel-GBW

    I miss fun, poppy David. :(  #badfan

  • Anonymous

    List has been made Official  on DavidArchuleta.com    No song called BEGIN.

    Manager says Title will be explained closer to Release.  Stay tuned!!

  • Kitwana

    Some interesting Twitter exchanges between Katie Moore @k_80 and fans about the BEGIN. CD cover. Moore took the cover photo and designed the cover for David. She also did the cover for The Civil Wars’ Barton Hollow CD. 

    @K_80 Are u sure about David A cover?  Eyes are too light and scary, to be honest. Can you give us choices then fans vote for the best?

    @joableeson ha, well that’s what the kid looks like. sorry if it’s scary.

    @K_80 were the eyes photoshopped or was he staring into a light?

    @0o0bluedots0o0 staring into the light. (he is an angel, you know)

    @K_80 I have to ask… Did you put the 5 o’clock shadow on @DavidArchie’s BEGIN. cover or is it natural? He looks so manly. :)

    @northernangel1 @DavidArchie hahahaha. lord, i wish i had the skills to turn a boy into a man.  that’s all D-Arch.

  • Anonymous

     Katie did not take the cover photo. She just designed the cover. Someone named Russ is the person who took the cover photo as well as the other pictures from the album. David’s manager was asked about the photographer and she tweeted about it.

  • Anonymous

     I’m glad to see that the tracklist was correct.  I am very interested in hearing David’s covers of these songs.

  • djafan

    More revealing tweets.  David A playing piano on some and an orchestra too.

    Bonnie ?@archftw:disqus @kariontour Does @DavidArchie play piano on any songs on BEGIN.?

    Kari Sellards ?@kariontour@archftw @DavidArchie yes he does.

    Maureen_#DA2014 ?@Maureen_abms:disqus @kariontour Is an orchestra used in any of the songs on BEGIN.?

    Kari Sellards ?@kariontour@Maureen_abms yes, on a few of the songs.

  • http://twitter.com/germanyet lct

    Archie has grown up nicely!  Can’t wait to hear his version of Beautiful, Somewhere Only We Know, & Pride In the Name of Love! 

  • Anonymous

    Good move that he’s releasing this album while away. It won’t need him in person for promotion.  I’m curious of some of those covers and will listen; David has such a gorgeous voice

  • tomr

    Where will it be sold?  I hope not only online.

  • Anonymous

    Deseret Book Stores for sure and on line.  Haven’t heard anything else yet.
    Hope they sell it like GCT which also was available on I tunes, PBS etc.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Love the cover!  Love that he is providing so much for the fans in his absence.  Such an interesting collection of covers–can’t wait to see what he does with them.

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisRSantiago Chris Santiago

    I’m pretty sure the album’s title foreshadows a new beginning for David musically and philosophically, as I think he has always wanted to write inspirational music,  but couldn’t because of record label demands and whatnot.  This album might serve as a sort of platform for what he wants to do with his future releases.
    I’m surprised by most of what’s in here, but when I saw the first track, I jumped with joy.  I actually really, really want to hear his cover of Beautiful; that is my all-time favorite song, and ever since I heard his voice, I’ve wanted to hear what he would do with that song.  I think it has his name written all over it, and I find it more coincidental than surprising considering I just recently performed the song for a show.  I don’t think it should be compared much with Xtina’s version considering he’s a guy and all, but he has the range to at least span a C or C# major arrangement for this song, so I know I won’t be disappointed at all.

    Personally, I’m a bit surprised that there is only one original song in here; I’m guessing he’s been saving them for an 8th album being released the next year.  Not that I care whether he does covers or not; he makes you feel like you’re listening to these songs for the very first time.  That’s something that a lot of artists don’t have.

  • tomr

    Thank you.  I’ll definitely want to get it however I can.

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisRSantiago Chris Santiago

    Of course; I agree 100%.  American’s think quality over quantity; even if your own original song sucks, it’s automatically good under American standards simply because it’s ‘original’ no matter how disposable or forgettable it is.  Instead of inspiring artist development by first learning how to properly interpret songs, they encourage you to write without knowing what you’re doing, and so we have this abysmal crap playing on radio stations made by these people who think they’re too good for covers.  The scary thing is I know people like this in real life who think they are too good for that stuff, and when they end up writing their own material, it’s all monotonous and one-dimensional.