Daughtry Will Perform Free Live Concert 8/19 at JFK Jet Blue Terminal

Will you be flying Jet Blue from New York’s JFK airport on Thursday August 19th? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck.

Jet Blue will be treating customers traveling through Terminal 5 at JFK to a free live show of Daughtry that day.

I’ll spare you the Steven Slater jokes. I with that nutbag’s 15 minutes were up already, but I digress…

There’s no scheduled time for the concert, and it’s past security check points, so you have to be lucky to catch the 30 minute performance.

Read the Press Release:

The concert will take place post-security in the Marketplace at T5 and is not available for public purchase, but customers traveling on JetBlue through Terminal 5 at JFK will be privy to the free 30-minute show. New York’s hometown airline, through various radio partners, will also award 20 lucky winners and their guests exclusive access to the post-security event at JFK for Daughtry’s Live from T5 performance.

“We’re excited to have Daughtry perform as part of our Live from T5 series, giving our customers unique entertainment experiences and the chance to see great performers live,” said Robin Hayes, chief commercial officer at JetBlue Airways. “We are committed to keeping the JetBlue experience fresh and innovative in flight and on the ground — and we know Daughtry is going to be a big hit with all the lucky people at T5 on August 19th.”

JetBlue’s Live from T5 concert series debuted in 2009 with performances by Dan Dyer, Nicole Atkins, American Princes, Alberta Cross and Justin Townes Earle, among others. JetBlue also hosted its first-ever Silent Disco with DJ Mark of Vhs or Beta, to celebrate Halloween in 2009. The concert series was developed in partnership with Superfly Marketing Group – a division of New York-based Superfly Presents – a multi-dimensional entertainment and marketing company with expertise in strategy development, creative programming, and lifestyle event production. Live from T5 features hand-picked emerging artists from around the U.S. on select Thursdays throughout the year. This year started in spectacular fashion, with Sarah McLachlan opening at T5, while promoting her new album, Laws of Illusion.

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  • OvenMitt

    That’s actually hella cool. I love that idea: serenaded at the airport, hehe!

  • koshka

    Why are they doing this? Aren’t airports craptastic places to be to begin with. I think its cool for lesser knowns or folks that are not a big draw, but all I can see is fighting my way through the crowd of people all staring up at Daughtry. Ugh.

  • BootStar


  • http://www.mtvnews.com jambajim

    And of all places, the JETBLUE TERMINAL AT JFK??? That’s the WORST terminal I’ve ever been to. The 3 times I’ve flown out there since they revamped it, it’s taken me at least 90 minutes just to get through security. (One time over 2 hours!) Every single person there was literally sprinting to catch their plane. The idea that people would have time to stop and watch a concert is laughable to me. :)

    In theory, it’s a neat oddball corporate gig.

  • Joyed

    And of all places, the JETBLUE TERMINAL AT JFK??? That’s the WORST terminal I’ve ever been to.

    LOL, that is one of my favorite terminals and I think it has a fun vibe. I always arrive over an hour early when I fly JetBlue and try to eat a nice sit down meal at one of the restaurants when I have to fly. (Besides, the new terminal is better than having to take the shuttle to the trailers they used to have during the terminal construction!)

    That said, performing at an airport, really?! I mean, I’m sure they are getting paid well, but it really isn’t ideal IMO. I can’t imagine wanting to listen to a concert when dealing with traveling stress, but who knows, maybe it’ll be fun?

    Hopefully someone will report on how it went, haha.

  • Shorty

    Glad you like T5 Joyed. Hubby had a huge hand in the design and building of the terminal The Daughtry concert is part of the Live at T5 concert series. Customers win free flights, tickets to the concerts and other goodies.

    I imagine Daughtry is getting paid pretty well for this 30 minute gig. I’ll be there so I’ll report back the next day.

  • Joyed

    Hubby had a huge hand in the design and building of the terminal

    That is so cool! You can tell him that I travel a lot and it is definitely one of my favorites that I have been to :)

    I’ll be there so I’ll report back the next day.

    Awesome! I can’t wait to hear what your impression is of the crowd and the vibe of the concert. Have fun!

  • Shorty

    Sort of off topic, but since you’re interested Joyed. The Food Network filmed an episode of “The Next Great Food Network Star” there last year. One of the Food Network TV chefs (can’t remember his name) helped plan the restaurants there. Ted Allen eats at one of them all the time. Here’s a blurb:

    Aeronuova, a modernistic Italian trattoria by Mario Batali protege Mark Ladner; 5IVESTEAK , a steak house with a bar by Michael Coury, concept chef for OTG Management; Piquillo , a Spanish tapas bar by Alexandra Raij, formerly of Tia Pol in Chelsea; La Vie , a French brasserie by Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr (of Balthazar and Pastis); and Deep Blue , an Asian restaurant and sushi bar by Michael Schulson (ex of Buddakan). In another part of the terminal is Revolucion , a truly authentic Mexican restaurant by Roberto Santibanez, formerly of Rosa Mexicano.

    Okay, back to Daughtry.

  • Nina1

    Is it me or is this just bizarre? I don’t get it.

  • Valley

    Well logistically it makes sense, since Chris and the band will be performing on the Today Show the following morning. According to the press release from Jet Blue this is their second annual concert series (Sara Bareilles performed at the first), so it must have worked well enough to repeat.

  • Keel

    Obviously Daughtry and Sara Bareilles are super successful so they must be getting paid big bucks, but I am still thoroughly WTF?!? about all this. I mean, how do they even thank the crowd for coming to see the show. . . it’s not like the crowd would have had a choice. They had to be there or they’d miss their flight. And why would they want to play to that particular type of captive audience — some of whom may actually not appreciate the music because maybe they were hoping for some quiet time to catch up on emails or call their families to give a status update. Now, they’ll have to go elsewhere so they can even here.

  • JJ123

    Shorty ~ I’m so happy you’ll be reporting back! I’m surprised and I’m not lol All I can say is that Daughtry has never been too proud for any gig. It’s kind of funny because no matter how successful they are they still act like they’re a new struggling band and that’s what I love about them. They treat the fans with tons of appreciation and respect and are always happy to just be performing!

  • mikeyb

    That picture is another reminder that tight pants and men do not go together outside the realm of fetish wear and drag. Yes, this applies to also to Kris and David A. I can’t wait until that fashion trend goes away.