Danny Noriega To Compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race 6



We’ve been covering the LOGO drag queen competition, RuPaul’s Drag Race here on the blog. But now, there’s a compelling reason to pay attention.

American Idol season 7 alum, Danny Noriega, will compete on the next cycle of the show, in which fabulous drag queens compete in front of host RuPaul and a panel of judges for a $100,000 prize.

Yes, since his run on American Idol in 2008, Danny has been performing in drag as his alter ego, Adore Delano, and is as sassy as you may remember him as a Top 24 contestant. Danny was never afraid to dish it to Simon, who was particularly tough on the 18 year old contesant.

Danny ALMOST made it to the finals. He was cut at Top 16 after a performance of “Tainted Love.”

RuPaull’s Drag Race returns to LOGO TV in February.

Check out Danny’s act, and an American Idol refresher, below.

Adore performs Dancing on My Own

Adore performs Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own”

What Drag Means to Me

Danny explains why he does drag, and that basically, the haterz can shut it. A pretty funny takedown of naysayers.

American Idol – Jailhouse Rock – 60’s Week

Simon, clearly loved it when Danny gave him attitude

American Idol – Tainted Love – 80s Week

Danny was eliminated after this performance.

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  • Ronnie D

    Well, it sort of makes sense that his career would go in this trajectory lol. Last I heard of him, he was hanging out with Chris Crocker (of all people)!


  • Landon Cox


  • usedtobelucy

    Love it. Smart. Great singing, too.

  • Montavilla

    Yayyy! I’m so glad we have Adore to root for!

    As a confession, I loved Danny and his sassy attitude. I was so disappointed when he was eliminated. (Although, I can’t disagree with the cut. There were a lot of talented people that year.)

  • Call_girl

    Not only is Danny “Adore Delano” going to be so entertaining to watch we are going to see someone who can actually sing. I am so excited for this. Danny is the Viewers Choice Vote winner this year. He was also the winner last season but they didnt have a Plus size. I hope he makes it far. I have started to see some of the contestants this year and its going to be a Hott Race!

  • Call_girl

    I cant remember that season but I am so heart broken. I am sure someone could have been switched out. lol

  • Call_girl


  • Call_girl

    Another Performance!

  • Montavilla

    It was Season Seven.

  • Call_girl

    i would say Chikezie Eze. If you couldnt remember what he sang or who he was maybe Danny could have taken his spot LOL

  • Porfivor Nixon

    He’s been trying to get on for awhile, I hope he makes the most of it.

  • Raymar Casillas

    I see you got my tweet, MJ. ;-)

  • Raymar Casillas

    I am super excited! Danny was my personal fav from Season 7 and I’ve followed his career in drag since he started.

    Can’t wait til February. Team Adore!!! :D

  • http://www.mjsbigblog.com/ mjsbigblog

    Yes. :). You can contact me at mjsbigblog at gmail dot com

  • dreamr

    Hahaha. I loooved Danny during Idol! I remember being so disappointed when he was eliminated because I really loved his performance of “Tainted Love”. XD

    I haven’t been following him since he was eliminated, but I’m glad that he’s still being his sassy self. Good luck in the competition, Danny/Adore! :)

  • Rococo


    There are rumors about him making it to at least the top 6. Some people say he made into the top 3. I highly doubt it, but seeing his performances AFTER finishing drag race you can tell he’s now relatively polished. He definitely made the most of it and learned from the experience, even if he didn’t win.

    ALSO NOTEWORTHY: Courtney Act, a contestant from the first season of Australian Idol in 2003, is also a contestant on Rupaul’s Drag Race this time around. From what I can tell, a big chunk of the queens this upcoming season are live performers (Kelly Mantle, Adore, Courtney, and I believe Laganja and Darienne Lake also perform live). It will be interesting to see how that will affect the challenges.

  • wonderings

    Sounds like fun! Danny was entertaining on idol – loved the Simon-sass.

  • EvenMoreron

    I remember being mad that Chikeze went through instead of Danny, but then Chikeze had that fantastic rendition of “She’s a Woman” the week after and all was right. Speaking of Mr. Eze, what happened to him and his legal troubles?

  • milwlovesadam

    I really liked Danny on Idol, and was sorry to see him go. After watching the videos posted in this thread, I just love his spirit, and his attitude. His voice is fantastic, and I look forward to RuPaul. This looks like a great season, but I do wonder if there will be lip synching or live singing challenges?? I would hate to see a voice like his lip synching to Cher or Ru’s songs.