Danny Gokey New Songs and MORE From the Sophia’s Heart Cruise

Danny Gokey appeared at his first annual concert cruise for Sophia’s Heart Foundation February 4-7, 2011. He and his band performed two acoustic concerts during the cruise, and our Steph 6449 was there with her camera to capture all of the action.

Danny performed a new song called “Faith, Hope and Love” and played a recorded copy of another new song called “Gimme a Kiss.”

Danny hasn’t confirmed either of these new songs as a single or a definite for the album, but these are examples of Danny’s co-writing efforts. In this case, with Brandon Fraley, the music director/keyboard player/ background singer in Danny’s band. (Possibly other co-writers, but Brandon was named for both.)

New covers Danny performed were “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn and “Don’t Take the Girl” by Tim McGraw. Danny also did a few tunes that he hasn’t done since the AI Tour like “My Wish” and “Don’t Stop Believing.”

During the cruise Danny said that he will be in the studio within the next few days, working again with Mark Bright who produced Danny’s first album. As of the cruise date, he said they hadn’t yet chosen his next single.

Reporting by Steph6449

Videos after the JUMP…

Tiny Life

My Wish

Gimme a Kiss

Faith, Hope, and Love

Don’t Stop Believing

Boot Scootin’ Boogie

I Will Not Say Goodbye

Don’t Take the Girl

  • PerfectStorm

    OK, let me be say that I love, love, love Gimme A Kiss. Danny said it best – it’s really catchy and does really well on the dance floor. This is who Danny is as a performer. This is why his live shows have been so popular. Danny and his band seem to be having a blast performing it. I personally would love to see this as his next single. It’s the kind of song that I can see getting a big reception if he performs it on AI.

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa FISTBUMP!!!

  • lucysfave

    Others will disagree, but I have to say it: Danny fans are the luckiest fans from Season 8 of Idol. To spend 4 days on a cruise boat, special Meet and Greets, two concerts featuring new music and in a very casual “you are all my friends” vibe? And then there was the opportunity to “Dine with Danny” or be in his inner circle to watch his team, the Green Bay Packers, win the Superbowl AND raise money for Sophia’s Heart!

    It was a fan’s dream come true! Danny and the band’s fun personalities were on display the whole time. A very special event.

    I love hearing the new music that Danny is co-writing— Love it! And who knew that the country song “Boot Scootin Boogie” was smack dab in Danny’s vocal wheel house?

  • girlygirl

    Looks like this cruise was a good time and was nice for the fans to get a chance to hang out with a very relaxed Danny and raise some money for SH. And new music — cool!

    I couldn’t hear Gimme A Kiss real clearly, but it has a nice upbeat melody to it. I wonder if it is something country radio would play? — as I say, I couldn’t hear it real well, but it didn’t sound all that country to me. Maybe someone who was on the cruise or who has better computer speakers can tell me whether they think it would be something country stations would be interested in?

    I’m not a big fan of what I call “inspirational” songs, so I wasn’t really feeling “Faith, Hope and Love”. This is just a personal thing with me — has little to do with the song itself. I’m sure lots of people will like it, though.

  • steph6449

    girlygirl, the sound wasn’t extremely clear in person for Gimme a Kiss but it definitely seemed like a fun upbeat song. It sounded country/pop-ish to me. Someone I was with thought it reminded her of a Keith Urban type song.

    I liked Faith, Hope and Love. Lyrically it is on similar themes as It’s Only last year, but I thought FHL has a catchier style and it was very pretty with Danny’s voice accompanied by Jamie. He commented at one point that he liked it as it uses his range.

    Danny and band members said that members of the band were participating in some respects in his process for the new album, along presumably with various Nashville session players. To include spending time in the studio though their parts may not all make the final album tracks depending on what Mark Bright decides he wants.

    My belief is that the track they played of Gimme a Kiss may be a demo, probably with Danny’s band members behind it as at least two of them have studios and have done some production work. But I’m not completely positive. Danny said he had not started recording yet (as of last weekend) for his next album/single, but would be going into the studio with Mark “next week.”

    ETA: Another possibility though could be that Gimme a Kiss was recorded for the tv film that is licensing Danny’s music. Danny told a fan that one new song would be on the film, and also that he had been taped singing two of his My Best Days songs when he went down that time for filming in NM.

    Matt who sings with Danny on Don’t Stop Believing is Danny’s lead guitar player, very popular with fans. This is the first time he’s been heard doing any type of solo parts, though he has participated occasionally on background vocals in their live sets when they want a bigger sound.

  • Indigobunting

    Girly girl, my thoughts were similar to yours.

    Faith, hope and love is an inspirational song. It was very pretty, I know a lot of fans like it. The inspirational songs aren’t my favorites of Danny’s- I like the rockier, upbeat and romantic songs. I guess I will see what the produced version sounds like.
    He did say this album would be more “romantic”.

    Like Perfect Storm, I did Love, love, love “Gimme A Kiss”. It was just a demo track made by the band. When they played it in Vegas at the country bar, I guess everyone was two stepping to it, so I guess it is country enough.
    It did sound quite poppish to me (at first, I wasn’t even sure it was Danny’s voice but it isn’t the best recording), although my thoughts too, were that it sounded like something Keith Urban would sing. The band is clearly liking the song and is psyched to start playing it.

    A fan did say that two Album #1 songs would be sung by Danny on the film and that the Gimme A Kiss would be the background music at one point. I’m not a fan of TV movies, but of course I’m excited to see this one! The starring actress said you will be able to get it on DVD also, so that will be great for Danny’s fans! I hope that’s true.

    Who knows what will end up on the album. Interesting that the only two leaked songs were the ones Danny and Keyboardist Brandon Fraley wrote. We haven’t heard any of the songs co written with more established Nashville writers he’s been working with. Which kind of makes me wonder if one of those non publicized songs will be his single. Sounds like they are still hashing it out. We will know in about a month though, it sounds like it!

    I am not a hard core traditional country fan but I have to say I loved that Boot Scootin Boogie one he did and danced to! Can’t wait to see it in concert with the full band. Justin (steel player) didn’t come because this was acoustic, but Danny said next year they want it to be full band, as well as have additional country artists (he said he already he has some in mind he will ask).

  • Indigobunting

    For any potential interested parties, I would like to give a little plug for the cruise.

    I participated, and although I was quite leery of taking a vacation with a bunch of crazed fans (of course I’m not one of them!) I am very happy I went. It was a bargain and a blast.

    Two very relaxed concerts (they took requests and sang a lot of snippets just off the cuff) were very fun. Danny was on vacation and it showed- he was kidding around and kept us laughing as well as musically entertained.

    We had a lot of access to Danny and band- in fact (the band more than Danny)- they sat down at our table to talk to us at midnight buffet, danced with us at the club, sat amongst us for dinner. Although there were reports of Danny running on the track or eating breakfast etc, as a whole fans were respectful and gave them their space. We were asked not to approach them when they were eating etc, and most people complied.

    The auctions to benefit Sophias Heart were very fun- dinner with Danny, private serenade by Danny or Brandon, watching the SuperBowl with the band. In addition there were items up- CDS, signed posters by other country artists like The Band Perry, Jason Aldean, Sara Evans, as well as American Idol caps and jewelry he wore on the show and the tshirt he was wearing on the cruise. A guitar was auctioned off- autographed by Chris Young, Jake Owen, Sara Evans and of course Danny. I did participate in one of the “be with Danny events” up for auction and it was very comfortable and fun.

    Danny will host a segment of Great American Country on TV where they will feature snippets (the magazine Country Weekly and GAC were both there filming) from the cruise.

    They are already planning next year’s cruise and he will ask some other country artists along to perform on the cruise, in addition to Danny and the band :)

  • Katlee

    Love “Gimme a kiss” and I love Danny’s voice on ballads so I also love “Faith, Hope, Love”. Thank you for posting the video’s, watched each one and enjoyed every minute. Can’t wait to see him in concert again. You just can’t believe the energy this guy gives off on stage.

  • steph6449

    Who knows what will end up on the album. Interesting that the only two leaked songs were the ones Danny and Keyboardist Brandon Fraley wrote. We haven’t heard any of the songs co written with more established Nashville writers he’s been working with

    It could be that that one or both of these songs has one of the established songwriters as a third co-writer, in addition to Danny and Brandon?

    I was surprised that Brandon was involved with both songs, but I think that’s a good thing as he’s been very good with Danny’s band and collaborating with Danny to come up with their approach for performing songs off MBD and the handful of covers at live shows.

    I get the feeling that the B&D cover is soon to join Danny’s regular concert setlist. I enjoyed it too.

    Not sure about Don’t Take the Girl. I actually hate Tim McGraw’s original version of that song, lol; sooooo sappy :? But I enjoyed Danny’s, the rougher edges on his vocals made it more interesting. Plus too funny that he cut the lyrics short and give it a happy ending :)

    ETA: It also could be that they chose to do two new songs which had Brandon’s involvement, as that fit the intimate setting of the cruise with Danny, Brandon, Brandon’s wife Jamie, and the other band members. Brandon also did the cute song indigobunting referred to. I didn’t record it, but it was fun, and nice to see him singing the lyrics about missing his wife when she travels, with Jamie actually looking on. Awww.

  • desy

    Others will disagree, but I have to say it: Danny fans are the luckiest fans from Season 8 of Idol. To spend 4 days on a cruise boat, special Meet and Greets, two concerts featuring new music and in a very casual “you are all my friends” vibe?

    I agree, you are one lucky bunch, enjoying time with Danny and supporting a worthy cause at the same time!!!
    I love both new songs in a different way. I think Gimme A Kiss is radio-friendly, while Faith,Hope & Love is inspiring like It’s Only or Tiny Life, but it showcased his voice and his range better than the 2 from his first album.
    Thanks for sharing the videos, loved them all!!!

  • Lucy1234

    Thanks for the videos Steph. I wish I could have been one of the fans who went on the cruise but cruise ships and I don’t get along – get sea sick. Sounds like everyone had a fantastic time and got some informal, up and close contact with Danny. Love the intimate and relaxed setting all for a great cause. Kudos to Danny and his fans. Looking forward to some footage from Country Weekly and GAC and can’t wait for the new music from Danny.

  • JosieX

    As a Danny fan, this cruise was just the coolest thing. Hearing the new songs was a highlight, I love them, and Danny’s voice sounded so gorgeous on Faith, Hope and Love, which is the one he sang live.

    In the past months I’ve heard him go from saying he was nervous about starting songwriting, to being very excited and happy about how it was going. And I got to hear these songs, with him, and tell him personally how great I thought he sounded and see him smile at that. I just keep getting more impressed with him all the time. His band is great too, I have had the chance to talk with all of them and they are SO nice. I was going to joke that Danny must make that part of their job description but they all really do just come across as very nice people, which makes perfect sense that Danny would want to surround himself with people like that. The cruise was a very fun experience, I hope to do it again next year.

    Thanks for taking and sharing the videos Steph, and thanks for the post mj!

  • steph6449

    I love both new songs in a different way. I think Gimme A Kiss is radio-friendly, while Faith,Hope & Love is inspiring like It’s Only or Tiny Life, but it showcased his voice and his range better than the 2 from his first album.

    Of the three slower ones, I think Tiny Life for me is the best to show his voice. But I think Faith, Hope and Love has more of a nice flowing, catchy chorus. Where Tiny Life kind of spirals up, which works very well in live performance. I also like It’s Only, lol. Though I kind of burned myself out listening to it when for a while it was the only new song of Danny’s we had heard.

  • toonces1966

    I didn’t get to attend this year’s cruise, but it sounds like a blast was had by all, and it was really a fan’s dream come true to get to see Danny and his band in such a relaxed atmosphere and get a lot of up close and personal face time with him. Danny is really wonderful to his fans, and of course this being for charity made it extra special.

    I was quite impressed with both the new songs. Danny is showing his skills as a songwriter now, and I must say he is proving to be quite good at this too. FH&L is a beautiful song, very Danny Gokey, and very reminiscent of both “It’s Only” and “Tiny Life.” I love the fact that this song shows off his range so well, and the harmonies with his backup singer Jamelle are just beautiful.

    But my favorite is “Gimme A Kiss,” and like others, I thought it sounded very much like a Keith Urban song, “I Kissed A Girl” especially. It’s exactly the sort of song Danny needs now to get to the next level, and I really hope it is the next single because I think it’s got a great hook, is radio friendly, romantic, and doesn’t have any special message. It’s just a fun, upbeat song that gets stuck in your head. If he can get past the annoying PDs and gatekeepers, I think he could have a hit on his hands, which is what he needs. Danny is learning a lot and learning it fast. I wonder how much of these songs he actually wrote himself, and if he wrote the music as well as the lyrics.

    I can’t wait to find out what 3 songs are being used in the movie. I heard one new one and two from his current album. I hope one of the ones they use is “Crazy Not To” because it’s such a perfect song for a romantic comedy. He also has a few speaking lines.

  • Lucy1234

    Wanted to add that I really like Gimmie A Kiss. The song is catchy and fun and sounds country-pop to me. I could see it as a first single from Danny’s sophomore album. Can’t wait to find out what song he and his label end up choosing. Good times ahead for Danny and his fans.

  • RightNow

    Gimme A Kiss is the type of song I always wanted to hear from Danny. Even though he is known more for the ballads, I personally have always felt his voice was so well suited for the upbeat, uptempo songs. Gimme A Kiss has all the makings of a popular radio song – it has a great hook to it, it’s romantic and fun. I know Danny is now in the studio and I think it would be a kick if Brandon Fraley, Ivan Santiago and Matt Revere got to do some recording for Danny’s album.

  • certain1

    I liked “Gimme a Kiss” and remembering that it was a possible demo means that the instrumentation can really change the dynamic of the song. This is a definitely a concert song :)

  • Indigobunting

    I think it would be a kick if Brandon Fraley, Ivan Santiago and Matt Revere got to do some recording for Danny’s album.

    They will!

    He told us cruisers that his band would play on the album, which made me very happy. They are great together, all great musicians and appear very bonded, so anything that helps them make more $$ and stay together is a great idea.

    I wouldn’t imagine they will play on the whole thing, but Danny definitely said they would play on it.

    I wish I could remember all the info he gave us- you know Danny likes to talk and he did a lot of it, which was fine by me :)

  • Indigobunting

    I can’t wait to find out what 3 songs are being used in the movie

    Someone just spilled the beans; Danny told them at dinner.

    He will sing “Crazy Not To” (yeah! :) ) and “Be Somebody” in Truth Be Told.

    The new song “Gimme A Kiss” will be background/theme -whatever you call it music for the movie.

  • man5ell

    I was lucky to hear the demo for Gimme a Kiss one time prior to the cruise while I was in a very crowded Country nightclub, and for anyone doubting that it is country, the whole place was dancing like mad…yes, doing the two step. The club was loud and crazy so words were not easily heard but the melody has been in my brain every single day since. Faith, Hope and Love is great but I absolutely love Gimme a Kiss!!! I am so grateful it was played on the cruise so I could actually hear it better.

  • happyhexer

    I could be wrong about this, but I suspect there were legal reasons why the two new songs we heard on the cruise were songs cowritten by Danny and his keyboardist, Brandon Fraley. It is my understanding that you can cover a song after it is recorded but not before. And although Danny singing a song he cowrote with other songwriters may not be what is generally thought of as a “cover,” the likelihood is that Danny would have had to get permission from the other co-songwriters and may have had to pay them a fee. (Copyright issues, etc.) In contrast, as long as both Danny and Brandon were agreeable, they could perform the new songs. For that reason, I doubt that any other songwriters were involved in those songs.