Danny Gokey, Kris Allen Jamar Rogers Cruise to the Bahamas (VIDEOS)

Last week, Kris Allen, Jamar Rogers and more joined Danny Gokey on a cruise to the Bahamas to raise money for Danny’s foundation, Sophia’s Heart.

All three were contestants on American Idol season 8, but Jamar also appeared on The Voice season 2.

Danny sings “Pretty Young Thing” and “Signed Sealed and Delivered” with a little help from his friends. Check it out below.

Signed Sealed and Delivered

Pretty Young Thing

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  • http://twitter.com/crackletlightin B

    First time I ever really listened to Danny sing – I think he has a good voice but I’m not into his style.

  • girlygirltoo

    They were having a lot of fun on that cruise, from what I’ve seen of the videos.

  • nyc57

    I went on the cruise and i really had a great time.This was on the last day,the only day they performed together and they took turns.Kris and Jamar did a nice cover of Killing Me Softly.They ended it with a church song called Here i Am to Worship.I’m not familiar with church music but it was very nicely done.

    The woman at the end was a backup singer for Carrie Underwood and she has a beautiful voice.She and her husband,who is a very talented musician, are called Two Story Road.

    There was an auction for a request song and Kris ended up singing 3,including the demo Love too Much and 2 songs from Brand New Shoes,Running and Land Of Smiles.There are lots of videos on UT of them.

    The highlight of the trip was having dinner with Kris,Sean, and Cale.I had never met Cale before and he really is a lovely man.They all are really.

  • MissMyEm

    I liked Danny when he was on.  Also met him at the Idol Tour party when they were in L.A. and thought he was very sweet and amiable.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R37UM43PITK7QU5SHTDWSU7SNA emme

    I’m surprised Danny didn’t sing Dream On…you know things are bad when you are singing on a cruise and the other AI alums have TV shows, are winning Grammys and CMAs, sell out Asian/European tours and have top ten hits. Sad day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Mitchell/515077335 Eric Mitchell

     To be fair it is a charity event.

  • http://twitter.com/dy7764 dy

    And an annual one at that for the foundation Danny created.

  • lucysfave

    I agree Dy, Nyc57 and Eric.  It was a great opportunity for their fans to get to see their favorite artists in a completely different way– and help out Danny’s charity.  I think everyone had a great time.  All of the artists/musicians sounded great, seemed to enjoy the camaraderie and put a lot into their performances.

  • nyc57

    I was not really a fan of his,although I certainly didn’t hate him, but Danny was surprisingly likable in person.He has a beautiful wife and baby and seems very happy.

  • Indigobunting

     Wow, all those hundreds of AI Alum with those awards sure are accomplished;)

    This wasn’t a paying income generating cruise-none of the artists involved have done that before as far as I have heard.

    It was a charity cruise for Danny’s Sophia’s Heart Org. as stated above.  And I’m sure Kris and Jamar donated their time to help out- how wonderful they did that.

    I admire people who not only give $$ but large chunks of their time to help others-kudos to all involved!

  • steph6449

    I didn’t attend this year but did the two prior years. This is a fun event, and raises money for Sophia’s Heart. I think it’s great any time artists donate their time and talents to help raise funds for causes that they feel strongly about. 

    In particular the cruises support the SH Compassion Nashville project which has been standing up a transitional facility for homeless and other families in need; Nashville reportedly is under-served for this cause, with very few programs that have beds to take in new clients, especially when families are trying to stay intact despite their hardships. SH has a big burden to keep the doors open and mature its program; it takes a lot of money to run annually even just for the building operations.

    As an example of what this is trying to support:

    ?Yesterday, ?March ?04, ?2013, ??10:47:23 PM | Danny Gokey
    A single mom and her daughter were victims of domestic violence which left them homeless. Today we moved into them into Sophia’s Heart Foundation!! Thank you to all our partners and donors who make this possible. Because of you they are in a safe place!

    Also I would just add while it will be easier to gauge where he stands career-wise once he comes out with his new album and 2013 tour plans, Danny has not been entirely inactive despite his recent secret label-shopping and songwriting mode. He’s done various charity events and other semi-private appearances over the past year or so. And continues to have collateral ventures like his eyewear line and recently announced book deal.

    ETA: At fan request, Danny did actually sing Dream On at last year’s cruise. It sounded pretty decent :P

  • http://twitter.com/krisjonin Jonins

    Well said :)

  • Happyhexer

    Didn’t get a chance to post when this thread was live, but I also was on Danny’s SH cruise.  I thought everyone got along really well and had fun.  I met a few Kris fans, although I’m not sure nyc57 was among them, since we tended to use our real names on the cruise and not our Internet handles. 

    That was my first Kris concert and I enjoyed it immensely.  One funny thing that happened was I went up to Kris to explain that I was becoming a fan.  As I told him how much I loved TYC, I high-fived him — on the hand with the broken wrist!  I didn’t hit his hand hard, but geez, I was embarrassed.  Kris was so sweet.  He hugged me!

    * * * * * * * * *

    Yes, Danny did perform “Dream On” during the second cruise — at his fans request.  :=D

  • Happyhexer

    Danny generally is likeable, although sometimes he can be a little clueless.  He means well and is good to his fans.  And has killer vocals, which is the most important thing to me. 

  • nyc57

    I don’t know if we met but all the fans really did get along well and were appreciative of all the artists.It made for a very pleasant trip.