Danny Gokey – Another New Music Preview (AUDIO)

American Idol alum, Danny Gokey, shares a sneak peek of a new song, from his EP coming out at the end of the month.

Danny told the  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his forthcoming 6 or 7 song EP would feature several different styles.  This new tune sounds similar to the pop country that made up his debut album, My Best Days.  I wonder what else Danny has in store for the new EP?

Check it out below.

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  • http://twitter.com/desireechick kesia monteith

    I don’t understand why Danny just simply do soul music. Isn’t that is what portrayed himself as on the show? I mean, when he auditioned with “Through the Grapevine”, I thought he sounded great. I mean, if he ends up going into Christian music, that makes a whole lot of sense, too. This dabbling here and there with genres does not really make sense to me.  

  • Anonymous

    Nice that Danny got to really record this song. We heard the demo recording last year. wonder if this is oone of the songs he will do tonight at the Opry.

  • Indigobunting

    “I don’t understand why Danny just simply do soul music.”

    I assume you mean why doesn’t he just simply do soul music?  I think Danny is singing what he wants to sing ;)

    This song is pop country, very similar to his prior work on his first album.  Danny and Brandon (his keyboardist) wrote the song.

    But his voice is very versatile and he can sing a lot of different types of music.  Who knows if he will be successful trying to mix different sounds with country?  Time will tell.  I personally think he has a rough road ahead……like the vast majority of Idols, to be honest.

    I would imagine he will sing some pop country at his performance (his 14th to date) at the Opry tonight.  He’s due to come on within the next 15 minutes.


  • steph6449

    As far as the “soul music” – I think Danny identifies himself very strongly as a soulful-styled singer. He’s been applying that in the context of soulful country music.

    This song in Danny’s YT video today is called Gimme a Kiss. It must have been written sometime in 2010, as it was originally reputed to be planned for the soundtrack to Truth Be Told —- the tv movie in which Danny had a cameo performing early last year. He wanted it to be on his second album when he was working with RCA, so it’s not surprising it is in the plans for the new EP concept.

    Danny and his music director / keyboard player / background vocalist / friend Brandon Fraley are co-writers for this song. If there are other co-writers, I don’t believe any names have come to light. It is meant as pop country (Keith Urban vein as one comparison, which for me puts it more over into the lighter pop side of country than anything Danny had on his debut album). 

    The other new song snippet he released, which mj posted last month, had a country co-writer. So…so far everything has been somewhere in the spectrum of country, and Danny’s comments at the Opry didn’t give any reason this evening to think he has some other radical scheme in mind. Danny performed an additional song at the Opry this evening that he said would be on his EP. It’s called Faith Hope and Love, and is a country-ish song that has a theme on faith and charity. That’s another song that he and Brandon wrote some time back.

    Unlike Gimme a Kiss, Danny hadn’t performed FHL in concert until tonight, except to fans on his charity concert cruise. Vs. Gimme a Kiss that was part of Danny’s concert set on a fairly regular basis last year when he did his own shows.

  • Anonymous

    Danny was very appreciative of country music in his comments at the Opry.  He sang a very country version of I Still Believe, Crazy Not To, and a different co-write of his with Brandon Fraley: Faith, Hope and Love. His voice sounded very good and he received a really nice intro and closing from the announcer.

    I like Gimme a Kiss.  I agree that it is not a bit of a surprise that it is on his upcoming EP.  

  • Indigobunting

    I think he was disappointed that Gimme A Kiss wasn’t the soundtrack for the TV movie, but I’m happy that it will be on the EP.

    Will be interested to hear the whole song.

    He did sound very good at the Opry tonight!

    I do like I Still Believe, which was written by Kara DiGuardia

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1403015987 Sharon Ulrich Davis

    Did I hear him right???  Did he say the EP had some “f-in great songs” on it?  If so, what happened to religious Danny?  I like Danny and don’t mean to be negative, that just surprised me.

  • steph6449

    Lol. No, he just says it will ‘have some’ or has ‘got some’ great songs on it.

    Danny is still plenty religious, not to fear. As is Brandon who was in the video with him.

  • happyhexer

    Kesia, I wouldn’t mind if Danny did soul music.  (Although he’s got me genuinely loving country music — and not just his.)  But I don’t think there’s much of a market for blue-eyed soul right now.  (BTW, that’s my observation, not anything Danny has said.)  I agree that Danny has the kind of voice that can do soul.  His live vocals are to die for, and he has become a dynamic performer with a lot of stage presence.  And Danny can dance!  (Simon was wrong. Or maybe he has taken dance lessons.  :-P  But if so, the lessons worked!)  I have no clue, though, whether Danny could sell soul in other ways.

    Moot point, I guess, since as far as I know, Danny is sticking with country! 

  • happyhexer

    Wasn’t sure whether Sony would allow Danny to use “Gimme a Kiss” or “Faith, Hope, and Love,” since both songs were written while Danny was signed to Sony.  Fingers crossed that Sony lets him use “Win Me Over” too.  Mallary Hope is such a talented songwriter!

  • Indigobunting

    Sharon I didn’t hear anything close to friggin, f-in, or similar….just heard ‘have some great songs’.

    Lol, I actually wouldn’t mind if church boy shocked us a little ;)

    Boy needs to dirty up his image a little and expand his horizons, IMO. :D

    ETA: This is about as ‘dirty’ as he gets, lol! His recent tweet:

    “Danny Gokey?@dannygokeyReply
    I’m in a relationship with sleep and I get some every night.”

  • Anonymous

    I am late to the party, but so pleased that Gimme A Kiss will be on the EP!  I’ve heard Danny sing it live a couple of times and I really like it.