Danielle Bradbery Debuts New Song, “Never Like This” (VIDEO & DEMO)

Danielle Bradbery performs at the Indiana State Fair 8/10/13 photo by Doug McSchooler for the Indianapolis Star

Yesterday at a performance at the Indiana State Fair, Danielle Bradbery debuted a new original tune called “Never Like This.” Written by Steve McEwan, Gordie Sampson, and “The Heart Of Dixie” and “Wasting All These Tears” cowriter Caitlyn Smith, “Never Like This” is a pop-leaning song about falling in love that could double as a coronation song celebrating Danielle’s journey on The Voice.Check out Danielle’s 1st public performance of “Never Like This” here:

Check out Caitlyn Smith’s demo of the song here:

Though the verses are kind of vague and don’t have much of a melody, the big chorus seems tailor-made for Danielle’s voice.

“The Heart Of Dixie” currently sits at #45 on the Billboard Country Airplay charts and #46 on the Mediabase country chart in its 4th week charting, and had sold 100k downloads in 3 weeks (78k in its 1st week, then 15k, then 7k). This is likely the other song Danielle recorded that was under consideration for her lead single. What do you think of “Never Like This,” and would you have preferred it as a single to “The Heart Of Dixie”?

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  • Danielle Fan!

    I like heart of dixie better.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    It’s okay. Not sure Danielle does anything for the song. Meh.

  • Darko_5

    I think the problem is Danielle at this point in her new career is sort of sing by numbers its pretty enough but not much more then that. In time perhaps she will develope some stage presence and interpretation skills to go with her raw talent. In terms of the song I think HOD is better written. But this one sounds more current and what you hear as todays pop country I find HOD a little out dated sounding .

  • SM

    I like this…I think it suits her voice really well. But I think it was smart to release THOD first because it establishes her in the country genre. (I also want here it with a full band…this is acoustic.)

  • http://butterbeanjunction.com/ Connie D

    Cute dress, just perfect!

    Good song that would sound better with a full band. Beginning seemed dull, but of course it was the first time for this song. It will go over well on the Paisley tour, I think.

  • higuys

    I think it’s a fantastic idea to grow Danielle’s fan demographic as teenagers could easily relate. Songs like these are what dominates radio now.

  • Stooch

    It sounds like another decent song. I like this song itself much more than THOD, but how good the song is overall, I will reserve my judgement till I hear the studio of it :)

  • TravelinThru


  • Kaylo17

    She’s so bland. how did she win the voice?

  • Sue tiedemann

    I like Heart of Dixie better. I guess I am not used to Danielle leaning toward the pop sound of the song.

  • macfae

    Brad has a several opening acts so Danielle will probably get a very short set – having 2 of her own songs will be great.

    Curious what the album will sound like – I was expecting all straight country but maybe it was Blake who was pushing for that rather than Danielle. .

  • dd999

    What a difference a studio version will make on this song. Danielle’s vocals are awesome, however this video taken probably with a phone, and of course, just the two guitars, sounds rather tinny and her voice has a whinny sound to it, that I’m sure will not exist with the studio version. I think this song has lots of potential!

  • Dej

    Quite easily.

  • dd999

    Is Danielle going on tour with Brad Paisley? I heard only that she was opening for him on November 14th and just assumed it was a one time event???

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    The demo sounds as if at some point in the mid-1990s, a freak DNA-splicing experiment merged Frente and Faith Hill — which turns out to work a lot better than it sounds on paper.

    Bradbery’s acoustic version… can’t tell, as the stripping down seems to have removed the character of the song. It may be getting its character from production and not strip well, or it may need a more experienced interpreter to make it work acoustic.

  • ptebwwong

    It’s a one time event as of right now. It could increase to more shows in the future. But nothing official has been announced of who she’s touring with.

    I think she’s focusing right now on making songs in the studio for her debut album & maybe doing a few shows here & there.

  • thedeviledadvocate

    She’s been on a radio tour since THOD came out. She hasn’t had time in the studio, but she did pick out her songs for her album. Never Like This was probably the second song she recorded the four days she did spend in the studio right after her winning the Voice. She said she hopes to have her album released in November, so she is going to have to get some studio time pretty soon, or that won’t happen.

  • ptebwwong

    Thanks for the info. I knew she was doing a radio tour. I assumed she’s been in the studio since she expects the album to be out in November & that isn’t a lot of time to make a full album.

  • dd999

    Thanks! I really hope she does eventually tour with Brad Paisley…he puts on a great show!!

  • dd999

    Gosh! it really isn’t a lot of time, when one looks at how much time Cassadee is taking to produce her first album and I don’t think Carrie Underwood’s first album was rushed either, and the result is that every song on that album is good, IMO. Everything with Danielle to date has been keeping her very busy. I hope her album doesn’t suffer because of it!

  • thedeviledadvocate

    It will be fine. She recorded two songs in June, radio tour and choosing and learning songs for album in July, and she will likely hit the studio the latter part of August and most of September, which still leaves October if she hasn’t finished it before then. Remember, she only had 45 minutes of studio time for each of her Voice recordings. Obviously she has a lot more than 45 minutes for her album recordings, but the point is, she doesn’t seem to need a lot of time in the recording studio to turn out songs that sound great.

  • http://butterbeanjunction.com/ Connie D

    Nov 14 Omaha
    Nov 16 St. Paul

  • Flynn950

    ‘Heart of Dixie’ is great, but ‘Never Like This’ is super too! Danielle is the best!

  • http://dbdailynews.tumblr.com/ Brad Bery

    I love the new song! Danielle is going to be around for a long time after this piece of crap blog is gone.

  • Kaylo17

    If that’s true, then this explains why the Voice can’t produce a star. Good voice, but absolutely no emotion. It looked like people in the crowd wanted to fall asleep

  • thedeviledadvocate

    I disagree, it didn’t look like people wanted to go to sleep to me, it looked like they were listening, and the crowd sounded like they were listening, when they hooted and hollered at the end of the first chorus, and then roared after the final like this.

  • WestiesRule

    Good for her. Country is not my cuppa but I like this song stripped down.

  • taptap

    DB looks so youthful compared to Lauren A. who looks so pagenty. LA should rethink her styling pronto.

  • taptap

    Voters of these kind of shows don’t like extreme artists. I think they consider them threatening. Look at the last 6 winners of AI. They like non-sexual females in particular, and even in male artists, imo. They all want to discover a rhianna, or a Jlo, but these kind of artists, who are successful among mainstream music buyers, wouldn’t get through the voters of those shows.

  • surpriseleft

    She won because The Voice is only good for producing one-dimensional cookie cutter clones of artists who are already successful, and Danielle fit the bill perfectly. Amber Carrington was the real talent on The Voice this season.

  • gem2477

    Carrie’s first album was released the following fall, so she had abt 3-4 mnths

  • gem2477

    Carrie’s first album was released the following fall, so she had abt 3-4 mnths

  • dd999

    Thanks! I thought it took longer for Carrie to release her album, but with all the info given here, it appears that the recording of Danielle’s album is given lots of time. Looking forward to its release!!!

  • Paris Frazier

    With one of the best voices God ever gave a human. Corn flakes are bland Danielle is fantastic…..

  • US Citizen

    Normally I don’t respond to idiots. No one forced that crowd of people to that show and to listen to Danielle. She has just turned 17 had very little performing experiences (compared to the other seasoned professionals on the voice) .Seems like there are always low life non talented people critizing others. She is working hard at improving and seems like a nice kid and person. Personally it’s a joy to watch and listen to her.

  • rogerofin

    Stupid comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rogerofin

    The acoustic version of Never Like This is ok, but Danielle would have been better served if Big Machine had saved the release for the full studio version, or at least had her perform it live with a full band!!

  • rogerofin

    This tongue in cheek hateful criticism is just a cheap shot from a closet hater…………..how disgraceful!!

  • rogerofin

    Hope they give her a FULL BAND for her opening for Brad!! If so, she will blow the fans away!!!

  • rogerofin

    I think you are correct, and Danielle is WISE to go along with that!! She will have plenty of time to weigh in on what she sings AFTER she gets her feet wet!! Blake managed her wisely during The Voice competition, and Blake is in the background now in getting her hooked up with Big Machine and others…………Danielle is on the right track with the right players!!!

  • Steve Batchelor

    Carrie recorded “Some Hearts” in 60 days. She won Idol and then went on the Idol tour before going in to the studio. Danielle will have no problem. It seems to me that Big Machine is taking the same approach with Danielle as was taken with Carrie. The only difference is that Carrie went on the Idol tour while Danielle is on her radio tour. I expect the album to be released the week of if not the day of the CMA’s just as Carrie’s first was.

  • Steve Batchelor

    Love to see her on Brad’s tour too. With Brad and Carrie being best friends I really hope to see Brad bring Carrie on as a surprise for at least one show to duet with Danielle…Make the crowd go delirious and make Danielle’s day I am sure.

  • Steve Batchelor

    I love both songs…We have only heard Never Like This once as a less than professional version recorded with who knows what. Danielle’s vocals sound amazing no matter what she sings so I am betting that NLT will blow everyone away once we get the full band sound professionally recorded, not that it doesn’t sound great already. As for the album apprehension,quit worrying because Carrie recorded Some Hearts in 60 days and it seems that Big Machine is working around the clock to make sure the album succeeds.


    just wait until she gets her heart broken for the first time! she will find it really easy to write her own songs… heck did you read one of her very first tweets after she had just won “the voice”? she called out all her haters and said “eh how you like me now!!!”
    she will learn to get absorbed in the songs as she matures . i think BIG MACHINE is pushing fast and hard to get her first album out before the CMA’s.

  • girlygirl

    Have they announced a release date for her album?