Dancing With The Stars 15 – Week 9 – Recap and Videos

Tonight, Dancing with the Stars pays tribute to Michael Jackson’s landmark album, “Bad”. I’ll be live blogging right here!

My prediction: Kelly is going home. Emmitt SHOULD go home, but I have a feeling he’s got a fanbase, therefore Apolo will be hitting the road in tomorrow’s double elimination.  Paula Abdul will perform to a medley of her hits. That should be AWESOME.

I really enjoyed the All-stars performing to real recorded music, instead of the usual horrible cover versions by the in-house bands. I forgot how incredible Michael Jackson’s Bad was.

At this point, the horse race is between Melissa and Shawn, and I personally don’t have a preference, although Melissa would be the better story because she’s never won before.


My eye candy, Gilles Marini is gone, and I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT PEOPLE. It’s the semi-finals! The DWTS troupe perform to “Smooth Criminal” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Lots of nods to the iconic choreography from the videos.

The five semi finalist couples take the stage. Two exciting rounds tonight! The couples will first perform the dance style and theme chosen by fellow all-stars

Melissa and Tony – Caveman Hustle – “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was Not Was – The couple are the only all-stars left who aren’t champions. Tony wrestles with the caveman theme. It is pretty lame. Oh no. On Sunday, Tony’s back went out. But he’s cleared to dance! Hooray. OMG. There’s a dinosaur on the dance floor! Melissa and Tony dressed in pre-historic costumes–like a wacked out Fred and Wilma. That was a lot of fun. Len says, “It was the hustle with no hassle. You captured the flavor of the caveman. Tony had the muscle. Well done.” Bruno says, “You lost your footing a little bit. As a performance…GRRRRRR” Carrie Ann says, “I loved it.” Hey Carrie Ann? The Caveman is not a dance. Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 9 – 27.51-800-868-3406

Shawn and Derek – Indian Folk Dance/Theme from Knight Rider – Of course, they bring in an expert to help them with the “Bangra”. The Knight Rider theme is turned into an Indian tune. It’s pretty silly. I love watching this Bollywood stuff. Great lifts! A very athletic routine. Ah! Shawn ends up upside down on Derek’s knee! That was pretty spectacular. Shawn give Bruno a big hug. “This time they done it Banra style.” Carrie Ann says, ‘That was a really challenging routine!” Len says, “SHUT UP CLOSE THE DOOR CALL ME MARY. Miss dynamite was fantastic.” Shawn is totally out of breath for the first time. When they get their perfect score, Shawn runs around like a little kid. – Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 301-800-868-3402

Apolo and Karina – Jazz Bigtop – “Circus” by Britney Spears – Apolo is learning things he’s never done before. He’s having trouble mastering the steps. The performance is ambitious and edgy, but there were a couple of slip ups in the performance. Carrie Ann says, “I loved the concept, but it was very disjointed. You were out of sync a lot. The dismounts were sloppy.” Len says, “There were a couple of awkward moments in there, but Apolo you are a fighter.” Bruno says, “It was like a blend of Cirque du Soleil and a Clockwork Orange. It was not disjointed.” Carrie Ann – 8.5, Len – 9, Bruno – 9.5 – 271-800-868-3407

Emmitt and Cheryl – Espionage/Lindy Hop – “Secret Agent Man” – It’s cartoonish–like Spy vs Spy! Emmitt is the good guy, Cheryl the bad guy, trying to steal the mirror ball trophy. That was a lot of fun. Emmitt shines in the faster routines. Len says, “I would have liked a little more Lindy in there, but it was well done.” Bruno says, “It was like a Loony Tune version of James Bond. Fun.” Carrie Ann says, “It was your most animated performance ever.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 271-800-868-3413

Kelly and Val – Surfer Flamenco – Kelly is very very insecure and self-absorbed. I thought I would just point that out. Now, what exactly makes this routine “surfer”? Is it that the flamenco music has a flourish of surf guitars? Oh, OK, they eventually strip down to bathing suits to splash around uin some water. Val in a tight speedo? ALRIGHTY THEN. Bruno says, “I think you’ve been upstaged by the speedo. It had a lot of aggression, but the placement wasn’t there.” Carrie Ann says, “It was all paso. It didn’t really have the flamenco.” Len says, “It had verve, it had attack. It was fantastic.” – Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 9, Bruno – 8l.5 – 25.51-800-868-3411 They DON’T like their scores. “That’s pretty unfair,” says Val.

Time for the Michael Jackson tribute, and thank Jeebus, they are performing to the actual recordings and not horrible band versions.

Melissa and Tony – Argentine Tango – “Dirty Diana” – Whoa that last trick was amazing. The lifts in this routine were spectacular. Kudos to Tony for some WONDERFUL choreography. It’s as if the Argentine Tango was made for “Dirty Diana”. Melissa cried at the end. Very emotional for the couple, because they did not know if they would be able to dance due to Tony’s injury. Len says, “On your two performances, I would be really disappointed if you weren’t here next week.” “You were possessed out there. You excelled all expectations. You deserve to be in the final.” “Magnificent Melissa! The lifts were out of this world!” Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 3056.5

Shawn and Derek – Argentine Tango – “Bad” – Shawn says this second go around helped her find the competitive spirit lost when she could not compete in the summer Olympics. Whoa. This approach is completely different from Melissa and Tony. It’s slow and sinewy and really really strong. I disagree with Carrie Ann, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the couple. Bruno says, “That was brilliant! You went for shapes, lines, style. Breathtaking. Stylistically, it was perfect.” Carrie Ann says, “Movements breathtaking. Lines were perfect. But you lacked the passion.” Bruno begins to argue with her. Len says, “You learn the routine, and then sell it. You nailed both parts.” Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 10 Bruno – 10 – 2959

Apolo and Karina – Rumba – “Man in the Mirror” – When I watch this pair dance, I can’t take my eyes off of Karina. She’s a beautiful dancer and a wonderful choreography. This routine flows like a stream, but Karina is the real star here. Carrie Ann says, “You don’t have to over dance. You reached into my heart and melted it.” Len says, “It was like the sea–wave after wave of effortless motion.” Carrie Ann says, “You nailed it. That was perfectly pitched. The flow of movement was perfection.” Apolo is learning to express his feelings! – Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 3057

Emmitt and Cheryl – Tango – “Leave me Alone” – Things are getting a LITTLE TESTY between the couple. That looked a little soft. I found my attention wandering partway through. Emmitt should be going home, this week, I think. Len says, “You had the biggest challenge. Your quality is ease and elegance. You coped marvelously well.” Bruno says, “I love your intensity. The footwork could have been more exact.” Carrie Ann says, “You really brought your age game. Tango has a lot of technique.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9 Bruno – 9 – 2754

Kelly and Val – Rumba – “I Can’t Stop Loving You” – Nice try with the fake showmance guys! NO. Kelly has problems with intimacy. Uhm. Aren’t you an actress? Why does a dance routine have to be YOUR story. Eh. I fell asleep half way through that. These two should go home too. Bruno says, “That was smouldering! Driven by desire…lust. You were giving everything you had.” Carrie Ann says, “That was beautiful. I thought it was fantastic.” Len says, “It had control, it had emotion. Well done.” 9.5, 9.5, 9.5 – 28.554 – Oh noes. Kelly denied her 10.


Shawn and Derek – 59
Melissa and Tony – 56.5
Apolo and Karina – 57
Emmitt and Cheryl – 54
Kelly and Val – 54

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  • http://twitter.com/bentley1530 Bentley1530

    I think DWTS has jumped the shark.  I think this is the last season for me. And I am not sure I am going to make it through tonight.  

  • http://www.twitter.com/sarahruth3 Sarah

    Bhangra seemed like a more hip hop version of Bollywood – at least the way that Shawn & Derek performed the choreography.

    Did anyone notice that it looked like Apolo was speedskating when he slipped? Hidden gem!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/sarahruth3 Sarah

    Bhangra seemed like a more hip hop version of Bollywood – at least the way that Shawn & Derek performed the choreography.

    Did anyone notice that it looked like Apolo was speedskating when he slipped? Hidden gem!!

  • supersonic

    On Shawn and Derek’s Argentine Tango — Carrie Ann has lost her damn mind.  That’s all I have to say about that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    Kelly is going to stay; especially after the unfair voting by the judges.  As it is her soap followers are massive voters now added by Maks’ voting machine, I think its pretty certain they’ll get the votes.

  • http://twitter.com/CanadianLady2 CanadianLady

    Derek and Shawn are so in a league of their own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=195101108 Stefan Wind

    Melissa and Tony = Best argentine tango ever on the show.

    Really really hope they make the finals.

  • Archie07

    I wouldn’t be upset if either Shawn or Melissa won!  I think they are the best dancers left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Freeman/100000029986611 Ann Freeman

    Emmet & Cheryl as well as Kelly & Val going home tomorrow -IMO

  • Heidijoy

    Missing Gilles :(

  • Wellworn

    I missed Gilles too.  Not just for the eye candy, but also for the dancing.  He had my vote, and I don’t feel the urge to vote for anyone who remains.  Gone too soon.

  • glennethph

    I want Apolo to win.  Or Melissa to not win.  Either or, I’m not picky.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ADECJLSWH5UVJMIP3LIKBP7U7Q Beth

    Melissa and Tony have 57.5 not 56.5.  

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    The judges have not scored Kelly accurately, IMO.  They are one hot couple.  Plus, they were too generous to Emmett.  I hope it backfires on DWTS.  Shawn and Derek’s Bangra dance was absolutely awesome!

  • Lovesyesha

    In terms of the Asian influenced dances this season Shawn BLEW GILLES OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I’m sorry Gilles fans, but that dance of Shawn’s was something else. I have seen actually Bhangra before and she and Derek truly captured the essence of that dance. Plus I kinda think Shawn outdanced Derek in that style…it was remarkable! One of the best I have EVER seen on Dancing with the Stars. They have GOT to be there next week!

  • Ratna12

    I don’t really like Derek, but Shawn really deserves to win the All Stars, she is absolutely awesome in everything and she is fearless, she even wear skimpy outfits. :)

  • supersonic

    Melissa and Tony = Best argentine tango ever on the show.

    No.  Those lifts were quite sloppy.  It did not deserve a perfect score.

  • poipugirl

    Apolo for the WIN!  Loved the Rumba more than the Jazz.

    I want Derek and Shawn in the Finals so I can watch them dance again since it’s Derek’s last season. 

    I’ve always loved watching Derek’s routines every season.  He’s so creative and makes his routines exciting, emotional and interesting.

    Melissa is a joy to watch and I want her to make the Finals, but think that she may beat Shawn or Apolo if voters don’t think they deserve another Mirror Ball Trophy!

  • poipugirl

    Good thing Melissa hardly weighs anything with Tony’s back injury and all those lifts and challenging moves! 

    Thumbs down for Kelly and Val.  I’m meh about Emmitt, although I LOVE Cheryl!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=195101108 Stefan Wind

    Nope, not sloppy at all. Sorry.

  • http://twitter.com/NativeNYer777 Nativenewyorker

    I think that Melissa and Tony did the best Argentine Tango ever on this show and I have watched every single season! That was simply amazing stuff! Bravo! I dearly hope that it earns them a well-deserved place in the finals, but I know how this show works.

    I was so happy that they danced to the real Michael Jackson singing. As it should be.  I do miss Gilles. I really wanted him to get into the semifinals. 

    I think the first round of dances were quite strange. I much prefer my ballroom dances.  But some of the choreography was creative and interesting.  I have to say that Val and Kelly totally blew their surfer flamenco dance. I do have to say that trying to learn the flamenco in such a short amount of time would be impossible, but Val could have mastered a few key steps that would have kept the dance honest. They were doing paso doble moves! Sorry, that’s not flamenco! Surfer isn’t dancing in the water, either! Honestly, these two could go and I would be totally fine. Kelly seems so incredibly self-absorbed and her hissy face when they got deservedly lower scores for that fake flamenco, was beyond annoying. 

    I think Appolo and Karina danced their best dance with that rumba. They put their heart and soul into it. I am not a huge fan of the rumba, but they just poured out emotion and feeling and the moves were beautifully done.  Their first jazz dance didn’t work for me and had some problems. 

    Emmitt should go home, but he won’t. The guy has peeps! His first dance, that espionage lindy hop, really showed him at his best. Cheryl is a genius at cheating the choreography. I think there should have been more lindy hop content, but what they did was very good. Cheryl choreographs to Emmitt’s strengths and disguises his weaknesses. She knows exactly how to get the best out of him. However their tango didn’t really work for me. That is serious Emmitt who cannot show off the charm and charisma in a dance like that. Also with a traditional tango the technical skill is extremely important. I didn’t think this measured up.

    Shawn and Derek did a brilliant Argentine tango with a different interpretation. These two seem to be on fire and can do no wrong. 

    I have no idea how this is going to play out. I know who I would like to see in the finals – Shawn, Melissa and Appolo. But I think Emmitt will be there.  Kelly has the GH fans to get her through, but I don’t love watching her and Val.  It’s really all about fanbase now.  I do think Melissa did more than enough to get there.  I would be so happy if she and Tony somehow made it through.

  • http://www.twitter.com/sarahruth3 Sarah

    I agree. The Argentine Tango is all about the feet, and Melissa had some sloppy foot placements. She had the flashier dance with all the lifts and tricks, and she had more “emotion,” but in an actual technical sense, IMO, Shawn’s was better executed.

    And I still think Maks & Erin Andrews’ Argentine Tango from a few seasons ago is one of the best I’ve seen on the show.

    I don’t really care about Kelly & Val, but I like all of the other 4, so I’ll be a little sad no matter what happens tonight. I think it honestly SHOULD be Apolo, Melissa, & Shawn going through, but I’d be sad to see Emmitt go. Because I do love him.

  • dabney c

    For me, Kelly comes off as such a humourless sourpuss, but I can’t deny the sexual tension between her and Val, which makes their dance routines so watchable. She seemed horrified by the steamy kiss Val planted on her at the end, lol. I’ll have to watch it again, but if memory serves – had she not turned away, it would have developed into a full-on make-out session. :-D