Dancing With The Stars 15 – Week 8 – Results, Recap and Videos

Live blogging the Dancing with the Stars Results HERE! Two all-star couples will head home…

Kirstie and Maks are Eliminated!
Gilles and Peta are Eliminated! 

Oh Noes! My eye candy Gilles is gone! I AM SO SAD. I also totally biffed the predictions this week. Sigh. Next week is the semi finals. Paula Abdul will perform in a routine she choreographed. YAY.

Holy crap! Here’s Kylie Minogue singing her biggest US hit “The Locomotion” from the late 80’s. Do you guys remember that? She was just a teen back then. Kym, Trstan and troupe perform!

The elimination begins with the two highest scoring couples, Melissa & Tony and Shawn & Derek.

Tom tries to fake out Melissa & Tony, but of course, they are safe and going to the Semi Finals. Nuts to Len–Shawn & Derek are also coming back next week.

Gilles & Peta, Emmitt & Cheryl, and Apolo and Karina share their feelings about saying goodbye. It would suck!

The cast of the Broadway musical, Newsies, are next with a performance of “Seize the Day.”

Next Ne-Yo (<3 <3 <3) performs his new single, “Let Me Love You Until You Learn to Love Yourself.”

Kelly & Val talk about next steps. Kelly is so nervous, she pronounces Kirstie, “Kierstie”. Val REALLY wants to advance. Kirstie Ally is way more philosophical. She’s just happy to be along for the ride.

Kirstie and Maks are the FIRST eliminated couple. Kelly and Val are SAFE.

The couples pick the dance styles and themes for another pair. They will pick in reverse order of the cumulative scores for the season.

  • Kelly & Val choose  “Caveman” Hustle for  Melissa & Tony
  • Emmitt & Cheryl choose “Knight Rider” Bungra (Indian folk dance) for Shawn & Derek
  • Apolo and Karina choose  “Mad Monk” Merangue for Gilles & Peta
  • Gilles and Peta choose “Big Top” Jazz – for Apolo & Karina
  • Shawn & Derek choose  “Espoinoage” Lindy Hop for Emmitt & Cheryl
  • Kelly and Val will dance “Surfer” Flamenco

Anna, Val and  dancers from the New York City Ballet perform.

Gilles & PetaEmmitt & Cheryl, and Apolo and Karina are left.

FINAL RESULTS!  Emmitt and Cheryl are SAFE Gilles & Peta and Apolo & Karina are left. Who is going home?


  • Melissa & Tony
  • Shawn & Derek
  • Kelly and Val
  • Emmitt and Cheryl
  • Apolo and Karina
  • Kirstie and Maks
  • Gilles and Peta


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  • julesmn

    Locomotion.  I forgot all about this song!

  • supersonic

    Damn.  The propping of Melissa didn’t backfire on them.

  • lollypop12

    Best Ne-Yo performance of this song! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    With Maks & Kristie; pretty sure Kelly/Val will make it to the finale! Well it seems Melissa does have fans ;)

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    Wooooow! Gilles went home? Damn… I can’t believe it :/

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    Yikes there goes my eye candy Gilles :(  Well now no longer to divide my fav; 1st mirror ball champion ftw!!

  • Heidijoy

    Aw! Disappointed :(  Well, now Gilles can spend a little more time with his Family.

  • keware

    Is there a double elimination again next week or will four couples make it to the finals in two weeks? Usually only three couples go to the last week.

  • glennethph

    Yup, she does.  They’re all on the judges’ panel.

  • http://twitter.com/raya4 raya

    I wish I were surprised, but I’m not.  In the first, never underestimate the fanbase of a football player, let alone one as known as Emmitt.  Or a soap star that’s been in the game as long as Kelly. Also this is a show where personality matters as much as anything else, I fear Gilles came across a bit too serious and humorless this season.  Don’t get me wrong in that I loved him in his original season, but while his dancing was as great as ever, he just seemed more desperate here.

    If I’m surprised about anything it’s more that seemingly Apollo is struggling for votes a bit and Melissa is still okay.  I think Melissa technique wise is probably one of the best dancers there so I have no problem with her lasting, but I just didn’t think she had the fanbase to hang with the others.  No, I don’t think it’s all propping either since her numbers weren’t that far ahead some of the others. Tony has to be ecstatic.

  • Wellworn

    This sucks!  I want my Gilles back!  He really was one of the best there, very graceful and always put all his effort in.  So sad, and I really didn’t expect it.  I have been voting for him all season and now I don’t know who to vote for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=195101108 Stefan Wind

    Wow. I thought Giles was going to win this…guess it’s Shawn’s to lose now, ugh.  =(

    Go Melissa and Tony!!! I’ll be voting only for them until they’re gone I guess. =/

  • Lexee234

    I’m struggling to understand why Apolo continues to be regularly ‘at risk’ this season. He seemed to easily lead with the marks and fanbase the first time around. And didn’t Tom mention he was the only winner never in the bottom on DWTS (or at least until a recent season)? I can’t imagine his fanbase has dwindled. He seemed to be a favorite coming in. I seem to be holding my breath every week that he makes it through. I think he’s been doing very well..esp. lately.

  • poipugirl

    Is Apolo REALLY in the bottom 2 with the loweest votes?  I haven’t paid attention to the wording during the show. 

    But Apolo is the only one I’m voting for at this point.  I figure Shawn is okay.

    I want Apolo and Shawn in the Final 2.  And Melissa in third.

    It’ll be interesting who will go next.  I’m surprised that Kelly/Val are still there.

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    I just had a feeling about Gilles.  Remember two weeks in a row, I asked if Gille was trying too hard and talked about bringing the sexuality to the dance for the judges.  I don’t know if anyone ever answered my question?

    I fear Gilles came across a bit too serious and humorless this season.

    Raya, I see that you knew what I mean.  With Gilles, I would never want to use the word desperate.  Mever.  He spoke several times about how excited he was to dance Michael Jackson’s music.  Awwww…now we won’t get to see it.  I thought Emmitt might go instead.

  • Jim Godlewski

    Emmit Smith should of went. Carrie Ann is right. He has been doing nothing remarkable or pushing himself.

  • Jim Godlewski

     I dont think Gilles partner was having as much fun as she did with Donald Driver. The chemistry just didnt seem as good as when he was partnered with Cheryl.

  • Chris

    After the Sabrina surprise, I am not shocked about Gilles. They were the early favorites and fans don’t vote as feverishly over time. Peaking too soon.

    But at least we are down to a solid group. Yeah Emmit just shakes his tush and Carrie Ann gives him a 10 but Football players have big fan bases.

  • http://twitter.com/raya4 raya

    I kind of think that might be the issue with some of the returning stars.  Dancing is as much about chemistry as anything else so if the chemistry is altered between star/pro it can change things.  With Gilles, I agree with the sentiment that Peta came across just as serious as Gilles did which might have lent to not helping how they came across.

    Which brings me to Apolo, who I enjoy with Karina, but you have to remember his first time around he was paired with a newbie Julianne.  I think at the time the Apolo love was in part just as much Julianne love.  Not to mention the fact that people shipped them and together they were just so cute.  He & Karina aren’t going to have that some sort of chemistry.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IYMZ43XMLLAE6RVHJS4M6KNC5Y Dennis

    I seem to remember at the beginning of the season, someone was questioning me when I said Emmitt would be in the finals. When I said football players do very well on this show and Emmitt was a standout on his previous season, ppl said no, too many good ppl this season. Football players will always dominate on this show they have very huge fan bases.

    BTW, I’m under a different name because I got blocked, IDK why though!lol

  • supersonic

    Apolo was not really in the bottom two.  Tom Bergeron said, “Not necessarily the bottom two”.  They probably keep putting Apolo “in jeopardy” because he’s probably running away with the votes.  They have to put somebody there and they’re not going to put their pet Melissa there. 

    The final three will probably be Shawn, Apolo, and Melissa (especially if they continue to prop her).  I wouldn’t be surprised if Emmitt is there instead of Melissa.

    Anyway.  Gilles is gone.  So, there’s a reason to celebrate.  Left without his perfect score, too.

  • http://twitter.com/NativeNYer777 Nativenewyorker

    I am really sorry to see Gilles go! I thought he would be a sure thing for the semifinals.  I am relieved that Kirstie is gone. She had a nice run but it was time for her to go. 

    I am not sure why Gilles didn’t make it. I did think he was more intense and humorless this time. I don’t know why. I also didn’t think he had the same chemistry that he had with Cheryl.  But it could just come down to the size of his fanbase. As a few have said already, football players have huge fanbases who vote and vote.  I think Emmitt should have gone before Gilles, but that’s not how this show works. I had a feeling something would have to give because there was no way he was going anywhere.  I think Cheryl manages to hide his weaknesses and play to his strengths in their dances. I honestly didn’t think he did much dancing in that trio last night.  But he is a crowd pleaser. 

    I never thought that Shawn was in danger this week.  But I dislike the self-indulgence of both Derek and Mark. They know better! This is not SYTYCD! They are experienced enough to include enough samba content and still make the dance creative.  But it appears that Derek’s strategy is to go straight for the viewers at home.  He will do whatever it takes. But you don’t want to push the judges, because their overall score of 26 was too low for this point in the competition. The judges can make it difficult. Their votes do count. 

    I thought Appolo might go tonight.  I think Kelly is doing better than expected, but I am over the showmance stuff with Val.  I still don’t like her attitude. Try to act like you are having a good time! Talking about Gilles being too serious, what about Kelly? It’s all she can do to crack a smile. I am sure the GH fans are voting for her. 

    I would have loved to see Gilles dance to Michael Jackson next week.

  • poipugirl

    I think Gilles had an off night last night.  He danced a little awkwardly and it seemed like his arms were flailing around, so he didn’t seem to be as sexy as usual.

    But Emmitt never seems to do anything remarkable to have a regular fan vote for him, so his votes are coming from hard core football fans?

    Shawn and Melissa are so darn cute and really are putting together great performances, so I can see how they are getting lots of votes.

    You can tell how hard and determined Apolo is working every week.  And all of a sudden, he is showing everyone what a great body he has.  I thought his guns were better than Gilles this season.  Did Gilles lose too much weight?

    And Apolo is very likeable.

    Kelly and Val should go next.  Not likeable and not dancing that great.

  • Ratna12

    How can that be ? I really believed that Giles would win, I’m shocked.
    I believe the judges’ manipulation of scoring Emmitt and Melissa so high screws up the result. Ugh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=195101108 Stefan Wind

    I didn’t vote for Giles, because I thought he was getting tons of votes and would be safe until the final, so I’ve only been voting for Melissa/Sabrina this season to carry them along. I guess I was wrong and he did need them after all. =/

    Oh well. I only have one horse left in this race now. Go Melissa!

  • hcpoirot

    The judges scores is a joke. As long as you get 2 high scores out of 3 judges (not all give you 7 or 6) you will be okay. Not to mention its double elimination, and you need to stand out for the viewers at home to votes.

    remember that high scores from the judges mean nothing if the viewers think your routine is boring and they do not vote for them. (Example is Sabrina and Giles who get boot out before their time)

    We left with the best top 3 Shawn, Melissa and Apollo. And the good one but not great but had tons of fans, Emmit and Kelly.

    I can understand if Val choreo are not amazing cause its his first season that he able to move deep in competition.

    But season Cherryl make mediocre routines but still move to top 5 thanks to Emmit fans.

    And we will probably see Emmit reach the finale top 3 with the victim of Melissa or Apollo.

    Football player do have huge voters specially if you can dance. Even the worst of worst Jerry Rice get runner up in his season.

  • hcpoirot

    Not to mention even if you had 30 or 60 perfect scores, its useless, cause the weakest dancer can have 27 or 54 or even 28,5 or 57 from 2 routines. (This year we had 9,5  scoring . ugh)

    That mean probably Kelly and Emmit had lots of votes. If the judges give them 8 or less and still win the mirror ball, it will look terrible for the show that the okay dancer win over the best dancer. (Remember Donny Osmond win over Mya? )

  • RockiDreams

    Fantastic, finally no more Kirstie with that drippy long hair and ridiculous outfits.

     I have said all along that Gilles’ problem was his partner.  There was no chemistry between the two and she made every dance about her.  Even in the trio dance, she appeared to be competing against Chelsea rather than focusing on her partner or rather emphasize her partner.  I just think she brought out the boring in him. 

    I still do not see how Kelly doesn’t smile – saw her doing that quite a bit last night.  I think she is doing fantastic.  Things have changed a lot since she was the first winner so keeping up with rest of them is remarkable to me.

    Emmett must really have quite the fan base because he just looks tired this time around. 

    Shawn can go anytime and take her gymnastic fake smile with her.  Tired of her and her tricks and hated that dance they did.  That was all about Derek and Mark and frankly she looked like an afterthought until, surprise, she did a back flip or whatever that was.  Not a fan of hers at all so my bias is showing.

    Melissa earned those perfect scores.  She is such a pleasure to watch and Tony is having a great time.  It shows every time they dance.  Hope she gets to the finalist round and wins.

    When it is all said and done, kudos to most of them for learning difficult routines and performing so well.    

  • http://www.fatladysings.us/ TFLS

    Well.  Everyone I really liked is gone now.  I am SO sorry about Gilles.  I liked Kirstie too – but knew she’d be heading home.  Gilles leaving wasn’t a shock (he and Kirstie were bottom two on Dial Idol) – but I’m disappointed just the same.  Not really invested in who’s left.  Not an Emmitt fan – and Shawn just doesn’t do it for me (not to mention I really can’t stand Derek).  Kelly?  That girl wouldn’t know a smile if it bit her on the ass.  I’ve always wondered why she was there.  Not for the fun of it, that’s for sure.  That leaves Apolo and Melissa.  So……..not really feeling it.  Be interesting to see who makes the finale.  Just as long as Tristan gets to dance, I’m OK.  :) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beth-Bowers/1357962780 Beth Bowers

    That was EXACTLY the word I was thinking this morning – he seemed desperate.

  • Allison

    IMO Emmitt Smith & Cheryl are flat this time around – they should not there over Gilles & Peta. Kelly & Val are out of their depth, too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Corey/100001242253711 Chris Corey

     To be honest I wasn’t shocked by Giles exit. Nowhere near as shocked as I was about Sabrina. I feel they peeked too early and to be honest they had two off weeks IMO. I don’t think Peta/Giles had much chemistry IMO.Nothing like he had with Cheryl in season 8 where they sizzled to runner up status. I just remember Cheryl/Giles iconic argentine tango. Apollo was much better than Giles and him and Karina re finding their groove very well. I think the dark horse are Melissa/Tony. I absolutely love them. Melissa/Tony are peaking at the right time all four of there dances were STELLAR last tw weeks. Plus they have greatchemistry and also she is the underdog. She also is the only one who hasn’t won the mirror ball trophy. Val/Kelly I am glad are still there I enjoy them. The ones that mystify me and are so ovrated are Emmitt/Cheryl. They play it safe every week there is nothing WOWING about them.