Dancing With The Stars 12 – Week 4

Chelsea and Mark lead the pack with 26 points–definitely my favorites tonight.  Hines and Kym, Ralph and Karina are tied for 2nd place with 25 points.  Hines probably deserved a point or two more than Ralph for his Paso (but not more than Chelea…)

Tonight’s orchestra was a nice change from the cheesy DWTS house band and vocalists.  Everyone had solid performances, at minimum except for Kendra and Louis who only earned 18 points.  I think they are headed home this week.

Live blog and videos after the jump.

Its’ a first-ever classical week on Dancing with the Stars. There’s an orchestra in back instead of the usual band.

First, the pros dance to some super-cheesy “classical” music, featuring the “fastest violinist in the world.” OY. Let me guess…dude has his own show in Vegas? Cath

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower – Paso Doble – Whoa. ROMEO GOES IN FOR THE KILL. That was pretty fierce. Len: Full of passion, attack and intensity. Work on getting more precision. Finesse and technique. Bruno: Powerful & action-packed. The music was difficult. You got it right. Look of a rising star. Carrie Ann – There was a little lift. 1st time I ever saw a paso with swagger. Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 8 – Bruno – 8 – 231-800-868-3405VIDEO

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel – Viennese Waltz – Kendra’s stiff–you can practically see her counting off steps in her head. Lulz at her equating Italian opera to the mafia. Whatever works. Or doesn’t. She looks so relieved at the end. You messed it up, and you know that. There were lots of tech issues Become one with the music. You should live it. That’s what I want to see. Carrie Ann: I see that you’re trying really hard. Elegance is not so different from sexy. Len: It had flow, it had good movement. These people are beginners. Don’t be cruel. Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 6, Bruno – 6 – 181-800-868-3407VIDEO

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunsakaya – Viennese Waltz – Anna takes Ray to ballet class. Let’s see if it helps. Sugar Ray isn’t very elegant or smooth. He’s mostly hopping and skipping around Anna – Carrie Ann: You have this sparkle that is unbeatable. Charming. I fell in love with that dance and both of you. Len: The more I got into it, the more I smiled. I was thoroughly entertained. Bruno: It had a wonderful cartoonish charm. You played it like Mickey Rooney and the ballerina. Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, Bruno – 7 – 21. Wow. I’m surprised the judges scored that so high. – 1-800-868-3406VIDEO

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin – Paso Doble – I’m not seeing a ton of aggression here, but Petra is surprisingly good here. I thought she’d die when she had to go back to the Latin dance, but not so. Solid effort. Len: I would like more authority, crispy. more impressed than depressed. It’s Carmen..the femme fatale. Carrie Ann: You are on a roll. It was absolutely gorgeous. Powerful. Passionate. – Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 7, Bruno – 8 – 231-800-868-3404 – VIDEO

Pita and Tistan, from the troupe, dance a waltz. Opera singer Katherine Jenkins sings.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff – The Waltz – Very pretty, romantic, well danced. Scores should be better this week Bruno – Achingly romantic, heartfelt. Carrie Ann: When you dance, you’re so honest. I was swept in. Len: You’ve been in the wilderness for two weeks. You’re back. – Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 9 – 251-800-868-3408 – VIDEO

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson – Paso Doble – I read that these practice sessions were on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Surprised that wasn’t mentioned. Hines nailing the steps–and the attitude. The best of the night so far, for sure. Carrie Ann: You were in the zone. Touchdown! You nailed it. Len: You are the most determined of all our celebrities. Keep it up. You’re doing great. Bruno: You do have the killer extinct. Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 25 – The crowd is booing. Not sure why. Hoping for higher scores so they’d top the leader board, probably. – 1-800-868-3403 – VIDEO

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas – Viennese Waltz – What the hell is that on Mark’s head? I think Chelsea is a really underrated dancer on this season. She’s nearly always deserved higher scores. She’s good tonight as well. Hope she doesn’t get screwed. Once again, it’s nontraditional choreography. Len will hate it. Len: Why is it there is something I don’t like that jars me. Her job at 22 is to interpret a dance that’s 300 years old. I liked it, because this girl Bruno: Magical, fabulous. Technically the best of the night. Carrie Ann: Tonight I agree with Bruno. Great choreography. Chelsea, you’ve found your stride. Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, Bruno 9 – 26 – FINALLY – 1-800-868-3401 – VIDEO

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke – Paso Doble – As a tough wrestler, I was expecting him to really attack the dance, but instead..it was kind of soft and dull. Bruno: Majestic, the God of thunder. You got the accents in the music so well. Carrie Ann – That was a really hard dance, you were so connected to the music. Watch out for this guy. Len: The dance wasn’t bad. In the first part you had menace, the music grows….the music conquered you, you didn’t conquer the music. (I’m with Len on this one). Carrie Ann – 8 Len – 7 Bruno – 8 – 231-800-868-3409 – VIDEO

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Waltz – Not again! Kirstie’s shoe comes loose on one of their tricks. This dance is all discombobulated. Carrie Ann – You are the queen of the unexpected mishap. She didn’t miss a beat. This one was kind of strange. Len: Everything needs to improve. Bruno: I thought you did amazingly well. You got the [acting] absolutely right. You are light on your feet and very musical. – Carrie – Ann -7, Len – 7, Bruno – 8 – 22 – HELLO OVERSCORED – 1-800-868-3411 – VIDEO

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  • bentley1530

    I was so hoping the violinist’s hair would get caught in his bow or violin strings. Is that wrong of me?

    eta: I think he had the same concern because he pulled all of his hair back.

  • sherimoonzombie

    Am I the only one who is totally creeped out by the dog/human picture in the ad on this thread?? I hate it when that one pops up.

  • Miss Blue

    LOVED Romeo! That was really very good. Technically could have been better, but so much attitude! That’s generally tough for the men on this show, so I really appreciated that.

    Kendra = ugh. I just do not like this woman. And apparently, neither does the stylist. Cuz that hair? Omg. Only thing worse than the dance itself.

  • apal123

    Romeo was good. Kendra not so much. Sugar ray looked nice in his tux but Anna was a nightmare of weird hair and an absolutely hideous dress. I think she wore that to hide the fact that she was doing most of the heavy lifting in that dance.

  • brie200

    I haven’t even seen everybody dance yet and I’m betting Kendra goes home tomorrow. Between bad dancing this week and a bad attitude I don’t see how she can overcome it. Sugar Ray isn’t good, but at least he has some charm about him.

  • webster

    So, Henry Mancini movie-music counts as classical? Who knew.

  • spencer

    I luv Tom Bergeron! He cracks me up!! I also thought HInes was the best so far tonight – wouldn’t mind seeing him take it.

  • jlc

    I am soooo much more into DWS this season than Idol. And I have too many favs to choose from (Romeo, Hines, Ralph, Kirstie & Chelsea) unlike Idol where I’m uncommitted to anyone, and frankly, am bored.

    One thing I’ve realized this year, is that DWS is a far classier show than AI. I’m almost afraid to admit to anyone in real life that I even watch Idol anymore.

    An afterthought: the violinist is HOT! (And yes, I wondered if his hair would get caught in the bow, but I didn’t wish it! lol)

  • webster

    I liked Chris Jericho’s dance a lot. When the music started I was all WTF? Grieg? Nordic, not Latin? But I thought it was very cool. Strong but Ivey, not firey. Kudos on the choreography.

    I like this season. And no one left is truly awful, like in some seasons.

  • webster

    I liked Chris Jericho’s dance a lot. When the music started I was all WTF? Grieg? Nordic, not Latin? But I thought it was very cool. Strong but icey, not firey. Kudos on the choreography.

    I like this season. And no one left is truly awful, like in some seasons.

  • webster

    Sorry, my attempt to edit(the dance was icey, not ivey) produced a clone, and no delete request buttons.

  • kmd

    I really enjoy Kirstie. I think she has a great attitude and is just so funny.

  • Lexus

    Kendra really needs to leave..now. Her attitude, her constant whining and her total disrespect of Louis have done me in.

    Romeo, Ralph, Hines and Chelsea were the best tonight. I’ve been rooting for Ralph all along and I thought he and Karina were lovely tonight. They’re still my favorites. (I don’t know that anyone will ever blow me away like Apolo did though).

    I have to say that Petra seems to be picking up steam.

    ETA: Am I crazy or have Kirstie and Maks always been either last or 2nd from last to dance since the competition began? I love them, but it’s all becoming a bit too obvious.

  • jodeb

    I really enjoyed the show tonight. Just about everyone was really good. I loved Anna’s dress and ballerina style and the Sugar Man was adequate. My favorite though is Hines, although I did miss his smile. I guess it doesn’t belong in the Paso.

    BtW, I told my roomie that I want the violinist for my birthday. He is one hottie. Reminded me a lot of Casey James. Long blonde hair and a beautiful face. Yummy. Ooops, I forgot, it’s a dancing show. Yes, it was good, everyone was good. The music was good. Did I mention the violinist? LOL.

  • http://www.fatladysings.us TFLS

    Glad Kirstie’s keeping her sense of humor. Broken shoe? Really?? Lord but she has strange mishaps. I really do like her very much, you know. The woman has a natural elegance – so lovely when she dances. I must say Maks seems to be quite smitten. Understandable. Kirstie’s gorgeous and sexy – no matter her age. I do hope she makes it through next week. I’d love to see her in the finals.

  • ri

    did someone say the violinist looks like Casey JAMES?! damn i missed it. when are the videos coming available? which one will he be in? tell me where to look!!

  • lrt

    I thought the choreography for Chelsea and Mark was very odd – I didn’t care for it.

  • jodeb

    >>>did someone say the violinist looks like Casey JAMES?! damn i missed it. >>>>

    Yes, I did and Yes, he does. His name is David Garrett and he is in quite a few of the videos. Watch them all and enjoy, but don’t touch, HE’S MINE, Okay, I’ll share, :)

  • SuperNut

    Mark and Chelsea were overscored. The idiot judges probably gave in to the complaints that they should be getting higher scores. Those two are just not likable.

    Thought Hines Ward brought it in his Paso. He had the hardest song. I couldn’t take Jericho’s Paso seriously because of his song, but I thought he was decent.

  • brie200

    The thing about Mark’s choreography is he’s always so literal. Hey, give him Harry Potter music and he’ll wear a wizard’s hat while he dances. Then he’ll breakdance in the middle for good record. Also, Mark…word of advice. 22 is not 14. Stop talking about how young and fresh you are and just shut up and dance.

  • ri

    Yes, I did and Yes, he does. His name is David Garrett and he is in quite a few of the videos. Watch them all and enjoy, but don’t touch, HE’S MINE, Okay, I’ll share,

    wow, JODEB. you weren’t kidding. ok then, if you share DavidG with me, i’ll share CaseyJ with you. it’s only fair. something about a guy with an instrument in their hands…makes em even hotter than they already are!

  • bruno

    the choreography for mark and chelsea was brilliant! he took the sorting hat sequence from the first book of harry potter and wove it into a dance. just stunning. and very well danced by both. most definitely, my favourite of the night.

  • Eileen99

    Love the classical theme tonight!! It’s a fun change-up.

  • Ratna12

    I’m on the West Coast, so still in the middle watching this, but I’m really loving the music.

    O Mio Babbino Caro, Romeo & Juliet.

    Petra and Dmitry – Dmitry is really meant to dance this kind of dance. :) with opened jacket. Although come to think about it, his shirts are almost always open on any dance. Love the music too.

  • Ratna12

    OMG, Hines was really good. I hope he makes the final.
    What is this with the football player ?

  • tibitibis

    I was so hoping the violinist’s hair would get caught in his bow or violin strings. Is that wrong of me?

    LOL, i was totally distracted by the violinist …..i mean by the violinist’s hair ha, ha :)

  • sunchick

    Dmitry is really meant to dance this kind of dance. with opened jacket.

    Dude his paso solos from SYTYCD were legendary. Or, they are in my mind, anyway.

    Classical theme was a big fat win. Lots of fun dancing to watch. Hines, holy heck. Kym is not going soft on him and he’s more than keeping up. And Mark/Chelsea had me at Harry Potter.

  • Grammie Kari

    Sunchick, who can forget the youth and passion of Dmitry on SYTYCD. That’s great that Petra is one of the nicest people to ever be on the show! That makes “work” easier for Dmitry.

    Very interesting evening and some good dancing. I do believe Kendra will be going home. I haven’t quite warmed up to her. Kirstie’s score was higher than I thought they would be. Hopefully, next week will go smoother.

  • musical

    I sure enjoyed tonight’s show. Loved the classical musicians…and I agree the violinist looked like Casey Jame’s brother.

    I thought Ralph was especially able to feel this musical form and danced it with grace. Others that impress me, Hines, Chelsey and Kirstie. Props to Kirstie for dealing with her mishaps with humor.

    Kendra…I sure hope that gal is headed home. No class…such boorish commentary…and to be picked dance to such an exquisite piece…just a travesty!

  • JudyOhio

    The orchestra added so much to the dancers and sorry to sound like Steven Tyler, but the music was just…. beautiful.

  • Dlynne

    At first I wasn’t sure how the music was going to translate to some of the dances but I loved it. It’s hard to pick a favorite tonight with so many terrific performances. I don’t, however, have a problem picking my least favorite of the night. I’m really hoping Kendra goes home.

  • Ratna12

    What really interesting for me this season is that on the first show, I thought only Kirstie and Ralph were good.
    Now, Hines, Romeo, Chelsie and sometimes Chris Jericho too.
    And of course I want Dmitry to keep dancing too.

    Having said that, I think Hines is really consistent. He was keeping up with Kim’s choreo.; I re-watch his dance 4 times already. So good. The audience thought he deserved higher scores too, with all the booing.

  • garlandk77

    Dmitry is really meant to dance this kind of dance. with opened jacket.

    his paso solos from SYTYCD were legendary.

    Dmitry has said paso is his favorite dance. Here is a video of his memorable paso solo on SYTYCD, followed by an interview with the host where he was looking unusually handsome:


    And here is a video of his paso solo from the stage tour featuring some great red cape work:


  • Studio57

    I can’t believe Len and Bruno had the cajones to give Hines those lower scores with James Harrison in the audience ;)

  • nncw

    The choreographers are doing a fantastic job – especially Kym. Loved the classical music theme. Totally enjoying this season.

  • Allison

    Really great show tonight The music was great. All the dancers really brought it, but Len was schizo on the judges panel Kendra was a little bit weaker, and I don’t care for her personality, but there wasn’t a bad dance done.

    Even though Mark and Chelsea weren’t as OTT as last week, and he annoyed me less, I still don’t like his craziness. The dance was good, but the wizard hat and all the shtick, I just don’t need.

  • supermart

    The quality of this season goes to show you that DWTS need not HUGE celebrity names to be good. Remember how whiny everyone was about the lack of stars in this cast when it was announced? Apart from a few grating attitudes, these stars all are putting forth some great effort and really want to do well and entertain. Its refreshing.

  • Ladybug

    I was really not expecting to enjoy this go ’round of DWTS as much as I am. Two surprises for me are how much I like/enjoy Petra (Dimtry doesn’t hurt!) and Hines (SO not a Steelers fan!). Both have been enjoyable, good-natured surprises. I have always loved Kirstie, so am happy to see her working so hard and being so funny about it. I feel for her, because I know she is having problems dealing with her misfortune for two weeks now. She hides it well, but it has got to hurt. Last night was a Just No for me for her for me (thank you Randy Jackson). The costume was terribly wrong and distracted from all aspects of that dance.
    Agreeing with those who have given kudos to Mark and Chelsea’s inventive dance last night, but Mark is so about The Mark, that it does become distracting. They deserved top spot last night, no question.
    I still feel the two best choreographers on that show are and have been Cheryl and Derek, because they challenge their partners and they spotlight the partner while working their own personal magic. Mark could learn from that a bit. He still over-emphasizes himself.
    Will shut up after saying Kendra cannot leave too soon.

  • dbt

    Hines, Hines, Hines. He has the best attitude, works so hard and is an extremely good dancer. I think, week-to-week, he’s been the best overall. He was way underscored last night.

    I was not expecting to like classical week… but it was good. The change in music was refreshing and the orchestra was a nice change, too.

  • Mel1

    I hope this season a supermodel goes far. They usually are gone very early. Petra seems so sweet and caring, and she looks good on the dance floor.

    I’m still pulling for Ralph, even tho he doesn’t seem like he has natural dance abilities likes others have had.

    Maks seems to adore Kirstie.

    I hope Kendra goes next. Sometimes she is insulting to Louie. I really like him, and I hope one of these days he gets a good partner.