Crystal Bowersox – Movin On – The Tonight Show – VIDEO

Crystal Bowersox performed “Movin On,” the single from her sophomore album, All That For This, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday night.

The American Idol 9 runner-up released her album today and you can get it at iTunes and Amazon right now.

Watch Crystal get in the groove below.  If you liked Crystal’s debut Farmer’s Daughter you will LOVE All That For This.  Crystal is really coming into her own as a songwriter and a performer.  One of my favorite albums from an Idol alum.

crystal-movin-tonight by mjsbigblog

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  • Lynn Di Resto

    Crystal Bowersox never disappoints. She has a bluesy, soulful voice. I think she can sing anything. Hope her new album does really well. Good Luck!!!

  • Li Wright

    She is so cute. Glad to see she’s happy doing what she wants….but was it my ears, or was the backup off-key?

  • macfae

    Crystal looked and sounded great …always loved her voice.
    Starring in the Patsy Cline play. Nice. I’ve seen the production before, Crystal will be amazing. I wonder how that came about ?

  • Kariann Hart

    Crystal is such a talented young lady. I hope her album is successful and that she gets good reviews for “Patsy Cine.”

  • Valarie

    Definitely a big move from Crystal’s hippy/folk sound. It sounds more Haley Reinhart jazz than Bohemian Crystal. Maybe it’s the big sound in Chicago. Maybe it’s just the arrangement. Maybe she will bring back 1940’s jazz. Maybe the rest of the album is different.

  • Jonathan

    Just watched this performance now. Wow, awesome job. Sounded great, love it when she lets that big voice out. And she really has grown as a performer, gone is the awkwardness when she used to perform guitar-less on Idol.

    The album’s not all like this, for those wondering. It’s very much Crystal, folk-country-rock. I would say Movin’ On is the most different on the album, but not necessarily out of place.

  • Ellensue Stein

    Love her! She sounds great!

  • upsidedawn

    Thanks for mentioning this. I got the sense that there was some off-key stuff happening, and it wasn’t Crystal.

  • revolution

    The production company just called Gina Orr one day out of the blue…nothing more to the story! Crystal credited American idol in a radio interview…

  • revolution

    The rest of the album is very diverse, different styles throughout…A must have…

  • CB40

    She is so underrated because of the whole S9 debacle, but man is she amazing.

  • standtotheright

    It is the groove. Good luck to her today!

  • Bug Menot

    She sounded great. That was a large ensemble. How many people normally back her?

  • revolution

    First time working with the background singers and most of the band. Drummer, Keyboards, and lead guitar were from her backing band, but rest of the band was from tonight show, not sure where the background singers came from.

  • MV007

    I was never a big fan of hers but I caught her on Leno and she seemed much more comfortable than I remember. Especially without the guitar. I vaugely remember her basically being a statute when she performed while on the show. Correct me if I’m wrong. With that said, this song isn’t gonna make me interested in her music.

  • Danny Latham

    Usually only 4 people(Monte Mar) back her up. It was nice to see Rickey Minor and some of his peeps help back Crystal up.

    This is Crystal related: Always Patsy Cline has announced her co star: Annette O’Toole.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Great gig for Crystal.

    But this? This was a bit of a hot mess.

    The backup singers were out of tune. The band appeared to be playing for two different acts – I think you can see who’s been playing with Crystal and who hasn’t. More rehearsal was needed. Crystal sang, as always, with perfection but what exactly was she singing? A large dose of Hailey Reinhart mixed with a splash of wailing Janis Joplin topped off with some Tonight Show glam and glitter.


    I’m still a fan and I’m going to buy her music, but what is the point of leading off her new album with a song that – from fan comments so far – is not indicative of the rest of the music? That seems rather odd. When you are an established star with a strong following, then by all means…experiment. But if you are trying to build your fan base beyond your AI fans, why would you sing this jazzy, rather bombastic song when your strength is in folksy, intimate songs that tell a story. Build a brand first, Crystal. Then explore.

    But from what I’ve observed of Crystal, she’ll do exactly as she pleases. Which is one of the reasons I like her. So… whatever.

    But really. That was a hot, hot mess.

  • abbysee

    Crystal has a bit of buzz! A mini positive review in the Ny Daily News, Leno last night, a morning show appearance, and just now, on the radio, 1010wins a little section of her singing, and talking about her new cd, and broadway debut! Somebody is doing something right!

  • tierbee

    I just love her. Need to go grab that album :)

  • Caro3278sweet

    That would be her manager, Gina. Who is brilliant.

  • Jason Gorny

    I still wish to this day that Crystal won instead of Lee…

  • abbysee

    This cd is sublime! Damn!

  • Guilherme Santos

    Just great! Can´t wait to hear to full album.

  • revolution

    She would say she did win!

  • JD

    just curious – is she on a major label or is she putting this out by herself or is it s small label…4 background singers and makeup…go

  • mjsbigblog

    There was a little bit of weirdness going on with the background singers, but I thought the performance was fine. I wouldn’t call it a “hot mess.”

    As far as the direction she’s taking–I’m glad she’s expanding her sound and trying new things. The album is really wonderful, with a sound influenced by 70s/80s era country rock and 90s singer/songwriters.

    This is the type of song that could get her radio play at AAA and HAC stations, so I have no complaints.

  • patriciajames

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you 100%. Crystal’s performance last night was such a disappointment for me. As you said, it was a hot mess and I am scratching my head to understand why she picked this jazzy kind of song that is so not her to come back into the limelight! And the back up group, even worse. And I was so looking forward to her re-emergence in the public forum (appearances etc on these kinds of shows). Don’t get me wrong folks, I loved Crystal and voted for her every week and was sooooo disappointed when she didn’t win Season 9. IMHO she was the clear winner of that season. But this performance last night, a bigger disappointment. Sigh …….
    Her voice is still lovely but more suited for, as you say, folksy imitmate songs that she did so beautifully week after week on Idol. And I do have to compliment her new make-over — her hair is beautiful and loved how she was dressed.
    I hope that doing Patsy Cline on Broadway will get her back to her natural folky roots.

  • bridgette12

    I agree with you. Crystal can sing, but this song didn’t do her any favors. It was like Haley 2.0, jazzy instead of folk, which I think she does really well. I was trying to figure out why she needed three background singers, when she would have sounded better without them.

  • irockhard

    Indie label. The press release is around here, search through her name tags.

  • Incipit

    Awww, I kinda liked it. Making allowances for all those people on stage with her, and whatever co-ordination didn’t happen, what I liked about it were all the things you did not. It wasn’t country, it was bluesy, and it had a very cool groove to it –

    I would buy that, I wouldn’t buy the album…because I like her vocals, a lot – but I am no customer for folky, country, rootsy, (and that’s one word I really can’t abide) intimate, whatever you are describing. I don’t want it.

    But this, I kinda liked.

    And Crystal will indeed do whatever she wants – so I hope she wants to do more like this one. Different strokes.

  • LA944

    I liked it–didn’t think it was a hot mess at all. She’s always great. She got to do a big late night talk show and a smooch from Gerard Butler. Damn–that’s a really great nite!!!

    I love jazzy stuff –I love folky stuff and folk/country rock music. So, off to download her cd right now! So happy for Crystal!

  • Jake W.

    Great gig for her!

  • Caro3278sweet

    a smooch from Gerard Butler

    Ah yeah. Maybe that’s why I’m grumpy with her. I’m jealous!!! That’s it! LOL

  • LA944

    HA! I’m jealous too. He’s lookin really good!

  • Bazzle

    Shit you not she was the reason I started watching AI. Before I just followed the ‘too high and mighty to be watching reality tv and considering them “artists” ‘ perspective <3

  • standtotheright

    I don’t think it was jazzy at all. She’s always shifted between blues and rock and folk and country, and in fact said that was her aesthetic in a recent interview. I agree the band may have been a bit off (although not enough to bother me), but I don’t think this is some huge departure from, say, On the Run, nor would I be astonished to hear a song like Dead Weight on an album with this as a lead single.