Concert Schedule – 8/29/14 – Tessanne Chin, Adam Lambert

Tessanne Chin has a radio station sponsored gig in New York City, Adam Lambert + Queen head to Melbourne. Carrie Underwood plays the Gulf Coast Jam. See the full concert schedule below.

Here’s your thread for everything concert related!

Thursday August 29 2014 Concert Schedule

Alex & Sierra with Colbie Caillat – McAninch Arts Center – Glen Ellyn IL
Danielle Bradbery – Carrington Pavilion – Danville VA
Tessanne Chin – On Da Reggae Tip – Hudson River Park – New York, NY
Daughtry – Starlight Amphitheater – Kansas City MO
Fantasia – Pier Six Concert Pavillion – Baltimore MD
Fifth Harmony w Austin Mahone – White Oak Amphitheatre – Greensboro NC
Adam Lambert + Queen – Rod Laver Arena – Melbourne AUSTRALIA
One Direction – Soldier Field – Chicago IL
Cassadee Pope – House of Blues – Atlantic City NJ
Kellie Pickler – St. Croix Casino Event Center – Turtle Lake WI
The Swon Brothers – Carrington Pavilion – Danville VA
Carrie Underwood – Gulf Coast Jam – Panama City Beach FL

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  • Corrine43180
  • Eric Ascher

    Jacquie Lee is at Tysons Corner Mall today and I get to meet her! If anyone has any questions they want me to ask I might have time to choose the best one.

  • Corrine43180


    “@bennygoodwin: Full to the rafters tonight for @QueenWillRock with @adamlambert. Never gets boring at @Rod_Laver_Arena

  • wordnerdarchie

    As mentioned in yesterday’s concert thread, David Cook is appearing at the University of Toledo (Ohio) for their Musicfest today.

  • YankeeFan08

    Nice review!

    Critics silenced as Queen rocks Rod Laver in sold-out show

    And I especially love this part:

    “THANKS to social media, we have seen a lot of people really bothered by Queen continuing to exist, now with guest singer Adam Lambert.”

    “None of those people were in the sold out Rod Laver Arena tonight.”

    “Instead the fans were exactly doing what May and Taylor were doing — wildly enjoying themselves.”

    Too bad for the Queen purists that don’t like it. They can just stay home. There are plenty of others who DO want to see the show as evidenced by yet another sell-out (over 14,000)!

  • girlygirl

    Videos from Kris’ show in Ann Arbor last night (including the awesome one of him going into the crowd to bust out some awesome dance moves)

  • Incipit

    “David Cook is appearing at the University of Toledo (Ohio) for their Musicfest today.”

    Yes, and since this UT show is not Students with ID plus 2 like the Notre Dame show last night, I have some hopes we will get a few videos, not just Vines. David and the guys busted out that Journey cover they’ve been teasing in Soundcheck, “Separate Ways”.

    Although we have Tweets about it – and video is not impossible to expect, I haven’t seen any. So I’m hoping they do it again tonight in Toledo – or perhaps on Sunday, the 31st, for the Taste of Colorado show in Denver

  • Corrine43180

    What song does he dance in?? That video isn’t it.

  • girlygirl

    EJWTD. But on that person’s YT you’ll see a video titled “soul train dance”. That’s the one I’m talking about (it’s also posted in yesterday’s concert thread).

  • Corrine43180

    “@adamlambert: It’s the last week of my tour w @QueenWillRock! I’ll be posting some of my favorite moments this week… Vegas:

    Aww, I saw this in person! Beautiful!

  • YankeeFan08

    Stunning vocal! This tour has been such win for him! Couldn’t be happier that it’s been so hugely successful for Queen and Adam.

  • YankeeFan08

    And Kris still can’t dance. He’s trying hard tho. I’ll give him that. :)

  • Bunny391848

    Have fun! I met her on The Voice tour and she’s very nice and humble!

  • Q3

    Only 3 concerts left. Hard to believe! But I am so glad that I get to attend an obscene number of these concerts.

    They are all having so much fun on stage and all look so happy it is hard to leave these concerts and not be happy.

    Here is a photo of Adam from tonight’s Melbourne concerts. Love that smile!

  • sdmama

    I think there are 4 more, right? One more Melbourne, one in Brisbane, two in Auckland, I believe. But, then, I guess Adam is sticking to “These are the last ones” for now. He never tells story about unhatched chickens. I can wait ;)

  • sdmama

    We cannot force feed it to those who don’t want to give it a try. Maybe they don’t want to risk a chance to liking it. It cost a lot of money, so I understand. I am just glad that they are not keeping the rest of us from having the fun.

  • KrisAllenLists

    LOL I think he dances very well IMO

  • girlygirl

    The cheapest tickets for P2 at The Ryman are $49.50. Sorry, Phillip, that’s over my ticket buying budget. Boo (I know a radio station in town are giving tix away so maybe I can win one).

  • girlygirl

    lol, he’s having fun, though, and so is the crowd :)

    And I think his dancing has improved from his Idol days

  • KrisAllenLists

    I think you will get some good media tonight – many who were on my twitter list for Kris last night are headed to that show tonight. :)

  • Larc

    I think a lot of the No Freddie = No Queen bunch are chronic malcontents who would find something else to be unhappy about if they didn’t have this established target of opportunity.

  • Montavilla

    What I especially liked about that review is that it didn’t mention Freddie Mercury’s shoes.

  • Axxxel


  • Anny_nanny

    I wish you good luck! I was happy with this price, but I understand that I have no chance to get on his show.

  • Incipit

    Ya know – I kinda like the way Kris dances – very loose and cool. He’s always on the beat.

  • Mel432

    How could it not be a win situation? Well, maybe if he and Queen DID NOT like each other, and they scowled through all the shows.

  • ceecee21

    Wow! That’s a really high fierce kick…this man is so at home on stage.

  • Kathy Hayes

    Go for it! And good luck! Never know you just might win. :)

  • onlooker

    I am sure Tessanne welcomes any promo. Good for her.

  • George

    Yup. She seems really stoked to be getting some promo finally. She actually has 3 radio sponsored shows this weekend in New York. Two today and one tomorrow.

  • Incipit

    I hope that we do, KrisAllenLists – there are several fans who often take video planning to go. And I would love to finally hear the “Separate Ways” cover – been waiting since DC did it in Soundcheck, at the Starved Rock concert on the 15th.

    From last night:
    >>@pepesiilvia He’s doing a journey cover for the first time in public and he still gets anxious aw omg

    Fans report that the crowd liked it, but DC and Monty looked skeptical. Of course, the show last night appears to have been slightly nuts from the beginning, according to the Twitter List. Patiently waiting for the UT show tonight.

  • Bunny391848

    She’s doing a small east coast tour in Oct and I got tickets to her Philly show. The venue she’s playing at only holds 150. Going to be interesting how many people show up…..

  • wordnerdarchie

    I’ve seen one full youtube video from last night, but not of the new cover. It was “Carry You”.

  • Amy Beth

    If you only get so much promo, might as well be in a huge market!!

    If any of those stations play her song, it’ll probably triple her audience impression numbers.

  • Lorrie Schutt

    Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams are preforming tonight at !0pm in Room 5.

  • Incipit

    Where is that?

  • Bunny391848

    It’s in LA

  • Lorrie Schutt

    143 North La Brea Ave

    2nd Floor

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Lorrie Schutt
  • lovetheusa1776

    Love PITY, IT, IAY – and boy’s looking might pretty in that white shirt.

  • girlygirl

    Jackie Tohn is performing as well.

    Room5 is a very small venue above a restaurant that is known for writers’ rounds and acoustic shows. It evidently just changed ownership and the fear is that the new owner might not want to keep it as a music venue. There is an online petition going around that supports keeping Room5 as a music venue.

  • Incipit

    Ah, Thank you – it’s in LA. One day those two may come somewhere near to me – so I can go to their shows. For now, I’ll be looking for videos.

  • Mel432

    Just plain and simple, with no runs or really high notes, no bells and whistles. Perfect pitch, beautiful tone, good phrasing, controlled breathing, makes for an absolutely stunning performance.

  • Ronnie D

    This has been great and all, but I am starving for a new album. I hope he still plans on putting one out.

  • lovetheusa1776

    His voice and his mastery of it are extraordinary.

  • lkingcorn

    I think my favorite quote from the QAL tour was from Roger, ” and this time we are getting good reviews”! People either weren’t around or forget that while Freddie is nowadays considered the consummate frontman, back in the day, it wasn’t so. Freddie purists are either those who have never actually seen Freddie or those who feel a need to defend him. Leaving a Queen concert was to some like an LSD trip. Manic to the core. The rest of the band seemed to always trying to catch up. Good thing they were all so young. It was wild and raw, part of the time.

  • Mel432

    There seems to be plenty of tickets available, so maybe you can get a reduced priced ticket either day before of day of.

  • Mel432

    “and this time we are getting good reviews”

    Not just good but in most cases, phenomenal reviews.

    I think that is one reason Brian and Roger are so happy these days. The reviews were so bad back in those days that Freddie stopped talking to the press.

  • Mel432

    His publicist said that is all for now, but she didn’t say no to concerts next year. She said Adam has to concentrate on his album.

  • Pretty Horsey

    I’m looking forward to the 2nd Auckland show.

  • lovetheusa1776
  • Lorrie Schutt

    Here’s a new one from Haley that she did last night.

  • Lorrie Schutt
  • faberDrive

    Critic for the Sidney Morning Herald wasn’t silenced. Gave the show 3 out of five stars, said Adam’s voice was “unremarkable.”

    “…the lines between rock, parody and TV talent quest began to get fuzzy.”

    Always thought Adam’s performances seemed like parodies.

  • Marko

    Lol. I always knew Adam is the 7th member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

  • Lorrie Schutt

    Here is L-O-V-E from Haley and Casey. This one made me smile. I love the chemistry these 2 have.

  • faberDrive

    Wonder what the critic was referring to, then, since he mentioned it. I was just agreeing.

    If you recreate something, like what you think a rock star acts like, and you play it big, that looks like parody to me.

  • Lollygaggin

    another view. very soulful emotional lyrics love it

  • treetops

    That same critic also dismissed most of Queen’s music, so whatever. It’s obvious he wasn’t going to like it no matter what.