Colton Dixon to Appear on American Idol March 28

According to The Hollywood Reporter, American Idol Season 11 alum, Colton Dixon is set to appear on the March 28 American Idol results show.

“I am going to be on next week which is crazy,” Dixon tells THR. “It is coming up so fast.”

Refusing to divulge what song he’ll sing, Colton told THR, “Let’s just say there is going to be a lot of energy on stage.”

Colton is looking forward to meeting Angie Miller. Her cover of “Never Gone” on the show helped sales jump from a couple of hundred to 9,000 copies in one week.

“She did an absolutely phenomenal job,” he raves. “I loved her version of it, and I wish there was an iTunes version of it.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Latin2

    It was sweet that Colton gave a shout out to Angie.

  • ali_359921

    Is Colton still angry about the way they treated his sister !!

  • forwarddad

    I thought Angie’s boyfriend knew Colton? Yet Angie and Colton haven’t met?

  • FE Swann

    Oh my, glad I’m out of the country for this one. Everything about this boy rubs me the wrong way. Glad he’s doing music in a genre that is totally foreign to me so that I won’t have to change stations if he were suddenly to pop up on my radio dial.

  • tucker davis

    I’m very glad TPTB are bringing back the contestants from previous years…should have been done much much more. P2, Jessica, Colton, Casey…use at least one alum every results show and give them some exposure! I know they want the ‘big name’ for ratings, but there is definitely time on each show to feature one of their own.

  • HKfan

    Can’t say that this news makes me excited to watch the show….didn’t watch last week, probably won’t watch this one either.

  • tripp_ncwy

    I wonder if Stefano is next of the 19 signed artists since he has a new single and a cd coming out sometime this year. I would still love to see Casey James get a performance spot he has certainly worked hard building his career.

  • windmills

    tripp_nwcy: I would still love to see Casey James get a performance spot he has certainly worked hard building his career.

    ITA. I know he’s Sony not Universal but I hope he’s able to snag a performance slot later this season. So far, Kelly is the only Idol alum signed w Sony who’s set to perform (and that’s not officially confirmed, but Kelly’s told fans so I feel pretty good about that happening).

  • mmb

    they’ve always brought back alums with and without product to promote. They’ve had at least one alum performance slot every results show for the last several years; sometimes, like this week, we even get lucky and have 2 alum performances

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    Good to see certain of last year’s contestants with music out… But hope it’s not too Jesusy

  • girlygirltoo

    I’m not a fan of Colton’s, but I’m glad to see that Idol is bringing back former contestants who have new music out or about to be released. I do hope he stays away from publicly pimping Angie during the show. Instead, take her out to dinner, buy her a gift or do something else privately to show his appreciation for her covering his song.