Colton Dixon – “Never Gone” Cover Art (PHOTO)

Oh look. It’s the cover for Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone” single. Sort of. Minus the “Available in 5 Days” deal.

Looking forward to the tweets from Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han making fun of Colton’s hair…

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  • Whitney

    The font is the best thing about this cover art… That pic doesn’t do him justice. 

  • Claude Dee

    Colton is really photogenic. I took a lot of good pictures of him during the tour, but man this photo is meh. Pose is awk. 

  • zaclona77

    huh… now color me surprised but this photo of Colton might have done more for me getting interested in him than any other things I´ve seen of him so far (including his music). if the general public reacts in the same way as I then good for him, I guess.

  • coltoniseverything

     I agree with both Whitney and Claude Dee. I like that the photo is not in color. The pose
     is awkward because, I believe Colton has his hands in slacks or jeans pockets, but we
    don’t have the full picture. Perhaps Colton could have been photographed holding a
    microphone or microphone on a stand. I, too, have taken pics of Colton which clearly
    show Colton as photogenic.  As MJ states, I believe the “in 5 days” is given too much

  • Ronnie D

    How old is he again? The hair just annoys me to no end lol. I’m trying not to hate, but with the type of music he sings, you would think he might cut his hair to be taken more seriously. I feel bad for those who buy the CD thinking they are getting rock, but instead get spiritual sanctimonious music. 

  • HermeticallySealed

     Not sure why you believe that.  There are plenty of Christian rock/metal groups who dress and style themselves no different from secular acts. If people haven’t been bamboozled by them, I fail to see how they are suddenly going to be so because of Colton.

  • Eilonwy

    I feel bad for those who buy the CD thinking they are getting rock, but instead get spiritual sanctimonious music.

    If buyers can’t tell they’re getting Christian rock from the big red cross and the fact that the single is classified under “Christian” where it’s sold, I doubt that dressing Dixon for Sunday school will clarify the issue.

    Christian bands dress like any other band in their genre, except that any tattoos will not include “Satan” or “666,” because, y’know, people would be upset. Not coincidentally, the music played on Christian radio is pretty explicitly about God, Jesus, and related topics, rather than about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. So I doubt the target audience will be surprised at what they get.

  • Rand

    What is the yellow thing on his head?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    An albino hedgehog? lol

  • Eilonwy

    Shhhhh! Once people know about albino hedgehogs, everybody will want one.

  • sabbia

    I don’t know which makes me feel more unchristian:

    Chuckling at this post or thinking this albino hedgehog a dead ringer for what is on Colton’s head.

  • sjames08

    The image is quite dark for a Christian single. I mean, it’s supposed to be an uplifting song, right? There’s like no ray of hope in this. I’m all for fashion and self expression, but I think he’d look better in less fitted clothes. 

  • Steph

    Kudos to Colton for being the first albino hedgehog on iTunes.

    Epic accomplishment.