Colton Dixon Announces Album Title, Release Date

American Idol Season 11 alum, Colton Dixon, announced on twitter the name of his debut album and a release date.

Now, all we need is the album title and track list!

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  • Stooch

    Good luck to Colton, I always thought he’s the most creative artist of this years Idol crop :)

  • ptebwwong

    Good luck to Colton. I think he’ll do very well in his genre.

    Question: Is this the first time a contestant who’s signed on the same label as the winner & runner-up is able to put out a album before the runner-up (Jessica’s album is supposedly released in March or April)?

  • Stooch

    Probably because she’s doing the Glee thing, they’re not gonna make Colton wait

  • Danny Latham

    Actually, Colton is signed to EMI Christian Music Group, and P2 and Jessica are on Interscope. 

    Also, after AI5, even though Taylor was assigned to Arista and Kat to RCA, Daughtry released his album on RCA before the winner and runner up. All under the 19R umbrella, of course. 

  • ptebwwong

    I thought it had been previously done before. I just didn’t think it was very common throughout Idol history.

  • Eilonwy

    Yup. Also, aside from the timing of Dixon’s tour (starts mid/late February)… if you think a CCM artist has a good-sized fan base, you release the album in the first six weeks of the new year, to get the highest possible BB 200 chart position.

    Charting in the top 3 on the BB 200 is usually good for an “omg, Christian artists are charting high!” mention in Billboard and maybe THR. If Dixon’s album can pull off a #1 opening (which I’d consider “really happy outcome,” not “minimum expectation”), he’ll scoop up some very nice coverage, as CCM #1s are rare and thus considered news.

    ETA for ptebwwong: I’m delighted to see that the current labels are timing album releases for the specific artist’s promo needs and constraints, not for some abstract order of elimination. Sanchez needs teen-oriented promo and lots of it — racing her album out before Dixon’s would do her more harm than good. Conversely, making Dixon wait would knock out some useful bits of his promo strategy.

  • ptebwwong

    I never said it wasn’t good strategy. IMO it was always a dumb move for the winners & runner-ups to release their albums first & the other contestants to wait. The other Idols that were signed would always lose the momentum & buzz gaining from Idol & other promotion they did. 

  • http://MJO judes

    Great news. So glad Colton is able to do this the way he wanted to on the Christian label.

  • Tinawina

    This year is a bit of a first for me in that I’m not convinced that anyone besides the winner will benefit from a fall release… there is no real evidence anyone has a large buying fanbase or is so popular among the Idol audience that they will benefit greatly from impulse buys or stocking stuffer purchases IMO. That said, if I had to bet on anyone else besides Phil, it would have been Colton. But just barely.

    I don’t see a huge downside to Colton releasing after the holidays (or Jessica, for that matter). Colton is aiming towards a very niche market anyway so I think it’s better for him to pull a James Durbin (very specific target marketing in his niche) than rush out a Walmart endcap ready mass-market friendly CD.

  • iluvai

    That photo reminds me a little of a 2012 promo version of Jesus Christ Superstar. lol…

  • WD79

    He’s getting an album out, earlier than runner-up Jessica Sanchez? Wow.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Pulse New Releases has Colton’s cd out Feb. 12, 2013 so I wonder if they moved it up.

  • julesb2183

    The whole “having the winner/runner up release first” was the mentality they had at the beginning of Idol when the figured the winner/runner up were the only ones who would have a career. Once they realized that other contestants could be really popular and sell alot, they changed that – around Season 5. Kellie Pickler was the first to release music from Season 5.

    Anyways, congrats to Colton. He seems to know what he wants and how to get it. :)

  • windmills

    Pulse New Releases has Colton’s cd out Feb. 12, 2013 so I wonder if they moved it up.

    The original PR announcing Colton had been signed also said his debut album would be out in Februar 2013. That’s why I asked Colton at his New York showcase if he could confirm that. Colton couldn’t confirm that and said they were aiming for late January. I’m a little surprised the earlier date has stuck because it seems like albums always come out later than the act thinks they will. But, they may have moved up the date by a few weeks for strategic reasons (like Colton getting higher chart placement by releasing then instead of the week of the Grammys when a lot of other albums will get bounces from the Grammy show).