Colton Dixon – A Messenger Album Preview (AUDIO)

Check out an audio sample of every cut from Colton Dixon’s upcoming album, A Messenger, out January 29, via Yahoo Music.

The American Idol season 11 alum shares commentary on each track right here.

What do you think of A Messenger? I’ve heard the entire album, and a few of the tunes have a surprisingly hard rock edge. I don’t know if Colton can cross over to HAC with this record, but he’s already doing well on Christian radio with his singles.

There has been a lot of discussion about Phillip Phillips’ success on radio with ‘Home,” but his season-mate Colton has been quietly doing his own thing in the Christian genre.

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  • girlygirltoo

    Huh. This sampler stopped playing about 1 1/2 minutes in, so I can’t really comment on what it sounds like. I’ll try again later. Not surprised if some of the songs are CCM rock, though, based on the people he was writing with.

    Whether Colton can cross over from CCM will depend a lot of how explicitly (sp?) religious the lyrics are. Although there have been some exceptions, mainstream CHR & HAC radio tends to stay away from songs that are too obviously religious in subject matter. 

  • jobeob987

    I’ve listened to my share of CCM, and there’s definitely a place there for all genres of music (pop, rap, rock, alternative).  Then there’s also blue grass and gospel, of course.  It’s similar to what’s played on the rest of the radio stations except there’s more of a likelihood that they’ll all be played on the same radio station or two.  I haven’t listened to these clips yet but I’ve gotta say I’m rather put off by Colton’s cover art.  The cross in the middle of his first name is quite jarring and grabs one’s attention, but I guess that’s the effect he’s going for.  

  • Eileen99

    These sound really good, I will probably pick this album up.  The production sounds great & it’s definitely in the Switchfoot vein.

  • Anny_nanny

    Colton, as Phillip, the whole season showed that he wants to do. This was a wise decision and I think that he won’t lose fans from the AI. Now I will watch the story of his dream to some of the girls (Elise/Skylar/Erika) got his chance.
    Good Luck Colton. I am grateful to show that we no longer get the SURPRISE on their debut album.

  • AlesheaDominique

    This deff fits in a certain vain in the Christian Market. I could see this whole album being played on one of my local Christian Stations that only plays “rock type” Christian songs. The young tweens will eat this up. I was once one and this type of music is ALL I listened to. You think Bieber and 1D fans are crazy. Go to a concert with girls who only listen to this type of music. Crazy

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I hate the cover, it is very creepy to me.  He always sound to me like he has a bad “cold.”  Just not my thing.

  • rayni

    This should do well with CCM.  I’ve always admired that Colton has known exactly who he is as an artist and what he wanted to do.  I wish him much success.

  • Leandro

    Wouldn’t The Messenger be shut down on March? No one cares about it anymore.

  • IrisandLilies

    Maybe it was the snippets selected (i.e., voice building up to the crescendo), but a lot of the songs sounded similar to me.  The songs aren’t bad, but none really stood out to me. 

  • potatorocks

    Really turned off by the cover.  Not going to bother to listen.

  • Eilonwy

    Okay, this-here album sounds compatible with the rock I’ve heard on my local KLOVE affiliate. Both the snippets and the interview hint at the lyrics being more complex than those of the two earlier singles, and Dixon sounds like he had fun with the instrumentation.

    “In and Out of Time” was the one that grabbed me, and where I agree with the hype that he’s doing something different here. If I were still doing college ministry, there’s potentially music here I’d be enthusiastic about.

    The track-by-track is a very nicely done interview with clear stylistic reference points… I swore I wasn’t going to stream the album if it shows up on Spotify, as I’m not at all the target audience, but by the time Dixon’s done talking about the music, I’m curious about the song construction, even though much of the message won’t be my cuppa. 

  • Aavari

    Hee hee hee…I’ve never listened to colton before, and I’m
    not going to start now, but I LIKE the
    cover. In a lulzy sort of way. He looks like he’s going for a smoldering
    avenging angel thing. If I was 12 or 13, I think I might be smitten. Or smote. Or
    whatever it is avenging angels do, LOL.

  • Incipit

     I LIKE the cover. In a lulzy sort of way. He looks like he’s going for a smoldering avenging angel thing.

    Heh. Okay, that’s funny. All I see on that cover is a ‘Smooth Criminal Lean’, either that or the desert plateau has a tilt. But even if I were 12 or 13, this wouldn’t be my cuppa tea…Even less so since I am WAY past adolescence, by several generations, and have decided tastes in music and vocals. So no, I’m not starting to listen to Colton now either, or CCM. Wish him well in his genre. (Just not as well as Jason Castro – whose voice I actually did kinda sorta like on Idol…*snerk*)

  • lizland

    It looks like the cover of a self published urban fantasy novel.

    “The Messenger”  and the cross in his name seems kind of pretentious to me, but I don’t listen to Christian rock (nothing against it, though) so maybe that is normal?

  • idolbeat

    I pre-ordered. I see it is #3 on Christian & Gospel iTunes. Not bad for half a day on pre-order.

  • Klaine

    i dont have time to listen right now but is it all Jesus music?  PRetty good for a runner up to have an album out and be able to release it w hen AI is getting all the media buzz

  • supersonic

    What is with that album cover? Are people supposed to take him seriously with that thing?

  • steph6449

    The cover manages to be off-putting and amusing and slightly scary lol. In addition to other points mentioned, I’m not a big fan of people using military insignia as decorations. 

    I do listen to some CCM. His voice is not at all appealing to me. But he’ll probably do fine with this.

  • renzy24

    I’m very happy for P2,Colton and Jessica for thier careers, Hope the rest of the top 10 will also have success because they all telented. :)

  • renzy24

    I’m very happy for P2,Colton and Jessica for thier careers, Hope the rest of the top 10 will also have success because they all telented. :)

  • wordnerdarchie

    I’ve heard Colton on Christian radio in my area, it fit right in with the other songs being played.  I expect him to do very well.

  • BigNLiddle

    I actally heard “you are” on  mainstream radio station today in NH….

  • Loretta

    I enjoyed the clips and will pick the cd up.  Jason Castro’s also has a CCM cd that is dropping soon as well.  I have heard some of his songs and they are good.  I plan on picking Jason’s cd up as well.

  • http://MJO judes

    Thanks MJ for this sampler. I am so glad Colton is doing well on  Christian radio.I really like in one of his songs where he says he will not compromise[a bit like Kris Allen said about his lyrics ].In this day & age where some artists think they need to shock to get sales its refreshing to hear someone stand up for their beliefs. Colton will win over those who want to have an album without cringing at some of the lyrics.

  • Izzy Pasley

    haha it sound really good i am totaly getting it