Clay Aiken – This Christmas – Arsenio Hall Show – VIDEO


Clay Aiken dropped in to visit his Celebrity Apprentice buddy, Arsenio Hall, on his late night chat show.

On the Duck Dynasty controversy, the American Idol alum attributes family patriarch, Phil Robertson’s opinions on LGBT to fear and ignorance. Clay frets that homophobia is something people are “still a little accepting of in certain areas.” Arsenio mentioned that somebody in his camp warned him that his friendship with Clay would lead to gossip about his sexuality. “Too late!” quipped Arsenio.

After, the two sang “This Christmas.”

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  • Maj

    Always nice to hear Clay speak, and sing (though I don’t know this song, not being American, and can’t say I liked it). Good to know these two are still friends…

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I honestly think that in Phil’s case, his homophobia is not due to the lack of being exposed to “diversity”, but rooted in his religious beliefs, and Clay really didn’t touch on that (hard to blame him). I also didn’t like that Arsenio took this opportunity to have Clay “defend” him as being straight, but maybe that was part of the plan for this appearance.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t think that this particular Christmas song suited Clay’s style of singing as well as the kind of Christmas songs that he’s recorded and sung in concert, some of which are lovely.

  • Maj

    I know, I have the albums. :) Was hoping for one of those, not this. Oh well…

  • Not fit to print

    I watched The Apprentice for Arsenio. It was my first exposure to Clay and I like the friendship that these two have.

  • bestmusic

    Clay is always a great guest. Glad he sang something new and upbeat. His Christmas album is still my favorite for sure. YOu can tell Arsenio and Clay really are friends. Thought he was well spoken and answered Arenio`s question about Duck Dynasty intelligently.

  • Chris C

    I liked the honest discussion, and Arsenio saying that for “a moment” he did think about what would others think about him, etc. I think true for most people. I watched Apprentice that year for Clay and liked the friendship that grew between these two. Think Clay had a point with his comparisons about “free speech” there’d be more public outrage over other possible comments. Also believe Phil’s comments were “rooted in his religious beliefs” as fuzzywuzzy stated, plus I gotta consider his age and era he grew up in. Anyway, been a fan of Clay’s since Idol, always wish best for him in all he does, still love hearing his singing!

  • Chris C

    Hmmm..was reading another article about Phil’s comments, recent and past, and think I’ll add to my “religious belief” comment that there also seems to be more to it, in my own opinion some ignorance that has nothing to do with Bible.

  • karatx

    Clay was wonderful. He sounded great and looked great! I’m glad he and Arsenio are really friends. Very cool!

  • Tess Herself

    To be honest I haven’t been a Clay fan but I’ll give him kudos for this interview. I really liked his response and I enjoyed the way he was so relaxed on camera. And, as an aside, I also never thought of Clay as attractive but he has matured into a very nice looking gentleman.

  • Pia-Tims

    I really enjoyed the song and interview. I thought Clay looked great and was very spot on with his thoughts. Love hearing something new from Clay. My only complaint was it was not long enough. :)
    He looked great and very relaxed. The necking skit was a hoot! LOL

  • iluvai

    Clay sounds awesome. Doesn’t he have have some children. Would love to see a family pic!

  • MissMyEm

    Not the best song to feature Clay’s amazing voice but it still sounded good. I think the irony of this whole interview is that way before Celebrity Apprentice, Arsenio was one of the many talk show hosts who made fun of Clay when he first came off Idol. Kimmel was another one. Interestingly enough, Clay is now good friends with both.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I might have preferred the discussion to be more about Clay and what he’s doing”

    When Arsenio asked Clay if he was in the studio and what was in his future, Clay said he wasn’t in the studio and:

    “I’m working now on focusing my energies on doing things that will help give a voice to people who don’t have one, or whose voices have not be heard. So, in the next, in the coming months and years, that’s sort of where my focus is lying.

    It sounds like he’s leaving the entertainment business, and going to spend most of his time on charitable efforts or advocacy of some kind.

  • bestmusic

    He has a son Parker who you rarely see a picture off.