Chris Medina’s American Idol Backstory Movie in The Works (VIDEO)

Remember American Idol 10 contestant, Chris Medina?  He had a really intense backstory that involved his wife, Juliana, who was gravely injured in a car accident. But despite injuries that left her unable to walk or talk, he stayed by her side.

Juliana even accompanied him to his audition. And in a controversial and/or touching moment (fan opinion was really divided here), Chris brought her in to meet the judges panel during his audition.

Three years later, Juliana, is well enough to blog, and she reveals that there is a movie in the works based on their love story. She quotes an official from the production company set to release the film:

I am excited to announce a new division of MCS41: ‘Motion  Picture Production’.  This new division has major projects in the works  utilizing only the best producers, directors and actors.  The first major movie  deal MCS41 has signed is a feature entitled “What Are Words” (production and distribution); this will be a wide release slated 2014.  This movie will be  based upon Chris Medina (finalist of American Idol) and Juliana’s story.  This  is the only feature film ever to include rights of the American Idol show.   There will be many stars attached to this project.  A national concert featuring  Chris Medina, with famous named guest artist(s), (45 markets minimum) will kick off the viral marketing of this release to promote the film. The last concert  will be on Hollywood Blvd, in front of The Chinese Theater, where the premiere  will be held.  Juliana will also be receiving significant support as a result of  this project that will assist her to lead the best possible life that she can. “

“What are Words” is the name of the song Chris released soon after he was cut at the Top 24 (no, he never got to sing for America’s vote). The production company making the film is a new division of a firm, MCS41, that does film distribution and marketing, plus 2nd unit work for action movies.

What do you think? Are you interested in a movie made of Chris and Juliana’s love story?

Source: By Juliana

OH CHECK OUT this video of Chris signing the contract

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  • forwarddad

    Is nothing in ones personal life not a publicity stunt?

  • thirdtime

    Sounds like a Lifetime channel movie for sure.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Idol did to Julianna what they do best: exploit her for ratings. chris allowed it. Ugh. Of all the Idol “back stories”…this one troubled me the most. Wheeling her in (whilst she was having visible neurological tremors) during Chris’ audition. I am not questioning his devotion to her, but he could have been more respectful, imo. Still blame those greedy producers…

  • cheese1

    I haven’t followed him post-Idol – I’m happy to hear that his wife is making some type of recovery because she seemed so very bad off when he auditioned. No comment on the “let’s make $$ out of our personal tragedy” aspect of it, but it could be an inspiring story if it’s well written, acted, etc. I bet there are still huge medical bills and I can’t really judge them. My biggest objection to him was his singing.

  • aj rabin

    Unfortunately no one remembers him so he’s likely wasting his time.

  • blackberryharvest

    Welcome to TV.

  • Larc

    Wonder when the movie will come out? I’m very anxious to avoid it. ;)

  • Livi2

    I felt very negatively about that whole thing at the time, but I read months afterwards in Juliana’s mother’s blog that Juliana considered meeting Steven Tyler as the highlight of her year.  (Not as impressed with Randy or J-Lo, I guess…ha.)  It sounds like despite her physical disabilities, her mind was working fine (which I didn’t realize when I saw it on TV), and she was as excited about the whole audition process and the brush with celebrity as lots of other contestants’ families are.  Under those circumstances, it seems like the most respectful thing for a fiance to do is treat her like an equal adult who can make up her own mind.

    Of course, the kind thing on the producers’ part would have been to offer her the option of coming in there with the cameras off — make that a real moment of kindness, instead of one staged for a TV audience — but we already know that greed is the name of the game for them.  I don’t think Chris or her family did anything wrong, though, and I think it would have been much worse to insist on hiding her away against her wishes.  I also think it’s very cool that she herself wasn’t letting her disability, or the way other people might look at her, shame her into avoiding from the cameras, at least not if the chance to come face-to-face with a rock star was at stake. :-)

  • Kariann Hart

    I could see a made for TV Movie, but a film? I don’t think so. Would Steven and JLo make a cameo appearance? It seems that American Idol is giving the approval. If I thought we could learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of Idol, maybe I’d go see it?

  • Shannen

    I think if they were to make the film like a Nicholas Sparks movie or along the lines of the film The Vow, I think it could have some marketable success. If they do it documentary style or focus more on American Idol then I don’t think enough people would care about it.
    It’d be interesting to see how this tramatic experience changed his life and the fight he has to care and never give up on her.

  • abbysee

    I might have had objections at the time, but since then I’ve mellowed, lol. I think his story is just as valid and relevant as any other and should be made into a movie. I don’t think it’s exploitation at all. Glad Juilianna is improving!

  • FE Swann

    I found nothing wrong with Chris’ story from the start. Life is what it is and you have to play the best hand that is dealt. Would I trade places with Chris and Julianna just to get to be the story behind a movie or even the back story for a few Idol episodes, absolutely Not.

    I find it more than acceptable for these kids to get something for the devastation that came into their lives. If anyone can gain something from a tragedy of this magnitude, then more power to them. The making of this movie will probably invigorate Julianna like little else could. For someone with her medical issues to have something fun and interesting to wake up to every morning is the best medicine most Drs. could prescribe.

  • girlygirltoo

    Honestly, I think this would be better suited as a tv movie (like Fantasia’s story) rather than a feature film. I don’t know if that many people would actually be interested in forking out $10+ to see a movie about people most of them have probably never heard of. On the other hand, a tv movie could do quite well because this is the type of story that seem to do quite well as on Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, etc.

    Also, the concert tour seems like Chris trying to kickstart his music career by cashing in on his fiancee’s (did they ever get married? Her twitter page says fiancee) health issues.

  • CB40

    Anytime “What Are Words” comes on my iPod, it brings me to tears. I honestly believe Chris is as genuine as they come, and his story — along with Sherman Pore’s — are the two most moving and honest ones in Idol history.

  • Jake W.

    I never liked this dude. I always got the vibe he was milking his story.

  • weareallinnocent

    Interested? Not even close.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • AndyB11

    Chris must have an awesome agent. Lol

  • JosieX

    Oh I love love love seeing a popular culture example of love and loyalty and hard work being rewarded. I get bored with the cynicism sometimes, so good for them! I hope it’s a success and sets them up well for a secure and happy future together.

  • Ellyn Holbrook Blauser

    I know both Juliana and Chris and their families! Chris is as truly an Awesome man and I think the movie will be very well received! Anybody remember the movie that was made from a true story called ‘The other side of the Mountain’? I think Chris and Juli’s story will be just as good if not better and I can’t wait to see it!

  • ladymctech

    If the movie is well done, I don’t think it will matter to movie goers if they had heard of Chris and Julianna before.

  • Shoriagirl

    Beats getting actual job.

  • tibitibis

    I don’t remember to have problem with their story, she was an adult with wishes and dreams too and him her fiance who wanted to offer something to make her life more fun and easy. He was honest with the viewers from the start , so i don’t understand why some people were offended looking at her in TV , it was her real condition, she accepted that condition and she was working to be better too, don’t need to run and hide under the bed , just to not bother the eyes of some ”delicats” viewers…. Now they,re not the first one s to make profits from a personal and sad experience …actually is very common in our time …so best wishes to them and of course i’ll give them the chance to enjoy their story in a movie…i bet will be beautiful.

  • mtlfan2

    I’m very happy for them!!