Chris Daughtry – National Anthem – World Series 2011 – VIDEO

American Idol closes out the World Series (just like it opened it with Scotty McCreery) with Chris Daughtry singing the National Anthem for Game 7 in St. Louis tonight.

Check out Chris’s performance below.

Chris Talks About his Performance

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  • Pam

    There were a few rough spots but overall, Chris did a fine job.  Thanks mj.

  • Superman.

    Yep, he nailed it! 

  • Oshianna

    Was ok…Couldn’t hit the high notes, as I expected. The riff at the end was not melodic. Ok, then! There would have been soooo many people who could have sung it much better.

  • Anonymous

    That was not good at all.  He couldn’t hit the high notes.  One of the worst I’ve heard and I like Daughtry.

  • Cathy Kosak

    guess I can’t say what I think….but I did listen..

  • Miss Chaos

    He sure has a funny accent on some of his words.  He couldnt hold the high notes, but all in all a decient job.

  • Anonymous

    He cut those high notes off a little abruptly, huh? It was ok, but I’ve heard him do a better job on the NA before

  • Anonymous

    That’s not the song for him I guess. Give him an ‘a’ for effort, it’s a tough song to sing.

  • ETK

    That was a really nice verison of the NA!

  • Anonymous

    I thought he did a good job with the NA. He did nail it. I love Chris’s voice.

  • Nele621

    Some really bad notes.

  • Anonymous

    beside some failed notes, it was good

  • JJ123

    Besides missing the two big notes I actually really liked the rest of it. 

  • Good Vibes

    Yeah Chris has always had the problem of singing from his throat and this time two high notes just stuck there.. I have heard better from him.

  • Anonymous


    Keep the discussion in this thread on topic, please. 

    The topic is: Chris Daughtry’s performance of the National Anthem tonight.

    The topic is not: Your favorite Idol (unless your fav happens to be Chris Daughtry)

  • koshka


  • Anonymous

    I thought it was fine. He missed a few notes. I’d rather hear that than a processed voice any day. He tweeted about being nervous before singing. Maybe the adrenalin/nerves made it tough to hit a couple notes. But it’s not like it was Roseanne. He’s got a great voice overall.

  • bean99

    I liked it. I was impressed he did it acapella and that he was asked to do it. This is a huge event.

  • Anonymous

    That.  Was a little rough. Ouch.  He seems to have lost his voice. 

  • Anonymous

    Some people just need to say no when asked to sing the National Anthem.  I like Chris, but that was just awful.

  • Q3

    Reading this thread — seems like Chris must have sung two National Anthems. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I thought he was awesome.   I dare anyone to go out there and not miss a note singing it in front of billions of people around the world. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it should have been auto tuned.

  • Anonymous

    Aww – I love Chris’s voice…a couple of bad notes but I liked it anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Chris did ok. But to nail the high notes, unless you have a great range, you have to start off a lot lower than he did.

  • wonderings


    I’m not sure what happened; he has more than enough range for the NA and he’s sung it well before.  I don’t *think* he started too high.  He sounded very good until “glare” and he corrected “air”, so it was a bummer when he totally miffed the “free”. 

    The NA has taken down many a good singer before and surely will again.

  • Anonymous

    If you start a trip on the wrong road, you can’t get there.  I know his voice, and as soon as he established the key of D, I knew he wouldn’t be able to sing “freeeeee”.

  • wonderings

    Do you think he planned the riff at the very end?  Wonder if he was trying to compensate after flubbing the big note on “free”; you don’t want that to be what people remember.

  • TurkeyIdol

    Well that was a bit ruff.  I have never heard Chris crack like that before. To bad he had to do it in front of a viewing audience of millions.  He is a “rock” singer though, and most people won’t pay much attention to it, as compared to if he was a wide range singing diva.

  • Anonymous

    He just started it a bit too high, so he ran out of the room at the top.  It happens, could have been worse.  Next time he’ll make sure to start it in the correct key.

  • jobbix

    Well, it’s a double, not a home run. That’s for sure. He could have knocked it out of the park, like he did in the NFC championship game some years ago. BTW, his voice changed quite a bit since his Idol days, and I like his voice back then a lot more..

  • BrianC82

    Proof that commercial success is inversely proportional to talent.

  • Anonymous

    He has quite a few notes lower in his range than where he started.  He should have sung the song in a key about a whole tone lower.  I wonder why he did that?  When he wasn’t straining or cracking, it sounded great.

  • Anonymous

    Little rough, but there were some good stuff in it too. 

  • Anonymous

    Chris has plenty of talent. He justed started the damm song too high!

  • Lynda Hanson Beaugez

    Poor Chris.  That just wasn’t good.

  • Kariann Hart

    This is the time a singer wants a near perfect performance.  Better luck next time, Chris.

  • Susan

    Cards win, Cards win!! :)

    I missed the very beginning of the game and had to watch the performance here. (Thanks, MJ.)  Er, yeah…. couldn’t quite get to those notes.  I thought someone said in the Scotty thread that the NA is only an octave and a half?  I’m no singer — couldn’t have told you that was in the key D for anything — but aren’t most ranges wider than that?  Why do so many have trouble with the NA?

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t think it was that bad. There were a few good moments in there.

    On a side note, YAY CARDINALS! World Series champions! I wanted the Yankees to take it this time but since they didn’t, I started pulling for the Cardinals.

  • Anonymous

    His primary talent is songwriting.  He has great songs, hit songs, and his singing is good enough.  You’re right, though, he misjudged and got into a key (D) that was a whole tone too high…C would have been perfect.

  • Anonymous

    From a friend who is not an American Idol fan before we watched the game — “okay, that idol was really rough.”  I agreed.  What was with the quick cut off on the high, long notes.  Even if you have to say “Fray” hold onto those notes for God’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  If he’d started as low as he could, he would have been fine.  It’s too bad, because, unlike most of the people they get to do the NA, he really can sing.

  • Anonymous

    Songwriting…and he has a voice that sounds good on the radio. Some people just have that. Those two things have given Chris multiple hit singles and helped sell over six million albums.

  • Anonymous

    Was almost afraid to listen to it after the comments – lol – but it was OK.  Really hard song to sing, but, although somewhat strained in spots, he hit the notes squarely.  Just not a song that fits his voice.  Don’t know why singers want to do it in that case.

  • Jenna

    It wasn’t THAT bad… Something was off the entire time though. He probably had issues hearing himself or started in the wrong key.

  • stargazed

    I wonder if Chris thought he did well.

    I just watched the interview… he was worried about forgetting the words. Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty neutral. I don’t mind Daughtry, but I’m not a huge fan. But he did okay.  Except for the two notes, it wasn’t that bad. I heard a lot worse. I liked how he did keep it kind of simple.  A lot of singers will stretch out the song with riffs and so forth.  But the NA is a hard song to sing.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it was not that bad at all. I have heard a lot worse and I am not a huge fan of Daughtry either. At least Chris did not flub the lyrics to the NA and he  remembered them all.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, that was not good.  And I generally think Chris has a great voice.

  • Laurie

    I have heard many sing without flubbing a single note. This was a horrible rendition. The NA is NOT a rock song.

  • Laurie

    He should know what key to start in. Did he not practice at all?

  • Anonymous

    People probably thought that was Vin Diesel singing anyway. 

  • hoa_teca

    Some obvious  bad notes.

    But he seemed to take the NA really seriously and feel the song, so that’s fine for me.

  • Anonymous

    I just spat out my drink. Too funny!

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. He does look like Van Diesel.

  • Blower

    I really love chris but this was not good.

  • jpfan

    Chris is really a very talented singer. He just had an off night. I do agree that most people who buy music aren’t concerned with how well the artist sings the NA! Thank God.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, I thought that wasn’t bad at all for Chris. Just a couple of rough notes. He sang pretty well within his range, you can’t ask for more. From the comments I thought I was going to hear a total disaster, lol.

  • Anonymous

    I like Chris, but he isn’t always in good voice.  I saw him on a TV show a while back, and he was backing off of lots of notes and just letting the band play some of them and not singing at all.  His voice sounded really forced.  I do think he needed to start the NA lower and he would have been fine. 

    That “fray” business drives me crazy.  If it is a rock or pop song, fray all you want, but in the NA it just doesn’t sound right to me.  He can’t even hide under the country singer dialect thing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a singer, know very little about the technical end – but I’ve noticed singers do that to open up the note. Using a modified “e” sound which has some of the vowel “a” in it, rather than a straight “e” which is a thinner sound and is not as easy to support, makes a fuller note.

    While he didn’t hit a couple or three notes, the rest of it sounded really good and I thought he did a good job.

  • Anonymous

    I think maybe the idea is (not up on technical stuff either, but have read a little) to start with the E sound and then morph(probably not the right word) or open up to the A sound at the end.  You still get the E sound coming out.  All I know is the really technical singers wouldn’t sing “fray” for free.  I just feel our NA needs a little more class.  But that is just me.

  • Carolyn Sue

    Maybe he sounds good on the radio, because those are recordings of his voice. They can do all kinds of stuff in the studio to your voice. I was shocked at how bad Chris sounded. I really feel sorry for him. Next time he should just say no, if asked.

  • barbara bortle

    Chris tweeted that he was nervous prior to singing, and afterward he said he got emotional during the anthem. It wasn’t as good as when he sang prior to the Saints/Bears playoff game in 2006, but it was an honest, emotional performance staright from his heart….just like all of Chris’ performances. I give him huge props for doing it a cappella. I liked it & I love HIM!

  • Anonymous

    It is not “just you”. He is a professional singer (rock/pop/country is irrelevant) — give it 100% or don’t do it at all. 

  • Anonymous

    You seem to undertand that this is a common technique. So you know the singer is not consciously mispronouncing. Just trying to make the note come out right. I think a bad-sounding note would be worse than slightly mispronouncing a one-syllable word. 

    I’m not sure what you mean by “really technical singers.” But I guess you think they have more class when they sing the anthem. Okay. Whatever. Not buying that at all.

    Daughtry isn’t a popular artist because he’s a National Anthem singer (who is?). He’s going to sing in his own style, and I guess that’s what most people expect to hear and want to hear.

  • Anonymous

    I really like Chris, and I was really sad when he was voted off Idol so soon.  I guess I am one who doesn’t like to see the NA pronunciation changed in that way.  I think Chris is a classy guy, but to me his pronunciation of free was not classy.  I also don’t like a countrified NA and lots of people do.  I am just stating my opinion like everybody else does here.  He did hit some amazingly bad notes, too, so I guess I would suggest maybe that isn’t the song for Chris.

  • chearts77

    LOL!!  Funny you say that cause as I was watching him perform, I said to myself, “He can play lead in a movie made about Vin Diesel.”  ha ha

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed that singers who are stronger technical singers manage to sing the “e” sound in free, instead of resorting to the “fray” sound for the word “free”. Perhaps it has to do with training or breath support? I don’t really think it is due to a southern dialect, because Carrie and Kelly sing the “e” sound very plainly.

    It’s a nice nod to American Idol that 2 out of the top 10 best renditions of the NA are from AI contestants!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it the norm to do the NA a cappella?  Seems like very rarely do I see it done any other way.

  • chearts77

    Overall, I think Chris did a fine job.  A couple of rough patches, but 1000 times better than I would/could have done.  LOL!!  He was feeling the song, too.  Like the words he was singing really meant something to him.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused. I didn’t hear Chris sing “fray” or anything other than “free” when I listened to this, so I’m not sure what you are referring to. It seemed obvious to me that his voice wasn’t 100 % which happens to all singers. He was completely on key throughout but did have trouble hitting the high notes. Perhaps it would have been wise if he he knew he wasn’t in great voice to start off in a lower key, but for whatever reason he did not. He gave it kind of a “rocker vibe” though which sounded good to me.

  • kesia monteith

    LOL HAHAHA ” ‘Fray’ all you want” Tee hee, you got me rolling LMAO

  • Anonymous

    It’s not about class.  Technically trained singers and singers who have a lot of range can sing the anthem well and make the song sound really good.  Obviously, Chris doesn’t have enough range to handle the song well and that’s why “free” comes out sounding like “fray”.  Besides, he barely got the “fray” out.  

  • kesia monteith

    He did give it his all. He just messed up some notes. Man, the national anthem is somewhat musically complex, that even the best of the best can mess up. I think it takes a lot of guts to sing an anthem, in front of people that hold the anthem dearly, and one screw up, and it’s “you didn’t give it enough class”, “you were being unpatriotic”, etc. You don’t think the singer wants to do their own homeland anthem justice? Geez, it’s so unfair. I find that not many people actually pull off a great performance of the anthem, and when you can put your heart and soul into it like Chris did, I’m not gonna be mad over a couple of bum notes.

  • kesia monteith

    I was ready for a trainwreck, and I thought the first minute was the best I have heard Chris sung. I’m not really a Chris Daughtry fan, and his rock yelp at 1:12 and beyond proved why I tend to not be a fan of his voice (that, and he get a bit billy goat-ish), but the first half I thought was pretty decent. 

  • koshka

    I think he gave a 100%, he just fell short. Lots of singers fall short, including Xtina. I wish he would have tried to alter it to suit his voice rather than trying to sing it as is. 

  • iani

    He performed the NA trying to do his best at that moment and  brought his personal style and vocal ability. I don’t think any professional singer goes in front of millions trying to have a bad performance but give own-best taking in consideration sometimes any unfortunate factors like having a cold, vocal strain, forgetting lyrics… I think he had an interesting performance.

  • Anonymous

    I like Chris, but that was terrible.

  • Carole Sue

    Some of you that are saying, so he messed up a few notes, but it was still good. This is like saying there are a few flys in my soup, but overall it’s still good.

  • Anonymous

    “I really feel sorry for him.”

    He has a beautiful family with a strong career and millions in the bank.  I imagine he’s happy with that and not feeling sorry for himself.  Why should we?  :-)

    There were a couple of bad notes: “glare” and “free.” Everything else was fine. He clearly knew he had botched a couple of notes and was trying to make up for them with the flourish at the end. Nothing disrespectful about it. We’ve all heard far worse!

    Everyone seems so uptight about the NA these days. I understand the good vibes hearing the song can bring, but I don’t get tearing every singer apart after performing it. The potential backlash if someone doesn’t like your rendition isn’t worth it, IMO.

    But no problem for Chris. His career will chug along. :-D

  • Sassycatz


    Carrie and Kelly are not the only American Idol winners who have sung that song perfectly. It happend this year, by the 2008 American Idol winner who sang the Anthem at his hometown football team’s kick off game.

  • Anonymous

    I watched Chris’ other NA in Jan.’06… He sang it in the same key (D), and I was amazed how beautiful and easy it was for him then.  Of course, he should have lowered the key this time, but it’s hard to recognize and admit one’s own decline.  Not surprising, though, after nearly 6 years of beating on the cords. Ashley Clark blew out his voice on Carrie’s tour. Adele has a problem. And Steve Perry seems to be done. Singing is a hazardous profession.

  • s kei

    Daughtry sang beautiful, much better than Scotty.

  • Miz

    He sounded like he had a sore throat to me. He mentioned in the interview how cold it was and also they were late getting there. I don’t imagine he warmed up his vocal chords. Sucking in frigid air makes things quite difficult.

    There were some rough spots, but I think he did fine. I also didn’t hear ‘fray’ but it wouldn’t bother me if he pronounced free that way. We could get into a real war if we wanted to discuss the ‘proper’ pronunciation of words like coffee, water, out and about, among others. I’ve become accepting of how some people pronounce ‘tour’. It used to drive me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh. I don’t have a favorite I was trying to promote. I found this article on Yahoo when looking for examples of technically strong singers who sang the NA well. It wasn’t my personal list of the top 10 best NAs of all time.

    I’m sure there are many, many examples of past contestants (winners and non-winners) who sang the NA perfectly, but this particular article just happened to pick out Carrie and Kelly. It was an honor for them to be listed along with singers such as Faith Hill, Whitney Houston and the Dixie Chicks.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a big Daughtry fan, but I’ve watched a few videos of him singing live in the past couple of weeks. Chris hasn’t blown out his voice and his vocal ability hasn’t declined. He just cut a couple of notes short on this particular night.
    They aren’t lining him up for surgery on his vocal chords. lol

  • Anonymous

    Sure don’t agree with that and I like Chris!

  • Neiner Brit

    uhm, no.

  • Neiner Brit

    he probably does not have absolute pitch (very few musicians do). if that were the case then he wouldn’t know exactly what key he was in, and that’s why he miscalculated. he should have used an external reference like a pitch pipe or a tuning fork.

  • Tera2

    I like Chris’s performance of the anthem.  He gave it a cool melodic rock vibe and that’s his style.  He started it with a Rob Thomas vibe (he’s one of Chris’s music inspirations. Chris was my favorite on idol. I knew you cant go wrong when Rob and Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE are your inspirations. I’m a fan of the 3 of them) I don’t think I’ve seen any rock singer sing the anthem before.

    Oh I forgot to check out Scotty’s anthem he did a while back.  It would have been posted here buy I missed it somehow. Will have to look for it later.

  • BrianC82

    He missed a lot more than “one or two” notes. More importantly, Daughtry just doesn’t have a very good voice. Record producers love guys like this because they have a “tone” that sounds good on record. He is an amateurish singer from a technical standpoint.

  • kesia monteith

    Wow, really? LOL. Not even the same thing.

  • andy

    man i like chris, but that was one of the worst versions i’ve heard in a long time