Chris Brown and Rihanna Re-unite for Two New Remixes (AUDIO)

I’m so conflicted about even calling any attention to the new re-mixes from Rihanna and her abuser Chris Brown. But it’s something ya’ll have shown an interest in talking about, so here they are.

Nevermind the absolutely mind-blowing idea that Rihanna would have ANYTHING to do with the man who beat the living sh*t out of her–so bad that she landed in the hospital. RiRi is in desperate need of help, and I hope there are family and friends around her who are willing to give it to her straight.

Chris Brown has shown no public remorse for his deed. His volatile temper has continued to be on display in the press and on social media ever since the incident. When there are no repercussions,–especially for narcissists for Brown–there is no reason to change behavior. Sadly, if they are indeed a couple again, as has been rumored, he will hit her again. God forbid Rihanna becomes the next Nicole Brown.

But lets forget all that. Rihanna and Chris Brown’s personal affairs are none of my business. What I’d really like to call out here today  is the disgusting and blatant cynicism of the executives who signed off on this bullshit. I’m assuming the two recorded these respective re-mixes for release to the public, so there have to be business folk who were enabling this gross re-union.  It’s a nasty grab for attention and it stinks to high heaven. And it’s working. Look at me posting about it.

Blargh. Sometimes I really really hate show business.

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Birthday Cake – Rihanna feat. Chris Brown

Chris Brown feat. Rihanna

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    DAMN MJ you went IN!!!!

  • Tinawina

    I heard this yesterday and it just made me sad. I’m not mad, I’m just depressed.

    I don’t understand who thought it was a good idea to exploit their history for attention in this way? And some of the words to Birthday Cake were just… I mean would people really do double entendres that invoke a beatdown? Why???!!!!

    Both their careers are going fine so neither of them need to do this. The fact that everyone involved was willing to anyway just makes it more mournful.

    And I don’t even want to start on what this says to all the teens who follow them both.

  • wonderings

    NO. Disgusting. Depressing. Do not want.

  • David I-Chen Lin

    I don’t know what to say about Rihanna, I used to think she was smarter than this but now she’s just making the worst decision of her life. God bless her and hope nothing tragic happens.
    CB makes me nauseous, such a piece of poop. 

  • Anonymous

    The Turn Up the Music remix is really good. Which sucks, because it would be so much easier to avoid it if it was lousy :(

    Aside from the obvious reason ($$$) I have no clue why Rihanna would get involved with Chris B again, even on a professional basis, or why her managers/agents/family, etc. would let encourage her to do so.

     If she has forgiven him for what he did to her, well that’s her business. But if I were her I’d still stay the hell away from him

  • Jordan Seltzer

    She didnt get enough of a reality check? Shes an idiot!

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree. And if you want to know just what it says to all those teens, here’s a sample of the tweets.

    ill be happy if Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together. :]

    Rihanna and Chris Brown ARE SO P-E-R-F-E-C-T togheter!

    i really hope the Rihanna and Chris Brown duet rumour is true, it proves they’re willing to put their pasts behind and keep moving forward.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together!? No, Chris brown can do way better than that tart.

  • milwlovesadam

    Here’s the reason for everybody to ponder:


    It’s just about the money.


    Morals, ethics, right, wrong, it doesn’t matter a darn.

    Money matters.

    And that’s show biz folks.

  • Anonymous

    This is just so disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    I swear, one bonehead move like this by a high profile celebrity can influence the thoughts and behaviors of so many young people who look up to them.
    I don’t normally like to see pop stars even mentioned as role models but I cannot deny the fact that to many kids they are.
    Their past history combined with how it is playing out now just screams “beating your girlfriend is no big deal” and quite frankly it makes me want to vomit.

  • BAPC

    This is just gross. Girls wonder why their men think they can treat them like crap and they’ll still come running…. Well, this is why. Beating a woman to the point that her face is nearly unrecognizable is not something that should be forgotten. And second chances are for those who earn them, not for whiny ass children like Chris Brown. His twitter outbursts prove that he hasn’t changed a bit.

    I just wish his dance pop songs weren’t so catchy.

  • Trina

    Next remix:  Hit Me Baby One More Time.

    I cant even comprehend my disgust.  Wonder if the report he was at her birthday party holding her hand is true?

  • ronnie

    Disappointing but I’m one of the only ones who don’t seem to listen to her stuff, so I now don’t have to stop because I never started.

  • swansteel

    I’ve never liked Rihanna’s music and I hate Brown’s spoiled face so much that I avoid him like the plague.  The fact that she would reunite with him in any way makes my skin crawl.  She is stupid, he is a creep.  I can’t even get myself to watch the videos.  Yuck. 

  • Kirsten

    What I’d really like to call out here today  is the disgusting and
    blatant cynicism of the executives who signed off on this bullshit. I’m
    assuming the two recorded these respective re-mixes for release to the
    public, so there have to be business folk who were enabling this gross
    re-union.  It’s a nasty grab for attention and it stinks to high heaven.

    Yep, if Rihanna has failed to get the kind of counseling she should have gotten to avoid these kind of toxic relationships, the industry people who supported the re-mix of “Birthday Cake” have no such excuse. Crass users.

    Sometimes, you have have to stop using others to make money and say “No”.

    Chris Brown does not appear to have changed one iota. He seems to see himself as the victim. He continues to have anger management issues and violent outbursts. History shows that it is only a matter of time before he abuses again.

    Ugh. Sad day.

  • ZsusK

    I had to step away from Twitter last night as I found myself engaging with a young “Breezy” fan. She accused me of thinking I was God for daring to judge CB… (for smashing in his girlfriend’s face, mind you. How dare I pass any sort of judgement on THAT?)  It’s the young girls’ responses to Chris that bother me more than anything. 

    Rhianna is still a very, very young woman.  She really needs counseling and support from people who can help her to understand the gravity of what happened to her.  But, she won’t get it.  We’ve seen enough times how these young stars get used up by the people who make $$$ off of them, and then are left to flounder and sink.  I wish RiRi could spend a week talking with Tina Turner.  

    And shame on the record label, and shame on the likes of Perez Hilton who was tweeting all sorts of support for the collab last night.  

  • Chris

    Chris needs Rihanna’s public approval so he can say, “see, she is over it so every one else should be too.” The problem is, I don’t give a flying bleep if she does forgive him. She is young and foolish to think he has changed. Any person that beats their girlfriend then leaves them on the side of the road like trash is a low life. Sure, he can dance but he has the morals of a rat.

  • V Jemmy

    I’m finding myself pretty indifferent to this whole thing. Do I think that Chris Brown should have been taken down to the state penn and shown into ‘Bubba’s’ cell?  Sure.  However, I’m not going to begrudge someone making a living after they’ve done whatever it is that society (ie: the judicial department) decides they need to do.  Do I need to buy/listen/invest in whatever it is that that person is selling? Absolutely not, but I can’t begrudge them the scratch if there is someone out there that wants to pay for it.  Though I can say that I’m still going to feel good and watch Bond movies.

  • GS61

    I don’t know which one is more pathetic.
    Some people will do anything for money.Disgusting.

  • dy77

    MJ I agree with you on them, and it’s your blog, but please feel free to count me as a vote to never post about these two again.

  • Anonymous

    Didnt the police report state that she was punching Chris as well?  (not that “she started it” is any sort of excuse.   I think Rhianna knows/feels she had some involvement in escalating the arguement in to assault and is thefore justifying her shortsighted reconciliation.  I personally flind Chris Brown deplorable, but Rhianna may view it more as a “fight” of equals rather than an “attack” on a victim, which is the way we all see it.

  • Miz

    I think they are both idiots and it bothers me that teens look up to them. That Birthday Cake song is all sorts of wrong to me.

  • Keyera Mullins

    Lets just hope he doesn’t beat the crap out of her again if they get back together.  Sad girls and guys can’t just leave their abuser, but its their life, not ours to judge.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with a lot with what you’ve said.  It’s a sad situation.   It proves that fame, fortune, and beauty doesn’t save you from abuse, intimidation, and fear.  I hope Rihanna can see the truth before it’s too late.

  • Tinawina

    It’s the young girls’ responses to Chris that bother me more than anything.

    Ditto. That’s the part that is most depressing.

    That and the fact that they both clearly need help (Chris grew up watching his stepfather abuse his mom, and there have been hints that Rihanna’s childhood was similar) but it seems not enough of the people around them are trying to make sure they get the help. Not even their families. It could have been a very powerful moment but instead, some horrible messages are being sent out and no one involved seems to care.

    I would be first in line to forgive him if he had truly earned it. Instead he’s allowed to play the angry persecuted victim and young girls are encouraged to justify that view for him.

  • Anonymous
  • Listening

     I don’t understand this Rihanna is famous, rich, and beautiful she’s
    highly desired she can have anyone she wants she can collaborate with
    anyone. Why Chris why this fixation on him? He beat her up good I could
    understand her going back to him if she was in financial bind or thought
    no one else would want her but that aint the case. Does she feel sorry
    for him, did she forgive him. Well just cause you forgive someone
    doesn’t mean now I do I duet w/ you she could of sent out a letter
    saying she believes people can change if she wanted to help him yet have
    nothing to do w/ him. I thought I recalled earlier how she  said she
    was hanging out w/ him but stopped b/c she realized she was a role model
    and young people were looking towards her as an example. Am I imagining
    that or does it not matter anymore Rihanna you can forgive someone and
    still not have interactions w/ them anymore.

    I think people can change but I also think just b/c people have changed
    for the better doesn’t mean you have to be w/ them. I think people can
    love multilpe people and if one isn’t perfect for you or has wronged you
    you move on. I think Chris has shown signs of Anger and shown signs of
    remorse to the public. I think someone can be sorry for their actions
    and still have outbursts. Now wether Chris  will or wont attack someone again I don’t know I do know he has to keep going to agermangement

    This isn’t about money at least on Rihanna’s case She’s uber rich. She
    either loves him or feels sorry for him but that still doesn’t make
    sense to be w/ him either way. Someone needs to talk her out of it if I
    were her friend i’d be in her ear.

  • Anonymous


    I personally flind Chris Brown deplorable, but Rhianna may view it more as a “fight” of equals rather than an “attack” on a victim, which is the way we all see it.

    She called the police, went to the hospital, photographed her injuries and filed for a restraining order.  She was well aware just how dangerous and violent this situation was.  All she’s doing now is probably believing his lies, rationalizing an irrational event or caving to pressure from those around her to make nice.  Unfortunately, these thoughts are not all that uncommon amongst battered women.  But, they are tragically sad either way.  

    Sad girls and guys can’t just leave their abuser, but its their life, not ours to judge.

    Eh, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to pass judgement on this kind of ass-hattery.  Men who beat women should be judged.  Not only by the people around them, but hopefully by a jury of their peers.  People close to battered women should support them in getting out the safest way possible, not enable them to rationalize why hanging out with abuser isn’t so bad.

    And, I agree with MJ that the music executives who approved of this ridiculousness should be ashamed of themselves.  

    I’m sad for the young people who look up to these two morons.   If I had a teenage daughter who was on the internet defending either of these idiots, I would know that I had failed as a parent.  And my first act in trying to correct my wrongs would be to remove all of her communication devices.  Then, she’d be spending the weekend volunteering at the domestic violence shelter.  

    I may be a horrible person, but I feel it is completely impossible NOT to judge people who are this monumentally stupid. 

  • Kayla

    If you read the police report, Rihanna was basically fighting for her life while Chris Brown choked the breath out of her. I don’t think that fits your imaginary scenario.

    If you know anything about domestic abuse, you know that there is some powerful and messed up psychology that goes along with it, and that the battered victim more often than not goes back to their abuser. What Rihanna is doing right now is textbook, just writ large because she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world and her abuser shares similar career acclaim, and complicated because a reunion at least on the professional side means mega publicity which the business people involved seem eager to exploit.

    It’s such a sad situation, but I blame those business people that let this go forward and Chris Brown himself 100x more than I blame Rihanna, she’s caught up in the cycle of abuse that is horrifyingly similar no matter what your level of poverty/wealth or obscurity/fame.

  • Diana

    I wish Rihanna had people in her life who would help her rather than take advantage of her. So depressing. And Chris Brown has shown multiple times since that he hasn’t changed his attitude or his ways.

  • Enough already!

    Maybe they should put the picture of Rihanna the day after Brown beat the crap out of her.   What are you thinking girl????  WTF???

  • callmecrazy

    Both songs totally HOOVER! 

    And frankly these two walking malfunctions deserve each other…..clobberations turn collaborations indeedy!  *MEH*

  • Anonymous

    That’s what gets me.  Chris has acknowledged watching his mother being abused repeatedly.  So you would *think* he would understand the dangers of such behavior.  Apparently not.

    My biggest concern is that many are starting to express anger toward Rihanna.  IMO, that’s not the right attitude to have.  I understand being sad, scared, and disappointed.  But it’s obvious that she is falling into the same mindset of many abuse victims, thinking/hoping her attacker has changed.  Blaming herself.  It’s a vicious cycle and no one seems to be helping her.  I can’t help but to feel bad for her.  I hope she saves herself from this living nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    You seem to suggest that Rihanna deserves to be in an abusive relationship.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    This is an example why it’s important to emphasize that celebrities or people in the public eye are NOT role models, nor should they ever be.  There’s all kinds of image creation and propagation of fallacies with celebrities and it’s idiotic to regard them as role models when one doesn’t know any of them in real life.  Role models have to come from people who one knows well in real life.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “She is stupid, he is a creep.  I can’t even get myself to watch the videos.  Yuck.”

    Yep.  I won’t watch either, nor have any sympathy if Chris and Rihanna are back together and he abuses her again.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I totally agree with everything that you wrote, especially these parts:

    “Eh, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to pass judgement on this kind of
    ass-hattery.  Men who beat women should be judged.  Not only by the
    people around them, but hopefully by a jury of their peers.  People
    close to battered women should support them in getting out the safest
    way possible, not enable them to rationalize why hanging out with abuser
    isn’t so bad.”

    “I may be a horrible person, but I feel it is completely impossible NOT to judge people who are this monumentally stupid.”

    Except, I’m not willing to consider that you (or I) are “horrible” people for thinking this way.

  • Goboywonder

    That’s the sad Cycle of Domestic Abuse/Violence. Children grow up and do what they were exposed to (modeled) .  Some women who grew up seeing their mothers and other women in their lives abused think it’s perfectly natural to have their man hit them. Some even think the man doesn’t really love them if he doesn’t hit them. Works both ways.
    ETA, I can only hope that if they are determined to be together, they seek
    individual and couple counseling.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, beating women is learned behavior, and it is most often learned in one’s home.  Having an abusive father/step-father/mom’s boyfriend makes gives a boy more of a chance to grow up to be an abuser himself, not less.  

    Victims need all of the support they can get (provided they’re actually willing to accept it).  This particular situation is frustrating because Rihanna did absolutely the right thing.  She got out after the first beating (at least, we think that was the first one).  So, it’s even more irritating to observe someone who’s broken free willingly put herself right back in that situation.  

    It’s surprising to see someone who has put so much time and distance between them and their abuser be willing to actually spend time with them again.  By this point, she should have been almost immune to the type of brainwashing these guys seem able to inflict on their victims.  

    It’s a sign that clearly Rihanna needed more help than she got (assuming she got any).  It’s also a sign that the people she works for have no comprehension of domestic violence and don’t really seem to give a shit about her safety.  

  • Anonymous

    The police report Harlow cited below really says it all. It is beyond me why any radio station plays his music, any show invites him, any label wants to work with him. They all choose to make a buck even if it means becoming complicit in perpetuating a culture that condones abuse towards women. Disgusting and very telling.

  • Anonymous

     If you have ever witnessed or been a victim of domestic violence, what
    she is doing should make you sick to your stomach. She really has lost
    my respect.

  • Anonymous

    So true.  But I remember Chris being on a talk show, remembering how he would hide in a closet and became so scared that he wet himself when his stepfather would hit his mother.  This was long before Rihanna.  It makes we wonder where the disconnect happened.  Then again, that may explain seeing himself as a victim and why he’s spiraling downward.  He’s lashing out at childhood ghosts.

  • callmecrazy

    No….that’s not what I meant….at…..all! 

    First he clobbers her….now they are collaborating?  Whether money or not is a factor….they both should realize to just stay clear from each other.  And if they BOTH don’t see it that way, cuz clearly we aren’t the ones watching them thru rose colored glasses….then they do deserve each other. 

  • Anonymous

    Speak out against both artists by your actions. Dont’ buy magazines that feature them. Don’t buy their music.  Don’t click on websites that feature their videos or stories on them.  Don’t watch programs that feature them.  Educate your children and anyone that will listen that domestic violence is wrong and should never be tolerated.

  • Mase Wallace

    can we revoke his fame, please and hers for that matter

  • Anonymous

    I know – the mind it boggles.  It’s just so hard to fathom.  

    Like turquoisewaters, I also cannot fathom the people who defend, employ and support Chris Brown.  Not only did he beat that girl mercilessly and nearly choke the life out of her, but he has since been positively remorseless and defiant.  

    It’s impossible to wrap my head around this situation.  Sometimes, women have no choice but to interact with their abusers (i.e. they have children together, etc.).  But to willingly interact with your abuser for a business deal?  For no other reason than to make a little more money (when you already have more than you’ll ever need)?

    Again, the mind, it boggles.   

  • sdmama

    I have to ask what these to have anything to do with American Idol or any other reality show?  Is that because one or both of them guest appeared on a show?  I can’t recall. 
    Well, if that’s the case, thank you for making this a separate headline so that I can easily avoid it in the future.  

  • Anonymous

    I am thoroughly disgusted.
    He has given me enough information about him for me to know what he is.
    This action, however, changes my opinion of her.
    I can’t see this being anything more than a ‘money’ decision on her part

    I grew up in an abusive household so I don’t want to hear people defend him or her for their responses to their own abuse history.

    Even though I witnessed countless abuse as a child I have never struck a woman, mainly because I WON’T subject another human being to the pain and devastation that comes from being abused by someone who supposedly loves you.  It is possible to not continue the cycle.
    ..I can’t believe I’m the only one that doesn’t continue the abuse.  That excuse, that growing in an abusive environment explains his abuse, is too convenient.  It requires you to see your own humanity, and some can’t bear that kind of introspection.

    She has lost any sympathy I have for her, not only because it looks greedy, but it also sends the wrong message to the fans of each of them, and continues the cycle.  This shows their young fans that abuse is OK, and also creates new generations of victims.

    Remember when Bill Cosby got a rash of crap for imploring the men in the black community to stop beating on their women?  Remember when some said that was a racist remark?

    …..Bill Cosby gets called racists for trying to end the violence.  Chris Brown gets lots of money and a Grammy as well as support from his victim for being an abusive, ego maniacal, non repentant prick…..

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised by Rihanna’s actions as she has repeatedly posed in S&M gear and hinted – strongly – that she liked violence in a relationship. She also couldn’t understand the negative reaction to the Eminem song she sang the chorus to, which was a compelling and graphic depiction of how he wanted to kill his ex-wife. (Not that any of that justifies the criminal act Brown did to her)

    I don’t know if she is turned on by violence or she just truly believes it is a woman’s lot in life to be brutalized and sexualized, but at this point I don’t hold out hope for either her or Chris Brown. I think it is likely that one, if not both, will ultimately repeat the beating because they obviously haven’t learned from the past.

    What is tragic is the message this sends to their fans and to music lovers at large. But again, it is nothing new, Eminem wants to strangle and burn his ex-wife, Marilyn Manson wants to smash his ex-girlfriend’s skull. And they sell a lot of the records in which they put it all to music.

  • stargazed

    With this kind of approval, he’ll do it again.  Next time could be worse.

  • sf3456

    I read that Rihanna’s label tried to talk her out of it, but she basically said screw you and did it anyway.

  • Chris

    I explained it to both of my daughters … No Chris Brown on my tab. I will add Rihanna.

    And OMG I just read the lyrics on a website. That is just sick. a) this is music? what the heck? and b) Rihanna needs help badly to even form her lips to sing that with him. And he’s just eating this up, on his twitter page he keeps mentioning her and Cake. Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    When this blows up in her face, I don’t want to see her on television or in magazines crying and whining about getting her head bashed in again. I never bought anything from these selfish, spoiled, self-absorbed, immature brats before and I sure in hell am not going to do so now. It sickens me how everybody sympathized with her and she got tons of publicity from this incident and then to turn around and get back involved with this selfish, violent thug again is beyond belief. My skin crawls to even look at that man and I can’t imagine how Rhianna can hook back up with the guy who punched, slapped, kicked and choked her almost to death and then threw her out like she was yesterday’s trash. 

  • Barbara Swanson

    Good god.  Those lyrics are not only sick, they are BAD.  What a stupid song.  Sounds like something a person who has some severe mental deficiency came up with.
    Re Rhianna…like someone else said, there are plenty of hints that she may really enjoy S&M, not just talk about it.  Sadly, sometimes this is the result of a really abusive childhood. 
    And that is NEVER an excuse.  I know–i had some rough times, but we all have free will and choice when hit adulthood.

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to listen to it but I want to commend you, MJ, for telling it like it is. 

  • nancy

    Rihanna is a beautiful girl (tho I don’t care for her music), but she acts & dresses like a hooker, so I’m not at all surprised at her behavior toward CB.  She must feel really desperate to give him the time of day after what he did to her!  How trashy can you get!

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day, this just proves they deserve each other. Another Whitney & Bobby in the making.

  • Anonymous

    Whitney and Bobby 2.0.  Sad.  Total dumbassery. 

  • Anonymous

    Of course he will.. this type of mental case (Chris) doesn’t change.  He’s gotten more explosive since the public incident and the media hating him will only fuel his hatred.  RiRi will be the punching bag if they are indeed back together.  

  • Anonymous

    All this mentality will do is keep Rihanna (and possibly others) from coming forward again if they are abused.

    I understand the frustration, but we need to careful that in our frustration, we don’t allow this to further blame the victim.

    Victims often return to their abusers, we all know the statistics.  Rihanna is no different in that regard, sadly.

  • Anonymous

    I remember two guys in real life who were beating on each other.. I saw the bruises, however, they soon got together, and this kept repeating over and over.  didn’t make sense.  Could be what they call Stockholm Syndrome where the abuser and abusee sort of form some kind of mental kinship.  you have to read about it on the internet I suppose.  In my opinion, she is stupid, will end up like Whitney Houston, some of those alleged “ministers” at Whitney’s funeral need to actually DO some ministering to these celebrities or else those “ministers” need to go back to the nothing they were doing to help Whitney so she wouldn’t die.  i.e. what I’m saying is – BeBE Winans is no good as a minister, and TD jakes too for that matter. 

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    I’m in total shock here MJ,,can’t believe I just heard this ‘birthday remix on here,,whatever these 2 ,or wherever they end up..they deserve it !!they’re both disgusting,,,God help this world & our future destinations,our youth…It scares me  !!!!