Cheryl Cole Sues Over X Factor Firing

Don’t expect Cheryl Cole to return to X Factor UK next year. She’s filing suit against the show, claiming they owe her unpaid wages after she was unceremoniously dumped from X Factor USA.  Cheryl was hired for the first season of X Factor, but was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger after filming two audition episodes. Via TMZ

Cheryl Cole says she signed a VERY lucrative deal to be a judge on “X Factor” back in 2011 … and even though producers fired her ass before Season 1 ever got off the ground, she wants her money … more than $2 MILLION … this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Cole — a British pop star — says she signed a “Pay or Play” contract with Blue Orbit Productions that guaranteed her $1.8 million for Season 1 … and $2 million for Season 2 … even if she never appeared on the show.

Cole says producers also agreed to pay her a $100k wardrobe allowance for each season, $25k for a stylist, $15k-per-month for lodging in L.A. and $2,500 per month for general living expenses.

As TMZ previously reported, Cole got the chop before Season 1 aired … because producers believed the American audience wouldn’t understand her super-Britishy accent. She was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger … who was also fired and replaced by Britney Spears.

According to the lawsuit, Cole says producers did pay her the $1.8 mil for Season 1 … but stiffed her on the $2 mil for season 2, as well as all of the bonus money for expenses.

Cole is demanding more than $2.3 million in damages.

Calls to Blue Orbit have not been returned.

Stay tuned!
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  • Jason Scott

    Can you imagine how much better this show would have been if she wasn’t dumped for Nicole? Sigh. What could have been…

  • Eric Ascher

    Wasn’t expecting her to return anyway.

  • Eric Mitchell

    If she has a pay or play contract then they should have paid her. On a show like X Factor they are stupid to give contracts that last more then a year. 

  • Maj

    Of course the hilarious thing is Nicole was pretty much the highlight of this year’s abysmal season of the UK XF. I didn’t watch last years US XF at all so I can’t compare her performance this year with last year. As for Cheryl, it would have been interesting seeing her in the US environment but I wouldn’t have counted on making that much of a difference.

    Anyhoo. I’m not a fan of Cheryl’s at all (the only mentor/judge I could ever stand on UK XF was Dannii) but I hate Cowell way more than her…so go girl! Sue the frack out of this poor excuse for a man. ;)

  • tomr

    Go Cheryl!!!!!!   Sue the crap out of them…too bad it isn’t Simon…he’s the one that deserves it.

  • Dennis

     Nicole was awful on US XF season 1. Everything that’s great about Nicole on UK XF is pretty much the opposite of how she was on US XF. Cheryl couldn’t have done any worse than Nicole and the funny thing is Nicole was never that popular over here so I never understood why she was picked to be a judge in the 1st place. She’s doing well in the UK but she sucked over here. lol

  • Maj

    I remember reading about that, so I expected the worst and colour me surprised when she was pretty good (for an XF judge) this year. Not good enough for me to want to keep watching the trainwreck on YouTube but still good. I wonder if the close proximity to Cowell had something to do with her being tragic last year..?

  • Kamokunz

    She was responsible for the creation of One Direction (Simon now took full credit), that’s why Simon really likes her. She was also responsible for the change of the XF UK season 7, where they changed from “Overs 25” to “Overs 28” because of Nicole’s suggestion. She is more well-known than Cheryl here, that’s for sure (I loved Nicole on Dancing with The Stars).
    To be honest, I watched XF UK, and Cheryl is REALLY hard to understand. I know she is sweet but her accent is not something you can just ignore.

  • davedpg

    I’m British and there are times when I don’t understand Cheryl!

  • Leandro

    Nicole is the best judge ever of X-Factor now she’s far from Simon and she was the worse judge ever when she was close to Simon. Yes, the proximity to Cowell makes people worse.

  • irockhard

    And the moral of the story is…

    Simon should never be a judge on any panel, and no he was not that good on Idol either, he was just a poor man’s “Nasty Nigel”.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Wrong. Simon was amazing on XF UK. Simon-Cheryl-Danni-Louis panel was great.

  • James M.

    Being far from Simon didn’t really help Louis and Tulisa when they came out with the Misha B. bullying crap. Nor did it help either of them when they saved Rylan at different times. 

    Also, as Mateja said, Louis-Cheryl-Dannii-Simon was great. Gary’s okay and Nicole improved a shitload from X Factor US in the UK. 

  • Maj

    I could only stand Dannii on that panel, but I guess most would agree with you.

  • mjsbigblog

    There were rumors that she’d be back on X Factor Uk…

  • Raftrap

    Why wouldn’t she be able to return to any of XF shows after this? Simon himself said it: It’s business, nothing personal. Well time to put your $2.3 Million where your mouth is.

  • Eric Ascher

    I heard about the rumors. I personally never believed them. Cheryl was royally screwed by Simon and I don’t think she is the type to forgive so quickly.

  • David Facenfield

    Tend to agree, she def seems like a hold a grudge kinda gal

  • Kamokunz

     Well, but she already came back as a guest mentor didn’t she? And to those who didn’t keep up, yes she did say “Simon can kiss my ass.”

  • ohreli

    Cheryl had the combination of glamour and wit that Simon probably thought he would get in Nicole and Britney but they have both failed miserably. Even Britney—who seemed to have some spunk in the XFactor audition clips, has turned into a monotone zombie in the live shows. “I am so proud of you.  I am so proud of you…I am a recording….”  Whats the explanation for this pattern of unexpected failure in Cheryl’s replacements?  Can you say: “KARMA”-?!

  • Leandro

    Obviously, not everyone will be worse because of Simon. But some people, like Nicole and Demi Lovato, with a historic of mental disorders and low self-esteem, overreacts and make bad decisions when they’re kinda harassed and intimidated by someone like Simon. He’s a natural sociopath, he can smell people that seem to be strong, but in their inner, lacks confidence and he gets excited bullying those kind of people. 

    The fact is that Nicole is a lovable, funny, clever, down to earth and exciting judge/mentor now she’s far from Simon.

  • Sassycatz

    Obviously, not everyone will be worse because of Simon. But some people,
    like Nicole and Demi Lovato, with a historic of mental disorders and
    low self-esteem, overreacts and make bad decisions when they’re kinda
    harassed and intimidated by someone like Simon.

    I don’t know the background of all the women he has chosen for these judging panels, but if this is so, then one has to ask why he chooses people like this. As for Cheryl Cole, I never understood why he tried to transport her, with the show, in the first place. She didn’t have a name here and, since the judging panel is so important considering *they* are the stars, it was important to start out with 1) stars that the American public would recognize and 2) people with opinions, backbone, and the ability to be witty and personable on a panel.