Cheryl Cole Officially Offered X Factor US Deal?

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According to the Daily Mail, UK pop star and X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole has been offered a deal to sit on the X Factor US judges panel when it arrives on these shores Fall 2011:

The 27-year-old has discovered that she’s landed a place on the judging panel of the U.S. version of the X Factor, according to a source, in a deal worth up to £3million.

An insider had already suggested that Cole was a ‘good bet’ to join Simon Cowell on the show next year.

But on Saturday night, Mrs Cole was officially offered the job, the source said, only a week after executives from U.S. television network Fox flew in to watch the ITV talent show – and the judge – in action.

According to reports, Cheryl hopes to launch a music career in the states.  As a side note, she’s been dating Dancing With the Stars pro, Derek Hough.  If the reports are true, guess they’ll be seeing lots more of each other.

Earlier reports suggested that FOX wanted Simon to hire US celebrities, rather than Cheryl, who is famous in the UK, but hardly a household name in the US.

But as we know, whatever Simon wants? Simon generally gets….

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  • gangreen29

    I think Simon is making a mistake.

  • terps

    I don’t know what it is but something tells me America is going to love her.

  • luvadamlambert

    This could turn out really cool

  • _nyanyanie

    that will be good for cheryl, but not sure for xfactor-us

    i really wanna see how simon’s role as the main boss will take place on this show—production wise—

  • tammyinohio

    I like Cheryl so I hope this is true!!

  • anovich

    I think they would be better off with a US name, not Cheryl Cole. She is not a household name in the US, and I don’t think Simon is being very smart about this. British judges don’t always understand what Americans like.

  • Esqt

    The very first time I watched X-Factor UK, I was drawn to her right away and I was hoping that Simon will bring her over here. So, yeah! I’m so excited! Bring it on, X-Factor USA! Entertain me!

  • chessguy99

    I can see this working, as it means instant chemistry on the judge panel. One of the things that was lacking from Idol last season was judge chemistry. Fox will have to mount a major effort to get Cheryl known to the American public. Also, this will limit Simon’s other two choices and they’ll have to be readily identifiable to the viewing public. It probably means Nicole Scherzinger is out as a possible judge. My guess is her performance on the results show last week was consolation present from Simon.

  • stwbcross

    Oh I hope this is true. I love Cheryl. She’s totally the best mentor on that show (well, at least for her chosen one she is, lol). However I have to admit that Danni is the best judge. Having said that, Matt should win x-factor just for being able to rise above those lousy song choices that Danni usually gives him.

    I wonder which “Simon” we’ll see turn up in the US. The full of crap because this contestant is going to make me big bucks Simon or the brutally honest Simon that we saw in the early years of Idol?

  • jammasta

    Cheryl is my favorite judge on X-Factor UK, and not just because she’s hot. I would so audition and hope she mentors the Boys 16-24 or 16-28 whatever group they make. I think she does a good job with song choices and seems to have one of the stronger groups.

    Not entirely sure how she’d make the transition to the US, though. She really isn’t a household name here. Maybe I don’t follow the news enough, but I really can’t think of anyone else who can be a judge.

    I wonder if we’ll have four judges like in the UK.

  • Mark

    Well, I think it’s kind of a safe bet with Cheryl. We know she can work on that panel better than, say, Ellen DeGeneres, so she’s a safer shot than [insert celebrity of interest]. I’ve been watching, and I find her to be likable. Less buzzworthy than Paula, but more tolerable. Plus, she’s a consistently better mentor than anyone else there. So kudos for that.

    That said, it’s not like she’s a strong critical voice on that panel either. Though, frankly, if we’re talking music criticism, Kara DioGuardi puts them all to shame, and we know how that turned out, so that’s hardly the primary certification. But I hope she could have a little more backbone than she does on the X-Factor UK. If she just tries to be the “nice judge”, she might come off like a second-rate Paula.

  • sue

    Noooo I want Louis!!!!!! lol He is the most fun and he is the only one that will butt heads with Simon. Who is going to bring the crazy to the US. Come on now, Louis is your man. :) Cheryl and Simon practically agree with everything. They hardly disagree. Oh well…

  • saga

    I think Simon made a good choice…

  • Mark

    Noooo I want Louis!!!!!! lol He is the most fun and he is the only one that will butt heads with Simon. Who is going to bring the crazy to the US. Come on now, Louis is your man. :)

    Oh, dear god, no. He annoys me so much. Yes, it’s cool when someone contradicts Simon, but he needs a better (more intelligent) way of doing it. And he’s both a terrible mentor and gives consistently poor feedback. No, no, no, and no.

    Actually, if I was going to bring back anyone, I’d think about Dannii. She’s not been a consistent mentor, and makes some questionable song choices. However, she’s also the best judge there. Though I think she gains a whole lot less from coming over here than Cheryl might.

  • terps

    I think we will end up with something in the lines of Simon, Cheryl, Mariah and Diddy.

  • karenc

    I’m not sure if I really like Cheryl as a mentor or judge. And she isn’t really well known here. And I know I don’t really like Louis.

    THe other thing is that American pop music is a bit different than British, the main difference being with country music crossing over into pop. I’m not sure if they will look at it the same way. They really need someone to really understand American pop music.

    I’m not sure who else they can get. I would like to see Sharon Osbourne, but I’m not sure if she could do it with AGT and her new talk show. I can’t think of someone who would be a good male judge, I know Bret Michaels said something about judging AI, but I can’t see him on the x factor, but he would understand all types of Amercan music. Maybe someone like Smokey Robinson would be good, it seems to me that he was a good mentor on AI, I’m not sure about judging.

  • janeygotagun

    Cheryl Cole is hideous

  • iFly55

    tbh when Idol first started

    neither Simon, Randy nor Paula were remotely household names to the FOX’s target audience

    but it’s 2010 and they do need big names! Nicole is awesome, that leaves one slot left open which will probably be for … Kanye West

  • jammasta

    I would like to see Sharon Osbourne, but I’m not sure if she could do it with AGT and her new talk show.

    Did anybody watch the earlier seasons of X-Factor when she was a judge? I didn’t, I wonder what she would be like.

    tbh when Idol first started

    neither Simon, Randy nor Paula were remotely household names to the FOX’s target audience

    The idea of American Idol was pretty new then, wasn’t it? The X-Factor has a very similar premise, so it’s bound to seem old without big names. Oh HELL NO @ the idea of Kanye West, lol.

    Cheryl Cole is hideous

    I disagree more strongly than Heracles.

  • ComeBack2Me

    I approve!

    Cheryl Cole is hideous

    If by hideous you mean smoking hot, then yes, I agree. :)

  • druzilla

    Simon knows the panel needs chemistry. X-Factor UK has it. Idol had it at one point.

    I hope Simon brings a no nonsense presenter like Dermott to the show and not Seacrest.

  • Grammie Kari

    I know absolutely nothing about X-Factor, so Cheryl Cole is an unknown to me. It sounds like most of you think she will be good on the show. Too bad there arem’t any Americans that fill in the remaining spots.

  • Ratna12

    I love to see Cheryl here at US X factor. I think that her chemistry with Simon will be better than having an American but no chemistry with Simon. She’s a pretty good judge who sometimes tell it like it is, even though this year Dannie is a better judge, I think. Whether or not she will be comfortable criticizing Americans, who knows. I don’t want her super supportive to the contestants a la Paula.

    I believe American audience will like / even love her eventually, who cares if she is unknown here, right now.

  • Mateja

    Cheryl is awesome. Louis is also great, because he brings the crazy. Dannii tries to be the best mentor and judge she can be, but the other three judges are better TV personalities.

  • sallysimmons

    I think Simon has this spot on. They don’t necessarily need big stars on the panel – just people with charisma who are fun to watch. That’s Cheryl. I think she’s lovely.

    Simon and Randy weren’t known when Idol started and the whole J-Lo/Aerosmith-dude thing is just going to be a complete disaster for Idol. Once again, Simon will have got it right.