Cher Lloyd – “Oath” (feat. Becky G) – New Single?!

Z100 premired Cher Lloyd’s new song.

Last week, Epic Records released Cher Lloyd‘s “With Ur Love” (without Mike Posner) on iTunes USA and we all assumed the song would serve as Cher Lloyd’s second US single.

BUT, it looks like we were wrong. Z100 New York premiered new track “Oath” (feat. Becky G) yesterday afternoon and played it several times.

Check out Cher’s new baby below. Oh and don’t ask me who Becky G is, because I have no idea.

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  • Maria Romeo

    wait but this song isnt on the album is it?

  • Eilonwy

    While I have nothing intelligent to say about music in the current bouncy-teen-pop trend, I can answer the bonus essay question.

    Oh and don’t ask me who Becky G is, because I have no idea.

    15-year-old rapper signed by Dr. Luke on the basis of a Youtube video.

    (That sounds like the one-sentence pitch for a Disney Channel series, but it’s her actual bio.)

  • Ronnie D

    I can hear this on the radio. Sounds very current. 

  • Maj

    Sounds to me a bit Taylor Swift-y but I guess it’s a good choice for American radio.