Charlotte and Jonathan – Britain’s Got Talent – VIDEO

C’mon Simon Cowell! You should know that lightning rarely strikes twice! The Susan Boyle deal was a fluke that will likely never be duplicated, and your lame attempts to recreate the “magic” are so transparent at this point, it’s kinda funny.

For instance, when Simon  says, at the very top of this video, “Just When you think things could not get any worse,” I immediately thought to myself. “Suebo meme dead ahead!” and when the chubby and ungainly Jonathan took the stage with his school mate Charlotte to sing an operatic duet on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, I was sure I was right. And I was.

The duo have nice voices–especially Jonathan–no diss on the youngsters at all. But this is the reason long-time viewers of a competition reality show get frustrated with the audition process–it’s the endless repeating of the Same. Old. Thing.

Simon is back this season as judge, presumably to goose the ratings. BGT overlaps with The Voice UK for about 20 minutes, and lost. Oh well.

I won’t be covering either show live, but if there are any buzzworthy performances, I’ll post them here. Both shows air on Saturdays on their respective stations.

Click to Watch Jonathan and Charlotte

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  • Listening

    I didn’t think they sounded good together. I actually tried to filter out the girl’s voice she’s okay but not great. Jonathon is real good and can only get better. Simon is right that girl is going to hold him back. I feel like b/c she’s there and they’re so discordant together now he has no shot of winning as opposed to if he were alone.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t find the video :(  Do I need new glasses?

  • Anonymous

    This interview with Simon Cowell and David Walliams on Jonathan Ross show is worth watching, if only to see how uncomfortable Simon gets when David start flirting with him 

  • Paul Xander

    I agree they didn’t sound very well together, they both have great voices tho.
    I like him better. I think you can see and rate lots of duets at the makeastar dot com site, not only you can vote but also upload your own video and if you got what it takes you can also win some cash.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! I had also just found it in the sidebar of davedpg’s video. Really like Jonathan’s voice.

  • hcpoirot

    I had watch the entire ep 1. And nothing spectacular catch my eyes. The talent in BGT drop since season 5 . If the first episode did not had any big talent, usually the rest of the auditions also had mediocre talents. I hope I am wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan is adorable.  I love how his hand shook the whole time.  But I hope they don’t win.  I think he’d be better off singing opera than the pop he’d be steered into if he became another SuBo.  

    I didn’t like their voices together, but I think Charlotte is necessary for him as emotional support.

  • Amy Beth

    It amazes me that the Brits put their appointment TV on Saturday nights. That’s like the Dead Zone here in the good ol’ USA!

  • Anonymous

    Vocally, she is dispensible, but musically, he depended on her to start in the right place.  He may not be able to function without her emotionally, as well.  He is a remarkable, legitimate dramatic tenor, with an easy high B-flat…and only 17…amazing! 

  • Mateja Praznik

    But that’s normal. Not just for the Brits, here in Slovenia is the same. Entertainment TV in primetime from Friday to Sunday. People have more time to watch TV during the weekends.

  • Leandro

    Am I the only person in the world that don’t get surprised at all with the fact that a unattractive and shy person can sing? WTF?!

  • Leandro

    I think the highest note required for tenors in most of western operas is the C5, so it isn’t either that high. He got a good dramatic voice, but that’s all. The only thing that’s interesting for me is what you mentioned: he may not function well without her. And it makes an interesting factor for reality shows.

    I personally would prefer they hid all the drama and started to sing a Jimmy Hendrix song.

  • Anonymous

    I got tears listening to him. omg he’s got an unbelievable voice!
    I wish he got some way to drop some weight, that will be healthier

  • Anonymous

    The kid is adorable and shy , i guess is because that Charlotte is part of the team ….not saying she has not talent, just that hi’s is more remarkable .:)

  • aquayers

    I’m surprised that Carmen Electra became a judge on that show. Very weird!! I agree with everyone that the boy has great voice,unfortunately the girls not so much. But she has supported him through thick and thin,it’s brutal to dump her because of this.