Charice’s Manager Throws Shade on Jessica Sanchez

Charice, the Filipino singer who appeared on Glee a couple of years ago has a new manager who is a little miffed that Pinoys have given American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez such a warm welcome. Courtney Blooding shared her doubts about the Filipino-Mexican-American on twitter:

“Ok, I have a legit question. I am not trying to judge or anything, I just want to know.

“Here is the question…why do the Philippines claim Jessica Sanchez? Jessica was born an raised in the US. I don’t THINK she speaks tagalog.

“Which, to me, makes her true American. How many people in the US come from mixed cultural backgrounds? We r a melting pot.

“AND I just read that this concert is her first ever trip to the Philippines….

“Isn’t a Filipino passport kind of a big indication of citizenship and a lack of one a big indication of no citizenship?

“If only the people of the Philippines would stop looking elsewhere and focus on local things, maybe they could see the value of many of the great people and resources there. Many great things and people there. It’s just a group mentality that it’s not good enough.

“It’s kind of a turn off to a foreigner such as myself cuz it can come across as ungrateful for the talent and resources god gave.

Whoa. Burn.

Blooding was quick to tell a follower, “It’s not really at Charice’s expense…I mean there is room for everyone an people will love or hate no matter what. But I just think it’s kind of wrong to say Jessica is part of Filipino pride when she is American before anything else.”

Blooding’s ire may stem from her belief that Charice only became recognized in the Philippines after her success in the US.

“And the more I think about it, I start to get insulted on many levels. Ph can’t claim something that is made in USA. And they only wanted to claim Charice after people in the USA put value in her. It’s wrong for both singers. Sorry, I’m just feeling a bit indignant about the situation,”

How do you feel about Blooding’s comments Filipinos? Is her assessment fair?


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  • CanadianLady

    Hmm. Sounds like Canada. Many Cdns have to make it big in the US to get noticed here, too.

  • lovesickheroine

    She’s just freaking jealous that her client is now a “has been”. That manager is so stupid, she’s making Charice look bad.

  • Amir Hazwan ?

    So… from what she’s saying, America shouldn’t embrace Charice either since she’s not American, right? 

  • Eilonwy
  • b_james

    Who cares where she’s from? She’s talented, and she’s allowed to have fans.  It’s like Katy Perry’s manager being all upset that Americans like Jessie J or Adele.  Or Justin Bieber’s manager being mad that Americans have welcomed One Direction.

  • Hertzblaster

    These questions are not for you. Its intended to her followers. Its a part of an intelligent conversation between her and her followers. Courtney is new to the Phil culture and asking a legit questions not to all Filipino people but to her followers who are mostly Filipinos and Filams.

    ABS-CBN picked it up for Fools to feast on ( our of context)  and create a sensationalized news.

    I think they are successful and should thank you for being a part of it.


  • PhiljessLiveinManila

    Hey, we loved our own singers andI could definitely prove that to her.. COurtney’s point is noneless since some or most FIlipinos didn’t like CHarice’s attitude and fashion trend..AGain, she’s not pertaining to her talent but that’s the reason behind the claiming and  not claiming an artist. We loved Jessica Sanchez and claim here cause she is a Filipino by <3 which means don't need a citizenship, passport or even a freakin word of Tagalog. Meanwhile, CHarice is the one seperating herself to the culture, changing her hair syle, speaking nonsense english! ANd If you are truly wanna have the right, pack your abgs and go home to america girl. 

  • Alim A

    who cares what the manager and her ugly flat nosed talent are saying about the pinoy pride for JSanchez. all we know is that the abs cbn was the cause of this issue that got blown out of context. to hell with you all.

  • raya

    Of course the media sensationalizes these type of things, but if you put it out there on social media, then you do so with the expectation that anybody can read it and comment.  Her comments were not private.  If you say something that might be deemed as somewhat controversial on twitter and you are in the public eye, chances are either fans/media will take it and run.  If people don’t want the heat, then don’t post.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Once you put something out on a non-private social media, it stops being a private conversation, intended only for a few. 

  • sjames08

    One thing that bothered me the most in the interviews Jessica had in the Philippines, was the question if Jessica would consider entering Philippine showbiz. I’m sure Jessica was thinking, “Why would I? I’m freakin’ international already.” Plus the paycheck will go wayyy down, ahah. 

    About the topic, I think that it is a fair assessment. It’s nice that the Filipinos have been very welcoming as they have always been to any of the Idols, but they shouldn’t forget that she’s only HALF Filipino. She’s just as Mexican as she is Filipino. And her Mexican supporters (i.e. Mario Lopez) is very proud that she’s half Mexican to the point that he’d claim that aspect, too. It just boils down to Jessica’s amazing talent. Many are proud of her. 

  • mjsbigblog

    If Charice’s manager wanted to have a private conversation with her followers, she should have taken them out to lunch. lol.

    As somebody said upthread–there is no such thing as a private conversation on social media. I don’t really care if it was intended for me, or not.

  • Tyson

    Just because you can eavesdrop on a conversation that has nothing to do with you doesn’t mean you should do so.  Don’t be surprised when people “don’t really care” about you or your feelings down the road.

  • dabney c

    Not entirely true about Canada, imo. It’s just that the US is such a huge market, plus they export culture all over the world, so Canadian acts naturally blow up if they make it in America. But Canada does notice and support its own talent … and we’ve got lots of it.

  • dabney c

    Tyson, everybody knows that whatever you say on social media is fair game. To claim that it was a private conversation is ludicrous. When you tell someone a secret, do you stand on a street corner hollering with a megaphone, and then blame the passersby for hearing it?

  • Archie Andres

    Philippines will claim anyone who is 1. successful AND 2. has even an mL of Filipino blood.

  • Incipit

    “It’s kind of a turn off to a foreigner such as myself 

    This is not the first example of her attitude? What a petty mindset. All I can say is I was happy to see that she was a foreigner to the Philippines. That attitude is also completely foreign to the open hearted generosity and hospitality that is all I have ever known about the people of the Philippines. 

    Ms Blooding isn’t much of a student of Human Nature, if she thinks National Pride, Regional Pride, Hometown Pride, even pride in one’s local sports teams are all something exclusive to the Pinoys. Anyone who makes a success on any kind of bigger stage, metaphoric or otherwise, will come back to be given the symbolic Keys to their City, and recognition for their achievements. It’s a shared thing, “someone like me” did that! whatever the commonality may be – in this case, it’s a shared heritage.

    Such foolishness to make a ‘thing’ out of it.

    My late uncle was on Mindanao in ’45, he only came back to us because of the help from the Filipinos…No bitter persons will change my opinion of the people of that country.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Well, first off she posted this on an account that is publicly known. She is a manager for celebrities, meaning that media outlets are likely reading on a regular basis in order to find out information about those she manages. If she did not wish for it to be picked up by said outlets, then she should not have posted.  It’s common sense, and plainly speaking, the professional way to handle things.

  • jlscott13

    Eavesdrop? Um. It’s Twitter. It’s public. lmao

  • CanadianLady

    Agree re lots of talent. And there is definitely support, in some areas more than others. My area just isn’t one of them. :) I can totally relate to feeling frustrated in seeing your fellow-citizens all excited about someone from another country and ready to claim them as their own, while ignoring home-bred talent that may be just as good.

  • EvenMoreron

    It’s true Filipinos (and Filipino-Americans) will take great pride in any success story that has Filipino blood, even if they weren’t raised in the culture or country.  Swimmer Natalie Coughlin is 1/4 Filipino and my parents love her just for that!

  • Archie Andres

     So Philippines is not alone. Canadians do it too!

  • lovesickheroine

    This is kinda out of topic.  I watched the Ustream earlier from the idols manila concert and it was batsh*t cray. I love how Filipinos show equal love to the idols (well, a lil bit more to Jessica). I couldn’t even hear what the idols are saying because people were screaming sooo loud. They danced, clapped, sang along and gave deserved standing ovations. Manila should be included on idol tour every year, even if they don’t have a Filipino cast in the group. Btw, PP cried while he was singing Home and I heard all the idols were crying so hard backstage. It’s so heart-braking that this is the last time they will be together as a group.

    This is the photo the big dome awhile ago.

  • Jonins

    Totally agree with you. Well, actually Filipino press always hype up foreign artists (specially in the US) who have Filipino blood, no matter if they were born in the US and has no sense of their Filipino heritage. And once the Filipino press hype it up, the Filipino masses eat it up. I am ashamed to say it but it is the truth. All because of Filipino pride? Maybe, but I don’t agree with that kind of forced pride.

  • Maria Romeo

    I have friends on twitter from the phillipines and they say that they are just a very supportive country.  Yes jessica isnt physically from there but it is in her blood and thats all that matter to them.  And who care if she doesnt know tagalong and has only been there once now! she is young she has alot of time to learn about her culture.  And lets face it, the united states is really where alot of stars are made you have to make it here to make it anywhere and people know that so they watch shows like american idol to find those stars, and well here comes jessica she is fillipiono so of course there going to love her.

  • CanadianLady

    Yeppers. :) One of the US gymnasts actually has Canadian-born parents, although she was born in the US, and the media here was all over that. And I don’t mind that kind of thing, in general. And frankly, Canadian media does great coverage of most athletes from other country even without a connection.

    But there are moments when it is annoying, like someone who struggles in Canada for years and then is successful in the US and all of a sudden doors that were closed here swing wide open.

    Or, as in this case, everyone at the feet of someone from the US or another country as if they are the best thing since sliced bread (which actually isn’t a good thing, but I digress…) while totally ignoring the struggling Cdns who might be just as good. (I was so annoyed by the recent CCMA Awards which were swamped with US singers, I could have bopped somebody if an organizer had been in my family room.) Kept muting my TV instead.

  • CanadianLady

    When I was buying the duets CD from this year at a Canadian Walmart, the  clerk, a late 20s or early 30s Asian-looking woman, looked at it and got all excited. She hadn’t known the CDs were out.

    I said I liked several of the people, but she was clearly only interested in one. With a huge smile, she told me how proud she was of Jessica, who was a Filipina, and on and on. Yes, she was also Filipina.

    So it’s a Filipino thing, and not just in the Philippines. You’re proud of someone because he/she shares your heritage. Canadians do that too. Likely other countries as well.

  • calliebeckett

    Apparently people were like that with Missy Franklin also….

  • Stooch

    Not true about Canada or Canadians I can name many bands and musicians over the decades, but I’ll just mention one of my favorite hidden Canadian gems, “the Trews” :)

  • Donne

    by Juan DeIa Cruz: 

    Courtney Blooding is way out of line and delusional. Pinoys are in no way claiming Jessica as their own. They feel the pride on Jessica for having that Filipino ancestry in her blood and has made good in US, particularly at AI. So much attention and adoration is given to her by Pinoys bcoz she is an awesome performer, a very good singer and excels in her craft. 

    Courtney’s misconception of Pinoys actuations is purely bourne out from JEALOUSY. Her talent Charice isnt getting much praise and adoration from Pinoys, and she is just getting envious. Plain skewed mentality and delusional perception because of ENVY

  • Lyn

    Filipinos love Jessica not only because of her race but also bec. she’s talented, adorable, and persevering. Being proud of her does not mean we are claiming her, it’s different. We are aware that she’s American with Filipino and Mexican heritage. To the Manager of Charice: we all have the right to support and admire who we want. If Charice does not get that much support here in the Phil. there’s probably a reason for it. Another thing every country has its own culture nobody has the right to question how we do things, or how much we value our heritage and race.  

  • p2fan

    No, I do not consider Jessica as Filipino. She is fully Americanized, no hint that she was proud of her Filipino blood nor culture.  We are fools to embrace her as if she is our own.  By all means let us appreciate her for her talent. And she is talented.  Be a fan.  But please, she is not a Filipino.
    And it is true, Filipinos have to be recognized abroad before they are recognized in their own country. There are many who are Americanized who appreciate their Filipino blood, even if it is an ounce.

    And I am proud, very proud of my flat nose.  It is what makes me pinoy.
    If not for us who are ugly, how can you be called beautiful.  Looks are only skin-deep and people who notice only that trait are shallow and limited.

    And I always tell my children they are smarter because the they know two languages, whereas many knows only one – English (lol)

  • hellomusicgirl

    Meh, I don’t see anything wrong with Jessica being part of Filipino pride. There are plenty of Americans (and people of all nationalities) who represent Latino pride yet have never set foot in a Latin American country. Same is true for many other heritages/cultures.

    And sometimes a person/act/whatever don’t even have to be part of that culture to be adopted by them. I think if a group of people want to support someone, more power to them. 

  • mikaylaislove

    “…the phillipines and they say that they are just a very supportive country.  Yes jessica isnt physically from there but it is in her blood and thats all that matter to them.  And who care if she doesnt know tagalong…”

    I absolutely love that about Filipinos. Blacks are the same way. I claim anyone successful with an ounce of black in them whether they embrace their parents’ culture or not. The only thing I don’t like is when Jessica receives too much pressure from some filipinos to change who she is culturally (i.e. ignore the fact that she’s Mexican and American)

    Hopefully Jessica is handling it well…she’s so mature. :) 

  • thirdtime

    Just my two cents – I find it completely odd.  I’m of Irish and German descent, but I can’t even imagine liking an artist or being proud of them because they are of Irish and German descent too.  That’s just too bizarre for me to understand.  Following someone or being proud of them as an entertainer for a reason like they are the same race as you, same descent as you, same gender as you, etc….seems really biased and strange to me.  That’s just my opinion.

  • p2fan

    Charice is also very talented.  I like her versions better than Jessica’s.  No offense as it is just a matter of taste.  I wish Charice the best!!! 

    By the way, I just came from the live show.  Just what I thought.  PP still got the loudest screams followed by Colton, then Jessica and Joshua.  The coloseum if not sold out, is  definitely more than 95% full.

  • hayes

    I think the shade is directed more towards Filipinos, not Jessica. I mean, this isn’t really Jessica’s fault.

  • Hertzblaster

     You are out of context. The ignorant will be happy to hear from you.

  • Hertzblaster

    You did not get my point, anyway,

    Do you think Charice Mngr is an ignorant to expect privacy on twitter? She can stand her ground  and possibly better than you do. The point is, ABS-CBN has succeeded in sensationalizing a foreigner’s simple question to her followers . They did it because she is connected to Charice. A lot of people open their mouth b-4 they think. And they become a part of it.

    Many people likes to gossip on half-truth. Half-truth is considered a whole lie. Sad that this how ABS-CBN wants to present the news to the people instead of presenting the facts or the whole truth straight to us.

    Read CHarice manager tweets and decide for yourself if ABS-CBN is doing a great service to the nation as what they claimed.

    Twitter is a wonderful creation but some people or entity wants to make a fool of us . Its your choice whether to tolerate or not their motives or style of reporting.

  • Eilonwy

     Do you think Charice Mngr is an ignorant to expect privacy on twitter? 

    If a celebrity’s manager seriously believes that media will not pick up on her Twit-spat over her client’s career, then she’s not only ignorant — she’s unqualified for the job.

    I’m more willing to believe that Ms. Blooding was using the Idol visit to the Philippines as a PR hook for her client, though I don’t agree that complaining is the way to get positive publicity.

  • mjsbigblog

    Don’t be surprised when people “don’t really care” about you or your feelings down the road.

     Pretty much my life on a daily basis as a blog mistress. I take more sh*t than you’ll ever know. But it comes with the territory.

    Just like this woman. She opens her mouth on twitter? There’s going to be blowback. That’s just the way it works.

  • Donne

    Some videos of AI concert in Manila:

  • Hertzblaster

    You are way out of line.

     You will get better appreciation of what is presented if only you read how the conversation goes between her and her followers before you make your judgement that she is unqualified .

  • Lyn

     I don’t agree with you, i also went to the concert jessica got the loudest scream..her whole set was filled with screams.. followed by phillip and then colton. You have to based it on the whole duration of the concert everytime she goes on stage the crowd went wild. FYI the concert was sold out…they have to release or sell additional tickets due to high demands but no seat guarantee they need to stand. 

  • Tommyo2000

    Its jealousy pure and simple … If this didnt come from Charice herself then the new manager is pretty dumb … Jessica is huge news in the Phillippines because she is there, it will die down when she leaves.  She shouldnt build her own client up by tearing somebody else down … Also I get the impression that the people over there are just trying to show Jessica, and all the idols, a good time … I dont know much about the country, but from what I am seeing I am impressed …

  • underpressure90

    Asians claim kinship thru’ heritage and culture, where you were born and what nationality you have on your passport is not important.And they are mighty proud when someone goes out there and does something amazing, like  Jessica and Heejun Han.

  • glennethph

    Are they still trying to make Charice happen?  I mean, if your career hasn’t blown up by being a guest star with a multi-ep arc on one of the biggest shows on earth, then you’ll probably not going to succeed.

  • HermeticallySealed


    Do you think Charice Mngr is an ignorant to expect privacy on twitter?

    Unless her page is set to private, then yes, she is.  Twitter is a public forum that anyone can casually puruse.  That is the whole point of the site; to put your thoughts out there for public consumption.  The only way one should expect privacy on a public forum like Twitter is to set one’s page to private so that only those you want may see the page.  This is just common sense with any social media service.

  • standtotheright

    If she were qualified, we wouldn’t be able to see how the “conversation goes” because she would have had the sense to ask her followers if they wanted to have a private focus group on the subject. Then she could ask them for their full, non-character delimited thoughts, without appearing to try and drum up publicity for her client by insulting the entire population from which her client came.

    The manager’s job on Twitter is to highlight the client’s accomplishments, not associate him or her with dramas that almost never make them look good.

  • standtotheright

    Following someone or being proud of them as an entertainer for a reason like they are the same race as you, same descent as you, same gender as you, etc….seems really biased and strange to me. That’s just my opinion.

    People find it easy to root for the “ingroup” as opposed to the “outgroup;” the Olympics is a worldwide case study of this.

    People of Irish and German descent have the cultural privilege of being able to point to enough successful artists who would fit in that ingroup that they don’t feel any obligation to support them for that reason.

  • raya

    The part I somewhat take exception to here though is the “no hint that she was proud of her Filipino blood nor culture”.  How does one know if Jessica was or wasn’t proud of her Filipino blood prior to AI?  How does one prove their pride?  I think it’s kind of insulting to insist that because Jessica grew up in the US and had never stepped foot in the Philippines before, all by 16 years of age, she had no pride in her roots.  I am not doubting that Jessica is obviously fully Americanized, but I just don’t see how one can judge or not if someone is not proud of their culture or heritage. 

  • whoisthatwoman

    Basically, this is a non issue in one year.  No one will care.

  • HermeticallySealed

     I would even go so far as to say by tomorrow.  ;)

  • Claude Dee

    FILIPINO or NOT. I love and I will support Jessica Sanchez! 

    I love Frank Ocean too and he’s no Filipino. Heh. :D

  • Xentusk

    Like it or not, speaking from personal experience, people who move to the US for a ‘better future’ have a pressure to assimilate, sometimes at the cost of your culture of origin.
    Easy to talk about national/cultural pride when you are from the country in question, as an immigrant, more opportunities open up if you assimilate or have the appearance of assimilation.

    When I came to the US, I lived on a military base, in the south and it was not wise to be too different and be too culturally different.

    Alternately, relatives from the country you left pressure you to hold onto your ‘roots’, if you have the appearance of becoming ‘too American’, they will tell you that they are disappointed that you are embarrassed of your roots …..

    Agree or disagree, that is the way these things work between cultures.  What Charice’s rep posted might be insulting or unwise to some, but it is definitely not unusual that people think this way.

    Immigrants to any country struggle with assimilation or holding onto their roots and are judged by their decision…that’s just reality.

  • Jazz_11

    Maybe she should “DM” that person instead of answer it publicly for everybody to read or lock her account so only her approved follower can read her tweets.

  • Marco Paul Anthony

    I think we should not let Charice into USA anymore because we should be FIRST supporting American artists! Americans STOP supporting Charice- she is NOT one of us…hahahha. That is what is behind Blooding’s stupid mentality. She is acting like a little dictator trying to tell millions who and who not to support. USA should NEVER embraced the Beatles either right?

  • Marco Paul Anthony

    Why dont u just build a wall around Philippines to keep foreign artists out? Worked in China & Russia

  • Quaribea

    Filipinos also seem to embrace those who act “Pinoy”.  I E, Archie.  I think there has been some distancing and loss of interest in Charice as she’s stopped acting as culturally acceptable to Filipinos in recent times.  Blood only goes so far, behavior also plays a roll, along with talent.  This is only the impression I’ve gotten, let me know if I’m wrong.

  • underpressure90

    No one can ever replace Archie in the Philippines.He’s done and get the whole country fall in love with him.

  • judes

    Haha , this is like us Aussies claim New Zealander’s as our own-like Keith Urban, Russell Crowe, Sam Neill etc- all were born in NZ but began their career in Australia & then made it big in America!! I think its great how Filippinos support a lot of the Idols , not just Filipinos [David A being a good example] .Why wouldn’t they embrace Jessica who is at least half Filippino . Seems like it is a bit of sour grapes from this manager of Charice.

  • p2fan

     No, I am not biased.  I was at upper level – left, and I can hear the applause and screams.  Where I was seated, the audience near me were relatively  quiet.  Read everything on the other posts, and there is one who wrote PP got the loudest scream. Jess was there most of the times so she received many screams.  But when all the idols were called one by one, PP got it.
    I was even surprised that the mother-daughter team beside me were PP fans.   When I asked why she loves PP besides his singing, her answer was because he is handsome — and that reflects the typical action of young females.  The mother’s  response was the personality.

  • meiling chee

    I saw your comments about Charice and Jessica. I like Jessica even from the start that I didn’t know she has a Filipino blood. I have seen most of Charice youtube videos and never like her at all. I have seen her sang a duets with other stars like Sarah Geronimo, in fact Sarah is even better than Charice. Here in the US, not many people in the world knows that the AI is really losing so many viewers, but gains a new viewers just like me because of Jessica Sanchez. By the way, P2 is not that cute, there are guys who are way better looking than him here in US or even in the Philippines.

  • ZsusK

    Getting back to what Blooding said, I don’t think she’s trying to create a war between Jessica and Charice fans. She’s just expressing something that might be very frustrating to her and other Filipinos. Why did Charice have to work so hard to obtain moderate success in the US before she was considered a star in her own country, while Jessica Sanchez, not a native, gets the royal treatment just for appearing on a US reality program? It’s not about Charice being the better of the two, but about the need for US approval. I can see how that would feel kind of awful and gross. 

  • sweetmm

    Normal mentality of Asian countries music industry; home grown/local artists are not supported as opposed to international artists.  Local artists normally could not even get sponsors for their shows whilst sponsors fights to support international artists coming in.  Fans would fork out loads to watch international artists whilst expecting near-free show from local artists.   I guess Courtney just voicing her frustration over this music scene.

  • Lion's DENN

    p2fan, you were obviously not in the ‘coloseum’. the 16,000-18,000 capacity venue (it is called araneta coliseum, btw. the biggest in asia i dare say, with lots of history in there.) was full to the rafters, standing room only at the upper boxes, with people sitting shoulder to shoulder at the aisles. no one who was there would say it was only ‘more than 95% full’. and being obviously a p2 fan, which i am too, you ignore the fact that colton got the loudest and longest cheers, maybe as loud as jessica’s. p2’s loud screams were more of the fact that he appeared only during the tailend of the show when the audience were already wondering why he hasn’t come out yet and when he did, everyone just went bonkers.

    as for filipinos claiming jessica as their own, it is more about talent than anything else. nationality, culture or heritage are incidental, and jessica’s being half-filipino is just a bonus. filipinos are used to seeing and hearing singers like charice every day on tv, clubs and karaoke joints – that’s not an exaggeration. belters and wannabe divas are dime-a-dozen in our country, go check youtube. we are a truly musical people and the foreign acts who bring their concerts here are ‘amazed’ at the level of appreciation they get in return.

    jessica sanchez is a breath of fresh air for us music fans who appreciate real talent when they see one. nothing more, nothing less.

  • Lyn

    They both received loud screams in the end. Jessica got the loudest cheer when the idols pics. were shown at the beginning of the show. The crowd went wild during her entire set, and it’s prolonged cheering. But indeed the crowd loved and support the entire top 10 during their individual performances. The idols received so much love last night.

    we don’t have to argue bec. obviously you are not a jessica fan, and don’t tell me you are not biased. What about your comment that: “Jessica is not proud of her blood and culture, that she’s fully americanized etc.” What is your basis for that? You are judging based on your misconception and incomplete facts. She made it clear in several interviews that she’s equally proud of her mexican and filipino heritage, she grew up eating filipino foods etc. She’s proud of being an american citizen but it does not mean that she’s not proud of her heritage.. end of discussion 

  • Kariann Hart

    It doesn’t make any sense to feel this bitterness.  Maybe something will come of it now that it is out. Charice need to make the decision.

  • Gayle Robediso

    I may understand her frustration nevertheless it affects Charice. For Filipino pride, it is just natural for us to be “proud” of anyone successful with Filipino descent. The only thing I don’t like about it is when we “claim” the person and pressure her to be like us.

    I got interested in Jessica because she looked Filipina during the Vegas show and when I learned she was, I started checking her youtube videos. She grew on me not because she’s Filipino but because she’s really talented and she loves her fans. I want her to be successful in the international scene. I don’t want her to stay here. We just gotta show her our love because it’s her first time here and we want her to know that she got the best fans here. 

  • underpressure90

    post deleted.thanks

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Haha , this is like us Aussies claim New Zealander’s as our own-like
    Keith Urban, Russell Crowe, Sam Neill etc- all were born in NZ but began
    their career in Australia & then made it big in America!! I think
    its great how Filippinos support a lot of the Idols , not just Filipinos
    [David A being a good example] .Why wouldn’t they embrace Jessica who
    is at least half Filippino . Seems like it is a bit of sour grapes from
    this manager of Charice.”

    Thanks. I didn’t realize that Keith, Russell and Sam were all kiwi’s. lol

    Also, is Archie really of Filipino descent? His wiki page says this:

    Archuleta was born in Miami, Florida, to Lupe Marie (née Mayorga) and Jeff Archuleta. His mother is a salsa singer and dancer from Honduras and his father is a jazz musician of Spanish-Basque descent

    It appears that the claim that Archie is of part Filipino descent came from an article in a tabloid, so I’m not sure if this is true. Has Archie said this himself somewhere?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I think there has been some distancing and loss of interest in Charice
    as she’s stopped acting as culturally acceptable to Filipinos in recent

    I’m not familiar with what Charice has done that may have been deemed “culturally unacceptable” to Filipinos. Would you please cite some examples?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I disagree. This is not about people supporting artists from foreign countries, but it’s about a nation supporting and “claiming” artists because that artist possesses some ethnic heritage common to that country, regardless of their nationality or birthplace. I think that Blooding’s argument is the support is fine, but that the “claiming” is misguided, and I can see her point on that issue.

  • p2fan

    Don’t get  me wrong.  I started to watch AI when I saw Jessica and I think she was incredible.  But when her singing involved growling, I was impressed but it is not my cup of tea.  Her singing has no connection with me – it was just incredible performance. Then I watched PP.  No he is not handsome in my book.  But his style (sorry I am utterly ignorant of pitches and notes )  just creeps on me. He shares his feelings in the song – in this I feel the longing, the mischief, the passion, the fun…! I love the way he philipped the songs.  I am a fan but not that diehard fan to exclude or hate others.  Why make an issue that one needs to choose Jessica and Charice.  One can love and support both.  As one poster  wrote, everything will be moot within few years.  Another Filipino singer  will make it to IDOL, that is one sure thing.  By the way, I love Thia.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Another Filipino singer  will make it to IDOL, that is one sure thing.”

    But Jessica is not Filipino and shouldn’t be regarded as Filipino. That’s the point here.

  • Zoey Giesberg

    Wow, that was completely uncalled for. Also, someone sounds pressed that their client isn’t as big as they hoped they would be.

  • p2fan

     Culture is much more than eating sinigang or adobo.  Pride is beyond words. Wishing is not action.  Love is not just mouthing I love you. Heritage should have already been learned as a child.

    I agree with Blooding: “It is wrong to say that Jessica is part of Filipino pride when she is American before anything else.”

  • raya

    But the part where we still disagree is that not only is Jessica still a child technically, but how do you have any idea what is in her heart or behind her words or even what she learned as a child short of actually being in her household?

    Also does it really matter who got the loudest screams? I’ve heard differing reports from people in the same arena. The point was the crowd was amazing for all of them and both Phil & Jessica got crazy amounts of cheers & screams. Colton too.

  • sheila g.

    Jessica’s mother is filipino so Jessica is a half-filipino and technically that makes her a filipino. And if filipinos are proud of her even if she doesnt speak tagalog or has never step in the philippines before AI so whats Bloodings problem with that. if eating filipino food, singing a tagalog song or saying shes proud to be pinoy is not enough then what should she do to let everyone know that she is proud to be a filipino? ha tell me.

    I bet if Blooding is not managing charice she wouldnt even give a damn about filipinos fascination over jessica. shes just bitter.

  • Katie’s Uvula

    Okay then, let’s not embrace Justin Bieber because he is Canadian. And let’s not embrace ANYBODY in America unless their Native American. Who the f*ck cares. Ugh, I’m gonna harrass this b*tch on twitter now, brb.

  • meiling chee

    P2fan, how can you say we dont teach our children our heritage. In fact, you sounded more of Filipino that embraces foreign cultures.

    Honestly to tell the truth, when I went home to the Philippines I was in big shocked  by how the people have changed. I felt that Filipinos embraces western cultures how the women dresed up, children disrespect their parents and elders, men/boys didn’t gave a seat to women/girls/elders anymore. teenagers were kissing/hugging infront of my house. 

    The children with Filipino heritage born and rasied in the US are more respectful and than the new generations of the Philippines. We raised our children how our parents brought us up.

    Look around you if I am wrong.

  • Wonderstruck

    Pretty much my life on a daily basis as a blog mistress. I take more sh*t than you’ll ever know. But it comes with the territory.
    Just like this woman. She opens her mouth on twitter? There’s going to be blowback. That’s just the way it works.

    Maybe she’ll make her tweets private like you did MJ that way only her followers can see them. 

  • dumbestseni

    A must read and understand… so we stop 
    questioning Pinoy pride.

    World Bank: Philippines is the 4th 
    biggest remittance recipient in 2010.

    According to the report:
    1.) India amounted to $55 billion 
    2.) China with $51 billion, 
    3.) Mexico with $22.6 billion 
    4.) Philippines with $21.3 billion.

    Philippines is the smallest nation 
    compared to the first 3 mentioned above.

    To our Kababayans, this is the 
    collective accomplishment of Filipinos 
    abroad that you can be proud of.  We are 
    here to help our nation’s economy, so we 
    deserved to be recognized as Filipinos 
    no matter what.  

    When the first Filipino, our very great 
    grandfather who first set his foot to the foreign land many many 
    years ago (if only he is alive today) will be very happy and proud to 
    know that his prayers were answered, 
    that one day those Pinoys whom he 
    referred to as his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, 
    who will follow his footsteps, will 
    achieve huge success and recognition 

    Jessica Sanchez is just one of the answer to 
    his prayers, his big dreams…his vision…coupled with courage and 

    So please welcome Jessica home with open 
    mind, open arms and loving hearts.

    Only God knows what is her purpose and 
    mission in life that will benefit poor 
    nations around the world like The 

    Filipinos should not compare Jessica 
    Sanchez to our finest song artist in the 
     Philippines like Lea Salonga, SarahG, 
    Charice, Arnel Pineda, and many more.  

    Please stop, just look at your 10 
    fingers for a minute, none of them are 
    the same…why?  they all have different 
    purpose; so as your idols, they have 
    different purpose in life. 

    They all started to do charity works, then with 
    the addition of an American Grammy, charity begins to grow  
    better.  Hmmm… so God gave us an 
    American Idol sweetheart, Jessica 
    Sanchez, and now we just have to wait 
    and give her time to grow.  

    This young lady bumped into good people 
    like David Foster, George Clooney,Katy 
    Perry, and many more, who are 
    into big charity works. so she is on the 
    right path to pursuing it big to make 
    the difference.

    Let’s pray can create a song 
    with Jessica, in collaboration with 
    other finest song artist in the 
    Philippines; a song that the world will 
    embrace to feed the poor not only in the 
    Philippines but poor nations around the 

     guys, you never heard of “Candle in the 
    Wind” by Elton John? that sold about 3.5 
    million copies of CDs in first week 
    alone and 37 million copies in 4 months 
    of that year 1997, multiply that with 
    $12 per copy, that’s tons of money!  
    That was extraordinary!!! that until now 
    lots of poor people around the world are 
    benefiting from it.
     I actually bought ten of that CD’s to 
    support, and when i learned about the 
    huge sale of it, i was telling everyone 
    that i hope and pray this can happen in 
    the Philippines, because that is exactly 
    what we need to elevate the lives of the poor
    in our country and other poor nations. 

    Have a vision and a dream for a change 
    for your kababayans and other poor nations who are less 
    fortunate than you are… this was my 
    hope and dream since 1997? and i felt the hope to be coming soon, because
    now we have lots of talented song artist in the  Philippines, and with 
    the addition of and Jessica Sanchez, they can make it happen.

    So, let’s support Jessica so she can 
    achieve huge success.  The bigger she 
    gets, the faster she can accomplish her 
    mission, and  her journey will be 
    smooth, fun and just wonderful! because 
    you and I are part of it.