Cassadee Pope – “Over You” Tonight Show with Jay Leno (VIDEO)

Here’s The Voice winner, Cassadee Pope singing “Over You” on Wednesday’s Tonight Show.

But wait…is that really season 8 Idol American Idol 4th place finisher, Allison Iraheta singing backups?


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  • Mateja Praznik

    4th place finisher. And yeah, the girl in the video looks like Allison. 

  • wutwut

    It looks like it’s the Tonight Show band backing Cassadee, Rickey Minor and crew. and they were still around Idol when Allison was on, right? Maybe Rickey was like ‘oh hey come and sing backup for Cassadee?’

  • roarpen

    I don’t think it is Allison. but again, I haven’t heard a thing about her in ages. I did not watch the Voice. This girl is the winner? Sorry to be crass, but I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes. She is boring.

  • Bentley1530

    I say yes but could be wrong.  

  • Beth Bowers

    Check out Allison’s Facebook page – she has a pic on there, so I’d say definitely YES.

  • Jason Scott

    I’m pretty positive that’s Allison. I would put money on it.

  • suenigma

    “Check out Allison’s Facebook page – she has a pic on there, so I’d say definitely YES.”

    I’m calling this confirmed, and I am not feeling sorry for Allsion. I’m assuming she got paid for this gig, no? And hey, she was singing on a major network TV show – that’s more than my snowflake can say recently.

  • milwlovesadam

    It does look like Allison after all. Maybe Ricky Minor gave her a call. He was on Season 8 for sure. And he just was musical director for VH1 Divas with Allison’s “Big Brother” Adam. I really don’t know what to say. At least she was on national TV. I would love to see her career improve. She is so very talented. Loved her when she opened for Adam’s GlamNation Tour. She can really sing and perform.

  • Robert D’Angio

    yeah that’s definitely allison, I could hear her voice coming through in parts… I think her and Cassadee should switch spots, Cassadee’s upper register is way too thin for my liking… Allison would have killed this. 

  • Kesia Monteith

    Of course Allison would have killed this song. ;)

    And Yes, it is so Allison doing back-up. Nice to see her again.

  • Niall

    I thought I was seeing things a couple days ago while watching the performance. Guess I wasn’t after all! :)

    Allie was so young on AI. It’s not abnormal or unusual that things go up and down. AI brought her some brief fame, which is the most they get unless they hit it big instantly or work really hard to keep the ball rolling. She unfortunately didn’t get the breaks. I wouldn’t be surprised if things don’t truly blossom for her until another 5, 10 years has passed.

  • fantoo1

    I haven’t heard about her in ages. I was wondering what she was up to these days. Kinda sad that she has to do backup, but at least it’s something.

  • Kitwana

    I have to admit that seeing Allison sing backup on a show where she was the musical guest star just a few years ago makes me very, very, very sad. It makes me sad for her and for the other Idol stars who have recently left their labels.  I know its a gig and I know it’s money and I know most singers would kill for a backup gig on the Tonight Show.  However, to me, it’s just different for a finalist from Idol who had a major label deal. It’s hard to explain but it would be like one of my favorites, David Archuleta, coming back in 2014 and singing back-up for a recent winner of The Voice.  There’s nothing wrong with singing backup but it is a big step back in light of where he has been. That’s why I’m sad for Allison and why I’m sad for what lies ahead for other former Idols. It’s the step back.

    But as I said, it’s still a high profile gig. It’s money. It will pay her rent, put food on her table and pay her medical insurance. I’m also pretty sure that this is a one off for Allison. I can’t imagine her doing back-up singing as a regular gig.  If she did, that would be a big mistake in my opinion.  I just don’t think being a backup singer helps with a singing career, except in establishing oneself as a good backup singer.  On the positive side, singing backup is better than sitting at home or singing at a wedding.

  • Listening

    I was questioning if that was actually Allison too. I thought it could of simply been a girl w/ redish/pink hair and a light completion and people just jumped to conclusion it just seemed so random but since it’ on her facebook page it’s pretty much confirmed.
    How does something like this even happen. Allison’s people must of reached out to Casadee’s is there some kind of label connection. I mean i’ve heard of Idol and Voice people gigging or associated w/ each other  but that’s usually when both their 15 mins have faded or are fading. Casadee is at her peak just coming off her win hmm I guess it’s no big deal since Allison is just a back up singer it’s not like they’re co-headlining.

    But here’s a thought Casadee and Allison are both rock chicks so they have that similarities they’d probably like each other’s music. Wouldn’t it be freaky if Allison entered the Voice and then Casadee lends her support as other pros have to their back up singers that have entered that competition.

  • Leandro

    What they need to do isn`t necessarily switch spots. Cassadee is damn hot but she can`t sing well. She should stay in the front, lip synching, while the real singer Aretha takes care of the tune.

  • Listening

    Now in regards to Cassadee’s performance I didn’t like it her voice verges on shrill and it’s thin, just not pleasant.

  • snow_ghost

    Cheryl Crow used to sing back up for Michael Jackson.  So I don’t see this as a bad thing.

     I think Allison can find success as a solo act or a lead singer of a band.   She is so young.   This is probably a good way for her to grow and make connections.  

  • Henrique Mendes

    Nothing wrong with doing backup, but kinda broke my heart to see allison in that position. I really love her! She is so much more talented then the main vocalist (just my opinion)

  • justmefornow

    Unfortunately you may have something here. I didn’t watch S8, don’t know Allison, but Cassadee sounds better here with backup singers than alone. The more singers to drown her out the better. She’s still pretty shrill like a dying cat however, lol.

    But she’s got the look, though, and from what I can tell from this video more so than Allison, which is really a shame. The double standard really is harder on woman.
    That being said, I wish them both well. Cassadee not being anything special herself may be back singing backup for someone else a few years from now.
    (Or maybe not, since she’s really not that great of a singer).
    Oh well.

  • MellyPer1692

    Rickey Minor is also the Musical Director for Leno. Maybe he put in a word for Allison.

  • kmd23

    I actually feel the same way you do about Allison singing back up, Kitwana. It is a gig and she has to take it but Allison is so talented and I hope she gets better gigs in the future. I guess it just is what it is for Allison.

  • raya

    I don’t really find it all that sad.  I’m not all that familiar with Cassadee since I didn’t watch The Voice this season, so I don’t have any comment on her and her talent, but a gig is a gig.  If Allison needs back-up gigs to make some money while she works on her own music, then so be it.   I’d guess she would rather be taking relatively high profile gigs as a background singer where she can at least sing for a living as opposed to having to take a different sort of part time job.  

    I know we all want our special snowflakes to hit it big and be the one in the spotlight, but Allison is young and has time.  I do agree though the double standards for females in the industry IMO makes it harder for the females, but good for Allison if she’s plugging away and working hard trying to make something happen.

  • H.A.

    Allison Iraheta should not be singing backup to anyone but as we’ve seen Idols that have been dropped or faded have to do what they have to do to stay busy.  I don’t see much of a difference singing backup than from singing out of your living room to get yourself out there. It all feels like a step backwards to me . I don’t know why people keep saying that Cassadee Pope can’t sing.  How many times has it been said that you don’t have to be the best singer to win these shows but how the person makes you “feel”. Obviously Cassadee Pope connected with enough people to secure her win. It’s not like Idol hasn’t crowned winners that aren’t the best singers in their season but they connected with them. It takes more than being a good singer to make it in the business anyway. 

  • dishwalla

    I think it has more to do with the fact that Allison is backing up another reality TV show contestant that has yet to prove herself beyond winning The Voice. 

  • chillj

    If you need work, you need work.  Maybe in a year or two Allison will be on The Voice as a contestant.  It could happen.  Or could it?

  • jobeob987

    Ugh, the thought of Allison singing backup to anyone is like a knife in the heart.  She can certainly sing circles around Cassadee Pope.  I’m not saying Cassadee is awful; she’s just not Allison who is one of my all-time Idol favorites (right up there with Kelly, Carrie, Adam and Bo).

  • jobeob987

    Exactly.  If Allison were backing up a phenomenal talent with a proven track record, that would be entirely different.

  • Nedsdag

    I think it’s kind of ironic that we’re talking more about Alison than the actual winner of The Voice. It shows how far Cassadee has to go and how far Alison has fallen.

    As Ethel Merman once said: “There’s no business like show business.”

  • heartly

    I don’t see a problem with this. A paying gig is a paying gig. I haven’t heard anything about her in ages so I can’t accurately say that this is all she’s doing now but it could very well just be something she’s doing while working on her own stuff. Or a job gotten through word of mouth, knowing people, and being asked to do backup short term or for a few promo gigs.

    Being a bgv singer is not a bad job to have at all.  If you can get hooked up with a bigger name, you get to travel around, take advantage of the perks that the “name” person gets (if that “name” person is cool), have none of the pressures that are put on the “name” person, don’t have to do all the extra non-singing stuff that a “name” has to do and you can work on your own music while doing all this stuff and makes contacts and connections along the way.

  • irockhard

    Well Frenchie Davis was on S1 of TV but I heard they turned Gina Glockson down for S2, telling her that she had her chance. So I dunno.

  • fantoo1

    In a way, I feel like this could be a harsh reality of those contestants dropped from their labels. It must be hard from being at the top with having a record deal, then having it snatched away from you, especially for someone so young like Allison. I read somewhere that she started bawling at the Adam concert when she found out she was dropped.

  • suenigma

    Gina made it to the live shows though right? Maybe that’s what they meant. Frenchie was really burnt by Idol, and arguably didn’t get her chance to be voted on by America. IDK?

  • irockhard

    Yes correct on both Gina and Frenchie. Maybe that’s the reason and if that’s the case then TV probably won’t take Allison.

  • Leandro

    There were a topic with this performance some days ago and people were talking about Cassadee. this is the same topic, now focused on the fact that Alison is a backup singer, so, obviously the main focus will be on Alison.

  • Axxxel

    Todrick Hall became back up singer at the most recent Xfactor, but Todrick was a top 16 American Idol (AI) alumn, so he did not make it to the live shows.

    Still different than Allison who made it to the top 4 and also was the opening act at the tour of her fellow (AI) alumn.

  • raya

    While I agree, who is to say that Cassadee won’t find herself in the same position as Alison a few years down the line?  Flame is fleeting and while Cassadee is of the moment right now, she could be another forgotten reality singing competition star when the shine wears off. 

  • Tess

    I’m glad Allison is out there doing something rather than sitting home feeling sorry for herself.  The entertainment business is very harsh…and if you don’t have a strong stomach and can’t handle rejection it definitely isn’t the place for you.  Very few peeps stay on top of the heep and I, personally, don’t see much difference between earning money by singing back-up as opposed to singing for your supper in small clubs across America.  In fact I think the former may pay more than the latter.

  • chillj

    Amanda Brown seemed to be a back-up singer who did very well at it.  Singing back-up does not imply failure, it would seem a viable career; I imagine those singing are very often better than those they are backing.  But we all know a singing career is dependent on far more than voice, or even charisma; it depends on the music put out and, hopefully, some originality.  Allison could come back and do very well; she has time going for her, but even if she never comes back, she has the talent for a singing career.

  • Montavilla

    Well Frenchie Davis was on S1 of TV but I heard they turned Gina Glockson down for S2, telling her that she had her chance. So I dunno.

    S1 of TV also had the Thompson sisters, who were not only on American Juniors (a spin-off of AI), but who won the show.  

    Of course, that was never mentioned and instead the girls were packaged as farm girls.  

  • irockhard

    Oh yeah I forgot about them! Maybe they changed their rules a bit? I dunno, or maybe Gina just wasn’t what they were looking for.

  • Montavilla

    Still different than Allison who made it to the top 4 and also was the opening act at the tour of her fellow (AI) alumn.

    George Huff (he of the “Huff”) was Top 5 on Season 6 of Idol. In 2011, he returned to the show — singing back-up for Jennifer Hudson.  Ryan Seacrest gave him a shout-out.  

    It’s maybe embarrassing to sing back-up after trying to win the title.  On the other hand, it’s work, he’s a very good singer, and why shouldn’t Jennifer Hudson want someone she knows and likes to support her in her performances?  Singing back-up for Hudson may not be as fun as being a superstar yourself, but it’s got to be better (and more lucrative) than 90 percent of the gigs performers usually get.  

    That said, I’d love to see Allison on TV — if she ever wanted to do it.  I’d be interested if someone like Blake could effectively showcase her particular genius.

  • girlygirltoo

    I say no, it is not Allison

  • milwlovesadam

    I just hope Allison sees blogs like this and see all the support for her that is still out there.

    The back up singer for Stevie Nicks is her sister.

    Gloria Ruben left a starring role on ER to sing back up for Tina Turner.

    Bonnie Raitt and kdLang sang back up for Roy Orbison for one of my all time favorite shows, his Black and White special. Yup. Springsteen and Jeff Beck were back up guitarists on that show too. But I digress.

    I’m glad to see Allison working. Now that the role-switch is something I have digested, I guess the work is good for her, like so many have said. This doesn’t mean she won’t do her own stuff in the future. It just pays the rent in the meantime.

    Wonder if she will be part of the New Year’s Eve show? If so, that is huge exposure for her. Go Allison!

  • Loretta

    It is sad to me that the exceptional voice of Allison is backing up the so-so voice with the grating tone of Cassadee.  UGH

  • hillstreetblooz

    At the risk of repeating myself… Ima repeat myself… this is what I said about this thing in the last headline thread…

    keep your head up Allison… only the strong survive the music jungle.

    Everybody just ain’t gonna make it… it’s that simple… some really
    talented people just won’t get that break, or get the kind of career
    some think they
    deserve… on the bright side, she’s still connected to
    the business, still getting to do what she loves – sing – regardless of
    the circumstances… I’m not pitying Allison or looking down on her at
    all… it’s a tough business, sometimes you must swallow your pride and
    do what you have to do – everybody ain’t gonna be a ‘star’, and that’s
    just how it goes.

  • girlygirltoo

    Jamar Rogers was on The Voice as well, just a couple years after he had been on Idol. But he didn’t make it through Hollywood Week on Idol (although he got a fair amount of air time).

    So maybe as long as you don’t make it to the live shows on XF or Idol, you can try out for TV? With the twins, they might have thought that no one would remember who won American Juniors, since it hasn’t been on for years, has it?

  • Roque Antonio Mocán Quan

    The way I see it, Allison was sooo loved, not only by the public, but also by her fellow contestants, and by Ricky Minor and the band. So, now that Ricky is the leader of Jay Leno’s band, he calls his friend Allison to come and sing, and why not?

  • Damien Roberts

    I think there are a couple things I take from this. 1. As far as I’m concerned Allison singing backup professionally makes her more successful than the majority of contestants who’ve ever been on idol. 2. I do find it a bit disheartening that a talent like Allison is singing backup for a talent like Cassadee, whom I actually think has a very pretty voice.

  • Calvin Nguy?n

    As much as i love Cassadee !!! I cried a little bit here , as you can see Allison is my No.1 idol , she shouldn’t have to sing back up for Cassadee . Allison can outsing Cassadee anytime , why oh why ? A knife to my heart T_T 

  • stargazed

    The only way I got through that video was trying to see Allison.  Surely that girl (Casadee) must have performed wonderfully on The Voice to have won?  Boring song performed by a so-so singer IMO.  Very strange as I was looking for something wonderful.

  • Leandro

    She didn`t perform better on The Voice. Mark Burnett made the craziest things ever on the history of reality TV singing contests to assure she would win.

  • EH

    Cassadee sounds like a chipmunk here, moreso than usual.  I guess it’s distinctive because I don’t really hear the Chipmunks on the radio.  

    I don’t really blame her for the song – it was the most popular one she did on The Voice and they don’t do coronation songs (although they’ve known she was going to win for weeks, they probably should have just gotten a single ready for her).

  • Pippygirl

    I was absolutely fine with Allison working as a backup singer until I listened to this clip (I had never heard Cassadee Pope sing).  Allison should be the one singing front and center, and if she looked like Cassadee she quite possibly would be. :(

  • elliegrll

    This was brilliant in comparison to how Cassadee sounded on the Voice.  Her vocals were usually flat and hard to listen to.

  • girlygirltoo

    I’m a little surprised this is the song they decided to go with for her first tv appearance as The Voice winner. Talk about a boring, not particularly well sung, performance. IMO, not the best choice to introduce her to people who don’t know who she is.

  • Pippygirl

    To here that makes me even sadder.

  • Kitwana

    Pippygirl, I don’t think it’s all about the “look” when it comes to success. Allison has in fact substantially changed her look post Jive. She lost lots of weight, changed her hair and stopped with the extreme makeup. It really hasn’t helped. I think the sad reality is that for some reason, the public likes some artists and not others. If you fall into the latter category, you need crazy levels of marketing to create the “like”. Obviously Allison has never received that kind of marketing support. Even if Allison changed herself to resemble a young Britney Spears, I don’t think it would help. It’s a all about the like ability factor or marketing.

  • Pippygirl

    Allison did a lot of that after leaving Jive and tbh no matter what she does is never going to be traditionally pretty. I agree she needed much better marketing as well as some help with performance skills.
    It just saddens me that Allison is singing backup for someone she vocally blows out of the water.

  • b_james

    First time a white girl has won one of these shows since 2005!

  • suenigma

    I remember when someone tried to argue on this very board that Jordin was white, or at least not black. Heh. But yes, since 2005 we’ve had 5 (or is it 6?) white, female runner-ups, but no winners.

  • jdanton2

     Jordin is mixed with her Mother being white and Father being black.

  • girlygirltoo

    I think Allison is very pretty.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    I notice that most of us (posters) dislike Cassadee Pope. But her Youtube hits like astronomical (wow total hits for Over You around 5 millions). I just wonder: Are we actually out of mainstream of America?

  • Pippygirl

    I think so too, but on the show she was not thin like this girl and her wardrobe choices were on the quirky side. I’m not saying that’s the only reason she is struggling, but I think it has made it more difficult for her.
    Honestly I hope this sighting means we will be seeing Allison out there more, performing her own music. I was afraid she had given up music altogether.

  • Jordana33

    Based on the contestants that made the final 3 of the Voice (and also X Factor), I would argue that the viewers do not represent mainstream America. However, they may represent the part of America that loves mainstream country music. Cassadee entered the competition as a pop-rock artist, but got her most downloads only when she performed country songs (Over You, Cry, Stupid Boy), which is probably why she and Blake continued with the country angle. I don’t mind a country artist winning, but I’d just rather the winner were an actual country artist rather than a pop artist who sings country in order to win a competition. 

  • Tyson

    Yes, especially considering power-dialers can’t dominate The Voice’s voting. Just 10 votes per week per method (phone, online, download).  I suspect Cassadee’s fans are flocking to more friendly sites.

  • overthetop1

    The imbed doesn’t run on iPad so I had to watch the episode thru an NBC app. Bonus seeing Carl Reiner.

    It’s absolutely Allison. They really cranked her mic down though for the mix.

    I didn’t watch the Voice, so I don’t know who Cassadee is. I did think it Was funny that she told Jay that she was a rock singer but she always wanted to cross over to country. That is such crap. The Voice producers or her label or both told her that if she wanted to make money she’d better switch over to country pronto.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    ITA some people have minded having a pop-rock artist singing country songs. But apparently country fans have embraced such crossover artists and even more than just that, but supported them wholeheartedly. Although many say country world is not easy to be penetrated. Well, those iTunes rankings speak for themselves.
    A little correction of my previous post: what “mainstream America” meant to be understood as “mainstream of American viewers of NBC The Voice shows”.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    I guess it’s really good for artists having loyal fans downloading iTunes and hitting Youtube again and again. I wonder if Bieber’s fans, Swift’s fans, Perry’s fans etc do the same. Probably that is the recipe for success and artists need to learn that to become successful. I’m just a layman here.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    If I would be an artist and want to become successful meaning being able to sell my music to larger audience and receive a certain advice that would be benefiting my career, I would consider that advice really seriously.
    I think more importantly here is that either the artist or the Voice producer or both are “smart” to recognize the capability of the artist and the ‘niche’ in the country music needing more of young female artists.

  • debk4142

    Actually, I voted for Cassadee every week, and that’s saying something.  Have not voted since Clay Aiken on Idol.  Now, that’s a guy that should be ruling the music world with that fantastic voice and personality. No promotion from the media, AI or his label.

    Cassadee connects with every song she sings, and her voice is very good.   She is the entire package, and appealed to a wide audience, both country, pop and rock.   I knew she would win, but they were all good this year.
    Allison sang songs I did not like, as that screaming never appealed to me.   If she would sing a ballad or with a softer voice once in awhile, I might understand the attraction.   I know she can sing.  Saw her with Adam, and it was good for what she likes to sing, but it’s just not for me.   Adam has a tremendous voice, when he keeps his tongue in his mouth, and isn’t too raw.   His ballads are super.  Thought he should have won in his year.

  • Robert D’Angio

    I personally could care less about looks when it comes to singing, you hear music, not see it. If she is that gorgeous, she should model. Cassadee isn’t a bad singer but she isn’t amazing either. I would rather hear an amazing vocal performance than see a hot person standing there struggling to hit the notes

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    “A little over a week after NBC’s “The Voice” crowned Cassadee Pope its season three winner on Dec. 18, the singer now crowns Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.
    Pope has arguably made a greater splash on Billboard’s charts — and in the marketplace — than the two previous “Voice” winners.”