Cassadee Pope Debuts New Music (VIDEO)!

Season 3 winner of The Voice Cassadee Pope has begun rolling out new songs to the public at several Academy Of Country Music events, including an acoustic performance at the Dial Global ACM remotes and a full band performance as part of the ACM Party For A Cause Festival, one night of which Big Machine Label Group sponsored in support of General Mills’s Outnumber Hunger initiative. Check out video of 3 new songs!

“Easier To Lie”

“Wasting All These Tears On You” (low quality)

“Good Times” (low quality)

Although “Good Times” tentatively hints at a slightly country/rock arrangement, “Wasting All These Tears On You” aims at the kind of pop/rock that was big when Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway blew up and Cassadee’s idol Avril Lavigne was huge. Cassadee’s voice sounds as a pop/rock as ever on all 3 songs, which makes much more sense that her affecting a twang.

What do you think of the new tunes? Hear a hit among any of them?

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  • blackberryharvest

    Hmm, I bet she never even watched the ACM’s before.

  • hayes

    She reminds me of The Wreckers! But Michelle Branch was more believable as a country singer. I still don’t see Cassadee as one. That said, I kinda like these songs.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I just really don’t like people who didn’t like country music, aren’t country in any way, and don’t even list country artists as their influences saying they are singing country music. I just don’t get it, and won’t buy. Make it stop, somebody out there, please?

  • Jason Scott

    These songs are so pop/rock.

  • tierbee

    I loved her on the Voice and think she’s pretty awesome but… country singer?

  • Eilonwy

    Okay… WAMTOY sounds radio-friendly but utterly derivative of its Clarkson/Lavigne roots. It is, at least, true to Pope’s pledge that she wants to sound like a slightly more mature Taylor Swift.

    EtL is the song I find interesting lyrically. It’s a throwback theme in a lot of ways, from the days when country women could sing about being unfaithful and having complicated lives, before they were all supposed to be angels looking for cowboys whose tractors they could love like Jesus does.

    GT is exactly what would happen if Avril Lavigne decided to sing the kind of 1970s rock that was deeply influenced by the “Bakersfield sound” in country. Weirdly, although it’s not an era of rock I like in its original form, I’m enjoying this and could kinda go for an album with that overall sound in a female voice.

  • Jenny Williams

    If taylor Swift can be considered ‘Country’, I don’t see why She can’t. Ultimately ,we need to judge the quality of the songs, and I came here expecting to hate all of them but ended up liking all of them.

  • girlygirl

    If she wants to be a pop/rock artist she shouldn’t have signed with a country label or try to pass herself off as a country artist. Sorry, but she just really bugs me, although she isn’t a bad singer or performer by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just not a fan of people who go into a genre more because they think it is the best way for them to make $/become famous, rather than because that is the type of music he or she is passionate about.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has moderate success as a country/pop artist, depending on how her team promotes her. As I said, she does have talent. And she does have a solid fanbase, although I’m not sure if a lot of her fans were expecting her to go the country route.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’m sorry, windmills, I don’t hear a hint or even a whisper of country in any of these three songs.

    She’s quite a good singer, she’s very pretty, and she has stage presence. However, she’s from West Palm Beach (really, the twang was ridiculous), she was part of a pop punk band previously, and I have to wonder what kind of singer Cassadee would chose to be if Christine had picked her instead of Blake.

    I admit to some cynicism here. And I can’t overcome it enough to contemplate buying her music or wishing her well on country radio.

  • Jason Scott

    I honestly don’t see her going anywhere on radio. There are already tons of females in Country music trying to make it that are true Country artists (see: Lauren Alaina, Kacey M, Kristen Kelly, Maggie Rose, etc, etc.)

  • Tinawina

    Out of all the people on The Voice I think she was the one who came closest to having some kind of on screen charisma besides maybe that indie girl on season 1, so I hope she does something.

    That said, she is not even close to country and I don’t get why they are trying to go that way. She seems way more like a cross between Kelly Clarkson and Colbie Calliat to me. plus isnt she a little old to be going to a Swifty kind of thing?? Eh.

    The songs sound fine, but I would need to hear them recoded with full instrumentation.

  • girlygirl

    Wasn’t Taylor Swift far more country when she first started ou than she is now?t. And it seems like she doesn’t get as much play on country radio as she used to (although Windmills or another country music expert would know much more about that than I do).

  • escape

    She’s as Country as Danny Gokey.

  • girlygirl

    Question for Windmills and/or other country music experts: Besides Taylor and Carrie, are there a lot of up and coming female artists who are more country-pop or country-rock than just straight country? I was wondering what kind of competition Cassadee might be looking at if they really try to push her as a country hybrid rather than as a pure pop/rock artist.

  • Jason Scott

    Yes, Taylor was far more Country, especially on her self-titled debut album. Slowly but surely, Taylor began making the move over to more pop songs, as evidenced on her Red album (which does still have several more Country-sounding songs on it). Taylor still gets airplay on Country radio. Her “Begin Again” went to #1 on Mediabase, although there was some obvious payola and pushing going on there.

  • Jason Scott

    The up and coming females I know of (Kacey, Lauren, Maggie, Ashley, Angaleena, Kristen Kelly, Gwen Sebastian, etc) are all more traditional or blues-influenced Country. With that said, regardless of Cassadee being more pop-rock, she still has a major hill to climb when it comes to breaking through.

  • Incipit

    OKay, But I understand from this blog that Gokey is no longer calling himself Country – it’s now CCM or something? Is trying to be Country/Pop, or trying to crossover from Country/Pop to Pop even a viable strategy?

  • toother

    Good luck to her. Did not find the music very country but you never know who country radio will play. Is there anyway that this woman is related to the Presley’s? She looks so much like L.

  • M.J. Mac

    Not country…kind of pop….seems like she is gonna get lost in nowhere land. Its never good when you try to be something you are not. She seems talented enough, but doesn’t seem that people are ‘buying’ the country thing.

  • vdawg

    I guess Blake had something to do with her becoming a “country pop singer” so she could win the Voice. I’m sure she could not name 5 country acts before she got her Nashville deal. She is taking up space at a record label that someone else would die for. I will never purchase anything for any of Blake’s or his Voice contestants

  • blackberryharvest

    I don’t even consider Taylor to be country anymore tbh…but Taylor looks like Dolly Parton compared to Cassadee.

  • blackberryharvest

    She probably thinks that Blake is the King of country and doesn’t know who George Strait is.

  • Jennifer Woolley

    Isn’t there pushing and payola for every artist?? I don’t think that any artist gets a pass, tbh.

  • windmills

    Carrie, Miranda, and The Band Perry are pretty much dominating the country/pop/rock space for females at country radio right now and tbqh anybody trying to make their way onto country radio would be better off trying to present something fresh & different. Kacey Musgraves made a breakthrough with a more restrained sound but it still mixes traditional country with pop polish and some rock touches. Jana Kramer made t5 with a breezy, lighter country/pop sound but her follow up single has struggled. And that’s about all we’ve got as far as new country females who’ve made an impact at radio in the past year. Kristen Kelly and Kelly (Clarkson) are going for old school soul with their current singles, neither of which has been tearing it up.

    I’ll reserve final judgment for when the studio mixes of Cassadee’s songs come out but so far I’m not hearing anything that would change my opinion that going country won’t work out for her.

    Big Machine’s going to try beat country radio into submission with publicity from her CMT show and general exposure I guess but at the end of the day, no amount of steel guitar mixed in is going to change Cassadee’s authenticity issues IMO.

  • windmills

    Big Machine’s chart manipulations for Taylor are epic for how ridiculous they are. I posted an Anatomy Of A Chart Jack here (link) to show how Big Machine took a song that was peaking at #8 and took spins away from her labelmates to manufacture a Mediabase #1 before her song crashed into oblivion the following week. Nobody else is pulling that crap right now.

    The reaction to Begin Again was mixed and country PDs have spoken out in the media about how though they think Red is a good album, they don’t consider it an album with country hits. Taylor’s really only considered country by the money men these days, nobody else is really buying it.

  • Indigobunting

    Eh, the only real country singers from reality shows over the past 5 years have been Scotty, Lauren and Tate, so why not Casadee? There are plenty of artists who have a peripheral claim/interest in Country and I hear plenty of pop, rock and Christian on my Country station. And pop sells big-I love Hunter Hayes, but he’s pretty much pop, IMO. Her label must think she fits in better there than mainstream HAC or Pop.

    I don’t think she has a great chance; it seems like most reality show artists (and many artists in general) fade greatly by their second album, but good luck to her.

  • LeoCS

    I don’t have a problem with her switching to country music. I’ve seen all kinds of shameless sellouts doing well on the music industry. I can imagine someone who isn’t a purist country fan (95% of the people) buying her music. I have a “problem” with you finding her talent and a good singer. Really? lol

  • Tinawina

    It’s just such an odd decision. I mean the alternative rock charts are hot right now, and she has her roots in rock anyway… So why not start her where she fits? Her songs cold be produced in a singer songwriter rockish way, she could collaborate with some of her old friends…. Do you think this is all Blake’s doing? Because that’s where his connections are? Otherwise it makes no sense. Just because she sang some country songs on TV (and they didn’t sound all that country the way she sang them) doesn’t mean she’s a country artist. SMH

  • Happyhexer

    I don’t know about the “past five years” thing (esp. re C.Y.), but Chris Young and Miranda Lambert both came from reality shows, and I’d consider them both country. And thank you for calling out Hunter Hayes. I don’t doubt his country roots and he’s a suburb musician and good songwriter, but he doesn’t have a great voice, and his songs sound more pop than country to me. (Sometimes I like them; sometimes I don’t.)

  • Indigobunting

    Yes, good point; I should have said ‘non-country reality shows’ like X factor, AI, Voice. I would definitely agree contestants on a Country reality show like Nashville Star are authentically country by and large. Chris Young and Miranda Lambert are definitely country (love them both).

    I can enjoy semi-country also though (I think Hunter Hayes has a good voice-way more appealing to me than Gary LeVox who he is frequently compared to- but I do also enjoy some Taylor Swift songs ) so if Ms Pope (I really know nothing about her beyond these vids here) puts out good music, why not.

  • Happyhexer

    I partly agree and partly disagree. First, I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say someone isn’t “country in any way.” If that means they have to live on a farm or in a rural area or in a southern state, then I disagree. (I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, Lexie; I really don’t know what you mean, so I’m speculating.) American country music is not unique; it has part of its roots in Scottish folk music. So I have never understood the must-be-from-the-south thing. And many, many country fans live in urban areas.

    All of that said, I totally agree with you that an artist must genuinely
    LIKE country music and have country music INFLUENCES, in order to be perceived as “country.”

    I like a wide variety of country artists, including some who should qualify as country in anyone’s books, like George Strait. But I also like James Otto (Washington State) and Gary Allan (California), etc. Gary surfs, lol, but he still sounds country to me.

  • Happyhexer

    You don’t need to answer this here, Windmills, and I apologize if you’ve already addressed this question elsewhere. But someday, in an appropriate thread, could you explain what “alternative country music” is? I haven’t a clue. (And since it appears to be a separate genre, where, if anywhere, is it played on the radio?)

  • stef

    Danny hasn’t updated his official bios/etc. to any significant degree for over a year, so I’m not sure anyone can tell with much authority what he is “calling himself.” He’s had some interviews and public appearances, but the vast majority promote his charity or book or eyewear vs. his music/ performing career. Impression being that he is under somewhat of a gag order on the music front until things solidify enough for a press release.

    While he does some Christian-oriented events, Danny has regularly said he does not want to pursue a strictly CCM professional career. The few public professional music appearances that have come to light so far this year are genre-neutral.

    To the degree any hints have surfaced on songs / co-writers / producers for the album he’s working on, there are some country and Christian music influences but overall I’d have to say it seems to be fairly eclectic. None of the new songs that he played on the cruise struck me as CCM. We should have a better idea what Danny’s music plans are when his new website goes online sometime within the next few months. Or someday, lol, the label press release.

  • stef

    Danny hasn’t updated his official bios/etc. to any significant degree for over a year, so I’m not sure anyone can tell with much authority what he is “calling himself.”

    While he does some Christian-oriented events, Danny has regularly said he does not want to pursue a strictly CCM professional career. The few public music appearances coming to light so far this year are genre-neutral, and the songs he’s been performing track pretty much to what he did in his era with RCA.

    To the degree any hints have surfaced on songs / co-writers / producers for the second album he’s working on, there are country and Christian music influences but overall I’d have to say it seems to be fairly eclectic. We should get a better idea what Danny’s music plans are when his new website goes online sometime within the next few months. Or someday, lol, the label press release.

  • Happyhexer

    I have no clue what kind of music Danny may put out. And I say that as a fan who follows him fairly closely.

  • Nedsdag

    So she’s a female Danny Gokey, eh?

  • lucysfave

    That elusive label press release…. no idea what is taking so long. But the songs that Danny wrote, and that he previewed on his charity cruise where not CCM. One was very country– I really liked it– but I got the impression they had wrote it quite some time ago. The newer ones? Eclectic would be a good description ;)

  • Chris

    I really like these songs but I would drop the twang. She would so we on ac radio…

  • Chris

    What about the singers who are clearly country but tried to be pop…It’s easy to make an accent or hide one.

  • hayes

    Apparently she’s performing on The Voice on June 4th, and a single due to country radio next month.

  • Robert Eller

    Just trying to answer MJ’s questions: “What do you think of the new tunes? Hear a hit among any of them?”

    I watched/listened to the three videos in the spirit of intellectual honesty. I followed last season’s Voice. Let’s just say Cassadee was never among my favorites. But, allowing for the mediocre sound quality of the videos, and the audio challenges presented by the venues, I don’t hear anything that changes my mind.

    What I look for from musicians is something which fills a need I may or may not know I have, which is currently unfilled by anyone else, either performing currently, or available on recording. Cassadee does not that for me.

    It may seem that it makes no sense for me to even comment on a performer like Cassadee. I’m a single white male in my mid-sixties, born and raised mostly in the northeast US, college educated, not in Cassadee’s demographic at all. I’d like to think that if I heard a young singer whose appeal was clearly aimed at his or her peers, I could still appreciate somebody special. From last year’s voice, I very much like Amanda Brown, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David. And lest it seem that I simply have no receptor sites for young white MOR singers, I had no problem picking up on Loren Allred in a heartbeat, a singer who for me just slipped inexplicably right through the cracks.

    My thesis on the appeal of a performer like Cassadee is that she appeals to an audience that is very happy to have more of the same of whatever it is they already like and have. And since that apparently makes a lot of people happy, and doesn’t harm anyone, I’m happy they’re happy, and that’s all I have to say on that topic that might be remotely useful to anyone else.

    Only thing else I have to say is that I totally get the appeal of a singer like Kelly Clarkson. And I think a big part of the difference is that for me, Kelly has a personality that she projects and shares. If Cassadee has a personality, I never saw it on the Voice, and I’m not seeing it above.

    Re-watching Kelly’s National Anthem performance at the last inauguration earlier today, I was struck not only by now appealing her interpretation was, but that some comments on the video I was watching, apparently from her own fans, felt she’d under-performed, while I thought she’d intelligently and sensitively gone beyond her safe zone to where the performance and her audience, those on the Mall and the millions at home, needed her to go: She delivered the Anthem as a prayer, in all of our names. Prayer requires humility, not a sterilizing self-conscious focus on aural perfection.

    So, in conclusion: As protrayed here, I don’t think much of Cassadee’s new tunes? And I do not hear a hit. But whether any or all of these songs will be hits is up to Cassadee’s fanbase. I hope for Cassadee and her fans that they are all happy.