Casey James Performs Livestream Acoustic Show, Announces 2nd Album Plans (VIDEO)

Season 9 3rd place finisher and Columbia Nashville recording artist Casey James visited the Livestream studios yesterday to play an acoustic show and answer fan questions. Check out video after the jump.

As he continues to promote his self titled debut country album and his t30 and rising current single “Crying On A Suitcase,” Casey James hosted and performed an approximately 40 chat/acoustic show yesterday in New York City. He answered fan Twitter questions including his most embarrassing moment on stage, the number of guitars he owns, what cars he would like to own (quite the long and specific list there!), revealed the riff that launched “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” and told the story of how he & drummer Blaine Crews (who also participated in the show with CaseyJ) came together. He also announced that he started work on his 2nd album last week, writing and listening to songs, going back through notes and songs that he had sent himself. Not wanting to get ahead of himself, CaseyJ said he would love to be able to make that album in the same situation he is in now (signed to Columbia Nashville) but he will make another album no matter what.

CaseyJ also performed his 1st single, the t20 Mediabase country hit “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” “Crying On A Suitcase,” and album highlight “Drive” while teasing fans with a few chords of the gorgeous, folky “Never Walk Away” (which does not appear on his debut album).

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  • zaclona77

    whoa there… nice to hear about 2nd album plans already … kind of rare in the Idol land these days… good luck, Mr. James!

  • LVD

    This is a really nice long video, and the sound is excellent!

  • Linda

    Love seeing Casey and Blaine casually chatting. Hope they do more of these Livestreams. Also, very excited to hear CaseyJ is working on another album already!

  • LVD

    Casey is doing a lot of PR in New York this week. 

    He is performing for Fox news and People mag today.

  • patriciajames

    Thanks for posting this. I had missed the actual Livestream and was so happy to find out that I could listen to it later.  (Some livestreams just broadcast a show and then there’s no access later.) Thank you to Livestream and Casey! 

    Awesome acoustic performances, as always.  Casey talked about an all acoustic album some day. (YES!!) A live performance album would be totally great too.  He has so much talent that it would take a number of albums to explore all he has to offer musically. 

    And I love it that each time he performs one of his songs, its always a little bit different, be it acoustic or full band.   Casey, come back and tour on the West Coast again!

  • lisa

    so glad to see there is an article on here that is about Casey and his music.
    looking forward to your new album.hey slow down a little on Simon and Brittany
    everyday is way too much on these more on the real people that matter.
    like Casey J. 

  • EmmaCT

    Good chance he will be the most successful performer from Season 9… 

  • LVD

    Jamie Steinberg ?@NotYerAvgChick
    .@CaseyEJames fans watch him sing “Crying out a Suitcase” on Thursday, Sept. 13 at 10am on @VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live!”

    This is really nice for Casey I never expected him to do anything on VH1. 

  • LVD

    I am really interested about Casey performing on VH1, I wonder if they might not perhaps be testing the waters out side of country. On the otherhand he is in New York, there isn’t exactly a lot of country gigs around. 

  • Caro3278sweet

    So much here. 

    But the first thing I thought after watching this is… oh my. My snowflake has had MASSIVE growth in how to interact and engage an audience. Gad. I remember his “deer in the headlights” gaze on AI. His stilted interaction with the judges. And at that point…. he was not my snowflake. He was the guy I’d picked to win because my family did this kind of strange competition that…

    Never mind. 

    So anyway, even when he became my snowflake after the Keys Lounge vids won me over (um. If you haven’t seen those go to Utube and google that), I still thought SF had some work to do on bantering, engaging, showing his “real” self, being totally charming.

    So this. THIS. Is wonderful. I am super proud of SF for learning, growing and knowing he has to really be more than just an incredible musician with a very distinctive voice. 

    Kudos. To. Snowflake.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Good chance he will be the most successful performer from Season 9…

    You know, two years ago, hell, one year ago, that would have thrilled me.


    I don’t care. 

    I want Mr. James to do well in country music and really make a name for himself as a true country artist. Because he has it all – singer (very distinctive voice), musician (clear guitar skills), proven ability to write songs (many, many, many connections there), and geez, maybe some ability to act in videos.

    He continues to grow as a spokesman for himself, at bantering, at making connections. So I just want my snowflake to make the connection with as many fans as he can. 

    At this point? Meh. I don’t care about the AI fans who haven’t followed him. And I do the meh at whether or not he “beats” Lee D. or C. Bowersox.

    Or honestly “beat” Scotty. Or “beat” Carrie. Or Kellie. 


  • LVD

    So this. THIS. Is wonderful. I am super proud of SF for learning, growing and knowing he has to really be more than just an incredible musician with a very distinctive voice.  

    He does appear much more self confident here then he used to be. lol

    The VH1 Schedule for tomorrow: 

  • idol23

    I’m really curious about the VH1 show this Thursday!  
    Regarding how Casey has grown as far as interacting with the audience, I agree.  When I saw him in Chicago this past May, he was quite the charmer!  


    Yep Casey has grown so much in confidence. Alot of it him being at ease and feeling comfortable where he is at. He does have it all now he just needs a song to break through. Hopefully that will be coas.

  • LVD

    Casey performing COAS for Southern Living Magazine today; 

  • lisa

    keep going Casey!new fans at every concert,I’m waiting for you to come back to Houston,tx…..Cynthia woods pavillion 

  • ladymctech

    Listening to this Casey interview and loving it. Season 9 was so underrated IMO.