Casey James & Lauren Alaina Announce Their Own Special 2012 Tours!

There’s news on official 2012 tours for both Lauren Alaina and Casey James this morning. Check out their respective special touring announcements and dates after the jump!

Casey James will headline the Taste Of Country Christmas Tour this late fall/winter with 11 dates in the South, bringing along fellow Texans JB & the Moonshine Band. The 2011 Taste Of Country Christmas Tour was headlined by Brantley Gilbert. Dates and locations for this year’s tour:

11/15 – Abilene, Texas
11/16 – Wichita Falls, Texas
11/17 – Lawton, Okla.
11/29 – Lafayette, La.
11/30 – Shreveport, La.
12/1 – Texarkana, Ark.
12/6 – Victoria, Texas
12/7 – Lufkin, Texas
12/13 – Lubbock, Texas
12/14 – San Angelo, Texas
12/15 – Amarillo, Texas

Meanwhile Lauren Alaina has announced an “inch by inch” journey to her 18th birthday with the 18 City Inch-by-Inch Tour, with a tie-in to her Special Olympics Project UNIFY Ambassadorship and her current single. Check out the press release:



NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Lauren Alaina will make her way, inch by inch, to her 18th birthday (Nov 8) when she embarks on an 18-city tour in support of her current single “Eighteen Inches.” Lauren is teaming up with local charities and the Special Olympics to donate a portion of each sale of her limited edition 18-City Inch-By-Inch Tour t-shirt. Lauren is trying to make a difference city-by-city, inch-by-inch.

Fans who cannot make it to one of these shows can still do their part and purchase the limited edition t-shirt from Lauren’s website here.

“Eighteen Inches,” co-written by Carrie Underwood, Kelley Lovelace and Ashley Gorley, has hit the Top 40 on the country singles chart and is steadily rising.

Twitter hashtag: #18cities

The “EIGHTEEN INCHES” Tour Includes:

DATE           City                          Venue -Charity

Sept. 21      Bloomsburg, PA      Bloomsburg Fair – Special Olympics (local chapter)
Sept. 22      Long Island, NY      Pennysaver Amphitheater – Long Island Military Veterans
Sept. 29      Salem, VA      Salem Farmer’s Market- Salem Rotary Club
Oct. 4      Atlanta, GA     Wild Bills -Special Olympics (local chapter)
Oct. 5      Dalton, GA      Northwest GA Convention Ctr. – City of Refuge and Family Promise of Dalton
Oct. 9      Akron, OH      Sultan’s Cabaret “Chicks with Picks” Breast Cancer benefit- Akron General Medical Ctr. Muffins for Mammograms
Oct. 11      Baton Rouge, LA      Livingston Parrish Fair -Special Olympics (local chapter)
Oct. 13      Maryville, TN     Foothills Fall Festival- Special Olympics (local chapter)
Oct. 15      Visalia, CA      KJUG Courtyard-Special Olympics (local chapter)
Oct. 20      Ashburn, VA      Farmwell Station Middle School-The Nature Nuts Program
Oct. 21      Miami, FL      Hard Rock Live-Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
Oct. 23      Orlando, FL      Cowboys-Special Olympics (local chapter)
Oct. 25      Mobile, AL      TBD -St. Judes
Oct. 27      Raleigh, NC      City Limits Saloon-SPCA of Wake County and Johnston County Animal Rescue League
Nov. 2      Ladson, SC     Coastal Carolina Fair-Special Olympics (local chapter)
Nov. 9      Jacksonville, FL      Greater Jacksonville Fair-Special Olympics (local chapter)
Nov. 11      Baltimore, MD      Hippodrome at France-Merrick Perf. Arts Ctr.- Susan G. Komen for the Cure Maryland
Nov. 12      Pittsburgh, PA      TBD-Special Olympics (local chapter)

Will you be able to see either of these two Idol talents (or both) on the road this year?

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  • CanadianLady

    Terrific PR idea for Lauren’s b’day! 

  • julesb2183

    None of them are even coming close to where I live. boo.

  • Eileen99

    Boo, nowhere near me. :/

  • underpressure90

    YES, my two favourite country Idols going on their own tour.I’m so proud of Goldilocks for his Christmas Tour and Lauren for her 18-city tour for her Special Olympics Project Unify.Let’s make their tour a success , let’s go buy their tickets and have a blast at their show. Good Luck,Casey and Lauren.

  • DB987

    Congrats to both of them for this.  The PR for both of them will be great as they try to get the most out of their current singles on radio.
    Nice for CJ to get this Taste of Country gig.
    Lauren’s team came up with a great idea how to turn a radio tour into something that will get some attention.  The fairs are mostly her as the headliner and the other shows are as part of a group.  Some good shows in their with Jana Kramer,Kristen kelly,Maggie Rose, Glorina,Ronny Dunn, Brantley Gilbert and the Nov.11th show has Lee Ann Rimes to name a few.

    Both Lauren and Casey have shown signs of late of  moving to the next tier of up
    and coming stars hope this PR helps to propell them.

  • whoisthatwoman

    Going out on a limb here….but, I don’t like the 18 inches thing at all.  Brings up another whole image for me.

  • suenigma

    Hahaha. I thought I was the only one who’s mind always goes there when I hear the title if this song.

  • Sharon

    I am planning to see Lauren on Oct 4 and Oct 5. This is a great promotion for her single and I hope it helps the single move up the charts even faster. Lauren is such a giving person and I love it that these concerts are all benefits.

  • songsungblue

    Lauren is just amazing in every possible way! ;)

  • Katey

    I’m going to Lauren’s show on Ocotber 9th! Can’t wait!! So excited for her.

  • CanadianLady


  • CanadianLady

    Not a huge Lauren fan, but I have the impression she’s great with kids and likely would enjoy this very much.

  • DB987

    Poor Lauren what was Carrie thinking when they named that song.LOL
    How about “From your Head to your Heart”

  • CanadianLady

    Plus I measured when the song first came out, and my head is only about 15 inches from my heart. How tall is this person?

  • LVD

    Good idea for Lauren to incorporate a tour with her birthday. 

    I ve seen Taste of Country have been doing a lot of articles about Casey in the last two weeks. This is really good. I thought Casey was already booked for the whole year, but it will be nice for him to tour around in Texas. 

  • underpressure90

    People who have met her who went to her show say the opposite, she is real sweet and down to earth.Have you met her? If not, are you not being judgmental?

  • Caro3278sweet

    I have to admit, my mind went there too. I still wish Lauren success with the song because she sings it beautifully.

  • Caro3278sweet

    This is fantastic news for snowflake. I hope this is a step towards being a part of a bigger tour next year. He’s worked so hard at small gigs, I’m happy for him that he has earned this chance. And yeah, earned. That’s big in country music.

  • LVD

    This is fantastic news for snowflake. I hope this is a step towards being a part of a bigger tour next year. He’s worked so hard at small gigs, I’m happy for him that he has earned this chance. And yeah, earned. That’s big in country music. 

    Casey could have been a part of a big tour this year. He himself actually said that he turned the big tour offers down. Of course it is a massive risk for him to have done so, but I can see from his point of view why he did it. But I think he will take a slot on a big tour if it is the right deal, which could be next year.   

  • underpressure90

    Blame Carrie for the song title!!!haha

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Lauren’s an Idol. There are always going to be fans who judge Idols for breathing the wrong way. I guess the “crime” here is Lauren “using” her birthday as a promotional opportunity while “their” Idol would *never* do such a thing. Because Idols are only allowed to conduct their careers in one way that’s “approved” and everyone else who does it differently is “wrong” and isn’t purely about the music. Or something like that…

  • underpressure90

    Those who think their Idol is pure as driven snow for not using something personal to promote their album or a cause is living in another world.Every celebrity does it, from A-stars to D graders.Kellie Pickler shaving her hair, Madonna and Angelina Jolie adopting from Asia and Africa,Martin Sheen and kids getting arrested for joining pickets/rallies.Bono,Sting, the list is endless. Celebrities with their high profile can do a lot for a great cause/charity and at the same time, a great publicity for them.
    Think of all the people who will benefit from Special Olympics or charities.

  • Troy Mccoy

    Great idea for Lauren team to set up a tour to help promote her current single.

  • patriciajames

    Big Tour, Small Tour — Casey James, come back to the West Coast, specifically the Bay Area* …… for those going to see Casey for the first time, WOW are you in for a huge treat.  He’s a whole other performer live. 

    *Taps foot impatiently waiting for him to tour again out here…  :-)

  • songsungblue

    Never mind. ;)

  • Troy Mccoy

    You troll on almost everyone one her stories and find something negative to say about the article about Lauren or either something about Lauren, even if is something positive or something that is simply promotion for her current single. I didnt know it was crime to try to be successful at your career and promote your music. Some of these topics you bring up have nothing to do with the article itself. Once again I think we got the message that you hate Lauren with great passion and nothing will change your mind and that is simply okay and you are also correct that there are people who like her, no need to point it out on every article and turn something as simple as announcing tour dates to another Lauren bash fest, where you let us know your complete disdain for her yet again.
    IDK how she annoying you so much when she hasn’t been getting national coverage lately. What are you dong, looking up her recent concert videos on youtube?

    Once again I thank you for respecting that I like Lauren, notice the sarcasm.
    PS: To me it does seem like you have an idol you are super invested in. You are super invested in not liking Lauren almost two years after her season.

  • DB987

    Lauren Alaina

    City 1 of 18 completed! Thank you Froggy 101 and the Bloomsburg Fair for having me. Headed to Long Island, New York. (: #18Cities

    I don’t know this seems neither cutesy or pouty, polite maybe but hay what do I know.

  • casper

    Good for Lauren.  She was never really my cup of tea, but I don’t quite get the vitriol that comes her way every time she surfaces in the news.  She’s working awfully hard to make her way in a county music scene that has its own twisted version of the “glass ceiling,” and I applaud her for that. I don’t know these people, so I wouldn’t even try make the claim that they’re “phony” or “stage mommish.”  I admire her approach to her career every bit as much as I admire Scotty’s approach.  Different ways to get there, but I hope they both achieve what they want.  They seem like nice kids is about all I can ascertain from watching them on Idol and following their careers online.

  • Kariann Hart

    I think I would enjoy seeing CaseyJ, but not Lauren.  Just a matter of preference.

  • underpressure90

    You are right, she is just a kid and listen to yourself with your assumptions about her personality and her mom like you know them so well.You don’t know a thing about her or her family, keep your personal comments to yourself.” Stage mom from hell”, where did that come from?? Just from watching on TV or you stalked her family??

    I just noticed that everytime there is news about Lauren here at Mjs, songsungblue is sure to post something caustic, can’t you post something nice for a change or you can’t get over your nastiness to her!!!!

  • ladymctech

    I wish Casey was coming somewhere on the East coast. I’d consider going to see him. He seems like a fun performer to watch. I wasn’t a big fan on the show, but have come to appreciate him much more since then. And his guitar skills are mad! IMO the best instrumentalist ever on Idol.

  • ri2

    I believe it would be ok to let you know that has all of CaseyJ’s upcoming touring dates, including several on the East Coast. Hope you find one near you!

  • Chris

    Nice way to get to 18! I wondered what she would do to celebrate, and this is a pretty good bump for her charity as well. Also love Casey so I am happy for them both.

  • overthetop1

    “Jb and the moonshine band?”. Kind of a lame band name.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Casey could have been a part of a big tour this year. He himself actually said that he turned the big tour offers down. Of course it is a massive risk for him to have done so

    Yah. I knew this too. It was a risk and because I suddenly was swimming in the AI bubble, I thought he was crazy.

    Now? Now I think CJ has made big time connections in the country music world. Quietly, he’s been seeking out advice from long time country music stars and I think his management and CJ are on the right track. I really don’t think he’s viewed as “just” an AI alum anymore in the country world. 

    He’s paying his dues. 

  • songsungblue

    Lauren looks very pretty sometimes. :)

  • BonnieDee

    I came late to the party here as I’ve been on vacation but the thing I like most about Lauren’s tour is that every single date is helping a charity, everything from Special Olympics to Cancer research to Military vets.  Great job Lauren.  

  • coltoniseverything

    I have tried clicking on the link in your post to check Caseys’ tour dates for the 
    East Coast, even registered with Word Press to gain access to the site, but have
    not been successful. Is there anywhere else I can obtain this information?
    Thank you.